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Adventure Journal No. 2
   Adventure Journal No. 2

Manufacturer: West End Games
Release Date: 01 May 1994
Part No: 0874314011
MSRP: 0.00 USD
Country: United States

Creative Team:
- Editor: Schweighofer, Peter
- Author: O'Brien, Timothy S.
- Author: Jackson, Patricia A.
- Author: Rosenberg, Ilene
- Author: Newcomb, Charlene
- Author: Haynes, Gary
- Author: Russo, Anthony P.
- Author: Cambias, James
- Author: Browder, Dustin
- Author: Lauterio, J.E.

Format: Paperback

"Whispers in the Dark" by Charlene Newcomb"Making Star Wars Comics Come Alive" by Ilene RosenbergQ&A; with Tom Veitch, Chris Gossett, and Dan Thorsland."Free-Trader's Guide to Sevarcos" by Anthony P. Russo"You're in the Army Now" by James Cambias"Out of the Cradle" by Patricia A. Jackson"The Way of the Yrashu" by Dustin Browder"Rebel Privateers!" by Tim O'Brien"The Prophecy" by J.E. Lauterio"Recon & Report: The Journey to Coruscant" by Peter Schweighofer"Return to Taul" by Gary Haynes"A World to Conquer" by Dustin Browder"Big Quince" by Peter Schweighofer
Role-playing Game: West End Games Adventure Journal No. 2

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