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Solar Grid Feed Systems

$8,000 Government rebates available.

Through the use of a Grid-Interactive inverter, solar panels on your roof feed power into the electricity grid. Aussie Solar Installers are all qualified to install Solar Power.

With energy prices expected to rise sharply in coming years and with new pricing structures, such as 'time of use metering' currently being implemented, the monetary payback time will reduce significantly. Aussie Solar liases with the metering companies for you, to help take the confusion away. 

Your community will benifit from reduced greenhouse gas emissions and the public's perception of an individual's, or corporations, environmental behaviour. Be a part of the solution-Install Solar power.

Package Array Size KWh/Day No. of Panels Installed Price RECs After Rebate and RECs
1kW 1020W 5 6 x 170W $11,550.00 21 $2,710.00
1.5kW 1530W 8 9 x 170W $15,400.00 31 $6,160.00
2kW 2040W 10 12 x 170W $19,500.00 43 $9,780.00
3kW 3060W 15 18 x 170W $28,500.00 64 $17,940.00
4kW 4080W 20 24 x 170W $38,000.00 86 $26,560.00
5kW 5100W 25 30 x 170W $47,000.00 106 $34,760.00








Note - for standard single story tin roof installation only.

Extra Costs - tile brackets, inverter enclosures, tilt frames and metering requirements.

Note - $8000.00 rebate is now means tested to $100,000.00 household taxable income.




System package includes

  • 170W Mono crystalline panels 25 year warranty
  • Grid connect inverter 5 year warranty
  • Aluminium roof mount frames
  • AC and DC circuit Breakers
  • All cabling
  • All signage required by Australian Standards (AS4777)
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Processing of rebate applications and installation report
  • 12 months onsite service warranty
  • 4 Step Process to Solar Power

    STEP 1 - Aussie solar will provide a detailed quote with a proposal with rebate forms and associated information.

    STEP 2 - Acceptance of the quote, sign rebate forms and return with deposit to Aussie Solar we fill out the technical parts. Rebates submitted and approved .

    STEP 3 - Installation of the solar system, testing and commissioning, sign off installation report and make final payment on the day of installation.

    STEP 4 - Metering and inspection from local supply authority co-ordinated by Aussie Solar on behalf of the customer.