Xcp: Streetnotes: Ethnography, Poetry, and the Documentary Experience . . .
  Summer 2008
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Tokyo Swimming Pool
    for Chris Marker

Still Life with Insomnia & Tokyo

Ed Taylor

"American Surfaces": Visual Ethnography

Jon Cotner
and Andy Fitch

from F L A S H E S

Jennifer Firestone

A wood pecker on top a telephone pole

Letter C, once my father was dead

Richard Hamilton

from Ready-To-Eat-Individual
(with Brett Evans)

Frank Sherlock

Looking at Trash

note on Looking at Trash

Ami Sommariva

1:19-04 Manifest Destiny

Leigh Herrick

Alley Into Los Angeles

Mapping Los Angeles

Michael Caylo-Baradi

SF in B/W

Christian Albertson

Do You See What I See?:
an ethnographer's journal

Janice B Fournillier

16th Avenue Sketches

Mike Rollin

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