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Full Registration:
Adult: $50
Child: $50
5 & under: Free

Public Day Access:
Adults: $10
10 & under: $7
3 & under: Free

Public Hours:
Aug 22nd & 23rd, 2009
Sat/Sun: 11am - 4pm
Tickets sold at the door.

Tour BrickFair 2008

Welcome to the Tour of BrickFair 2008!

We had 402 registrants (not counting the 58 confused public visitors who thought they had to register) and over 10,000 public visitors.  Wow!  What a show!  It included 447 registered MOCs, BrickFilms, silent auction, seminars, Free-Build, and 7 vendors spread across 24,514 square feet.

We had a great time, and raised $8,717 for our children's charity.

BrickFair 2008 marks the return of the LEGO Fan Festival to the DC area after a 24-month absence.  AFOLs were hungry for the return and we were happy to oblige them.

If you've never been to a LEGO Fan Festival before, this tour will give you an overview of the experience.  However, nothing can compare to actually walking into a room full of adults and LEGO -- the smile won't leave your face for 3 days.

NOTE! The public portion of BrickFair is fun for all ages!  However, the full registration weekend is an adult-focused event, and entertainment for the little ones will diminish quickly after the first 4-hour thrill.  Families are encouraged to visit during public hours, but the full registration weekend is aimed at adults.

This tour includes some aspects that are available only to registrants.

Over 600 public ballots were cast.  The winners of our public-voted Brickee Awards were...

Favorite Joke: MOC #295, Monkey climbing "Torii Base Omega" by Nick Kappatos.

Honorable mention goes to "Failed Dice" whom many people thought was funny.


Favorite MOC: MOC #10, "Katie's Kingdom" by Shawn Wells.

"Katie's Kingdom" blew away the competition with 21 votes even after we sorted out the duplicates. (we didn't need the extra work).

Honorable mention goes to:

  • MOC #164, BT-163 Black Hole with 12 votes,
  • MOC #31, Demag CC8800-1 Twin with 10 votes,
  • MOC #121, Vakatu and his Menacing steed Krukoa with 9 votes, and
  • MOC #243, Jetsons Tower with 8 votes.

And props go to the whole Great Ball Contraption which generically received a lot of votes for the entire thing.

And the winner of our Public Raffle (all those visitors who voted for the above two Brickee Awards) was:

*** Kara Baird of Glen Allen, Virginia ***

Kara heard about BrickFair from BrickArms.com.  She won an Agents set #8633.

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