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This list includes the Jack Russell Werewolf's mainstream Marvel Universe ("Earth-616") appearances as well as other, alternate universe appearances (Exiles, Supernaturals, etc.).  Many thanks to the Marvel Chronology Project website, which was an invaluable resource for my research on this list.  Please contact me with any corrections, updates (especially with the Missing Information section at the bottom), and/or suggestions.  For more information about the Jack Russell Werewolf, check out the Wikipedia Werewolf by Night page and ComicMonsters.com.  Thanks for looking!

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Issue Date Remarks
Marvel Spotlight (1971) 2 2/1972 First appearance of Werewolf (Jack Russell), Lissa Russell (Jack's sister) and Phillip Russell (Jack's step-father); Jack turns into the Werewolf on his 18th birthday, slays his mother's killer
Marvel Spotlight (1971) 3 5/1972 Werewolf fends off a motorcycle gang attacking Lissa, then defeats Andrea Timly and her monstrous servant Kraig
Marvel Spotlight (1971) 4 6/1972 Jack visits Castle Russoff looking for the Darkhold; encounters Miles Blackgar and his mutant daughter Marlene, who turns the Werewolf into stone
Werewolf by Night (1972) 1 9/1972 Werewolf changes back to human form with rising sun and escapes; Marlene and Miles follow Jack to his home where she accidentally turns herself and Miles to stone; Jack's friend Buck retrieves the Darkhold
Werewolf by Night (1972) 2 11/1972 Werewolf flees the LAPD, then is captured by Cephalos; Werewolf escapes and causes Cephalos' pursuing helicopter to crash, presumably killing him
Werewolf by Night (1972) 3 1/1973 Jack takes the Darkhold to Father Joquez, who is changed into Aelfric the Mad Monk, by reading it; Aelfric captures the Werewolf, but Aelfric is killed by his servant Dragonus during the ensuing fight
Werewolf by Night (1972) 4 3/1973 Werewolf hunted by Joshua Kane, who is holding Lissa hostage; Kane dies from fright when he is spooked in the dark by a mounted bear he had killed years earlier
Werewolf by Night (1972) 5 5/1973 Jack encounters Luther Kane, Joshua's brother, who says he can keep Lissa from inheriting the curse if he kills someone; Jack agrees, then changes his mind, then comes back for Lissa and kills Kane
Werewolf by Night (1972) 6 6/1973 Werewolf fends off attacking truckers, then is later captured by Swami Rihva and added to his circus and sideshow
Werewolf by Night (1972) 7 7/1973 Swami Rihva tries to sacrifice Werewolf, then tries to read his mind but dies from the horror; Werewolf escapes Rihva's circus
Marvel Team-Up (1972) 12 8/1973 Jack forcibly turned into the Werewolf by the sorcerer Moondark and fights Spider-Man; Spider-Man defeats Moondark, negating the spell and allowing Werewolf to return to human form
Werewolf by Night (1972) 8 8/1973 Jack unwittingly opens the cave tomb of the demon Krogg, who attempts to possess Jack's body but couldn't because it housed the wolf-spirit; they fight and cause the cave to collapse, then Werewolf flees
Werewolf by Night (1972) 9 9/1973 First appearance of Tatterdemalion; Werewolf is attacked by Tatterdemalion, then he and Lissa are later captured by Sarnak's Army of Terror
Werewolf by Night (1972) 10 10/1973 Werewolf changes to Jack at sunrise and escapes Sarnak, then returns and defeats Sarnak and frees Lissa
Werewolf by Night (1972) 11 11/1973 Werewolf roams the streets of Los Angeles and is attacked by the Hangman
Werewolf by Night (1972) 12 12/1973 Werewolf escapes the Hangman; Jack is later captured by two thugs from The Committee, then escapes their car when he changes into the Werewolf; Werewolf tracks down the Hangman and frees his captives
Werewolf by Night (1972) 13 1/1974 First appearance of Topaz; Werewolf captured by Taboo, then attacks Taboo but is stopped by Topaz; Taboo orders his son, Algon (possessed with Phillip Russell's clouded mind), to kill the Werewolf
Tomb of Dracula (1972) 17 2/1974 One-panel shot of Jack Russell, riding a train to Transylvania
Werewolf by Night (1972) 14 2/1974 Werewolf changes to Jack and leaves with Topaz and Phillip's body; Jack evades some Committee thugs, then fights (as Werewolf) Taboo and Algon, killing both, freeing Phillip's mind to return to his own body
Tomb of Dracula (1972) 18 3/1974 Jack and Topaz travel to Transylvania to visit Russoff Manor; Werewolf and Topaz are confronted and attacked by Dracula; includes Werewolf Marvel Value Stamp (Series A, #7) with art from Werewolf by Night (1972) #12, p.30
Werewolf by Night (1972) 15 3/1974 Werewolf and Topaz battle Dracula, and are assisted by Rachel Van Helsing and Frank Drake
Tomb of Dracula (1972) 19 4/1974 One-panel (half-page) flashback to end of Werewolf-Dracula battle in Tomb of Dracula (1972) #18
Werewolf by Night (1972) 16 4/1974 Jack and Topaz encounter Half-Mad the Hunchback in France, who kidnaps Topaz and takes her to the Cathedral de Notre Dame; Werewolf pursues and fights the Hunchback, who falls from the roof and dies
Werewolf by Night (1972) 17 5/1974 Jack and Topaz return to Los Angeles; Jack later turns into the Werewolf, and is attacked by the Behemoth, an android sent by The Committee, who flees after losing both hands in the fight
Monsters Unleashed! (1973) 6 6/1974 Jack and other residents of Colden House are held captive by a biker gang; prose story by Gerry Conway, splash page and supplemental art by Mike Ploog
Werewolf by Night (1972) 18 6/1974 Werewolf is attacked at his apartment by Ma Mayhem; the battles spill over into Raymond Coker's apartment, and Coker turns into a werewolf and fights Jack; Ma Mayhem kidnaps Lissa
Giant-Size Creatures (1974) 1 7/1974 First appearance of Greer Nelson as Tigra; Werewolf frees Tigra and the Cat People from HYDRA agents and escape their base; the Cat People kill the HYDRA agents with the Black Plague
Werewolf by Night (1972) 19 7/1974 Werewolf is attacked by two vampires and is aided by the Coker werewolf
Monsters Unleashed! (1973) 7 8/1974 Jack and Coker are taken outside just before moonrise by two members of the biker gang; Jack and Coker transform into werewolves, fighting and killing the two bikers; the remainder of the gang flees Colden House
Werewolf by Night (1972) 20 8/1974 Jack acquires a ring that allows him to retain his intelligence as Werewolf; Werewolf tracks down Baron Thunder (head of The Committee) and defeats him, then escapes with Lissa but loses the ring
Werewolf by Night (1972) 21 9/1974 LAPD Lt. Hackett obtains a ring that allows him to change into a werewolf, then finds and fights the Werewolf and the Coker-werewolf; Coker accidentally kills the Hackett-werewolf and is cured
Daredevil (1964) 114 10/1974 Werewolf Marvel Value Stamp (Series A, #7); art from Werewolf by Night (1972) #12, p.30
Giant-Size Werewolf by Night (1974) 2 10/1974 The Brotherhood of Baal kidnaps Lissa; Werewolf tracks her down and fights Frankenstein's Monster, then teams up with Frankie to destroy the Brotherhood
Werewolf by Night (1972) 22 10/1974 Werewolf attacks and is beaten unconscious by "Atlas" (deranged actor Steve Rand), who is fleeing the scene of a murder he committed; Jack wakes up the next morning at the scene and is accused of the murder
Werewolf by Night (1972) 23 11/1974 Werewolf fights Atlas again when tries to kill Buck; Atlas chases Werewolf to Mann's Chinese Theater and beats him savagely; Buck shoots Atlas just before he strikes the fatal blow
Werewolf by Night (1972) 24 12/1974 Jack and Buck seek out Winston Redditch, but are instead attacked by Deprayve (who is actually Redditch, transformed by an "evil" serum); Jack turns into Werewolf and fights Deprayve, but is then captured by the LAPD
Giant-Size Werewolf by Night (1974) 3 1/1975 Jack, Buck, and Lissa go to Transylvania to find Topaz and encounter Maria Russoff (Jack and Lissa's grandmother) and her murderous horde of zombie gypsies; Maria is accidentally killed by one of her zombies
Mighty Marvel Calendar For 1975 (1975) 1 1/1975 October artwork features Dracula, Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing and the Frankenstein Monster
Werewolf by Night (1972) 25 1/1975 Werewolf escapes the LAPD, then tracks down and defeats Deprayve when he transforms back into Redditch; Jack visits Redditch in the hospital a month later, then leaves to change into Werewolf and is caught in a noose by the Hangman
Werewolf by Night (1972) 26 2/1975 Werewolf escapes the Hangman's noose, then fights both Deprayve and Hangman in an abandoned movie theater; Werewolf chases the wounded Deprayve out of the theater, but loses his trail, while Hangman is arrested by the LAPD
Werewolf by Night (1972) 27 3/1975 Jack transforms into Werewolf, then encounters Dr. Glitternight and two creatures he crafted from the dark side of Topaz' soul (which are both killed by Werewolf)
Giant-Size Werewolf by Night (1974) 4 4/1975 1st story: Werewolf happens upon Morbius and the two battle, with Morbius defeating him; Werewolf tracks Morbius down again the following evening, and the two battle again, with the Werewolf becoming trapped in the La Brea tar puts; Morbius' girlfriend Martine convinces him not to kill Werewolf, and throws Werewolf a rope to escape the tar pits.

2nd story: Jack, Buck, and Clary are captured by cultists to be sacrificed to their god; Jack transforms into Werewolf, escapes, and fights the cultists and their tentacled god until their mountain-based sacrifice chamber caves in, presumably killing the cultists and their god; Werewolf, Buck, and Clary escape.

Werewolf by Night (1972) 28 4/1975 Jack, Buck, Lissa (who turns 18), Taboo and Topaz are attacked by Glitternight at Russoff Manor on Blackgar Island; Lissa transforms into a werewolf for the first time, further mutated by Glitternight's black light
Werewolf by Night (1972) 29 5/1975 Werewolf fights his sister while Buck, Topaz, and Taboo defeat Glitternight; both werewolves fall from a high tower, then Werewolf recovers and runs off; Jack returns to Russoff Manor the following morning to find Taboo unconscious, Glitternight bound and captive, and Lissa alive with Back and Topaz, but believing her transformation to be a nightmare
Werewolf by Night (1972) 30 6/1975 Glitternight escapes and battles Werewolf, who causes Glitternight to explode by shattering his black light; Topaz and Taboo cure Lissa of her lycanthropy by channeling Taboo's remaining life essence
Giant-Size Werewolf by Night (1974) 5 7/1975 Werewolf is about to be sacrificed by Satanist Joaquin Zairre, when he falls into a pool of strange liquid and is transported to the dimension of Biphasia, where he aids Paingloss and the sorcerer Grithstane in their fight against Sardanus, killing him; Grithstane transports Werewolf back, where he emerges from the pool and watches as Buck knocks Zairre into the pool; Werewolf then runs off into the woods and changes back into Jack
Werewolf by Night (1972) 31 7/1975 Werewolf hunts down a lost little girl in the woods and attacks her; Buck steps into save her and is nearly mauled to death by the Werewolf; who leaves once
Werewolf by Night (1972) 32 8/1975 Jack learns he mauled Buck (as the Werewolf); Moon Knight comes to Jack's home to capture him for the Committee; Jack transforms, then Moon Knight chased down and captures Werewolf; first appearance of Moon Knight
Werewolf by Night (1972) 33 9/1975 Moon Knight has a change of heart and frees the Werewolf, and together they fight and defeat the Committee; Werewolf then attacks Moon Knight, who evades the attack and leaves
Werewolf by Night (1972) 34 10/1975 Jack, Lissa, Topaz, and Elaine Marston go to Marcosa House, the world's most active center of haunting influences, to seek a way to save Buck's life
Werewolf by Night (1972) 35 11/1975 Jack, Lissa, Topaz, and Elaine are subjected to evil apparitions and madness-inducing hallucinations by the evil spirit of Belaric Marcosa; Marcosa's origins are explained
Werewolf by Night (1972) 36 1/1976 Jack, Lissa, Topaz, and Elaine experience more apparitions caused by Belaric Marcosa; Jack is transformed into the Werewolf (even though the moon is only one-quarter full) by Marcosa but he is able to retain his intellect
Marvel Premiere (1972) 28 2/1976 The "Legion of Monsters" (Werewolf, Morbius, Man-Thing and Ghost Rider [Blaze]) vs. Starseed; Werewolf mortally wounds Starseed, who dies while attempting to change all four men back to their normal selves
Werewolf by Night (1972) 37 3/1976 Werewolf is attacked by Marcosa via apparitions of Glitternight, Hangman, and Moon Knight; Werewolf defeats them and then attacked and kills the physical manifestation of Marcosa; following these adventures, Jack departs for the northern California woods, apparently for good
Werewolf by Night (1972) 38 5/1976 At a cabin in northern California, Werewolf protects a man and his infant daughter from a group of men trying to kidnap her; Jack encounters the Cowled One, one of the Three Who Are All, who tells him it is time to return
Werewolf by Night (1972) 39 7/1976 Zombies (under the control of Doctor Glitternight) attack Jack, Topaz, Coker, Buck, and Brother Voodoo at Buck's house; Coker is captured and taken to Glitternight's headquarters of Devil's Grotto (where Coker is forcibly changed into a werewolf again), where the others follow; Jack changes into the Werewolf, but retains his intellect with help from the spirit of Brother Voodoo's dead brother Daniel
Werewolf by Night (1972) 40 9/1976 Glitternight captures Topaz and flees with both her and Coker while Brother Voodoo and Werewolf defeat some of Glitternight's zombies; The Three Who Are All appear and explain their origins and their relationship to Glitternight (who with one other were originally The Five Who Are All); Jack and Daniel's spirit enter Glitternight's black egg and encounter The Three Who Are All again, who explain that Jack can change into the Werewolf at will now, and keep his intellect (which he does); Daniel and Werewolf are then attacked by Glitternight and a demonically-mutated Topaz
Werewolf by Night (1972) 41 11/1976 Werewolf, Daniel's spirit, and Brother Voodoo fight Glitternight and Fire-Eyes (the fourth member of The Five Who Are All, fighting against his will under Glitternight's control) inside the black egg; Brother Voodoo severs Glitternight's control over Fire-Eyes; Glitternight attacks Fire-Eyes, causing an explosion that destroys both of them and the black egg, and returns Devil's Grotto to normal; Fire-Eyes (now with The Three Who Are All) is seen observing Werewolf and the others
Werewolf by Night (1972) 42 1/1977 Iron Man and Werewolf mistakenly fight each other after allowing the Masked Marauder to successfully rob a bank; they later track the Masked Marauder back to his hideout, only to be attacked by the Tri-Animan
Werewolf by Night (1972) 43 3/1977 Iron Man and Werewolf defeat the Tri-Animan, and then turn over the Masked Marauder and his gang to the police; Jack then departs, looking for Topaz; final issue of first series
Spider-Woman (1978) 6 9/1978 Spider-Woman confronts Jack (who changes to Werewolf), looking for the Darkhold; Spider-Woman and Magnus prevent Morgan Le Fay from removing Jack's knowledge of the Darkhold from his mind
Marvel Treasury Edition (1974) 18 1978 Includes reprint of Marvel Team-Up (1972) #12; Werewolf on front cover
Hulk! Magazine (1978) 13 2/1979 Cameo (flashback) in Moon Knight story
Spider-Woman TPB (1979) 1 9/1979 Collects Marvel Spotlight (1972) #32 and Spider-Woman (1978) #1-8
Spider-Woman (1978) 19 10/1979 Werewolf is attacked by the Enforcer, but teams up with Spider-Woman to defeat him
Marvel Team-Up (1972) 93 5/1980 Werewolf and Spider-Man vs. the Tatterdemalion
Spider-Woman (1978) 32 11/1980 Werewolf (under Dr. Karl Malus' control) attacks Spider-Woman; Werewolf overcomes his mind control and attacks Malus; cover by Frank Miller
Moon Knight (1980) 4 2/1981 Cameo (flashback) to Werewolf by Night (1972) #32-33
Ghost Rider (1973) 55 4/1981 Werewolf and Ghost Rider (Blaze) vs. the Tatterdemalion
Marvel Premiere (1972) 59 4/1981 Jack and Lissa are caught in a traffic jam at sundown; Jack transforms into the Werewolf and encounters a pack of five rabid wolves in Topanga Canyon

Fantastic Four Roast (1982)

1 5/1982 Fred Hembeck spoof, celebrating the Fantastic Four's 20th anniversary; one-panel cameo with Moon Knight telling Werewolf to stop "wolfing down" his dinner
Contest of Champions (1982) 1 6/1982 Appears in three panels with other gathered superheroes
Contest of Champions (1982) 2 7/1982 Behind-the-scenes with other gathered heroes; no appearance in story
Contest of Champions (1982) 3 8/1982 Profiled in superhero roll call; no appearance in story
Spider-Woman (1978) 48 2/1983 Spider-Woman visits Jack Russell in his apartment as he transforms into Werewolf
Moon Knight (1980) 29 3/1983 Werewolf goes to Moon Knight for help against Morning Star and his Satanic cult
Marvel Age (1983) 1 4/1983 Werewolf appears in ad for Spider-Woman (1978) #50 (back of front cover)
Moon Knight (1980) 30 4/1983 Werewolf and Moon Knight vs. Morning Star
Spider-Woman (1978) 49 4/1983 Werewolf is kidnapped from his apartment by parties unknown while Spider-Woman's back is turned
Spider-Woman (1978) 50 6/1983 Spider-Woman is kidnapped by Locksmith, imprisoned with Werewolf and other super-powered beings; Spider-Woman frees herself and the other captives, then defeats Locksmith and Ticktock
Moon Knight Special Edition (1983) 1 11/1983 Collects Hulk! Magazine #13 and 14, plus a Moon Knight portfolio
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1983) 12 12/1983 Werewolf profile, one page in length
Avengers (1963) 240 2/1984 Flashback to events from Spider-Woman (1978) #48-50
Official Index to Marvel Team-Up (1986) 1 1/1986 Indexes Marvel Team-Up (1972) #1-20 (Werewolf in #12)
West Coast Avengers (1985) 5 2/1986 Werewolf vs. The West Coast Avengers
Iron Man (1968) 209 8/1986 Werewolf and Iron Man vs. Morgan Le Fey
Official Index to Marvel Team-Up (1986) 5 10/1986 Indexes Marvel Team-Up (1972) #81-98, Annual #2 (Werewolf in #93)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Deluxe Edition (1985) 14 1/1987 Updated Werewolf profile from first handbook, two pages in length
Captain America (1968) 330 6/1987 Captain America, Werewolf and the Night Shift encounter Karl Malus and some of his failed experiments in the sewer, then they attack the estate of the Power Broker
Captain America (1968) 331 7/1987 Werewolf and the Night Shift depart the Power Broker's estate following the rescue of Captain America, D-Man, and Ms. Marvel (Ventura)
Solo Avengers (1987) 3 2/1988 Moon Knight battles Shroud; Werewolf and the rest of the Night Shift appear in three panels
West Coast Avengers (1985) 40 1/1989 West Coast Avengers vs. Night Shift
Doctor Strange (1988) 9 11/1989 Backup story recounting the origins of the Darkhold, including flashbacks to Marvel Spotlight (1971) #2, Werewolf by Night (1972) #3 and 15, and Tomb of Dracula (1972) #18
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Update '89 (1989) 5 11/1989 One-page profile noting history of the Night Shift and Werewolf’s membership
Incredible Hulk (1968) 362 12/1989 Werewolf vs. "Joe Fixit" version of the Hulk; guess who wins?
Doctor Strange (1988) 16 4/1990 One-panel flashback to Werewolf by Night (1972) #41
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 54 7/1990 Jack wakes up from a nightmare, chained in his "howling room" during the full moon; Jack transforms into Werewolf, then tries to gnaw his arm off to escape the chains
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 55 7/1990 Jack summons the ghost of his father, seeking knowledge about a cure for his lycanthropy
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 56 8/1990 Werewolf fights Silver Dagger, and is gravely wounded; collapsing, Werewolf looks up and sees a group of werewolves, one of them calling him "Dad"
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 57 8/1990 Jack discovers that the group of werewolves that saved him (the Braineaters) were created by him (see Werewolf by Night [1972] #6); Jack transforms and fights them when they attack movie-goers at a drive-in theater
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 58 9/1990 Mortally wounded, Jack's spirit merges with his wolf spirit, healing him and granting him control of the Werewolf;  Werewolf is attacked again by the Braineaters, who are then all attacked by Silver Dagger and his assault team, the Sword of the Lord
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 59 9/1990 Werewolf faces off against Silver Dagger, subduing by biting him and letting him think he is infected by the curse of lycanthropy; Werewolf leaves, allowing the Sword of the Lord to deal with Silver Dagger
Doctor Strange (1988) 26 2/1991 Werewolf, Topaz, Dr. Strange and Rintrah are captured by the alien Possessors
Doctor Strange (1988) 27 3/1991 Werewolf, Topaz, Dr. Strange and Rintrah successfully repel the Possessors' invasion force
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 87 10/1991 Shroud, Werewolf, Mockingbird, and the Brothers Grimm fight a street gang in a Los Angeles warehouse
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Master Edition (1990) 13 12/1991 Two-page Werewolf profile including a short bibliography
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 98 3/1992 Werewolf vs. Sabretooth; Werewolf nearly kills him, but is forced to flee after he is shot by some local hunters
Captain America (1968) 403 7/1992 Werewolf is shown in one panel as a captive of Dr. Nightshade, strapped down to a table in her lab
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 107 7/1992 Ghost Rider (Ketch) and Werewolf pursue the Braineaters separately; GR confronts Werewolf at the side of a woman slain by the Braineaters, believing he killed her
Captain America (1968) 404 8/1992 Werewolf is shown in one panel, strapped down to a table in Dr. Nightshade's lab
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 108 8/1992 Ghost Rider mistakenly battles Werewolf, both depart when police arrive; Werewolf encounters Dan Ketch following his transformation from GR
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 109 8/1992 Werewolf convinces Ghost Rider to join forces with him to find the Braineaters, then attack the gang while trying to rescue a young boy from their grasp; Werewolf is incapacitated, while GR is captured
Captain America (1968) 406 9/1992 Captain America frees Werewolf from Dr. Nightshade's lab
Captain America (1968) 407 9/1992 Captain America, Werewolf and the other good werewolves confront Dredmund and the werewolves under his control
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 110 9/1992 Ghost Rider escapes the Braineaters and is located by Werewolf; GR changes back to Dan Ketch and tracks down the Braineaters in a local bar and is attacked and left for dead
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 111 9/1992 Werewolf finds Dan Ketch, then together they pursue the Braineaters, who are chasing the young boy who escaped them at the bar
Captain America (1968) 408 10/1992 Werewolf is offered Dr. Nightshade's cure for lycanthropy, but turns it down, saying he has made peace with his inner wolf
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 112 10/1992 Ghost Rider and Werewolf attack the Braineaters in their human form with silver bullets, so they will be unable to change into werewolves; GR attacks and kills their already-transformed leader
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 113 10/1992 Werewolf tracks down the Wendigo, intending to perform a mercy killing when he reverts to his human form; Werewolf changes his mind when he discovers the man is pleased with the situation, and leaves him to his curse
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition TPB (1991) 8 10/1992 Contains profiles from Werewolf to Zzzax and Book of the Dead: Air-Walker to Dr. Lemuel Dorcas
Moon Knight (1989) 50 5/1993 Werewolf and Gambit prepare to fight at Spector Mansion
Moon Knight (1989) 52 7/1993 Werewolf and Gambit continue to fight at Spector Mansion as Moon Knight arrives
Moon Knight (1989) 53 8/1993 Moon Knight breaks up the fight between Werewolf and Gambit, then the three of them fight a group known as the Hellbent
Morbius (1992) 12 8/1993 Midnight Massacre, Part 4; Morbius and Werewolf battle Switchblade; Switchblade stuffs a pumpkin-bomb in Werewolf's mouth; Morbius watches helplessly as the bomb explodes, killing Werewolf
Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance (1992) 13 8/1993 Midnight Massacre, Part 5; Werewolf and other slain Midnight Sons are resurrected when Switchblade is transformed back into Blade
Morbius (1992) 13 9/1993 Jack is present during Dr. Strange's examination of Morbius, concluding that Morbius has no soul; Jack tries to console him, but Morbius disappears to track down the Darkhold
Morbius (1992) 14 10/1993 Morbius loses control of his bloodlust and Werewolf goes after him; Werewolf confronts Morbius as he kills an innocent, then both are attacked by D'Spayre; Morbius drives D'Spayre away, then shuns an offer of help from Werewolf
Morbius (1992) 15 11/1993 Werewolf asks Ghost Rider (Ketch) to stop Morbius' murderous rampage
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 143 12/1993 "Goblin Night" Part 1 of 2: Werewolf encounters a group of young trick-or-treaters on Halloween night who turn out to be small, murderous goblins
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 144 12/1993 "Goblin Night" Part 2 of 2: The goblins escape Werewolf when police show up, and attack townspeople before Werewolf flees the police and kills them
Midnight Sons Unlimited (1993) 5 4/1994 Werewolf, Morbius, and Vengeance are gathered by Modred and his disciple, Wildpride, to battle Salome; Modred betrays the group in an attempt to barter with Salome, who attacks Modred while Werewolf and the others escape
Midnight Sons Unlimited (1993) 7 10/1994 Jack has a series of wild nightmares brought about by - of all things - overexposure to advertising...!
Ghost Rider (1990) 55 11/1994 Werewolf and Ghost Rider (Ketch) vs. Mr. Hyde
Morbius (1992) 27 11/1994 Jack looks for Morbius in a bar, but instead finds his (ex-)girlfriend Martine; the two have an unpleasant exchange, ending when Martine puts out her cigarette on Jack's hand
Morbius (1992) 28 12/1994 Jack spends some time with Martine, then seeks out Morbius; they go back to Morbius' apartment, where Morbius attacks and attempts to feed on Werewolf, but stops himself before doing so, dying shortly after
Morbius (1992) 29 1/1995 Jack assists Dr. Weisenthal in getting Morbius declared dead, informs some of his friends of his death, and attends his funeral (leaving before Morbius bursts from his grave)
Morbius (1992) 30 2/1995 Jack spends some more time with Martine in her apartment
Code of Honor (1997) 1 1/1997 One panel cameo; Werewolf spotted at Columbia University
Spider-Boy Team-Up (1997) 1 6/1997 Amalgam Comics version of Werewolf by Night ("Timberwolf by Night"); one-panel cameo
Moon Knight (1998) 1 1/1998 Moon Knight fights Werewolf briefly in Moon Knight's resurrection dream-state
Shadows & Light (1998) 1 2/1998 Werewolf pin-up with Frankenstein’s Monster
Werewolf by Night (1998) 1 2/1998 Jack begins seeing hellish visions when transforms into the Werewolf; Jack learns of the Third Moon, a group of wolf cultists, from Father Adobe
Werewolf by Night (1998) 2 3/1998 Werewolf retrieves the Wolfblade from the Cult of the Third Moon at the estate of Walter Clark; before dying, Clark explains that the Wolfblade is only one of three parts Jack will need to control the wolf; Ploog variant cover
Moon Knight (1998) 4 4/1998 Jack leaves a personal ad for Moon Knight - "Welcome Back to Moon Madness!"; no on-panel appearance
Werewolf by Night (1998) 3 4/1998 Jack experiences a hellish nightmare on a carnival ride, then discovers the second part of the puzzle he will need to control the wolf
Werewolf by Night (1998) 4 5/1998 Jack delves deeper into his hellish vision, finding the third part of the puzzle, then uses it to complete the puzzle and accept both his wolf and human selves; he then exits the ride to find his girlfriend, an hour after he entered the ride to begin with
Werewolf by Night (1998) 5 6/1998 Jack visits his old co-worker Freddie (whose life Werewolf had saved during an accident in the sewers) and a deformed homeless man named Lump (who watched over Werewolf while he was caged during the three nights of the full moon)
Shadows & Light (1998) 3 7/1998 Werewolf tracks down and kills a child-murdering pedophile; black and white art
Werewolf by Night (1998) 6 7/1998 Jack meets Ghost Rider (Kale) in a bar to seek his help in finding a serial killer; Jack leaves and chains himself up in the sewer, only to wake up with the door opened and a dead body at his feet; final issue of second series
Strange Tales (1998) 1 9/1998 Continued from Werewolf by Night (1998) #6; Jack has a flashback of attacking the dead man he finds in the sewers with him
Strange Tales (1998) 2 10/1998 Werewolf sees a vision of his father, telling him it was "good" that he had killed; Jack later reveals himself as the Werewolf to Father Adobe; final issue, Neal Adams variant cover
Supernaturals Preview Tour Book (1998) 1 10/1998 Sketches of Werewolf (Earth-Chaos!) and other Supernaturals teammates
Supernaturals (1998) 1 12/1998 Brother Voodoo gathers Werewolf and the other Supernaturals to battle Jack O'Lantern
Supernaturals (1998) 2 12/1998 Werewolf is captured by Jack O'Lantern, is split apart from Jack Russell; the Supernaturals battle the Living Mummy
Supernaturals (1998) 3 12/1998 Werewolf and Satana fight Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster; Werewolf betrays and knocks out Satana, taking her to Jack O'Lantern, who also captures the other Supernaturals
Supernaturals (1998) 4 12/1998 Werewolf betrays Jack O'Lantern, helps free the Supernaturals; they defeat Jack O'Lantern with the Eye of Agamotto
Marvel Knights: 2001 Millennial Visions (2002) 1 2/2002 Werewolf by Night pin-up by Dan Fraga
Marvel Mangaverse: Ghost Riders (2002) 1 3/2002 Manga-style versions of Werewolf, Ghost Rider, Son of Satan, and Satana; Werewolf appears on cover and in two panels
Paradise X (2002) 4 9/2002 One-panel cameo of Werewolf with other lycanthropes and Wendigos
Marvel Mangaverse TPB (2002) 1 2002 Collects Marvel Mangaverse one-shots, including Marvel Mangaverse: Ghost Riders (2002)
Essential Tomb of Dracula (2003) 1 12/2003 Collects Tomb of Dracula (1972) #1-25, Werewolf by Night (1972) #15, and Giant-Size Chillers (1974) #1
Marvel Encyclopedia (2004) 5 4/2004 Marvel Knights; Hardcover book containing a one-page Werewolf profile
Witches (2004) 1 8/2004 Text-only mention of Jack as well as other supernatural characters that sensed the release of the Hellphyr; no on-panel appearance
Essential Monster of Frankenstein TPB (2004) 1 10/2004

Collects Monster of Frankenstein/Frankenstein's Monster (1972) #1-18, Giant-Size Werewolf (1974) #2, and stories from Monsters Unleashed (1973) #2, 4-10

Exiles (2001) 55 2/2005 "Bump in the Night" part 1 of 3; Exiles venture to a world where Manhattan has been transformed to a medieval state by Kulan Gath, but under the rule of Zarathos; Werewolf is captain of Zarathos' guard
Exiles (2001) 56 2/2005 "Bump in the Night" part 2 of 3; Werewolf releases Selene, who aids the Exiles; Werewolf confronts Zarathos in an attempt to slay him; Big Z inflicts his penance stare on Werewolf
Exiles (2001) 57 2/2005 "Bump in the Night" part 3 of 3; Zarathos kills Werewolf ("Captain Russell... you are FIRED!")
Giant-Size Marvel TPB (2005) 1 6/2005 Reprints multiple Giant-Size Marvel issues, including Giant-Size Creatures (1974) #1
Wha… Huh? (2005) 1 9/2005 What if Jack Russell was Werewolf by Day?
Essential Werewolf by Night (2005) 1 10/2005 Collects Marvel Spotlight (1971) #2-4, Werewolf By Night (1972) #1-21, Marvel Team-Up (1972) #12, Tomb Of Dracula (1972) #18, Giant-Size Creatures (1974) #1
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Horror (2005) 1 10/2005 Updated, two page entry; index lists Werewolf’s notable events and appearances
Amazing Fantasy (2004) 12 11/2005 Werewolf and Vampire by Night vs. SHIELD team trying to capture them
Essential Spider-Woman TPB (2005) 1 12/2005 Collects Marvel Spotlight (1971) #32, Marvel Two-In-One (1974) #29-33 and Spider-Woman (1978) #1-25
Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos Director’s Cut (2005) 1 12/2005 Includes sketches of Werewolf by Night, confirms status as a reserve member of the Howling Commandos
Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (2006) 1 1/2006 Collects Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1983) #1-15
Essential Moon Knight TPB (2006) 1 2/2006

Collects Werewolf by Night (1972) #32-33, Marvel Spotlight #28-29, Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man #22-23, Marvel Two-in-One (1974) #52, Hulk Magazine #11-15, 17-18, 20, Marvel Preview #21, Moon Knight (1980) #1-10, Marvel Team-Up (1972) Annual #4

Back Issue Magazine 15 4/2006 Werewolf on cover, nine-page article with previously published and unpublished art

Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition TPB (2006)

2 5/2006 Collects Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition (1986) #8-14
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man (2005) 17 9/2006 Marvel all-ages imprint; Werewolf vs. Spider-Man
Moon Knight (2006) 4 9/2006 One-panel flashback to Werewolf by Night (1972) #33 (Werewolf and Moon Knight vs. The Committee)
Alter Ego Magazine 62 10/2006 Werewolf and Man-Thing cover by Mike Ploog; Ploog interview by Roy Thomas
Marvel Milestones (2005) 19 10/2006 Collects Marvel Premiere (1972) #28, Marvel Team-Up (1972) #24, and Dracula Lives! (1973) #3

Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe - Update '89 TPB (2006)

1 12/2006 Collects Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe - Update '89 (1989) #1-8
Marvel Legends Monsters Poster Book (2006) 1 2006 Several posters of Werewolf by Night covers; included with Marvel Legends Monsters box set
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Digest (2006) 5 1/2007 Monsters on the Prowl; collects Marvel Adventures Spider-Man (2005) #17-20
Ghost Rider Team-Up TPB (2006) 1 2/2007 Collects Marvel Team-Up (1972) #91, Marvel Two-in-One (1974) #80, Marvel Premiere (1972) #28, Avengers (1963) #214 and Ghost Rider (1973) #27 and #50
Legion of Monsters: Werewolf by Night (2007) 1 4/2007 Jack/Werewolf defends a female werewolf (Rhona) from a group of werewolf hunters in Salvage, Alabama; Rhona departs with Jack for Birmingham
Mystic Arcana: The Book of Marvel Magic (2007) 1 5/2007 Werewolf pictured in Taboo profile
Essential Spider-Woman TPB (2005) 2 7/2007 Collects Spider-Woman (1978) #26-50, Marvel Team-Up (1972) #97 and Uncanny X-Men (1963) #148
Hulk Visionaries: Peter David TPB (2005) 4 7/2007 Collects Incredible Hulk (1968) #355-363, and Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #26 and #45
Moon Knight: The Bottom TPB (2006) 1 7/2007 Collects Moon Knight (2006) #1-6

Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities (2007)

1 9/2007 Werewolf pictured and prominently detailed in Werewolves profile
Essential Moon Knight TPB (2006) 2 10/2007

Collects Moon Knight (1980) #11-30

Essential Werewolf by Night TPB (2005) 2 10/2007 Collects Werewolf by Night (1972) #21-43, Giant-Size Werewolf (1974) #2-5, Marvel Premiere (1972) #28
Legion of Monsters Hardcover (2007) 1 10/2007 Collects Legion of Monsters: Werewolf by Night, Morbius, Man-Thing, and Satana; Dead Of Night #11; Marvel Spotlight #26; Marvel Two-In-One #18; Legion Of Monsters #1; Marvel Premiere #28; and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Horror (2005)
Irredeemable Ant-Man (2006) 12 11/2007 Werewolf on cover, along with other characters from cancelled series
Mystic Arcana Hardcover (2007) 1 12/2007

Collects Mystic Arcana: Magik, Black Knight, Scarlet Witch, Sister Grimm and The Official Tarot Of The Marvel Universe Handbook

Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition TPB (2008) 3 9/2008 Collects material from the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition (1990) #1-36 (Werewolf profile)
Moon Knight (2006) 20 9/2008 Flashback tale of Moon Knight vs. Werewolf; double-sized issue including reprints of Werewolf by Night (1972) #32-33
Ghost Rider (2006) 26 10/2008 One-panel; newspaper article clipping with photo of "Legion of Monsters" team from Marvel Premiere (1972) #28
Monster-Size Hulk (2008) 1 10/2008 Hulk vs. Werewolf by Night
Tomb of Dracula Omnibus (2008) 1 10/2008 Collects Tomb of Dracula (1972) #1-31, Werewolf by Night (1972) #15, Giant-Size Chillers (1974) #1 and Giant-Size Dracula (1974) #2-4

Comic book appearances in need of dates and/or other information:


Issue Date


Amazing Spider-Man (1963) Annual 15 1981 Unconfirmed; flashback?
Marvels: Eye of the Camera (2009) 1 1/2009 Unconfirmed; Marvel solicit: http://www.marvel.com/catalog/?id=10337; on-sale 12.3.2008
Marvels: Eye of the Camera (2009) 2 2/2009 Unconfirmed; Marvel solicit: http://www.marvel.com/catalog/?id=10549; on-sale 12.31.2008
Dead of Night featuring Werewolf by Night (2009) 1 2009 MAX four-issue mini-series; Marvel solicit: http://www.marvel.com/catalog/?id=10603; on-sale 01.07.2009

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