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Journalist Lane (1886-1966) was one of the most inspiring libertarian authors of the 20th century. She is best known for Give Me Liberty (1939) and The Discovery of Freedom (1943). Albert Jay Nock admired her work, and she inspired Robert LeFevre, who established the fabled Freedom School in Colorado. Lane refused to authorize reprints of The Discovery of Freedom until she got around to revising it, which she never did, but after her death her literary executor and heir, Roger MacBride, helped bring the beloved classic back in print.

Rose's mother, Laura Ingalls Wilder, wrote story outlines about how she grew up on the American frontier, and as scholar William Holtz explained in his biography The Ghost in the Little House (1993), Rose transformed the outlines into eight magnificent Little House books which many readers consider the finest series of children's books ever written. These books are all about personal responsibility, self reliance, courage and love, and they captivate children as well as adults.

MacBride wrote a series of children's books in the Little House tradition, about how Rose grew up, and hard as it might be to believe, they are every bit as wonderful as the Little House books. These books are part of LFB's Young Rose Set and include: Little House on Rocky Ridge (1993), Little Farm in the Ozarks (1994), and In the Land of the Big Red Apple, (1995). Although MacBride died in 1995, his daughter Abigail has prepared the remaining manuscripts for publication: The Other Side of the Hill (1995), Little Town in the Ozarks (1996), New Dawn on Rocky Ridge (1997).

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