A pot of gold

A farmer was put into prison though he had mot done anything wrong. One day, he got a letter from his wife.

"I am so worried about our farm." She wrote, "It is nearly time to plant potatoes. We have no children. I can't dig all the field by my self."

the farmer read the letter and became very sad. "What can I do? he asked himself. Then he had a good idea. He wrote to his wife:" Don't dig the field. This is the place in which my pot of gold is. Don't plant the potatoes until I came home."

Now, of course, the prison guards read all the letters which the prisoner wrote and got. They had read the letter form the farmer's wife and now they read the farmer's answer. A few days later, the farmer received another letter from his wife. It said: "Two days ago, about ten men came to our farm and dug all our fields. I can't understand it. It looks as if they were looking for something. What shall I do now?"

The farmer smiled as he read his wife's letter. He wrote to his wife at once. It was very short. "These men have dug our fields. So now you can plant potatoes."

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