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Safer Sex

Safe Sex for lesbian and bisexual women

Unfortunately the only form of safe sex between women is not allowing any body fluid (vaginal or menstrual fluid/breast milk) to enter your body and vice-versa. Activities that are safer include kissing, hugging, breast stimulation, massage and masturbation.

So what’s risky?

• Oral sex is low risk, but not if you or your partner has any cold sores, cuts or abrasions on or in your mouth or genitals or is having a period. It can be made safe by using a Dental Dam.

• Mouth-to-mouth kissing is safe but can become risky if either of you have bleeding gums, sores or cuts in your mouth.

• Sharing sex toys (vibrators and dildos) can be risky if they have vaginal fluids, blood or faeces on them. Always clean them well and use a new condom before sharing.

• Any sexual activity, which can lead to bleeding or cuts/breaks in the lining of vagina or anus, is risky, including 'fisting' or certain S&M activities. Keep your nails short and/or cover hands with latex gloves or individual finger cots.


Lubrication Facts

So why should you use lube?

Well if you’re planning on fingering your partner or being fingered similarly with using a dildo or vibrator with your partner then you really should use a lubricant to relieve dryness, reduce friction and prevent cuts or sores. And if you are using a condom with your sex toys then lubricant will help stop the condom from splitting.

What you could catch…

Lesbians and bisexual women are at low risk of catching HIV from having sex but other things such as thrush and STI’s aren’t so low.

Thrush is an overgrowth of yeast causing vaginal itching and soreness. It can be passed via sex between women, though oral sex is low risk.
Genital Warts are painless bumps on the vulva, in the vagina, on the cervix or round the anus. They can be passed through contact with the wart, for example by touching, rubbing or sharing sex toys.
Trichomonas vaginalis (TV) gives a frothy, itchy vaginal discharge and is passed on by contact with the vagina only, for example by touching or sharing sex toys.
Herpes can cause painful sores on the inside of the vulva/vagina or anus and can be passed on through contact with a sore, for example by touching, fondling or sharing sex toys.
Crabs/Pubic Lice cling to pubic and other body hair causing itching and sometimes blood spots from bites. They are spread through naked body/skin contact.
Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are rare in lesbians but can be passed on through sharing sex toys or rubbing vulvas together.
Hepatitis B is a viral infection that in its most infectious forms can easily be passed on in sex - for example by touching or sharing sex toys.