K I N G B I R D    G E M S

     T H E  A R T  O F
                               T H O M A S  G R E G O R Y                           
 Sculptor   Artist    Jeweler
                       WELCOME TO THIS SITE

   Have a visit, glad you came by. Feel free to make a contact through the phone, or e-mail. Let me know if there is something special that you would like built. There are always custom orders being produced.
  At present, my spare time is spent designing and fabricating jewelry. The materials being used for making the wearable sculpture are precious metals and gemstones.
  In the near future, this site will be a gallery of inventory art-sculpture for sale. The art on this site has all been sold. As more jewelry and sculptures are completed, and photographed, they will be posted.
  Would you like to own, and or wear a original "one-of-a-kind" hand-made sculpture?
  Looking forward to hearing about your vision for a custom, TIMELESS piece of art.
  If you like a ring design that you see on this site, and it is not your size it can be customized to fit you.                
                                     Dallas, Texas