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London-born Kirzner (b. 1930) is the most important living economist in the Austrian School. He has written extensively about free markets as an ongoing process for discovering the most economical and effective ways to satisfy consumers. His latest publication is The Driving Force of the Market, previous books include The Economic Point of View (1960), Market Theory and the Price System (1963), An Essay on Capital (1966), Competition and Entrepreneurship (1973), Perception, Opportunity and Profit (1979), Discovery and the Capitalist Process (1983), Discovery, Capitalism and Distributive Justice (1989), The Meaning of the Market Process (1992) and Essays on Capital and Interest (1996). He has edited and contributed chapters to a number of books. Kirzner attended the University of Capetown, the University of London and Brooklyn College, and he earned his Ph.D. under Ludwig von Mises at New York University. He is Professor of economics at New York University.

Read Richard Ebeling's tribute to Dr. Kirzner on the occasion of his retirement.

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