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CPMA History

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  • May: The Challenge Pro Mode (CPM) project was created by Richard 'Hoony' Sandlant.


  • March: 24th The Challenge Pro Mode beta 5
  • May: 18th Challenge Pro Mode beta 27
  • May: 25th Challenge Pro Mode beta 28
  • July: 1st A special pre-release Lansanity CPM goes public for the LAN (15/7). a|pureluck takes first place.
  • August: 28th The Challenge Pro Mode 1.0 is released.
  • December: The first public release with MutliArena support is unleashed and CPM becomes CPMA.


  • January: CPM moves from the subpages of the Challenge Network to its very own www.promode.org
  • March: Map Pack 3 is released containing CPM10, CPM11, CPM12, CPM13, CPM14 and CPM1A.
  • April: CPMA reaches 10,000 downloads on Challenge-TV.
  • June: #cpmpickup is created.
  • July: iX joins the Design team .
  • November:
Shambler releases the first ever CPMA movie.
arQon pushes out a new release with new prediction code hacks including removal of Q3’s built-in 50ms lag.


  • January: Support for VQ3 was dropped and CQ3 gameplay was introduced.
  • May: arQon adds support for Multiview Demos.
  • June: Blemish joins the Design team.
  • July: Matthew ‘GreySeer’ Barnett, 1973-2002


  • January: CPMA version 1.0 is released with Map Pack 4. Over 16,000 players downloaded the 'Full' release with even more grabbing the upgrade.
  • February: pmove is removed from the mod resulting in consistant physics across different frame rates.
  • April: CPMA 1.1 and Map Pack 5 are both released.
  • September: Swelt becomes Gameplay Design Lead.
  • November: HoonyMode is introduced.


  • January: CPMA 1.2 and Map Pack 6 are released.
  • March: newborn joins the CPMA team doing Operations & Support.
  • April: Not Team Fortress mode is introduced.
  • June: CPMA 1.31 is released with ProMode's famous netcode tweaks.


  • February: Map Pack 7 is released.
  • May: CPMA 1.32 is released with the first gameplay changes since the adoption of PM2 as the official ruleset.


  • July: CPMA 1.33 is released featuring the new Uberhud allowing complete control over HUD elements.
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