"Cybotron is to Australia what Tangerine Dream is to Germany, Jean-Michel Jarre is to France, Neuronium is to Spain and Wavestar & Steve Hillman is to England ."
(Jeff D., Sedalia MO )

Formed in 1975 by Australian synth pioneer Steve Maxwell Von Braund with fellow musician Geoff Green, Cybotron paved a new musical path for Oz electronic music. Combining prog, kraut rock, and grafting an avant-garde darkness, Cybotron opened up a new sonic world to Aussie audiences. Von Braund found inspiration whilst living in England in 1970 having witnessed live bands like Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Can etc., and brought these influences back with him upon his return to Melbourne when forming the band.

Implosion was Cybotron’s third full-length release. Unleashed in 1980 to melt people’s minds, it featured Von Braund, Mark Jones and Gil ‘Rats’ Matthews (of Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs fame), who produced the album both at his home studio and at legendary Armstrong’s Studios.




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Barcode: 9336043001089
SRP: $24.95
Release Date: Jan. 20, 2006


1. Eureka
2. Implosion
3. Suite 16/9th Floor
4. Encounter
5. Black Devil's Triangle
6. We'll Be Around

Bonus Tracks:

7. Abbey Moor
8. Peter Gunn
9. Unorganization
10. Detective
11. March
12. Eureka (Guitar Version)


MP3 Samples: Eureka Implosion Suite 16/9th Floor

It is a symphony of sound, ultra-dramatic and presents a super mind-bending inter-galactic journey. Lovers of Can, Neu, Faust, Amon Duul II, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream etc will find inspiration in Cybotron’s Implosion.

This deluxe version has been digitally remastered, with extensive liner notes containing new interviews and rare photos. It contains six bonus tracks – five from Cybotron’s uncompleted and unreleased 1981 album Abbey Moor (one being a curious version of Mancini’s Peter Gunn theme). The album is also packaged in Aztec Music’s trademark six-panel digi-pak.

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