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Wade Sanders: Archives

September 11, 2008: Walking Wounded

April 21, 2008: The Invisible Veterans

April 22, 2007: April at Arlington

April 02, 2007: A New Day in Political Discourse?

March 13, 2007: Outfoxed

March 02, 2007: Another One Bites the Dust

August 03, 2006: Swiftboating the Admiral

June 27, 2006: Skimming the Skimmer

June 19, 2006: Attacks on John Kerry Discredited

June 15, 2006: Three Cheers for the JDAM

May 23, 2006: Predictable Atrocities

March 21, 2006: The Rush to Medals

March 02, 2006: The Nasty Secret

November 30, 2005: Past and Prologue

November 08, 2005: Diamonds Are Forever

October 19, 2005: Props and Puppets

August 31, 2005: Showdown or Salvation

December 20, 2004: Be Accountable

May 17, 2004: Greatest Country

February 12, 2004: Be Prepared

February 06, 2004: The Veterans Brigade

December 23, 2003: Forgotten Heroes

August 12, 2003: To Strike or Not to Strike

August 05, 2003: The Warrior and the War

July 28, 2003: Sticks and Stones

July 22, 2003: An American Disgrace

About Wade Sanders

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy, distinguished combat veteran, and retired Navy Captain, Wade Sanders is much published on matters of national security in major newspapers and the Naval Institute Proceedings. He is also frequently called upon by both print and television media to comment on current matters of interest. His imaginative and innovative initiatives were key elements in the transformation of the Reserve Components of the Armed Services from Cold War mobilization assets to relevant providers of contemporary support.

He is presently engaged in the legal practice of corporate governance, ethics, and specializing in employee owned companies, as well as providing government relations assistance to major corporations.

He is also much sought after as a motivational speaker on topics related to leadership, management, and team building. Inquiries and/or booking requests should be directed to wade2000@cox.net
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