NDTV.com: Encounters come to an end, combing operation on at Taj
Encounters come to an end, combing operation on at Taj
NDTV Correspondent
Saturday, November 29, 2008 7:16 AM (Mumbai)

More than two days later, the Taj operation has finally reached its end as the NSG commandos take control of the hotel. According to sources, casualty figures at the Taj are very high.

Firefighters and NSG commandos are still combing the Taj, room by room, making sure it's completely safe.

The sixth floor of the hotel is completely gutted in fire and can't be reached. So, the commandos are finding it pretty hard to sanitise the floor.

According to latest reports, at least 183 people have died and 300 are injured during the 60-hour mission carried out by the security forces against the terrorists.

NSG chief J K Dutt has said that eight terrorists have been killed in the mission and one has been caught alive.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has called an all-party meeting on Sunday. The US Ambassador has also voiced his concerns to help India by saying that America is duty-bound to cooperate with India.

All the victims of Mumbai terror attacks were taken to various hospital across the city and out of those, 26 bodies lie unclaimed in the state run JJ hospital.

Two of the hotel staffers have also been rescued and the security forces are now destroying ammunition in the hotel.

Meanwhile, Karmabir, the general manager of Taj who lost his wife and children, is still at work.

The sources also said that the internal structure around the fourth and the sixth floor of the Taj may be in danger, sources added.

Earlier, describing Saturday's operation, NSG chief J K Dutt said that a fire had been started in the hotel by NSG commandos to smoke out terrorists. However, the mopping up operation still on.

The NSG chief briefed the press about the ongoing operation today. He said, "The Taj encounter is over and three terrorists had been gunned down on Saturday morning. Two terrorists were gunned down on Friday."

Dutt did not officially confirm if the operation is over. He said the operation will be over only when all rooms are sanitised. He, however, said the Taj hotel is under their control.

The NSG chief also said that one commando has been killed in the Taj operation, and some hand grenades and AK-47s have been recovered from him.

Earlier, in the wee hours of Saturday, explosions were heard at the heritage hotel. There was heavy firing and explosions in Wasabi restaurant in the Taj late on Friday night.

Nariman House encounter ends

The commando operation against the terrorists at Nariman House ended on Friday.

NSG set off huge explosions to ensure no terrorist escaped and combed the building to ensure no more terrorists were left inside.

However, five hostages and two terrorists were found dead inside the building. A Jewish rabbi and his wife were among the dead at Nariman House.

NSG commandos came out of the Nariman House amid cheering crowds. Thousands of people had gathered outside the building. The Rapid Action Force even used lathis to control the crowd.

Earlier, seven hostages were taken out from the building.

Oberoi cleared

After a 39-hour ordeal, the NSG finally got success in flushing out the terrorists from the Oberoi Trident Hotel on Friday.

Describing the mission, NSG chief J K Dutt said, "Both Trident, Oberoi are under our control and both the terrorists present in these hotels have been killed."

Two AK-47 rifles, one pistol and few unexploded grenades have been seized, the NSG chief added.

According to the police, nine terrorists were killed and one was caught alive. The police said 24 dead bodies were found at Oberoi hotel on Friday, taking the total toll to 30.

At least 183 have been killed in the Mumbai encounter, including 14 policemen and 13 foreigners and 327 people have been injured.

Places attacked:

  • Trident Hotel, Taj Hotel, Nariman House, Wadi Bunder, Cama hospital, GT hospital, VT station, Bootleggers pub, Girgaum and Metro cinema.

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