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My X-Files Stories

If you're looking for intriguing X-Files casefiles with disgusting villains or intricate plotlines about the conspiracy... well, you're in the wrong place. I'm a 'shipper, first and foremost, so these stories are about the ever-evolving relationship between my two favorite FBI agents.

1. The Bee Scene Revisited (PG-13) -- The hallway scene from "Fight the Future" retold to fit a 'shipper's designs.

2. The Only Road I've Ever Known (PG-13) -- Mulder finally comes to understand Scully's faith, but the price is high.

3. Splish Splash (PG-13) -- Scully is trying to take a bath and keeps getting interrupted.

4. Roll Me Away (PG-13) -- Now that he has found the truth, what does Mulder do?

5. Jukebox Heroes (PG-13) -- An answer to the Over 30 Philes (O3P) "improv challenge." A little silly, a little sappy, a little sexy.


My Non-P/C Trek Stories

Occasionally I'll get inspired to write a TNG story that doesn't center around Picard and Crusher.

1. Engage the Truth (PG-13) -- A crossover parody of TNG and the X-Files.

2. And Justice For All (R) -- Berman and Braga are confronted by the TNG characters and forced to change their ways.

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