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Doug CaseyDoug Casey travels 150,000 miles a year looking for bargains. Investment bargains, that is -- he's one of the world's leading authorities on international investing. He has visited more than 170 countries seeking stock, real estate, precious metals, and commodities opportunities. He writes about his discoveries in his newsletter, International Speculator, which has been published for more than 25 years.

Casey also touts his global investment advice in books. He is the author of Crisis Investing (1979), which spent 29 weeks at #1 on The New York Times bestseller list. He also wrote The International Man (1976), Strategic Investing (1982), and Crisis Investing For The Rest Of The '90s (1995).

Casey has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, including Merv Griffin, NBC News, Donahue, Regis Philbin, Charlie Rose, and CNN, and has been written about in Forbes, People, The Washington Post, Time magazine, and others.

In 1981, he founded the Eris Society (named after the Greek goddess of discord), a group of "free thinkers" who discuss the arts, science, philosophy, politics, and theology from a libertarian perspective. He served as a trustee for The Liberty Foundation and the Fully Informed Jury Foundation, and is a contributing editor for Liberty magazine. In 1996, he served as the co-chair of Harry Browne's Libertarian campaign for president.

Casey falls on the very small-government end of the libertarian spectrum. He calls himself a "libertarian anarchist," and said in 1979, "The thought of how far the human race would have advanced without government simply staggers the imagination." He writes a regular column on the website, which gives him a platform upon which to expound on his convictions. Some examples...

• On national defense: "My solution is to radically change U.S. strategy. That means, first, completely withdrawing U.S. troops from all foreign countries. And, second, abolish all foreign aid and military aid, and disengage from all military alliances." (March 6, 2003)

• On a proposed mission to Mars: "It's a government project. That means it boils down to a welfare scheme for NASA, which has devolved into a bloated bureaucracy -- a government agency that builds rockets about as cost-benefit efficiently as the Post Office delivers the mail." (February 19, 2004)

• On war: "I'm quite anti-war in general principle, of course -- war is the health of the state." (March 6, 2003)

• On taxes: "Suppose a mugger approaches you on the street and demands your money. Would you say he has a right to it? Suppose, however, he explains he needs it for his hungry children. Does that make it any more right? Suppose he explains that he's doing so as the agent of a majority of the local residents. Does he now have a right to your money? How about if he says he represents the government? The answer, as I see it, is that he has no right at all." (May 8, 2003)

One little-known fact about Casey: he graduated from Georgetown University in 1968, where one of his classmates was an aspiring politician named Bill Clinton.

-- Bill Winter


"To my way of thinking, there are only two laws: One, do all that you say you will do. And, two, don't aggress against other persons or their property. End of story." -- Doug Casey in Escape From America Magazine (May 2002)

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