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"It is much more comfortable to be mad and know it, than to be sane and have one's doubts." - G. B. Burgin
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  Quick infos

UltraHLE 2064

 Quick info
 Name:  UltraHLE 2064
 First release:  Dec 25, 2002
 Homepage:  http://www.ultrahle2064.com/
 Programmer(s):  Aprentice, DominaTor, Hacktarux, McLeod, Psyko, Quvack, TB
 Current version:  v1.0.5a
 Supported OS's:  Windows
 Current status:  Alive and kicking!
 Hardware check

PII 233 Mhz
8Mb Video Card

32Mb Video Card

   User ratings
  Rating:   3.5 (131 votes)     Rate me:   

 Introduction and further infos:
In July 2002, the source for UltraHLE 1.0.0 was made available on the internet. We still don't know how and why the source went leaked to the public. This sparked the interest of many people in the emulation scene in the UltraHLE project. First released back in january 1999 as the 1st released emu to support commercial roms, UltraHLE met a high success. Unfortunately, its original authors, Epsilon and RealityMan stopped its developpement 24 hours after the first and unique release. Months later, RealityMan tried to resume its developement wtih some third party coders but even this project went officially cancelled back in mid 2000. Only a few OpenGL pictures of this unreleased new version went released to the public. Since then, only a few UltraHLE related releases went leaked to the public such as some Ultra.ini file updates, the SupraHLE project (a binary hack of the emulator),some various SupraHLE related tools and the great evodoo glide wrapper. But it didn't help much compared to the brillant progress of some emulators such as 1964, Apollo, or PJ64. July 2002. This is where things revived. Mainly led by DominaTor (SupraHLE author), the Evoodoo author (McLeod), and some other coders who did seperate improvements to the source (zip support/spaces fix/more regions to the rom browser/z64 'support'/and also Open GL rather quickly), the UltraHLE 2064 team started its crazy project : Bring UltraHLE back to life. In the next month, the team was already made of : Aprentice, DominaTor, Hacktarux, McLeod, PsyKo, Quvack, RatTrap, and TB. Note that the Glide64 author, Dave2001, unfortunately left us after a short but quite appreciated contribution. We kept quiet for many months because we wished to announce the project to the scene showing that we had actually achieved something, something more than just bug fixes or simple additions, we are more focused on increased compatibility and seeing how far we can push the HLE method.

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