Links to important macrobiotic sites
Albany, CA. Kaare Bursell maintains this excellent website. Besides the wonderful articles, he also has a "Disease of the Month" column in which he has discussed a specific disease every month or so since June 1996. Also has Pacific Macrobiotic Conference archives since Spring 1996. Resources for Anthroposophy are included.
Casa De Luz is an educational community center that hosts ongoing classes, guest speakers, live music and provides a meeting place for several of Austin's holistic organizations. It's vision is to create world peace using macrobiotic principles of balance.
Useful information from the famous chef, Christina Pirello, about her TV show, books and recipes. Extensive glossary section.
Located in St.Gaudens, France, it is perhaps the only cooking school where one can learn macrobiotic cooking and philosophy year round.
Hooksett, NH. A very active website with forums and a live chat every Sunday at 1pm EST.
Clinton, MI. Useful website for macrobiotic practitioners who wish to buy organic food both online and in stores around the USA.
Portuguese Macrobiotic Institute. A must see visit website for those in Portugal. Besides macrobiotic information, cooking classes, seminars and consultation, useful information on shiatsu, Feng-Shui is also provided.
New Orleans, LO. Phyllis Parun offers macrobiotic consultation and has an excellent list of must-read books.
Philadelphia, PA. The School of Strengthening Health and Macrobiotic Counseling founded by Denny Waxman provides a two year certificate course and also individual seminars.
Jim Caola presents in these pages information on everything from the ‘macrobiotic viewpoint’, Macro Chef article reprints, macrobiotic recipes, cooking techniques, books etc.
Oroville, CA. George Ohsawa macrobiotic foundation is a non-profit organization that offers an annual summer camp in the Sierra Nevada mountains, publishes a leading macrobiotic magazine, "Macrobiotics Today", distributes macrobiotic books via mail order and is a valuable resource site for information that promotes macrobiotic philosophy.
Marin County, CA. Meredith McCarty, eminent author and chef, provides a wide array of services. She provides consultations, classes and also sells her award winning books. One can also buy a variety of cooking products.
Excellent website for alternative therapies. The macrobiotic section lists macrobiotic organizations globally practitioner databases, macrodiscussion groups, publications and training centers
Cleveland, OH. The East West Center of Cleveland, OH manages this website. A lot of emphasis on cooking classes and Shiatsu massage.
Shizuko Yamamoto is the founder of this dynamic combination of macrobiotic and shiatsu. This website offers information on this unique therapy via books, videos and also a newsletter, which is archived. It also gives a list of practitioners and their contact information.
Lots of useful links for macrobiotic practitioners in Europe. Discussion forum limited to French only.
David and Cynthia Briscoe, prominent macrobiotic teachers offer online courses, consultations, audio and videotapes. Nice articles and recipes. A lot of focus on acid-alkaline principles.
London. Official website of the macrobiotic association of Great Britain. Very useful resource site for macrobiotic practitioners in Britain as it organizes a lot of camps, workshops and cooking classes besides guest lectures from leading exponents from across the globe.
Carbondale, CO. Fred Pulver, a macrobiotic consultant manages this site and offers online macrobiotic counseling. Also offers residency classes.
Becket. MA. Websites of the Kushi Institute founded by Michio and Aveline Kushi, the foremost and perhaps the most influential exponents of macrobiotics in the world today.
Useful site for macrobiotic practitioners in Amsterdam, Holland.
Located in Dallas, Texas; this center offers macrobiotic consultations, cooking classes and also sells a variety of macrobiotic books, utensils etc.
A personal account by Gene Perla about his recovery from Prostate Cancer and his views on macrobiotics. Interesting articles.
Ronald R. Parks M.D., specialty trained in Psychiatry, Internal, Family & Preventive Medicine, with a background in nutrition, and other natural healing arts provides consultative and treatment services. He recommends macrobiotics as the best remedy for people who are overweight.
Israel. Leah Zinn has a professional background in nursing, operating room technology and oncology. Leah has studied Macrobiotic Theory, Oriental Diagnosis and Shiatsu, and is currently receiving advanced training through David Briscoe at Macrobiotics America. The website is very informative. It has recipes, articles and information on upcoming cooking classes. Leah offers catering services and can also be contacted for consultations.
One can buy a variety of macrobiotic products from this catalogue service including kitchen gadgets, water filters, tea pots, teas, organic foods, clothes etc. Most of the products sold are organic.
The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts was founded in 1994. Besides recreational cooking classes, it also offers a comprehensive natural foods training program. It is dedicated to advancing the appreciation and practice of natural, whole foods cooking in the Southwest, USA.
Ojai, CA. A very ‘holistic’ website. Provides information on a range of healthy lifestyle alternatives, including macrobiotics.
Northern New Mexico. They provide cooking classes and food for retreats.
A very useful site for people living in the Bay Area, CA. Free newsletter.
An interesting mix of Sufi philosophy and macrobiotic balance. It has a free newsletter.
Charlotte, NC. A useful site which elaborates on Eastern holistic practices like macrobiotics, acupuncture and Japanese Meridian therapy. The macrobiotics section has some excellent columns about diets prescribed for various ailments, basic information about various food groups according to macrobiotic philosophy and teas and plasters prescribed in macrobiotics.
Oroville, CA. Website for Herman and Cornelia Aihara's Vega Study Center.

Macrobiotic Diet and Philosophy: List of Books

Books on Healing and Recovery:

A Personal Peace: Macrobiotic Reflections on Mental and Emotional Recovery.
By David & Charlotte Mahoney-Briscoe

Healing Miracles from Macrobiotics.
By Jean Kohler & Mary Kohler. Parker Publishing Co., Inc., 1979.

Macrobiotic Miracle. A woman cures herself of cancer.
By Virginia Brown & Susan Stayman. Japan Publications, Inc., 1985

My Beautiful Life: How Macrobiotics brought me from cancer to radiant health.
By Mina Dobic.

Physician Heal Thyself.
By Hugh Faulkner & M. Faulkner. One Peaceful World Press, 1992

Recalled by Life.
By Anthony Sattilaro & Tom Monte. New York: Avon Books, 1984

Recovery From Cancer.
By Elaine Nussbaum. Avery Publishing Group Inc., 1992

Remarkable Recovery.
By Marc I. Barasch, Caryle Hirshberg. Riverhead Books, 1995

The Cancer Prevention Diet.
By Michio Kushi & Alex Jack. New York. St.Martin's Griffin, 1993

The Cancer Survivors.
By Judith Glassman. The Dial Press New York, 1983

The Rice Paper Healing Stories.
Editor: Luz Rodriguez Arpan. 1995

When Hope Never Dies.
By Marlene McKenna & Tom Monte.

Books on Macrobiotic Philosophy

Acid and Alkaline.
By Herman Aihara. George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation, Oroville, CA., 1986

Aids and Beyond.
By Michio Kushi. One Peaceful World Press., 1995

An Introduction to Macrobiotics.
By Carolyn Heidenry C. Avery Publishing Group Inc., 1992

Basic Home Remedies.
By Michio Kushi. One peaceful world press, Becket, Massachusetts., 1994

Humanity at the Crossroads.
By Michio Kushi & Alex Jack. One Peaceful World Press, 1997

Evolution at the Dinner Table.
By Alex Jack. One Peaceful World Press, 2000

Macrobiotic Home Remedies.
By Michio Kushi. Japan Publications Inc., 1999

Macrobiotic Palm Healing.
By Michio Kushi & Olivia Oredson. Brookline, Massachusetts: Japan Publications, Inc., 1988

Macrobiotics Beyond Food.
By Roanld Kotzsch. Japan Publications,Inc., 1988

Macrobiotics in Motion.
By Betsy Polatin. Japan Publications Inc., 1987.

Macrobiotics Yesterday and Today.
By Roanld Kotzsch. Japan Publications, Inc., 1985

Natural Healing from Head to Toe. Traditional Macrobiotic Remedies.
By Cornellia & Herman Aihara

Pocket Guide to Macrobiotics.
By Carl Ferre.

The Macrobiotic way.
By Michio Kushi. Avery publishing group inc., 1993

The Pulse of Life.
By Ed Esko. One peaceful world press, 1994

The Zen of Food.
By Sallyann Murphey. The Berkley Publishing Group Inc., 1998.

Out of Thin Air.
By Alex Jack. One Peaceful World Press, 1993

Yin Yang Primer.
By Ed Esko. One Peaceful World Press, 2000

Zen Macrobiotics.
By George Ohsawa. Ohsawa Foundation Inc., 1965

Macrobiotic cookbooks

American Macrobiotic Cuisine: A Macrobiotic Celebration of America's Ethnic Cuisine.
By Meredith McCarty.

Aveline Kushi's Complete Guide to Macrobiotic Cooking.
By Aveline Kushi.

Basic Macrobiotic Cooking: Procedures of grain and vegetable cookery.
By Julia Ferre.

Cooking the Whole Foods Way.
By Christina Pirello.

Introducing Macrobiotic Cooking.
By Wendy Esko.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine.
By Alex Jack. One Peaceful World Press, 1991

Macrobiotic Cooking.
By Eunice Farmilant. Signet, 1972.

Power Eating Program. You are How You Eat.
By Lino Stanchich. Health Products Inc., 1989

Sweet and Natural: More than 120 naturally sweet and dairy free desserts.
By Meredith McCarty.

The Changing Seasons Macrobiotic Cookbook: Cooking in Harmony with Nature.
By Aveline Kushi & Wendy Esko.

The Cure is in the Kitchen.
By Sherry Rogers. Prestige Publishers., 1991

The Ume Plum's Secrets.
By Ushio Moriyasu. Happiness Press, Magalia, CA., 1992

Vegetarian Bride of Frankenstein.
By Alex Jack. One Peaceful World Press, 1998

Macrobiotics and Medicine

Aids, Macrobiotics and Natural Immunity.
By Michio Kushi, M. Cottrell, M. Mead. Japan Publications, Inc., 1990

The Macrobiotic Approach To Cancer.
By Michio Kushi. East West Foundation. Wayne New Jersey: Avery Publishing Group Inc., 1982

Nutrition and Diet

Crime and Diet.
By Michio Kushi. Japan Publications, Inc., 1987.

Diet For a New America.
By John Robbins.

Fast Food Nation. The Dark Side of the American Meal
By Eric Schlosser.

Food for the Gods.
By R. Berry R. New York: Pythagorean Publishers, 1998.

Books on Women's Health

Promenade Home: Macrobiotics and Women's Health.
By Alex & Gale Jack. Japan Publications, Inc., 1988.

The Life and Dream of the Woman behind Macrobiotics Today.
By Aveline & Michio Kushi. Japan Publications, Inc., 1988.

Oriental Philosophy and Medicine

How to see your Health: Book of Oriental Diagnosis.
By Michio Kushi. Japan Publications Inc., 1998

Macrobiotics and Oriental Medicine.
By Kushi M, Jannetta P. Japan Publications, Inc., 1991

The Web That Has No Weaver. Understanding Chinese Medicine
By Ted J. Kaptchuk, O.M.D.

The Yellow Emperors Classic of Medicine.
By Dr. James E. Hardy

Your Face Never Lies.
By Michio Kushi. Avery Publishing Group Inc., 1983

Other Macrobiotic Books

Kaleidoscope: Macrobiotic Articles, Essays & Lectures.
By Herman Aihara. Oroville, CA: George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation, 1986

Macrobiotic Resource Guide.
One Peaceful World Press, 1997

The Philosopher's Stone.
By Michio Kushi & Ed Esko. Becket, Massachusetts: One Peaceful World Press, 1994