Windows Live™ Services

  • Protected

    Get spam and virus filters across multiple e-mail accounts, and warnings when it looks like an e-mail message could be a scam. And you can just click "Delete and block" to drop the hammer of security on any shady e-mail that appears in your inbox.
  • Familiar

    Do you know Microsoft Outlook Express or Windows Mail? Then you pretty much already know how to use Windows Live Mail. The clean design speeds you through the most common tasks, and lets you do some pretty uncommon ones, too—like sending eye-catching photo e-mail, and setting up the layout just the way you want it.
  • Unified

    Get multiple e-mail accounts in one place—and not only Hotmail, but even Gmail and Yahoo!* accounts, too. Plus, you can start a Windows Live Messenger conversation right from your inbox, or jump right into the latest updates from your friend Windows Live Spaces blog.
*Requires a premium Yahoo! account
Screen shot of Windows Live Mail
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