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(This article originally appeared in ZONTAR Magazine in the early 90s)

In the year 2001, most of the human race will be coping with an endless procession of new and as yet unheard-of environmental crises and grisly immunological disasters. But the members of UNARIUS--UNiversal ARticulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science--"countless thousands of advanced spiritual beings" (mostly Californians) will not despair, for they'll be confident of the impending arrival of the 32 saucer ships of the Space Brothers from the 32 confederated planets. These space aliens will come to the Earth world to invite us to join the Interplanetary Confederation of Worlds, and of course we'll accept the invitation, becoming the 33rd confederated world. Thereafter all of the problems on Earth will be solved.

As Ruth E. Norman, better known as "Archangel Uriel" put it (before her earthly demise in 1994) "Higher Beings, living on higher physical worlds, have been building the 33 spacecraft that will form a gigantic city when attached one atop the other! The Star Center, a gigantic college or city, will descend and remain on Earth! These Starships will land on large acreage, purchased for this purpose in Southern California, and will serve as a gigantic university, where people can come all over the world to visit and study!" This landing site was prepared on orders from the Space Brothers themselves in 1967. The large sign on the site reads, "WELCOME SPACE BROTHERS!"

Unarians believe that Earth's spiritual vibrational frequencies are presently below what they should be; we all must follow Unarian teachings in order to raise these frequencies, summoning the Space Brothers to our aid. "Earth people, as a whole, are affected with what is known as psychic amnesia -- meaning that certain portions of the mind (the energy body) have been blocked off! This damage was done many thousands of years ago on the planet called Tyron, in the Orion Constellation... The leader of Tyron was an egotistical, evil one, and kept the entire population under his electronic controls! This is a fact! Now comes UNARIUS to help free you of these invisible, but very real, inhibiting and blocking energies. Man alone is helpless to break these strong electronic bonds under which he has, for so long been bound!"

The Space Brothers will have to stay here to instruct us in remedial spiritual skills, until we're as advanced as they are, until we're all wearing the clothing that everybody wears in The Future: silver mylar uniforms. Meanwhile, with the aid of the Confederation, we will have wiped out war, poverty, mental illness, disease, pollution and the energy crisis.

By the way, that despot on the planet Tyron shouldn't be a bother to us any longer. He's none other than SATAN himself, but has been overcome and is now a light-bearer: "Satan (who was a very real human being with an exaggerated ego) and his many helpers, taught his people erroneous and detrimental concepts while on planet Tyron... he too, has been changed! ... the Devil is now a Way Shower, a true Bearer of the Light! ... IF SATAN CAN BE CHANGED SO CAN ANY SOUL!!"

Ruth E. Norman, Archangel Uriel, the co-founder, inspiration, and "channel" of UNARIUS, knew all the details, because she herself was a space brother, and "[was] living on the Earth world -- incarnated especially to help bring in this NEW AGE OF SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE -- THE AGE OF LOGIC AND REASON!" And, as she had pointed out to one seeker, the Space Brothers were in contact with her at all times, so what she didn't already know she could find out from them. In fact, all this knowledge and channelling has produced the bounteous Unarius Library which now amounts to over 125 volumes, written or channeled over the past 35 years.

The first such volume, received in 1954 by "the Moderator of the Universe," Ernest L. Norman (1904-1971) was The Voice of Venus. A glance at the Unarius Publication Catalogue, lavishly illustrated with paintings of our glorious future, will take you on a thrilling tour through inner space, through the centuries past, present, and future, and beyond into the outer cosmos.

The 125 Unarius volumes include the Tesla Speaks series (now 13 volumes - inspired by Nikola Tesla), The Confessions of I, Bonaparte, by Louis Spiegel (the present incarnation of Napolean), Biography of an Archangel (details Ruth Norman's past lives), and A Grand Design of Life for Man. These books and "teachings" are all designed to help you, the student, the earnest Truth Seeker. If you don't look at the pictures, Unarius seems like just another Cosmic New Age past-life therapy self-help group. The Unarius novice student reads the books, learns the Unarius system, and is healed. "All earthmen have lived on other worlds in the past... and you shall do so again in the future! When you leave the physical in (so-called) death, you will move on to another world, or if you have not progressed or improved yourself, you will bounce right back where you left off - on this hell-world Earth. Like it or not!" But if you learn the principles of Unarius, and live in brotherly love with the rest of the space brothers, you avoid the hell-world the next time around. Sound familiar?

Actually, the UNARIAN philosophy seems to be lifted in part from Helena Blavatsky and Theosophy; just take the theosophical teachings, and substitute the words "Space Brothers" for "Mahatmas," or "The Great White Brotherhood," and you get UNARIUS. UNARIUS contains bits and pieces of every philosophy and religion known to Westerners.

These little bits of Christianity, Buddhism and Hermeticism are somehow a justification for the most sensational costumes. In addition to past lives on Earth Unariuns confront past lives on other worlds--with names like ENDINITE, ZETON, YESSU, DAL, EMIL, VULNA and DIN-- attired as they were on that world. Cecil B. DeMille and Busby Berkeley would have been quite at home at the annual Unarius Conclave of Light convention, where a singing procession of Unariuns bedecked in flowing gowns, jeweled tiaras, purple capes, gold boots, pantaloons, all with gold trim, and all with heavy make-up, each carries the banner of the planet they represent.

But Unarius wasn't always so colorful. In the early 1950's, before he met Ruth, Ernest Norman had been an unemployed "electronics engineer" affiliated with the Borderland Sciences Research Association and the followers of the "Inner Circle." He met his future bride in 1954 while lecturing on "Inner Contact from the Higher Beings." That same year Ernest and Ruth formed the Unarius Educational Foundation and for the next 17 years participated in many spiritualist events and conventions equipped with their messages from the Space Brothers. The membership in their group was low, and there wasn't much to distinguish them from other spiritualist groups. However, after Ernest's death in 1971, things changed. In 1974 Ruth purchased the Unarius headquarters and the fun began. Ruth's flamboyance and charisma took over and Unarius had a new image and lots more members. Supposedly all the costume extravaganzas are OK with Ernest, who is one of the four "princes of the realm," "Moderator of the Unverse," "Archangel Raphiel." His headquarters are now on Mars, and he communicates with the group via Charles Spaegel (a reincarnation of Charlemagne).

The four Princes of the Realm, as pictured on page 142 of A Pictorial Tour of Unarius, are Raphiel, Michiel, Muriel, and of course Uriel. To us earthpeople, Uriel is the most arch of these archangels; her name is an acronym for "Universal Radiant Infinite Eternal Light." She is photographed, soliloquized, painted, and otherwise praised on almost every page of the Unarius literature. In past lives she was Confucius, Socrates, Henry VIII, the inspiration for the Mona Lisa, Ben Franklin, Mary of Bethany, Pharaoh Hatshepsut, Mumtas Muhal (the inspiration for the Taj Mahal), Isis, Queen Elizabeth I, King Poseid (of Atlantis), Johannes Kepler, and Tsar Peter the Great, to name but a few.

Raphiel, who was last incarnated as Uriel's meek and mild husband, Ernest, already "knew" Uriel before they met in 1954. In his past lives he has been Osiris, Jesus, Akhenaton, Anaxagoras, and I'm sure many others, but they don't dwell on it. As he is one of the advanced spiritual beings, I guess it doesn't bother him that Uriel was "spiritually married" to another prince of the realm, Archangel Michiel, at the second annual Conclave of Light in 1981. And that wasn't even the first time these two were involved. As Leonardo Da Vinci Michiel painted Uriel as the Mona Lisa, and in an ancient incarnation started the civilization of Yu with Uriel as his mate. He's mentioned a lot more than Raphiel, and is described as Uriel's "biocentric or soulmate," whose last famous incarnation was as Nikola Tesla. Somehow, he got to be the "Director and Overseer of the universe", and the "leader of the spiritual organization, Unarius," while Ernest is just the "Moderator." Could Tesla, known as a very chaste man on earth, be receiving favors from Uriel in the higher spiritual realms?

And then there's the fourth "Prince of the Realm," MURIEL, who is pictured with the others, but she is never mentioned anywhere else. Who is she? Is she Uriel's rival for the attention of Michiel or Raphiel? Who was she in history? Uriel certainly doesn't say; one can only speculate. Perhaps MURIEL has her own organization, MUNARIUS, on some other competing as yet unconfederated world (called MEARTH?), whose literature sings the praises of Muriel day and night, with narry a word for our own Uriel, "The Rose," "The Goddess of Love," "The Peacock Princess." I'm sure we'll find out the answer to this and all the other mysteries when the Benevolent Saucers land in 2001.

Note: Since Ruth Norman's death in 1994, there appear to be some changes at Unarius. The Unarius Web Site for instance shows a distinct preference for Ernest over Ruth, who last time I checked was barely mentioned.

© 1995, Donna Kossy