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The path to the new millennium saw perhaps the biggest change to television since the introduction of colour - digital broadcasting. The ABC used it to launch a new, modern logo, but had limited success with the multichanneling services it created to lure people to the new technology.

A further set of station identifications in the "Textures of Australia" style were released in the early 90s, titled "Hands". There were 16 idents in the series, all featuring hands doing some Australian activity.
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The ABC's first international television service, Australia Television, began broadcasting to 15 countries in South-East Asia in 1993, but was sold to the Seven Network in 1997 after ABC funding cuts.

Also in 1993, the ABC first began broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week instead of closing for the early hours of the morning.


The famous hand-drawn-in-mid-air ABC logo began being used from the mid 90s, along with the new slogan "It's Your ABC".

The ABC was the official broadcaster of the Sydney Paralympic Games in 2000, and attracted high audiences with its exclusive coverage.

113KB 25scHMAS Brisbane

189KB 41secCombination

170KB 36secCombination



The Television Broadcasting Services (Digital Conversion) Act 1998 gave the ABC the ability to multichannel once digital television began operating, however restrictions on the type of content were put in place. After the launch of digital on 1 January 2001, the ABC began utilising this legislation by opening the new digital-only channel ABC Kids/FLY in 2002. The channel broadcast children's programming as ABC Kids from 6am to 6pm, and music and youth culture as FLY from 6pm to 6am. The channel was also added to various pay-TV platforms before being closed due to budget cuts on June 30 2003.

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With the launch of digital also came the biggest change to the ABC logo in over two decades; a 3D metalic bar that doesn't go 'over and under' anymore, but is a circle if viewed from the top. However, this was revised the following year to again be an 'over and under' design.


ABC Victoria Southbank studio, opened 25 August 2001



2002 saw the ABC celebrate 70 years of broadcasting with the release of their new corporate logo across all media, and a new set of TV idents featuring the elements ice, fire and leaf. Later in the year the new slogan "Everyone's ABC" began to be used.

ABC Asia Pacific, an international television network broadcast across a similar region as the ill-fated Australia Television, also launched in 2002.

299KB 14sec RV9Ice
268KB 16sec RV9Fire
132KB 11sec RV9Leaf
598KB 32sec70 Years

To coincide with the start of the summer ratings period, the ABC launched a new 'ribbon' package in December 2002. They continued to use the "Everyone's ABC" slogan, and brought back the live-action shots of everyday Australian people.


Further digital multichannel services weren't launched until 7 March 2005, when ABC2 began broadcasting mostly time-shifted content from the main ABC channel. This too was added to most basic pay-TV packages, and achieved much greater awareness than ABC Kids/FLY by being listed in most major TV guides.


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