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The highly anticipated DS sequel to Dual Strike is given an official title and release date. Screenshots are also available!

Nintendo’s media summit in San Francisco is now fully underway, with more then a few lucky members of the press getting to grips with the likes of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy.

As an additional bonus, Nintendo has started dishing out new media for a variety of its most anticipated upcoming titles, including the latest instalment in the Advance Wars series.

Entitled Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, this new DS outing features a decidedly darker tone than its cutesy predecessors. Fortunately the new style doesn’t seem to be detracting from the addictive gameplay.

Whilst Nintendo has been somewhat stingy with the details so far, dedicated Advance Wars fanatics have already begun to dig into what little resources we have so far in an attempt to extract new information.

To further enforce the game’s more ‘mature’ visuals, it seems that Days of Ruin features an overly apocalyptic plot which involves huge meteors, earthquakes and tsunamis devastating the earth.

With 90% of the world’s population dead, it’s up to players to help their respective armies fight for survival. On a slightly brighter note, the game is already down for a solid January 21, 2008 release in the US.

For now you can view a selection of screenshots by clicking on the thumbnails above.

Oct 11, 2007

News by Karn Bianco.

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