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What do You Know about Site Linking and Google?

November 26, 2008

Over the years of working on websites… the one common thing everyone with a website strives to achieve, are top 10 search engine rankings. One of the most common strategies we all chase to increase those rankings are inbound site links from other websites. In this post, I am going to list a single poll and talk mostly about Google… lets face it, they own search with about 80% of all search customers, going through them to find a relevant site. (Link to market data)

My goal of this post… to find out what most people think are the most important factors in their link strategy!

Lets have a Website Link Strategy Quiz

In the poll below, I have listed several answers to a common question. Please choose the one answer you think is the most important, and if its not listed, feel free to add a comment below, letting us know your thought on this.

Which is the BEST Way to Gain Inbound Links to Increase Search Relevance?
View Results

I know how I would answer this poll… but the truth is, it would be a very different answer over the course of many years!

SEO Just got Flipped on its Head… and it Died!

November 18, 2008

If you base the Success of your Website on How it Ranks in Search Engine Result Pages - Prepare for Failure!

How many times each month do you visit Google and run a search on one of your target terms? If your answer is more than Zero, you better start looking for another way to measure success! Several Months ago, Shoemoney posted that SEO Had No Future… at the time, I questioned the reasoning behind it. Guess what - He was Right! …Read more about SEO Just got Flipped on its Head… and it Died!

Learn Internet Marketing from the Leaders of the Crowd!

November 12, 2008

Part of the learning curve with Learning the ins & outs of Internet Marketing, is the onslaught of information overload we seem to stumble onto every day! Well, I got an email from Gyutae Park over at Winning the Web yesterday afternoon, telling me that my Niche Store Builder site was ranked at 151, in the list of Top Internet Marketing Blogs.

According to the site, the list is:

The ultimate ranked list of the best Internet marketing blogs in the industry.  It factors in data from Feedburner, Alexa, Compete, Technorati, Google PR, Yahoo links, StumbleUpon, delicious, and some others to create a more accurate list of the top blogs.

The really cool thing is that in the one day since I got his email, I jumped 20 places! Looks like someone went over and put their own review rank next to my site! I suggest you go over and check it out, and if you feel like it… vote me up the list while you are there! One of the big benefits to someone like myself with lists like these, is that I can immediately see areas where I have the most impact for improvement!

If you have your own IM blog, I suggest letting Gyutae know about it so you be included in the list! If you have a blog about Niche site building, don’t forget you can add it to my own Top Niche Building Blogs list!

Google Releases an SEO Search Optimization Starter Guide!

November 12, 2008

Just announced on the Google Webmaster Blog! After quite a bit of feedback, Google is responding to one of the most common questions they hear from Webmaster:

How can I improve my site in Search Listings

The answer… a 12 page Google SEO Starter Guide! They start it out by saying that it was originally meant for their internal teams to use as a guide, but they saw the need to release it to everyone! I wouldn’t expect to find any “Glowing Nuggets” that are magically going to change the way your websites rank, but getting a guide directly from the King of the Web, will surely help!

Sure would be nice to be Brandon’s Baseball Cards!

Check it out!!

Write Better Page Titles to Increase Web Site Traffic

November 12, 2008

title.jpgWriting Better Page Titles to Increase Web Site Traffic has got to be one of the most challenging tasks we all face! I mean, how in the world do we know how to write page titles on our new page or post, in order to attract the right kind of readers and increase our web site traffic? The answer is far easier than you could imagine… and this short Exercise will help you out! …Read more about Write Better Page Titles to Increase Web Site Traffic

Using the Custom Fields in WordPress to Save Time!

November 10, 2008

Over the past weekend, I spent some time helping a few others on the use of phpbay and phpZon for setting up comparison engines their new sites. Since I come from a database driven website background, I am always trying to shorten the number of times I have to type the same thing over and over, and I often use the WordPress Custom Fields to help accomplish this! …Read more about Using the Custom Fields in WordPress to Save Time!

3 Full Weeks into my New WordPress Website!

November 6, 2008

Over the past week - I have refrained from providing the same information every day, in regard to how I am growing my new WordPress Website! Like I mentioned last week, there are only so many ways you can write the same thing over and over! :-) Over the course of the last week, the site has become quite popular in not only stumbleupon visits, but Google and search as well! …Read more about 3 Full Weeks into my New WordPress Website!

I Voted Today - So Should You!

November 4, 2008


So Should You…. …Read more about I Voted Today - So Should You!

Build A Niche Store Ebook Review-The Niche Book

November 3, 2008

thenichebook.jpgThe biggest problem any new or seasoned internet marketer has is getting the information we need when we need it. We’re constantly bombarded with do this and do that tips and advice but what’s lacking most of the time is a step by step plan that we can follow. We get overwhelmed because the pieces just don’t seem to fit together.

That’s why I was excited when Mark contacted me and asked me to review Steve Lindhorst’s latest ebook, “The Niche Book-The Complete Guide To Making Money In Niche Markets.”

So, how does it stack up? Let’s take a look…

…Read more about Build A Niche Store Ebook Review-The Niche Book

Weekly Roundup of Posts and Just Good Stuff!

November 2, 2008

After a week of fighting some heavy burnout… I hope to get back on track in the coming week! I have talked to several folks this week via email, and it seems everyone gets hung up in Information Overload every now and again. It got me this past week for sure!! In this post - I want to mention a few great posts I read, along with one or two things we all need to do in the week ahead! …Read more about Weekly Roundup of Posts and Just Good Stuff!

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