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June 11, 2007

Have I Got Open Mic News For You!

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Howdy folks, and welcome to another fun-packed episode of Open Mic News. Today’s show is something else. It’s still Open Mic News, just not as I have ever recorded (or even heard) it before. As a result of the “new format” (you’ll see what I mean when you listen to it), the news articals listed below have all been covered - just probably not in the order you can read them. Some articals in the podcast have only been touched briefly upon, so further reading on ill-covered topics is advised.

Russia - Putin’s Proposal Nears The Target
Vladimir Putin’s proposed compromise on missile defence may not have been a serious offer, but it is significant all the same. By suggesting a deal, the Russian president has improved prospects for top-level talks on an issue that has flared out of all proportion, increasing tensions between Russia and the west.

UK - Fantasy Meets Reality In Church Row
The real-life battle between the Church of England and Sony over a violent computer game proves the theory that reality is often stranger than fantasy.

World - Is Prince Philip An Island God?
Britain’s Duke of Edinburgh may be planning a quiet birthday celebration at home this weekend, but there will be feasting and flag-waving in an isolated jungle village in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu, where he is worshipped as a god.

UK - Translation Help ‘Should Be Cut’
The amount of official material being translated by bodies such as councils should be cut to encourage immigrants to learn English, Ruth Kelly has said.

France - Napoleon Sword Sells For Millions
A gold-encrusted sword used by Napoleon has been sold at auction in France for 4.8m euros ($6.4m).

USA - Meeting The World’s Heaviest Man
To really appreciate Manuel Uribe’s size, you have to do a bit of lateral thinking. Picture in your mind an ordinary adult male. Then another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And, finally, one more. Seven fully grown men in all, standing in a line. Now, add up their weight. Only then would you be getting close to Manuel Uribe.

USA - Hilton Sent Back To Jail In Hysterics
Paris Hilton’s cool, glamorous image evaporated Friday as she gave the impression of a little girl lost in a merciless legal system.

USA - Studies Say Death Penalty Deters Crime
Each execution deters an average of 18 murders, according to a 2003 nationwide study by professors at Emory University.

Switzerland - Three Dead After Storms; Flash Floods In Switzerland
Three people were killed in central Switzerland after they were caught in flash floods overnight caused by heavy thunderstorms, police said Saturday.

World - Dinosaurs Died Agonizing Deaths
Fossilized dinosaurs often have wide-open mouths, heads thrown back and tails that curve toward the head.

World - Origin Of Deja Vu Pinpointed
The brain cranks out memories near its center, in a looped wishbone of tissue called the hippocampus. But a new study suggests only a small chunk of it, called the dentate gyrus, is responsible for “episodic” memories-information that allows us to tell similar places and situations apart.

USA - Californians May Be Forced To Neuter Pets
California may become the only U.S. state to require the sterilization of pets under a bill passed by the state Assembly, pitting dog and cat lovers against animal rights activists.

Sport - Hamilton Leaves Chaos And World In His Wake
Lewis Hamilton, with mayhem in his mirrors, continued his remarkable odyssey yesterday, leading the Canadian Grand Prix from start to finish to take the lead in the world championship.

Computer and Video Games - Ow-Wii! Controller Can Hurt
A Spanish doctor has diagnosed acute “Wii-itis”…

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