The North Stand

Following the announcement by the Chancellor in his pre-budget report on the November 24 2008 and following the commitment made by chairman Ken Bates during an interview broadcast on Yorkshire Radio which was later reproduced on on November 11 2008 then the club are to pass the saving in VAT on to its fans.

As a result of the short notice of the 2.5 per cent reduction in VAT we are unable to pass the benefits on to fans by reducing ticket prices for all League games across all categories by £1 until January 1 2009 as tickets are already on sale for games in December 2008 and it would not be fair for those fans who have already bought tickets.

The revised prices from January 1 2009 are listed below as follows in Cat C/Cat B/Cat A

East & West: £23/£29/£31

North and South: Adult - £15/£21/£26. Senior Citizen - £11/£14/£16. Junior (under-16) - £7/£9/£12

Family Area: Adult - £15/£19/£22. Senior Citizen - £11/£14/£16. Junior (under 16) - £7/£7/£7

The club are not going to reduce the prices at the ground catering kiosks even though the VAT reduction will also benefit the club through these sales. The £1 reduction in ticket prices is significantly more than the value of the 2.5% reduction and will benefit all fans coming to Elland Road not just those that visit the refreshment facilities.