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College Football Top 10

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Nothing like heading into the weekend with some deplorable, jorts-wearing Gators fans. Your guide to the first weekend in November will be Patrick Imig of Joe Sports fan, and feel free to send him your links, love letters, and hate mail to Be safe tonight, kids.

1. Texas 8-0. Lee Corso doesn’t have the balls to make a pick like this.
2. Alabama 7-0. One will before Saban returns to Baton Rouge.
3. Penn State 9-0. Cruise control.
4. Oklahoma 7-1. The Sooners have permitted 35, 31, and 35 points in the past three games.
5. Florida 6-1. Gotta go with the Gators and that lethal offense.
6. USC 6-1. Will Ferrell’s back on the bandwagon! Read the rest of this entry »

London is Calling: The NFL enthralled 83,000 budding England football fans (or expats) at Wembley last Sunday.  In a few years, they may have the opportunity on eight Sundays.  When asked about a London expansion team, Roger Goddell said "it would be a great thing for the league. If the response keeps continuing this way, that's a realistic possibility.” (Sports Business) (2)

Bernard Berrian and the “Steroids Hotline”

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Did Vikings WR Bernard Berrian intend to pull a Jason Grimsley? No, he didn’t have steroids delivered to his house. But earlier this week, Berrian told Sirius radio that he called the NFL’s steroids hotline, but nobody was there to help him. If Berrian - who has been a fantasy football savior to some (including us) - wants to blow the whistle on cheaters, that’s his prerogative. But to do so and then go public with this decision? Risky. bowl a 300 yet? [Edit: Ha! Halloween joke! Halloween booze! It's 7:30 and drinking has ceased. Starting back in 90 minutes. Bernard Berrian is a 250 bowler.]

If you’re the tubby Williams pair on the Vikings’ defensive line - both under suspicion for steroid use, according to Fox Sports- how do you react to Berrian? Hope the coach calls for a WR screen in practice and purposely level the guy, hoping that he “gets the hint” and then clams up when Fidel Goodell starts poking around?

Minnesota Viking Bernard Berrian says no one home at NFL steroids hotline (Steroid Nation)

Yes, This is Really an Athlete (Spoiler: Leryn Franco!)

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Not that you’d know it from the video, but she was in the Olympics. (Hot Clicks)

Recruiting vs. NBA: "The NCAA's board of directors Thursday agreed to begin formal discussion of an ACC proposal that would require college basketball's underclassmen to declare their NBA draft status by mid-April of each year ... The rule, if passed, would require players to make final decisions seven to 10 days after the Final Four, a time frame roughly coinciding with the mid-April start of the spring signing period. Once the date passes, players would not be allowed to withdraw from the draft and retain NCAA eligibility." (Greensboro News & Record) (6)

Was Bentley’s Goal the Best … on Wednesday?

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On Wednesday, David Bentley scored the “goal of the decade” against Arsenal. However, it may not have been the best goal of the day. Check out this screamer from Nantes’ Remi Mareval in their Ligue 1 match against Olympique Marseilles. Bentley had luck, surprise and oddity. This was just perfect.

PM Roundup: Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween kids. Enjoy your weekends and party hard. (And safe of course) Ah… school girl… complete with time-lapse here… Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find some welding goggles to complete my lothario-aviator-pirate look.

Patrick Imig will be here this weekend so remember to send all your links and leftover candy his way. He’ll be blogging in some sort of wrestling costume, this much is certain.

Halloween in Cleveland. (Waiting For Next Year)

The Phillies victory healed the Liberty Bell. (eTrueSports)

Germany teacher does strip tease for class. Yes, there is video. (BuzzFeed)

Cheap laptops. (Advertising Age)

Top 10 Treehouse of Horror segments. (StarPulse)

Keith Law and Bob Brenley aren’t BFF’s. (Can’t Stop The Bleeding)

Isiah wasn’t breathing when the cops got to his house. (New York Post)

Sports in space. (New York Times)

Racism in Brazilian motor sports. (Telegraph)

The Marlins traded Mike Jacobs. (City of Champs)

Weekend College Football preview for the entire Top-25. (Sparty & Friends)

Mike D’Antoni is already getting into it with Knick fans. (Deuce of Davenport)

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NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview: Week 9

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Happy Halloween. What a great time of year. In case you missed it, I’ve been gratuitously posting pictures of sexy Halloween costumes on MLJ all week. It’s been a grand old time.

Now the weekend has come and it’s time to finally go out and see all those misguided girls seek attention wearing a one-time-use outfit. Hopefully, by Sunday afternoon you’ll be able to open your eyes again and enjoy some football. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see Mike Singletary’s ass. Read the rest of this entry »

Mike Vick Remains Popular in India

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Courtesy of the foremost cricket blogger in the United States, the esteemed Amar Shah: “During the summer I went to Kolkata, India for a wedding. At the same time, the Indian Premier League was going on and I got hooked. In Kolkata, home to the Knight Riders, I went to a local Reebok store and I found this near the cricket gear. The cricket player in the background is Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.”

College Hoops: Arizona State and the Pac-10

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Everyone’s in love with UCLA. And with good reason! It returns Final Four veterans Darren Collison (PG) and Josh Shipp (SF), and added five high-impact freshman (at least according to Rivals). We’re here to go contrarian and opine that Arizona State will win the Pac-10 this season. Although we’re not the type to take the word of Tim Floyd as gospel, here’s what the USC coach said about the Sun Devils:

“I’m surprised Arizona State only got one first-place vote,” he said of the conference preseason poll. “I thought they should have had 15 to 20. They’re a very talented team. And I’d like for Herb to come talk to my guys next year about . . . ” Read the rest of this entry »