Spotlight on Memphis for new MTV web series

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Craig Brewer, writer/director of Hustle & Flow and Black Snake Moan, is teaming up with MTV Networks to create Five Dollar Cover, a web series centered on the music scene in Memphis, Tenn.
Boasting a unique blend of fiction, documentary and web-savvy, the series will allow users to explore the cityscape and witness the creative process of local musicians. Already steeped with notables as diverse as Elvis Presley, Three Six Mafia and Justin Timberlake, Memphis’ musical panorama will be explored through the eyes of young artists—including Amy LaVere, Al Kapone, and Ben Nichols of Lucero— living and making rent in this historically important and still very active southern musical outpost.

Consisting of 15 webisodes, the series will likely debut later this year or in early 2009. The website, which has already launched, will soon host content featuring short-documentaries about the lyrical inspirations of regional songwriters and a virtual Memphis, aimed at showing the audience hidden and unexpected aspects of the city. “MTV is giving us a small chunk of change and complete control to highlight the artists of our community in a fun, sexy new way, and on our own terms,” Brewer told the Memphis Commercial Appeal, when first announcing the project. Don’t worry about saving your lunch money though; the five dollar cover is in moniker only, and all content will reportedly be available for free download.

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