Sun 23 Nov 2008

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Apple snubs Intel

MacBook not Montevina

THE MOST TRUE AND HOLY Apple religion has decided that Intel's Montevina shall be excommunicated from the next version of the MacBook.

According to Apple Insider, Cappuccino could be using a chipset from a different company – or even an internally developed one – in the next iteration of the MacBook, which should appear in the next six or eight weeks

Apple Messiah, Steve Jobs, who has been taking time off from performing his incredible shrinking miracle, has decided that while Intel's mobile Centrino chipsets have been pleasing in his sight, the Montevina version has fallen from grace.

Apple sauces say he things that Chipzilla's attempts at integrated graphics chipsets on Montevina are not as good as they should be.

The question is, what would Jobs' Mob be considering worthy to stick under the bonnet of its latest box of joy.

Apple Insider thinks the fruit-themed toymaker might have hatched a deal with AMD or Via for the new chipsets. µ

Apple Insider


Any editors around? Or who care?

Paul, Charlie - can you do something about the clown writing this article?

This is not about trying to write every story with an anti-Apple bias (which by the way should send you some sort of warning flag about Nick and his personal agenda). Do your readers really need to listen to Nick 'no class' Farrell take shots or attempt humor at people about their health problems? This seems appropriate, funny and in keeping in line with what this site is about?

Insults and ribbing about companies are one thing, but this appears to cross the line and seems to be a personal shot. Is this really what the INQ has become?

"who has been taking time off from performing his incredible shrinking miracle"

Is this the kind of humor and edge you want associated with this site? Either learn to edit/read these ridiculous articles by Nick or better yet have this clown grow up and find some class and let him post this garbage at Fudzilla until then (where oh by the way he used the same, piercing wit). I really thought you guys were better than this - I guess we'll see how long this article remains up unedited, to see if there is anyone with class left at this site.

My bet unfortunately is on "none".

Anything for clicks, right?
posted by : helpthesite, 29 July 2008


I am confused by your article because they are still going to use an intel cpu according to mac insider its just they are replacing the GPU with another manufacturers GPU.

I hope for their sake this deal has not been inked out with nvidia! If they can pull the plug now would be a good time to switch to ATI! This nvidia debacle will be death of the company in notebooks. The stupid masses will see the nvidia sticker on laptops and avoid it like the plague.
And they would be right to even though this does not effect all nvidia GPU ranges they still deserve no less!.

posted by : Rory Christensen, 29 July 2008

It's all about the cats

Or perhaps Steve wants Puma to keep expanding the big cat theme.
posted by : Woofer, 29 July 2008


this article is absolutely amazing! i love the puns! (seriously, i'm not joking.)

the religion of apple. priceless.....
posted by : spencer, 29 July 2008


"Apple sauces say he things that Chipzilla's ..."

Um ... "sources" and "thinks" maybe?
posted by : Skip, 29 July 2008


If this is true, Apple has committed grand heracy.
posted by : MistaEcho, 29 July 2008

Show some class Nick


Write what ever negative stories about Apple you like. Challenge people's decisions or actions and make fun of them. But taking shots at people's health, for the sake of humor? Is this what you want to be known for? Some hack on the web who capitalizes on people for the sake of humor?

Put aside your personal vendetta and show a touch of class. Is that too much to ask for? Continue to publish your opinions and bias - but do you really need to take personal shots at people?

Some of us had loved ones pass on from cancer - if you have directly experienced what this could do to people, you may not be so cavalier about talking about the 'incredible shrinking miracle'.

Please edit the article - there is actual some useful info in there.
posted by : disappointed, 29 July 2008

If Applebee's don't suit

You can aways takeaway your business to Larrabee's. The next course will be the Pastel Arts topped with mushrooms.
posted by : Pasteltongue, 29 July 2008

Dirty yellow press fart

I've just finished reading one of worst Inq hate articles ever. Is Inq low on dope lately?

posted by : Slava, 30 July 2008

helpthesite - calm down dude

To each his own. I found the article rather funny. Even so, I'm sure I'll forget about it in a few days or even shorter than that. Shrugs.

There are much, much bigger things in this life to worry about; don't let an article (whether it's a low blow or not) ruin your day
posted by : dashpot, 30 July 2008

Insane running the asylum

"Any editors around? Or who care?
Paul, Charlie - can you do something about the clown writing this article?"

I've pretty much stopped reading The Inquirer lately because of drivel like this. I thought I'd pop in and see if things have gotten any better. Of course not.

Between Sylvia Barak finding fault where there is none to find with every possible move that large corporations make (especially when it comes to Africa) and Nick Farrell taking personal pot-shots at sick people, The Inquirer has devolved into the equivalent of the insane running the asylum. What passes for analysis seems to come from the same two authors and everyone else seems to be grinding their own personal axe. So, if I want to read speculation and innuendo, I head over to TMZ. If I want actual analysis The Inquirer is dead.

Time to fire all the dead-wood and start over.

Time to remove from my bookmarks!
posted by : Graham, 30 July 2008

Dashpot - consider others

Dashpot - if you watched a loved one shrivel away from cancer as I have, you may understand how trying to make humor out of 'the incredible shrinking miracle' could be somewhat bothersome and bring up some memories? (apparently life is so short I should block these out - I wish I were as enlightened as you - thanks for telling me how I should feel and react). Especially as this is simply another attempt by Nick to take a shot at Apple and Steve Jobs and adds nothing to the topic of Apple not using Intel IGP's or do you think it does? But hey, it's all about the humor!

I'm not an Apple fan, nor am I an anti-Apple fan - but I am disturbed by 'authors' on this site taking personal shots at people and Nick apparently feeling it is OK to do or say anything to grind away at his own Apple vendetta. It's not like this is an isolated incident.

So thank you Paul Hales for doing absolutely nothing and just burying your head in the sand.
posted by : helpthesite, 30 July 2008

Inquirer's decline

It's sad to see what has happened to the Inquirer of late. With writers primarily concerned with sarcasm (they are pretty far from humour now) and bias personal remarks rather than reporting of decent facts with a touch of humour like they used to.

This has become a trashy tabloid publication which I have found myself visiting less and less.

Shame on the Inquirer for dumbing yourselves down so much. Sure, I'm no fan of Apple and I don't think Vista is particularly great (although if I'd not tried it for myself and just believed what I'd read about it in the Inquirer I would probably think it was a damned sight worse than it is) but do like to hear facts both positive and negative about things I like and dislike.

The Inquirer is preaching to the converted. I'm sure there are still some bitter readers who sit around sneering 'yeah screw you Jobs' at their monitors. Let's hope you still have that audience in a years time if you are not going to change this style of utter drivel.

Farewell Inquirer. I'm off.
posted by : Tom, 30 July 2008


Don't you know that making fun of His Holiness Steve Jobs is SACRILEGE!!!

That's it, I'm not going to put up with it. As a loyal Apple fan, I'm LEAVING, and I'm NOT COMING BACK!!!


I'm going!

So long!

That's it!


OK, going now!


posted by : McApple McFan, 30 July 2008

It's a free country

I don't get all these people winging about the style of reporting at the inquirer. No ones forcing you to visit this website and read these articles!!

By now you should know what their slant is on intel and apple (which I find completely hilarious!! Anyone who buys a £300 PC for £1500 just because its got a apple logo on needs the piss taking out of them) and if you don't like it then don't read it.
posted by : Boris, 30 July 2008


Boo Hoo Stevo's not well, life sucks, deal with it.
Cancer boy needs to think about why he wants to put performance parts in a note book that its users do not utilize the performance with.
Lets face it, most Mac book users are holier than though snobs that think they live on the cutting edge with a Starbucks latte in their hand.
Where in fact if you were put a piece of tech in front of them that requires some thought, they would be lost.

Apple OS prevents them from using these part to their fullest potential and editing pictures does not require these expensive performance parts.
I believe its the my Peen is bigger than yours syndrome, where one buys the biggest and baddest for the sake of 1 upping your neighbour.
Apple has become the likes of Dell, a re-brander, no innovation or new tech.
But the iPhone... you will argue, oh please touch screens have been around for a while way before the Jebus Phone. Gimme a full qwerty keyboard, and functionality.
posted by : Spaz, 30 July 2008

QQ more

Some of you people need to grow a backbone. Go QQ somewhere else...we'll miss ya, seriously....oh we won't.
posted by : someonesomewhere, 31 July 2008
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