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Kong Guksu

Now that it's getting hot in the desert again, I'm breaking out some cool summer dishes. This one, today's lunch, is kong guksu (콩국수), which is cold noodles served in a chilled sesame-soy broth. Oh baby, was this tasty...

Kong Guksu 콩국수 Noodles in Cold Soy-Sesame Broth

1. To make the sesame-soy broth, I first soaked 1/2 cup of dried soy beans in water for an hour. These were then boiled for 45 minutes on the stovetop.

2. Meanwhile, I placed a few tablespoons of sesame seeds into a pan and dry roasted them until they began to be fragrant. These were then placed into a blender with a little water and pureed until liquid. After the soy beans were done boiling, I added these as well and more water. Both were pureed until liquid.

3. Next I squeezed the sesame-soy bean mixture through cheesecloth to create the sesame-soy broth. After removing the solids and retaining all the liquid broth, I added sea salt to taste and placed the broth into the refrigerator to cool.

4. After about 45 minutes, allowing the broth to cool adequately, I began boiling the wheat noodles. Once ready, I removed them and rinsed them with cold water thoroughly. I then arranged them in a bowl and poured the chilled sesame-soy broth over them, also adding some julienned cucumber, tomato slices, and some sesame seeds.

Tip: if your broth isn't totally chilled at this point, you can add some ice cubes. You will find that a chilled broth is far superior in taste than a semi-chilled one. Also, not sure if this is authentic or not, but I finished mine off with a little bit of mustard oil just because I like my food to have some kick.

This was the perfect meal for a hot afternoon. 95F/34C today and it's only May!


It's 25C in Stockholm today and I had chicken with cabbage kimchi and sauerkraut. Crisporama! Hommage á le Prince Évil du Jungle.

Big H: I'm always wanting to see your food. I think it's due time you began a blog?

No blog for me, but I can post some pics for you. Url will follow soon.
/the big one

Ok, so you convinced me. Welcome to Henrik's Swedish Food Blog. Comments are welcome.

wah.. this really look yummy..

wish to get a boil of this.. hihi

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