professional wrestling referee, referee, wrestling, Dan, Tanaka
professional wrestling referee, referee, wrestling, Dan, Tanaka
professional wrestling referee, referee, wrestling, Dan, Tanaka
professional wrestling referee, referee, wrestling, Dan, Tanaka
Thursday, December 18, 2003

The year is near an end, and what a year it’s been. We’ve seen a lot happen.

Coming from the ending of last year, the NWA New England Wrestleplex closed down. It became a venue for several promotions, that being not only NWA New England, but also PWF Northeast, High Impact Championship Wrestling, and what was made out to be the developmental promotion for NWA New England, Impact Independent Wrestling. Primal Conflict was also about to run an event there as well. Late November of last year, it shut its doors and moved out for a number of reasons. To read more on that, check out and check out an interview by Mark Greene.

We’ve seen PWF Northeast have their problems with event cancellations earlier in the year, only to come back and with a major face-lift within their production and roster. However they had much success with Genesis II, when they had a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match for the tag-team titles. I’m glad to see things starting working out for PWF Northeast, and glad to still be a part of it as their senior official. Keep checking them out, as they have good things planned for the first quarter of 2004 which includes Learning with the Legends: a camp with Ricky Steamboat, Les Thatcher and Harley Race.

Another promotion that seemed to have problems with getting events on the road was NWA New England. April was their first event in seven months and benefited the station nightclub fire. It featured Jonah taking on Jason Rumble. It almost seemed NWA New England would make a come back over the summer, but just recently they have not renewed their membership and closed down. I’m really not so sure what will become of that, as I don’t keep close contact with the offices of what was NWA New England.

I’d like to send best wishes to Mike Biggs, who is taking off for Florida. WCWA was a fundraising promotion for the NEADS organization ( Last year; they had one event, which raised funds for the family of the late Chief Jay Foxx. There was no payday, but Mike had his way of taking care of the roster.

NECW is in the midst’s of doing TV Tapings. For more information on that keep up with NECW at I’ve only refereed for this promotion a few times this year, but I enjoy what’s there. I hope to referee there more often this coming year. My first event there was in July in Hamden, CT. NECW is also where I got my first injury. Although it was a minor injury, it was one that caused me to wake up the next morning, unable to walk very well. In case you are wondering, I sprained my left ankle during the first match of the night. Although I was limping for the rest of the night, I felt fine after walking it off and thought I had only twisted my ankle. I refereed most of the remainding matches. The next morning proved me wrong with the pain I felt when I tried to stand up.

Other things I enjoyed this year was working for All-Star Wrestling Association. (AWA). Much congrats to ZR Extreme, upsetting a series of top contenders of the AWA, and becoming the Heavyweight Champion after defeating Maverick Wild. Dr. Heresy recently defeated ZR Extreme for the title.

What else? We’ve seen Slamtech Wrestling University form events to exhibit up and coming wrestlers. Students who are ready to begin. This began in July in Uxbridge, MA, under Slamtech Pro Wrestling. Now, Ringside Wrestling is running events on a regular basis at the Loomis Arena with the same deal. More to come from Slamtech in the near future with more events, open houses, seminars, clinics, and camps. Kevin Kelly is having a sports entertainment expo next month.

On a sad note, we’ve seen many fellow people of the wrestling business pass on this year. It seems as if every year, more pass away, at times it seemed as if only a day passed, and then another had passed on. It really makes you wonder when someone like “Classy” Freddie Blassie just had his book published, and then he soon after left the world. Did he know that his time was up, and got his story out just in time? Maybe he did, deep down inside.

2004 is looking great. I’m looking forward to stepping into the New Year, as things are looking brighter than last year. I can’t wait to go through 2004 and see how it turns out. I especially can’t wait for the summer of 2004. Simply because it doesn’t snow!

Everyone, I hope you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year. Enjoy it with your friends and family, and most of all stay safe, and drink responsibly.

-Dan Tanaka