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Post-game nuggets

Posted by Mike Reiss, Globe Staff November 30, 2008 08:07 PM

FOXBOROUGH -- A few nuggets from the post-game media access today:

  • 1) Logan Mankins pulls no punches. Summing up the Patriots' performance, left guard Logan Mankins said simply: "You can't beat Pop Warner teams doing that."

  • 2) Matthew Slater: 'I feel I cost my team the game.' Rookie Matthew Slater, who couldn't handle a third-quarter kickoff that was recovered by the Steelers, didn't avoid the media onslaught. He answered questions about the costly miscue, saying: "There is no excuse for it. You have to field the ball first and I didn't do my job. It's as simple as that ... I'm frustrated. I feel like I cost my team the game."

  • 3) Ellis Hobbs explains his absence on kickoffs. Cornerback Ellis Hobbs, the team's regular kickoff returner, explained why he wasn't on the field for the third-quarter kickoff that Matthew Slater couldn't handle. "Sometimes your body can only handle so much. It came to it where I had spent a lot, started cramping up a bit, and they tried to feed me with a couple things and I tried to do a couple things myself," he said. "I started throwing up out there a little bit. I got sick a little bit. I tried to make it happen but sometimes your body won't allow you too."

  • 4) Bill Belichick's opening statement. "We had a lot of opportunities out there today and weren't able to take advantage of the ones that we had. Pittsburgh took advantage of theirs. That's really the difference in the game -- obviously the turnovers were a huge part of it. We have to do a better job taking care of the ball and take advantage of our opportunities. I really felt like we had enough out there."

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    1. So I forgot to ask: how's Brady's knee?

      Posted by Jim November 30, 08 08:37 PM
    1. No heart, no will, and no craftiness. These are our New England Patriots. Ugh.

      Is there a softer defence in the NFL than N.E.? Our DBs are terrible at best. I hope, by next year, Hobbs, O'Neil, Dean Pees, and Josh McDaniels are GONE! Long GONE!

      Romeo, keep losing, get fired, and get your butt back here, fast!

      Posted by Los Angeles November 30, 08 08:46 PM
    1. Mike - I hope the idiots that want to trade Brady sat through the whole game. I am thrilled Cassel has done well but Brady is arguably the best ever. He certainly has the hardware to say he could be.

      Posted by Joe November 30, 08 09:00 PM
    1. Plain and simple....the Steelers D made the Patriots look like they were playing with a rookie QB again. No shame in this, just happy most everyone left the field on their own power...out classed, out played, out everything. They may not have the best O, but the D is sharp and the Pats didn't belong on the same field.

      How's Welker...his neck is gonna be a little stiff for a while....I always say that 99% of hits are justified and don't deserve a fine or much less...a suspension. But that may be a dirty hit...I see $$ flying out his pockets soon. Wish Wes a speedy recovery.

      Posted by Marc November 30, 08 09:09 PM
    1. I think the rain, more than anything, seemed to effect us. That's not a good thing for a team that plays its home games outside in the northeast.

      Moss was absolutely horrible today. I'm not sure what was worse, his drops or his complete lack of poise on that screen play in the 4th quarter. Instead of showing a little patience and following his block for a likely 10 yard gain, he ran backwards and ended up losing 3 or 4 yards on the play.

      It showed my that Moss doesn't have that championship pedigree or instinct of how to win football games. He's got all the talent in the world, but I'm not sure he's the guy I want next to me in a dog fight. That's where Kevin Faulk is so special. That's what we had in Troy Brown and to a lesser extent in Deion Branch and David Givens. I miss that. If it were me calling the plays, I'd increase the workload on Faulk. We need to give him 20-25 touches a game. Maybe 30.

      Posted by Pyper November 30, 08 09:29 PM
    1. Where is Coach's responsibility to do more at QB position when brady went down????? Cassel's inadequacies can be glaring at times!!!!

      Posted by Ronald L. Rosenberg November 30, 08 09:35 PM
    1. Delta has got to go. He gets beat all game and celebrates breaking up a poorly thrown pass like he just won the super bowl. Real players don't feel the need to celebrate after doing their job correctly. Their actions speak for themself.

      Posted by trader99 November 30, 08 09:44 PM
    1. Patriots have made a great run in this decade, but some really bad decisions in the off season have cost this team dearly. This compounded with some bad draft classes leave this team in it's current state of mediocrity.
      There was was no upgrade to the O-Line post Super bowl, also letting Samuel walk without a replacement weakened the defense immensely. Throw in 3 drafts in a row of really getting nothing in rounds 2-6 and this is what you have.
      Let's hope they spend on the right guys in this offseason

      Posted by Junior November 30, 08 09:45 PM
    1. Hey Mike, the only person you can put in your "Up" column is Kevin Faulk, he's the only Patriot who came to play. As for your "Down" column, just put the rest of the team there unfortunately.

      Posted by TG in NJ November 30, 08 09:46 PM
    1. Great performance by Pittsburgh's D, just as advertised. Not sure what happened in the second half, but the Pats just didn't seem like they had their heads in the game.

      Hopefully through the 2009 draft and free agency the Pats can help fix that porous secondary and their swiss cheese O-line.

      Posted by Stanley November 30, 08 10:10 PM
    1. The Pats played a horrible game against a good team that had an xtra 3-4 days rest. Also, factor in that the Pats were coming off an emotional division win last week....I saw this one coming. There were far too many uncharacteristic mistakes out there to beat one of the best teams in AFC. Luckily, we will get it back together and win our last 4 to hopefully squeak into the playoffs.

      Posted by Ush November 30, 08 10:25 PM
    1. Where to begin:
      1. Matt Light looked like a turnstile.
      2. Moss cost them at least 2 TD's. Though, I'd rather have him than David Givens (is he even in the league anymore?) or Deion Branch (constantly hurt) like Pyper would.
      3. Welker got owned worse than Dallas Clark did vs. Tenard Jackson last year.
      4. The DB's are soft and can't cover anyone. The front seven NEVER gets pressure anymore.
      5. Cassel? He's an average QB, nothing more. No surprise there.

      Posted by Classless November 30, 08 11:19 PM
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