The Grab Bag of Questions #9
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Welcome to the Warhammer Online Grab Bag, where your friendly neighborhood community manager will answer the most popular, and most interesting, questions in a new regular feature. Many things aren't yet certain, so try to be patient with us. Trust me - we're as eager as you are to see the features finalized, so that we can hear what you've got to say.

Q: Tell us about slayers.

A: I have been really quiet on this topic, because we have been discussing it around here for months. We've got several options, ranging from the purely cosmetic to the other extreme.

We have decided once and for all to reject the purely cosmetic approach. We want to integrate the slayer status as part of an advanced system, along with such systems for the other armies, as part of a future expansion.

I know this will disappoint some of you, and I understand why, but we honestly believe that a purely cosmetic slayer option would ultimately be nothing but a disappointment.

Q: Will guilds be restricted by racial lines?

A: Guilds are restricted by Order/Destruction. Anyone fighting on the side of Order can guild with anyone on the side of Order, and ditto for Destruction advocates.

Players are obviously welcome to restrict membership along racial lines. One of the most fun guilds in any game across the MMO industry does so. (Yes, that was a shout out to Shadowclan.)

Q: Why are you restricting beta access to only a few countries!!?

A: We're only doing so for now... and beta hasn't started yet, so you're not missing anything. We have to have agreements in place for the different countries, and we're working on them now. As a matter of fact, my boss is out of the office and took his passport with him, working on this very issue for you.

Q: Do you have a list of slash commands yet?

A: We are doing our best to reduce the need for that kind of command through interface design and game planning, so there won't be a list of commands until we're further along in development.

Q: Do you know anything more about the death penalty/resurrection mechanics?

A: I was told that at this time we do not plan any experience loss at death (but don't take that to mean there will be NO loss of any kind – just that it won't be XP). No corpse runs, no shadow crossing, etc, either – you will respawn at the point where you are resurrected, or at a designate spawn point such as a camp or a graveyard.

There will likely be different types of resurrection spells, and different penalties to the recipients for them all. But again, XP loss appears to be off the table.

As usual, I want to remind you all, that things can and will change before launch, and after launch to boot. This answer is dated December 7, 2006. If you try to bludgeon me with it in 2011, I will... well, admittedly I won't actually do anything but sigh and curse the eternal nature of the internet. But it will be a BIG sigh.

Q: You said "I am told that your avatar will auto-face the target on ability use, not on targeting. There may be other examples, but we need to be very cautious to avoid putting in things that could be exploited in the RVR game, however helpful they might be in PVE."
Do you mean YOU will face the enemy you are targeting when you are using an ability, or do you mean that when an enemy targets you and casts a spell or uses a melee ability, you turn around and face them?

A: The former. You will face the enemy you are targeting when you are using the ability.

Q: Will you be able to make characters on the same server for both factions? Example: an empire and chaos character on the same server?

A: Nope.

Q: Will a character of Tier 1 be able to compete at all, even if poorly, against a character of Tier 4? Will multiple Tier 1 characters be able to take on and defeat a Tier 4 character?

A: This is a question with many potential implications, so don't read any more into this than my exact words. Also, please remember that we are still a long way from launch, and that this may change.

Higher tier players who enter lower tier zones will not be able to attack or be attacked by lower tier players. However, if a lower tier player wants to enter a higher tier zone, all bets are off, and attacking/being attacked can happen.

The specific answer to your question is that Tier 1 players cannot win a one on one fight with a Tier 4 player. A pack of Tier 1 players will be able to cause harm to a Tier 4. We have not yet set an exact level of intended damage (and it will vary hugely depending on the player and the circumstances), so I cannot give you a specific answer.

Good times this month. GOA was here for a visit, working on our collective plan for the European players. I can't tell you all how much I enjoy working with these guys. The people in charge of building the WAR community in Europe care so much about you all, and want to make sure you get everything you need.

Progress continues apace on this beloved game, and we are still on schedule. Beta 2 will start in early spring as promised. The exact dates of when different groups of players will be in is still under discussion though – it's possible that the guild beta stage will start somewhat after smaller phases, but still within the process of Beta 2. Also, just FYI, GOA will be handling European guilds on European servers (in the different languages we plan to support). I'll be working with their community people to get guilds from all over the world settled into helping us make this into the greatest MMO possible.

I'm out. Y'all have a wonderful holiday, whatever it is that you celebrate. See you on the flip side.

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