Some information about possible ukrainians in the Civil War. Thanks to Ksenya Kiebuzinski from Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University

1) According to Yaroslav J. Chyz, "The Ukrainian Immigrants in the United States," Almanac of the Ukrainian Workingmen's Association for 1940 (Scranton, PA: Narodna Volia, 1939):

". . . scores if not hundreds of Ukrainian names can be found on the rolls of both American armies during the Civil War. The well known historian of the Polish immigration in America, Mieczyslav Haiman took pains of compiling a very imposing list of names, which he considered Polish. In our opinion a good part of them could have belonged to soldiers of Ukrainian as well as Polish extraction (baring a positive proof that they were Polish), and a considerable number of them are purely Ukrainian. For example:

Officers: George Sokalski, Julius Kryvoshinsky, Joseph Krynicki, John Mara, Andrew Ripka, Joseph Pietzuch, Konstantin Nityschi, Michael Walluch. Soldiers: Albert Michnewitsch, Andrew Podolsky, Michael Carahroda, Andrew Gula, Conrad Huba, Anthony Massopust, Julius Kobierske, Harry Comarnicky, Andrew Czaplensky, Martin Dubrynski, Ambrose Balamut, Bohumil Wehowskey, John Zarewich and others.

It must be pointed out that the above evidence does not give any conclusive proof that the groups and individuals mentioned were of Ukrainian nationality. Nevertheless it shows that there is a well founded basis for supposing that even in those years of America's growth Ukrainian work and Ukrainian blood participated in the process." (page 4)

Chyz's reference is to Mieczyslaw Haiman, Historja Udzialu Polakow w Amerykanskiej Wojnie Domowej (Chicago, 1928).

2) According to Vladimir Wertsman's The Ukrainians in America, 1608-1975: A Chronology and Fact Book (Dobbs Ferry, NY: Oceana Publications, 1976):

"A large number of Ukrainian Americans took part and bravely fought in the Civil War on President Lincoln's side. I.H. Yarosh, Petro Semen, Julius Koblansky and several others gave their lives for the Union's cause, while Ivan Mara, Andrey Ripka, Joseph Krynicky and others distinguished themselves as officers." (page 1)

3) According to Myron B. Kuropas's The Ukrainian Americans: Roots and Aspirations, 1884-1954 (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1991):

". . . Julius Kryvoshinsky, Joseph Krynicki, John Zarewich, and Andrew Podolsky, who are listed among those who fought in the Civil War. Many of the same individuals are also claimed by Polish Americans whose major documentation seems to be the Slavic structure and sound of the names. Because in most instances little information is available concerning the exact region of origin of these individuals, the 'name game' is intriguing but hardly conclusive, barring further documented evidence.