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Prince Kuhio

Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole

Prince Kuhio was the founder of the hawaiian homes commisson act. 1920 Prince Kuhio was responsible for the passage of the bill that created the Kilauea Volcano National Park. Prince Kuhio's birthday March 26 is a State holiday founded in 1949. Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole was the youngest of 3 sons of High Chief David Kahalepouli Piikoi and Princess Kinohi Kekaulike. His Brothers were Prince Edward Keliiahonui Piikoi & Prince David Kawananakoa Piikoi. The boys were orphaned at an early and were adopted by their Mother's sister, who was Queen Kapiolani and her husband King David Laamea Kalakaua. They received the best education in Hawaii, California and England. In 1891 King Kalakaua died and his sister Liliuokalani became Queen.

In 1893 the monarchy was overthrown and the Queen was without her throne. Prince Kuhio was greatly affected by these illegal actions of the Committee on Safety, the Republic of Hawaii, with the help of the United States. At the age of 21 he joined a group of royalists who tried to restore the Queen to her throne, however they were discovered, arrested and tried for treason. Prince Kuhio spent almost a year in prison. The Queen was held prisoner at Washington Place. The day prince Kuhio was pardoned the Queen was released also, however no longer a Queen. In 1896 he married Elizabeth Kahanu, daughter of a chief of Maui and together they travelled the world looking for a place on settling down because he was sadden by the conditions of his people and the punishment of hard labor given the royalist by the new government.

However in April 1900, Congress passed the Organic Act making Hawaii a Territory of the US and subject to their laws and constitution. He decided to become a legislator and served for 20 years. Among his accomplishemtns were that he built a hospital at Kalaupapa Settlement for the treatment of leprosy; amendeded the Organic Act to created county government with elected officials; obtained millions for the development of Pearl Harbor and other military installations; obtained funds for the improvement of harbors in the islands; obtained passage of the bill that created Kilauea National Park and because the number of full-bloodied Hawaiians were on the decline he wanted to get his people back to working the land and away from the cities. His idea of turning over certain government lands to the Hawaiians resulted in the Rehabilitation Act better known as the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, His greatest accomplisment although it took 11 years of patience, persistence and tireless efforts in 1910 to finally have it passed by Congress in 1921.

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