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Is That A Mic Between Bif Naked's Legs?


Calgary Stampede
Jul 16 2001
by Cait Hammett
Fri, 02/15/2008 - 10:50am

When she wasn't swearing, Bif Naked was tossing water bottles to the Calgary Stampede crowd last week to cool them off. Hell, we're all hot and bothered just looking at those magnificent abs and we weren't even at the gig. So, like, Bif has this new album, Purge, (Warner Music Canada) coming out Sept. 4 so the punk rock gal used the gig to test drive some new material. Songs performed were: "Tango Shoes," "Leader," "Today I Love Myself" and "Choking On The Truth." Our spies tell us the songs are uber killer and that the straight edger has out done herself. The Stampede rounded-up this past weekend, but cowboys and cowgirls were treated to some excellent and some not-so-superb gigs by Glass Tiger, Chilliwack, 54-40, The Tea Party, Finger Eleven, gob, Nickelback, The Moffatts and Templar. Apparently the pit was mondo intense for the F11 gig with fans going wild bucking bronco style before the band even hit the stage.

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