Never Love Anything
Amp Records


I just played with my dick for 21 minutes. I didnít even realize I was doing it, but when Never Love Anything was over I found myself slightly aroused and trembling with fear. I mean, some back alley skank with bruises and chewed nails could walk in here right now and seduce me with a bloody tampon and Iíd likely go for it. Iíd be puking later, sure, but for a while there Iíd be caught up in the disgusting thrill of it all. Thatís how this record will leave you feeling. Never Love Anything is a raw ní bleeding album full of snotty, speedy punk tracks about cunts and spit and fucking, an acrimoniously filthy ode to everything worth carrying a disease. Now, I usually have a tough time swallowing this kind of kill for thrills basement racket, but when thereís four brawling bitches at the helm blowing me whorecore kisses, I tend to fall hard. And with saucy screamer DanYell tap-dancing her wiry frame all over my scarred torso like a female Iggy with permanent PMS, Iíll pretty much swallow anything. Even a bloody tampon.

ĖJeff Warren