NDP Leader Jack Layton, Liberal Leader Stephane Dion and Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe shake hands after signing a coalition agreement in Ottawa, on Monday, Dec. 1, 2008. (Adrian Wyld / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

NDP Leader Jack Layton, Liberal Leader Stephane Dion and Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe shake hands after signing a coalition agreement in Ottawa, on Monday, Dec. 1, 2008. (Adrian Wyld / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

This is a copy of the coalition agreement signed by Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe, NDP Leader Jack Layton and Liberal Leader Stephane Dion on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, on Monday Dec. 1, 2008. (Adrian Wyld / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

This is a copy of the coalition agreement signed by Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe, NDP Leader Jack Layton and Liberal Leader Stephane Dion on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, on Monday Dec. 1, 2008. (Adrian Wyld / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper rises to respond to a question during question period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Monday, Dec. 1, 2008. (Adrian Wyld / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper rises to respond to a question during question period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Monday, Dec. 1, 2008. (Adrian Wyld / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

From left, former New Brunswick premier Frank McKenna, former prime minister Paul Martin, former finance minister John Manley and former Saskatchewan premier Roy Romanow are seen in this composite photo. (THE CANADIAN PRESS)

From left, former New Brunswick premier Frank McKenna, former prime minister Paul Martin, former finance minister John Manley and former Saskatchewan premier Roy Romanow are seen in this composite photo. (THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Opposition agrees to coalition with Dion as PM

Updated Mon. Dec. 1 2008 11:13 PM ET

CTV.ca News Staff

In a historic political move, the leaders of the Liberals, NDP and the Bloc Quebecois signed a formal agreement Monday to topple the Tories and co-operate as a coalition government for at least 18 months.

"I'm pleased to announce we are ready to form a government," said Dion, adding that the new alliance will "effectively, prudently, promptly and competently address these critical economic times."

Dion said the coalition will include a pared-down cabinet with 24 ministers plus the prime minister. Six of those spots will go to the NDP.

The opposition plans to take down the government with a confidence vote next Monday.

Earlier on Monday, Dion announced that he would inform Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean that he had secured enough parliamentary support to form a new government. Under the constitution, the Governor General must approve the new government or call an election.

"Canadians elected 308 members of Parliament in October, not just Stephen Harper," said Dion, noting the new government would "promptly" implement an economic stimulus plan.

Dion was clear that he would step aside when the Liberals elect a new leader in Vancouver on May 2.

NDP Leader Jack Layton said the agreement represented "enormous optimism" and represents a new way of governing, where parties can put aside their differences for the greater good of Canadians.

"I think it's likely to produce very good government. If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't be here," he said.

Tories mull their options

The Conservatives, meanwhile, said they would consider "all options" to stop the new coalition from taking power, The Canadian Press reported.

One possible plan would be to prorogue until the Tories deliver their budget, which would shut down Parliament until January.

But that would only delay an inevitable defeat for Harper, according to Errol Mendes, a constitutional expert at the University of Ottawa.

Additionally, Harper could ask the Governor General to dissolve Parliament and call another election, but that is also unlikely, said Mendes.

"It would be insane to grant that dissolution, given that we just had an election eight weeks before," he told CTV Newsnet.

Meanwhile, Tory Transport Minister John Baird said that it was shocking to see the Liberal party "get in bed" with the NDP and the Bloc.

"Canadians are going to go ballistic when they see the photos of these three," he told Mike Duffy Live.

"These big spenders seem to be ready to go on an orgy of big spending on the tax payer's dime. It's taking out the credit card, giving it over to Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppes and saying 'here, go nuts.'"

Grits unite behind Dion

The announcement comes only hours after the three Liberal leadership contenders said they would support Dion as the leader of a new government coalition with the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois.

Speaking outside of the Liberal caucus meeting, Dominic LeBlanc, standing shoulder to shoulder with Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff, said they all back the deal forged with the NDP.

"The accord that was presented to us received unanimous support and the other issue which is very important is we decided the only person and the best person to lead and form a coalition government is the elected leader of our party, the leader of the opposition Stephane Dion," LeBlanc said.

Ignatieff echoed his words, saying the coalition deal is economically responsible, preserves Liberal ideals and upholds Dion as party leader until May.

"We are at one, the three of us, that the only person who can lead the party is the duly elected leader of the party Mr. Stephane Dion," Ignatieff said.

Earlier Monday the candidates met with Dion, who presented them with the draft agreement that has been negotiated with the New Democrats and the Bloc Quebecois, who would support the coalition from outside of government.

The current political storm erupted last week after Finance Minister Jim Flaherty unveiled his economic update -- a blueprint that contained no stimulus package, temporarily shut down public servants' ability to strike and outlined plans to slash public funding for political parties.

As a confidence motion the fiscal update must pass in the House of Commons or the government would fall.

Almost immediately after Flaherty's announcement, opposition parties began meeting to discuss forming a coalition.

Details have been in the finalization process over the weekend and on Monday as party members worked to hammer out an agreement to topple the Conservatives.

In Parliament Monday afternoon, Dion accused Harper of playing politics at a time when Canadians are worried about their jobs.

"Does the prime minister still believe he enjoys the confidence of this House?" asked Dion.

Harper responded that his government has already taken action for the economy, including helping seniors and doubling infrastructure spending.

Harper added that Dion is "about to play the biggest political game in history" by toppling the Conservative government.

But Liberal Sen. David Smith said the opposition parties were galvanized by Harper's increasingly "aggressive" tone since the last election.

While countries like the U.S. have been breaking down partisan barriers to battle economic problems, Harper has been attacking his rivals, Smith told CTV Newsnet.

"(It) just made everybody made and did nothing to stimulate the economy."

Economic guidance

CTV's Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife reported earlier Monday that a high-profile, four-person economic panel would guide a Liberal-NDP coalition government on finance matters.

The group would comprise Frank McKenna, Paul Martin, John Manley and Roy Romanow.

McKenna is a former Liberal premier of New Brunswick and ambassador to the U.S., Martin is a former Liberal finance minister and prime minister, Manley is a former Liberal finance minister and foreign affairs minister, and Romanow is a former New Democrat premier of Saskatchewan.

The panel of "wise men" would help the new government navigate the current global economic turbulence, said Fife.

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John Smith
Wow! This isn't really surprising. And, last time I checked, voters voted for their individual parties (example: Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Bloc, etc...), not a "coalition" that was going to ransack the Minority Conservative government after the election. I think it's that the "coalition" let this go and get on with their jobs: Finding ways to work with the minority Conservatives and make Canada a better place for the hardworking taxpayers of our Nation!

Linda Ann
A coalition with a party and leader who want to break up the country I love??????

Liberals, you play with fire, and when you deal with the devil, you will get burned!!!!!

This shows the true sad face of 21st Century liberals who are seemingly fighting an uphill battle of survival, while shooting themselves in the foot at the same time. They believe the rest of Canadians are too stupid and uneducated to notice that Liberals and Bloc want to bypass Canadian voters to nullify the October election. For that, SHAME ON THEM ALL!!!!

Harold Nicholson
It would seem to me that if the opposition parties can come together and form a coalition it would probably be a good thing. For a second time the Conservative Party has failed to understand that the majority of Canadians do not trust them to govern. So long as the following equation continues to prove true (CPC = arrogance and ideology) they are never likely to have a majority!

The economic update smelled of neo-con ideology and it has not worked elsewhere and won't work now - Keynesian economics suggests deficits are not a bad thing so long as government spends in bad times and draws surpluses in good times to balance over time.

Over our history we have been governed by "pragmatic" parties - NOT ideological ones!!!

Sam Steamer
This whole thing makes me so angry.

We elected the conservatives so let Harper do his job. It's time for our government to do it's job and work for this country rather than this ego trip all the opposition is showing us.

It's embarrassing and a waste of every Canadians time and tax money.

Don McNeil
This has to be the biggest attempt to grab power in the history of Canadian politics. On the one hand we have Layton (who has sucked off the public purse since the day his mother kicked him out of her basement). Dion, who may or may not have brains, but cannot express himself in an intelligent way, and the moron from the Bloc, whose only aim is to break up Canada. That combination of idiots should form quite a government. Two years under them and Canada will be a thing of the past.

Steve G
I think Dion should be the leader until May so as not to give any of the leadership candidates an upper hand prior to the convention. In any event, wether they draw straws, play rock-paper-scissors or whatever to decide who leads the coalition, I'd take any of them over and above what passes for a PM now.

Ed. Dunchurch
It seems that only Michael Ignatief has the foresight that the Coalition could end up being a complete didaster for the Liberals.A common sense approach would be for a General Election to be held to sort out this mess, with the Canadian People deciding who they want to govern the Country. The underhandednes of Jack Layton and the image of being in bed with separatists has the potential to decimate the Liberal Party for years to come. Big gamble!!

Dan C.
What every happen to the words truth and honesty for any polical party

Hrm.. well this coalition would actually reflect the will of the people better than the Con. minority did. Harper makes spectacularly bad decisions i'm starting to think we would be better off without him. in this climate do we really want someone with such a bad track record on important issues at the helm ?

Nick in Gatineau
If anyone took the time to notice, they would have realized that the opposition parties get along better than any of them with the conservatives.

For them to speak of a coalition would be a natural thing.

These discussions probably took place when Harper had his first minority.

This is no surprise.

Jim Wallace
I find it interesting that the Liberals decided that Ignatieff - and Dion for that matter-could not lead their party but now he can lead the country. Seems as if they see the Liberal Party as more important than Canada

Steve - Montreal
I don't think this game of "Politico" will end before they all ajourn for their long winter break. The "3 stooges" of parliment attacked Harper throughout the past election and now continue. I find this coalition hilarious, but tell me which one is Moe?

Robert J.Weldon
The real story ...is NOT whether parties met to talk about a coalition before the economic statement.We need more communication between all parties about all issues and less partisanship ...The real story should be about the taping of a private meeting without the knowledge of the parties involved.I believe,and no doubt CTV already has legal opinions and themselves know,that the individuals,parties or the extentions of the formentioned being taped should be notified of the taping and give their permission or a court order authorizing such clandestine activities.This is done in comunist countries not Canada.Remember Nixon and Watergate tapes.This is not a police state and the news media needs to defend the rights of all Canadians.

Just is what Canada needs Prime Minster Dion and finance minster Jack Layton to put it a the bottom of the pack. When will Canadians wake up and send these folks packing?

To John Smith:

Yes, indeed, "the Canadian voters have spoken," and the majority of voters did not want Harper and his conservatives at the helm.

Like it or not, a coalition would definitely represent the majority of Canadians, which, last time I checked, is the goal of a responsible government.

Harper's arrogance has gone too far.

The minute Mr.Prime Minister Harper was elected this plan was in the works.They can use all the exuses (lies) they wish but the Canadaian people are not stupid. This is an insult to all of us and it won't soon be forgotten. I would not be adverse to another election to give Mr Harper a majority to show these bafoons not to mess with integrity and most importantly us CANADIANS.

Duane Oshawa
If I wasn't so angry I might find it amusing that neither Rae or inagtiaf are long term liberals, with great convictions, other than wanting the power of the PM's office. If they loose this and decimate the liberal Party, what loss is it to them. This is the worst attrocity, as they hold no regard for our great Country and its political system. Its a personal game, at the expense of Canadians.

If there is a coalition government the country will suffer. Watch the stock markets when this happens. You think the Liberals and NDP would do anything different. The only thing those two parties would do is throw money around and put Canada into a defict that would take us years to get out of. That means higher taxes for the middle class. As for the Big 3. Stand on your on two feet and figure out this problem on your own. If Honda and Nissan can survior in Ontario then you can to. It is a matter of controlling your spending and the unions to stop making higher wage and benefit demands. It is the unions that have created this problem from their greed. You don't need a brain to work the line so you don't need over $30.00 an hour either. The unions have priced themselves out of the mark. Suck it up.

Time to abolish polital parties. They seem to be in it for themselves rather than for the people. I have to admit I have never voted for the best condidate in my riding. Instead I always vote for the party or the leader I would like to see in power. Let's elect independent representatives who can work together rather than be puppets toeing political lines.

Tom in Calgary
Anarchy is the only way to describe such nonsense. Lets give Toronto and Montreal their government so we can the western separation parties going again. If this happens the west will send a slate of separatist to the next "parliment". There is no Canada anymore.

Laurie March
I'm really upset about this. Why did I even bother taking the time to go out and vote?

What ever happened to the Canadian Democracy I was so proud of?

All Stéphane Dion cares about is power — this is not in the best interest of our country!

Terry N
This coalition talk amounts to saying , Gee, I (Lib's, NDP, Bloc,)want a recount of the last election but you have to let me restuff the ballot box first. Welcome to politics 101 via Hugo Chavez people.

I just can't believe and see how a party that wants to split up the country would be working with a 'coalition' in running the country!!

Let's go to polls and vote a majority so this would not happen. This coalition is so undemocratic.

Sean L.
To Jeanie:

Add the seats that the Liberals and NDP got and I believe it is less than 143!
How is this reprsentative of how Canada voted???

Ed in Ontario
If they NDP and Grits were serious about wanting to help in this economic downturn, they would be more focused on putting pressure on the tories, instead of taking advantage of a crisis to try and hijack power.

Kevin M
If I were Harper my reaction would be in defiance of the deal.

Stand in the house and ask the members opposite; any member who has no wish to be led by separatists, to walk across the floor and create a majority. The televised response would speak volumes.

I really don't get it. How, exactly, is it undemocratic for a group comprising 52% of the seats and 54% of the votes to depose a group comprising 47% of the seats and 37% of the vote? Isn't democracy rule by the majority? Sounds like you Tories define it as rule by the biggest single gang.

Robert from Kingston
Wake up everyone, we are in for some tough economics times. The people of Canada spoke and elected the Conservatives. It would be a disaster to cut the corporate tax. Just think what big company will want to work in this country without an incentive. A companies existence is on making money not friends, if no profit than why work in Canada. It is just the way it is.

Mike in Alberta
I think they should go ask an economist what you do in a recession. YOU DON"T RAISE TAXES.

I think by the reaction of the NDP and Bloc this has been in the works for sometime. The stumbling block was leader. Harper obviously got wind of what the opposition was up to and decided ...to flush them out with taking away their funding. This left them no choice but to play the colition card even though they weren't ready. The opposition had no intention of working with this parlament. ...my vote is my choice of who I would like to have represent me in government. Yes a coalition is in the constitution but what about my choice? ... This affects all of us ...They are taking away your choice. Why would I ever vote again?

ron in victoria
so how are the 'greedy corporations' like the big 3 going to come up with another 50 billion to finance the coalition spending spree?
seams to me corporate tax cuts get passed on to the shareholders [you & me] and are a vital part of a stimulus package. of course, layton and dion think they can spend our money better than we can.

This whole thing is a sham ... I can't believe this actually may happen. The Conservatives won the election fair and square .. there is not way this should be allowed by the GG.

ross blackburn
I don't vote for any of these clowns, I vote independent because at least I get some honesty for my vote ... How many NDP candadates have called the bloc traitors, well now they are in bed with them so lets call them what they are. Just think one thought all of Canada's top secrets in ther hands of the NDP, because if a coellition is formed then they will have axcess to all these secrets God help us if that happens.

What is wrong with this picture? We voted as a free country and these people are just going to disregard our wishes. We can only hope that the Conservatives can continue governing.
We don't need big spending right now. We need infrastructure projects to put our people to work again.

PM Steve seem to have forgotten that he has a minority government that requires him to work with the other parties & not try to be a Bully & put through his own ideology.A coalition would represent the majority of Canadians more than a minority conservative government. Working with the Bloc would show the ability of working together & show there supporters once again Canada is the best country in the world & possibly win some over.I say goodbye to the group that spent away our surplus & has put the country in a position of a deficit & lied all threw the election about the state of the economy & the country books

Layton's economic plan is better characterized as 30 billion dollars of pork and waste, and the ELIMINATION of 50 billion dollars of economic stimulus.

This coalition of greed should be refused by the governor general and should be sent to an election.

If Layton was serious about helping average Canadian, he would give up public funding and stop taking from average Canadian. What a hypocrisy !

Unbelievable! From plan to ease us out of this world wide recession to a plan that will drive Canada alone into depression and export job elsewhere.

John Wilson
Bridgetown NS

John Rennie
Well, well - if it wasn't for Harper and his cronies not seriously looking at the down turn in our economy, we would not be dealing with this issue today. Harper is out for himself and was actually hoping to force another election so that he could try "again" for a majority for his ego. Governor General?? - she is off in Europe at our expense as usual - it goes with the territory - it seems that she too does not care about who foots the bills in this country. Time to get rid of that expensive position along with the other provincial ones.

Stimulus package??? effectively raising taxes on the the corperations that are creating jobs? Oh my god are we in trouble... The only thing this is going to do is ensure a huge Conservative Majority in the next election.

There were 308 MPs elected to 'govern'. In the last parliament they failed this mandate due to agendas of either their party or their own so we had another election. Now we see a repeat even after assurances there would be an effort to work together. What a joke. Now you know why I vote candidate not party - the parties are not responsible to the people, just their own ideoligies. No wonder the turnout at election time is falling and a candidate can get elected with 20% (or less) of the potential votes.

Norman in Montreal
Seems to me that not too ,long ago...wait....it was in October....Layton asked to be made PM and was handily rebuffed by the electorate.Dion's Liberals were all but wiped out except in Montreal and Newfoundland and he is being given the bum's rush out the door by his own Party and now these two are going to form a government???? If they won't support Harper bring down the government and give us the opportunity to be the judge of that.The Libs and the NDP have moved beyond the despicable to the dangerous.If they had the support of a few Generals we could be like Myanmar with hockey

Hal in Halifax
Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, how Canadian. We're witnessing a financial version of the Avro Arrow debable. We currently have a banking system that is in excellent shape compared to the US and most other developed nations. But now it looks like we'll have a socialist coalition coming to power. Economic death spiral here we come. Just watch how fast the TSX and Loonie fall. I sure hope they trigger an election instead. The long term cost would be far less than letting the Liberals, NDP and Bloc control the purse strings.

Michael S
The devastation to the Canadian economy that this coalition would cause makes it a better idea to just have an election..we can get rid of the Liberal and NDP members that are power hungry...and a Conservative majority would be better for ALL OF CANADA!(WHICH INCLUDES QUEBEC)

Harper was hoping that the other parties would accept this without a word. Now that the other parties are talking coalition he is whitdrawing he plans to try and keep he position. Canada voted for the conservative party to run our country and keep it in a surplus now is playing games with our money by the way does he realize the economic crisis is world wide Maybe the deficit that we are going into that he said can't be avoided is us paying for this nonsense. Now if they stop playing their high scool games and do the jobs that we gave them and stop wasting our money.

Has anyone else received a voicemail from the Liberal Party indicating that an election could be expected in the near future?

Finally something will happen, the Tories do nothing, no hope, no movement, nothing, lets see how a coalition can help jump start the country, i am one who supports this idea, it happens in most countries in the world, why not Canada.

Dale - Edmonton
4 wise men huh? Oh my. Manley is the only one of the group that has any credibility.

If this does come to pass, we should definitely have a Bloc member in cabinet. May I suggest Mr. Duceppe as Minister of Western Economic Diversification?

Jon is not Laughing in Canada
Frank McKenna, Paul Martin, John Manley and Roy Romanow, Stephan Dion, John Chretien, Ed Broadbent, Jack Layton, Bob Rae, Michael Ignatieff, and Gilles Duceppe all go into a bar.

The Bartender says, "hey is this some kind of joke?"

Wayne Whig Ottawa
all-star economic team? what a joke.

This coup d'etat will come back to haunt the Liberals, and the NDP

they will rue the day

John for Canada
I hear that Roy Romanow is supposed to be one of these economic advisors.If he partners bimself with this coalition he has lost any respect that people have for him. This Coalition will kill the country.Any Prime Minister we get from the Opposition will be a Village idiot.Afer this we should take Mr.Layton, Duceppe the Dork and the liberals and make sure they never get back in power. ...Mr. Romanow should leave Sk forever and never return

We will just have to slog on through this mess and hope the next election straighten's everyone out. Apparently our GG is too busy being pampered and coddled to get involved in this nasty business.

I think a lot of people are forgetting Harper has a minority government and he can not run government like he has a magority all the time. In fact the Liberals, Bloc and the New Democrats combined have both more seats and overwhelmingly more pop vote then the Conservatives have. If they can work together why not let them form a government. The conservatives have no ally and even during an election where everything was in their favour they could not win a magority.

Kyle Simpson
Funny how when Stevie wanted to form a coalition to bring down the Liberals 4 years ago it was acceptable. The fiscal update goes against everything he talked about in Peru, well I guess he can talk a big game, but when the pressure is on he would rather be a follower, and wait for the next US President to make up his mind for him. Looks like Steve's lack of forsight and venegefulness is going to make people forget about Joe Clarks' faux pas

John C.
I, for one, am tired of the political power plays by these people. It is obvious to me that they all have one goal - self preservation and gaining the seat of power. You were elected to represent the people of your various ridings not your own wishes so get on with the job of talking to your constituents and carrying out their wishes not yours. As for the block unless they run candidates in all ridings they should not have a seat anywhere in the commons. Give the Green party credit they at least did that.

Gail (Hamilton)
I am not surprised by this blatant grab for power by the socialists. As individual parties they didn't have the confidence of the people to achieve a governing role, so the GANG are bullying the Canadians that voted Conservative and saying you don't know what's best for you. Well Sirs, I think we do, and it isn't you lot. You are our employees and we will do any firing and hiring. If the Governor General gives into this band of political pirates, I will have utter contempt for the monarchy as they all rush to bring Canada's economy down to the UN level of acceptance.

rick , vegreville ab
This coalition is nothing more than a dictatorship!The conservatives are the government of Canada!Elected by a democratic election.I am outraged!and will fight this coalition to the last breath.

William McCullough
It's completely untrue that people are solely voting for parties at election time. In many cases, and from a legal point of view, it is Members of Parliament who are voted to office, not individual parties.

Further, the Conoservatives who post here fail to recognize a reality: "Strategic Voting". These are the same people who hijacked the Progressive Conservative Party and, in effect, eliminated any progressive elements of Conservatism in Canada.

I can tell you that Stephen Harper does not represent the majority of Canadians. And, a coalition represents over 60% of the Canadian vote in the 40th election. Harper's party reflects less than 40%. Where is the democracy in that?

Coalitions work in Europe, and they can work in Canada too.

The master schemer has been outschemed! Reminds me of those bullies in high school who always took my lunch. They always spied on me and lay ambush based on information gathered from eavesdropping. Finally got to the point I could take it no more. I started body building in grade 10 and I faced them head on.... they shrivelled like mice. Harper, you have only yourself to blame. I only wish Peter MacKay was given the opportunity to be the leader!

There goes sanity with our free loading elected MP's who are well paid, perks, severance packages when the lose or quit and then a pension plan that Canadians pay for and in most cases cannot afford to save for their own retirement.What an insult. Next time vote them out. Only solution.

Mark in N.E Sask
Let the Conservatives do their job they where ELECTED to do. Just another attempt for the pathetic Liberals to graps at straws

Absolutely phenominal all star cast of team players. Congradulations men, you have my complete support in this coalition. None of these men, have any other agenda, than to pull this country together. We will never see such a credible team in our lifetimes running this country. This, makes me proud to be CANADIAN. Harper must be packing his bags this morning.

We had an election and the people spoke. In a democratic society, that we live in.........the people that we put in power are to respect and work for us and our choices.
I thought we had a say!

1) as a taxpayer I am 100% in favour of ending the political subsidies immediately.
2) I beleive it is not prudent to just "throw" money at percieved problems and especially at foreign owned companies, when the governments of the countries those companies are based in have not yet figured out what to do.
3)I think that rushing into "problem solving" without a clear understanding of our world partners are doing (right) and wrong in this mess is stupidity....

Finally if the Lib/NDP/Bloc thing comes together it will be a few months of bickering and then a confidence vote and guess what...the government will be defeated and we will be back at the polls... The vast majority of the people in Canada will not stand for their voices to be hi-jacked. The next election will produce a majority conservative government

David in Ottata
The voters voted for their MPs. (Harper wasnt on anyones ballot except somewhere in Alberta).

Then the Governer General chooses an MP that has the first change to try to gain the support of the majority of MPS in the house. Harper had is chance and failed. Now its Dion's turn to try.

I'm all for the change, since Harper obviously doesnt have the leadership skills to manage this parliament.

Paul - Brantford
I think this is fantastic!!! The Harper Gov. reminds me too much of a Bush style gov. I do not trust Harper and I certainly did not trust Bush. The direction he is taking Canada is not the direction it was intended to. Too much military and not enough peace keeping. Look at NAFTA, Conservatives, read the agreement folks. You would be blown away if you new what we gave up! Go Coalition!!!!

The GONG shows 2008 version. I hope they pull it off, we go to election and they are buried...

Go Steve Go...!!!!!

Peter, Hamilton
I agree with many of the early writers here. Mark my words, the Liberals will get badly burned in this coalition exercise. They will be leading the government at a time of economic down-turn and for a period when they are leaderless and low in funds. They'll inevitably take a hit at the polls and when they try to get elected in 2.5 years from now, they will be decimated by voters, especially in Quebec (why bother voting Liberal when the Bloc will be seen as the true party of influence) and in Western Canada where voters will be incredulous at a Liberal-NDP-Bloc alliance. It seems that they have not thought it through very carefully. Good luck Liberals!

Did you notice that CTV shows NDP and Liberals
coalition, leaving out the Bloc, who wish to destroy our country. How about Layton laughing naming it the Canada and Quebec coalition.

Jonny of the RCR
In actual fact the Conservatives were provided with all the information they needed to have, and invited to listen to the call by the NDP. I find this whole thing a scary thought. The last non-confidence motion we had involved what was basically fraud against the Canadian people. This is just another example of the losers crying about their "entitlements" but I, for one, do not want my tax dollars going towards socialist parties, and I'm sure socialists in Canada would rather not support the Conservatives.

How can these guys think that saying "So we're going to raise taxes and spend capriciously, Vote for us" is ever going to work? Canadians aren't that stupid.

Short Term Gain for Long Term Pain

If the Liberals foist Dion on an unsuspecting public, then they will have made the least popular Liberal leader in history Primeminister. If Ignatieff is the choice, then they owe the electorate an elections sooner rather than later, so that we can cast judgement him as leader. I think it is a lose-lose situation for Liberals and I can't believe they don't see it

Blaine in Manitoba
So, they need people who aren't in government anymore to help them govern... where is this country going?

It's time to end Harper's time in office. Period. This is a proud moment for Canadians.

gerry fladager
wacky jack and any liberal bandt,and the c b c no way.

TC - Calgary
What a farce ! 2 parties (Lib, NDP) that COMBINED have fewer seats than the Conservatives (114 vs 143) expect to form government. The coalition will need a continued 60% of the BQ vote to avoid another election. You have to believe the BQ is drooling over the idea of a coalition government that will be at the BQ beck and call to either give Quebec everything it asks for (to the detriment of the rest of Canada) or to be bad enough that there true goal of separation can be enhanced. And to think the Dion might actually lead this country after so many voted against him .. Unbelievable !!

Craig Regina
This is there plan!! Rolling back tax cuts so they can spend more.

So instead of leaving the money in the hands of entrepeneurs and companys that employ people they will be handing it out to whoever wants it. Complete and utter nonsense.

Layton & Dion and there economic policies have been rejected by Canadian voters.

Tim McDermott
While I might not like some of Mr Harper's tactics with regard to partisan politics, that pales in comparison to the distaste and contempt that I hold the three opposition parties for attempting a Coup D'etat.
By now, they must realize that the vast majority of Canadians, (regardless of whether-or-not they voted for the Conservatives), are opposed to Mr Layton's plan. Canadians specifically rejected Mr Dion as Prime Minister, and certainly, no one in their right mind would ever approve of Jack Layton holding a senior Cabinet post. Especially heinous is the fact that the Liberals and NDP are all willing to sell their souls to the devil in order to get Mr Duceppe's support. I can promise you this, if the NDP and Liberals carry on with this scheme, not only will I never vote for them again, but I will make it a point to donate to the Conservative Party, put their signs on my lawn, and volunteer my time and efforts do whatever it takes to see that the Liberal Party, and the NDP lose at the earliest opportunity.

Frankly not happy
Liberals just can not or will not accept being out of power. They are the "Natural Governing Party of Canada"! Sad times for Canada. Talk about hidden agendas, how many Liberal voters wish they had made a different choice on election day

Cin N.S
Canada did not vote the NDP or Liberals in power because they have nothing to offer. When will these people accept this and move on. I hope it comes to another election and Harper get's a 100% majority. Coalition to topple a gov't sounds so third world.

John G
This blantant power grab by the losing parties is ridiculous. If Layton and Dion think they had issues with the Canadian Public before, wait and see the response if forced into another election. We have the Harper Government, let them do their job

James Dickson
I love hearing people say "we voted them in so let them do their job!" as if voting them in means the right person got the job. If that were the case would that mean that George W. Bush was the right person for the job!? Bull-S$@%t!!
I have always thought that Frank McKenna should have been the leader of the Liberal party and Prime Minister... very very smart man. Yet he didn't want the position (the so called "power grab") was not his way. But he would support this coalition from what I gather and that alone tells me that it's the right move.
With Harper the military got more funding and i'm glad he did went that route because our boys needed it... but that does not mean he fits the wider picture with regards to the PM title. Canada is a great place because it's Canada.... not because Harper is at the helm.
I say give the coalition a try! Maybe a multi-minded appraoch is what we need at the moment. Who knows?!?

Hoping for a brighter tomorow in Ontario
This is just truely sad a sad momement in Canadain history . We have a war on in Afghanistan and an economy that is in a horrible situation .
What do all our elected officals do ? are they trying to run the country no ! There just trying to get as much money and as much power as they can what a joke . I blame all the parties for this situation including PM Harper and his conservitives ( Who I voted for but not sure if I will do it again ) The parties need to put asside there diffrences and work to make Canada great again .

I sure hope Canadians are getting pissed off enough to do something. It's time to do something we have rarely done. Make some signs and start protesting. Forget the polls and forget the chat. It's time to show our politicians that we want a GOVERNMENT, not children in office. Do your jobs! This is only going to end up breaking up this country. If this continues, I’ll vote for the west to separate!

a $30 Billion dollar stimulus package while at the same time cancelling $50 Billion in tax cuts? I don't recall this being part of the Liberal's or NDP's platform in the last election? Nor do I recall a party called the NDP-Liberal-Separtists Party. If they want to bring down the government, lets have another election and get it over with.

Brian Nelson
I've always wondered how in times gone by people could get so mad at politicians they would tar and feather them and run them out of town on a rail. Now I know. A Federal Govt. coalition that includes the Bloc is just plain UnCanadian.

It sure makes me laugh when I read people (and conservative war room posters) say that Harper was democratically elected to govern and that the opposition was rejected and therefore are "power grabbing" In parliamentary tradition, it is standard for different policial parties to join forces if there are sufficient reasons to do so and enough common groud to make it work. A orange red coalition would have more popular vote that the conservatives won in the last election. Methinks that is all the legitamacy they need

Kyle holyk
The talks of a coalition are another move by the Liberals to gain power. To think they would sell out to the socialists and the separatists just goes to show they have lost touch with the Canadian people.

The Governor General should not even listen to the so called coalition group if they cause the government to fall. She is morally obligated to prevent a formation of a separatist backed coalition. And more importantly, as she is only a figure head, she lacks the electorates backing to make a decision on the formation of a government. All she should do is send Canadians back to the polls or resign in protest of this farce created by the power hungry left wing elements of Ontario and Quebec.

Virginia - Calgary
Is every one forgetting the reason behind this whole issue......the fact the Conservative government was doing something good for the taxpayer????? I for one do not think we should be supporting any political party with tax dollars. As for the wage freeze and no right to strike - I say about time as the private sector is going to be seeing the same thing. Wake up Canadians - this was a good plan for Canadians - just not for politicians - last time I checked they just take money - they dont contribute any. As for the last election - the Conservatives won the "majority" of seats - and that is why they are leading. Why do I still hear comments that Mr Harper is not what the "Majority" of Canadians want...........and if we take any lessons from the madness in the US its that throwing money at a problem does NOT fix it!!!

Jay Kay
As Finance Minister under the Chretian government, Paul Martin did an outstanding job of restoring and re-energizing our economy after our national debt more than doubled and the federal deficit soared to record highs under the Mulroney years.

I hope the coalition succeeds because a dream team of financial experts is exactly what Canada needs to help re-invigorate an economy that has already negatively impacted many Canadians; an economy that will only get worse under Harper because until recently the Harper government didn't even recognize that economy was in trouble and is now only reacting to it.

However, even if a coalition fails to materialize, hopefully Harper will have learned that his arrogance and antagonistic tactics can have serious consequences. He was not elected to office so that he could have a national platform that would enable him to exhibit his overbearing ego. The economy is in trouble, people are hurting, and Harpers playing with people's lives.

Grow up!

Jerry R
So how long has this been in the works? No wonder Frank Mckenna didn't get involved in the Liberal Leadership run-up, he wanted to come in through the back door. This is disgusting in so many ways! Let's not forget that any reference about a previous coalition involving Conservatives was to remove the corrupt Liberals involved in the money laundering Ad Scam deal!! You think the economy is bad now, wait to see how our dollar reacts after this! How can we still be regarded as a great country, with sleazy backroom politics!

JV in AB
Wait. I didn't vote for this. I mean I didn't have a chance to vote for this. If the Libs and NDP had stated in the election that they may form a coalition, then maybe I could accept it. (I don't believe that they hadn't started plotting this before or during the last election).

This is simply and completely a power grab by the "Entitlement Party" and the "Party that would never be in power". This is completely undemocratic as no Canadian had a choice to vote for it.

Let's hope that if this goes through, Canadians really punish the Libs and NDP in the next election! Wait, election sounds too democratic, maybe the coalition would abolish elections because, darn it, they are 'entitled' to be in power!

Sean Calder
Forget a whole new election. Just do another vote with a couple of referendum questions, and go with the results.

1 week, call back the DRO's etc, re-use the same voting locations/systems/lists etc, declare voting day a singular National Holiday and let's have at it.

No campaigning necessary.

Brad - Edmonton
You know I almost hope they pull the coalition off....the Liberals & NDP will pay a huge price at the polls in the next Federal election. Paul Martin and Ed Broadbent...you have got to be kidding? Any of the moderate Liberals I know think this would be the end of them in an election. The Liberals need to be focused on proper leadership and rebuiding their party, not this pathetic power grab.

John Steel
Canadians, wake up, look at how well our country is doing finacially compared to all the other basket cases in the world. To spend money on the big three before the US gov't has decided what they want to do with the problem is foolish, Do you want us to lose the money we put in place if the big three are forced into chapter eleven.
If the conservatives are governing so badly let them stew in there own juice,the voters will take care of there incompetence next time. To have an alliance with the Bloc, is just plain madness. We may have to hit the streets in protest to this lunacy.

glenn in t.o.
To suggest the population voted for a Conservative gov't is a bit misleading. They voted for a fractured gov't resulting in several weak parties. The problem is that all of them are acting as though they have some divine right to power. I think the Conservatives overplayed their power and deserved to get burned but if they are willing to negotiate which it now appears they are I also feel that the opposition parties should step back and try to make this work rather than get drunk on the idea that they might somehow be able to get into power. All of these parties need to realize that without cooperation we are all weaker.

Elaine Lysons
This idea sounds like a great way to NOT get anything done in Ottawa. How can 3 parties with different idiologies manage to bring any good legislation. The in fighting will be worse than parliment! Why have a democracy if this can be allowed to happen. If the public knew this was going to happen before the election I think we would see a majority conservative government hands down. Let's go back to the polls and fix this ASAP!

Jim Penfold, Qu'Appelle, SK
This didn't just come about this last week. The NDP admitted that they have been planning a coalition since 2004, even writing a letter to the Governor General to get her appraisal of the matter. Jack Layton is totally disregarding democracy for the sake of power. If this coalition goes through, the NDP and Liberals will pay in the next election. The Governor General must do her duty and call an election if the government falls.

Absolute Garbage!

This is the sort of garbage I would expect from Bolivia or Argentina. I am so disgusted by this I cannot even believe it.

Layton said Harper made a 'strategic political error' --

Hey nimrods, screw political strategy and make some decisions to move the country forward!

The Reds and Oranges will forever be known as the parties that allowed the separtists a seat in government. Shocking.

If you don't like the government, take it down. Don't be gutless. This coalition will initially cost the Canadian taxpayer big money big time, and then the coalition will pay the price.

Canadian voters..WAKE UP!! If this democracy defeating coalition is not make you change your vote to give the Conservatives the majority I don't know what will.

Ron Windsor,Ont
What are the Opposition parties doing ? Are they trying to make fools of the Canadian people?They were defeated..accept it and let Harper get on with running the country. Why would they join with the Bloc when their objective is to destroy the country by separation?And why should the voters subsidize political parties? Earn your own money !!

Jess D
Please spare us. This is nothing more than political opportunism. The west will separate if this is allowed to happen.

Brian Mac
I think the coalition idea is the smart way to go - Harper could not resist taking advantage of the weakened status of the opposiiton parties and tried to pull a fast one for short term political advantage - he did not use the opportunity to be magnanimous and therefore has shown his true colours as a mean spirited oportunist and controlling individual - go for it we need to have the 62% of canadians that did not vote for the conservative/reform party represented.

Duff Conacher
All federal political parties should be working toward a
democratic compromise,instead of continuing their
poorly timed bluffing.

First, while the Conservatives's self-interested surprise
proposal to cut public per-vote funding of parties funding goes too far, the opposition parties have overreacted.

Given that the funding was set by then-Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chrétien at an arbitrarily high level in 2003 to help his party, the
funding should be cut in half. This will give all the parties a solid base of funding, while encouraging them to win more funding by winning the support of more

Second, Prime Minister Harper must realize he does not have
majority support, and so he can shove the Conservatives' agenda down everyone's throat.
The opposition parties want at least some steps taken now to boost the sagging economy, and so take steps.

Third, the opposition parties must realize that even though
the Prime Minister broke his word and fixed-election date law in September by advising the Governor General
to call an election, it is no better for them to ask the
Governor General to make the sort-of Liberal leader
Stéphane Dion the Prime Minister based on a very likely short-term,
shaky alliance with the NDP and Bloc Québecois.

And while they're making these democratic compromises in the public's (not their
own) interest, maybe they could try to avoid future similar messes by all acting
more honestly, ethically, openly, representatively and efficiently.

Doing this will very likely impress more voters than their current party games, and likely will attract the support (and donations) of some of the more than 40
percent of voters who didn't vote in the last election.

Duff Conacher, Coordinator
Democracy Watch

Economic Wise Men? Give me a break!

Paul Martin was the Finance Minister on the books when Ad Scam went down that he apparently knew nothing about. Roy Romanow ran Saskatatchewan into a huge debt. Are these the personalities that we want fixing our economy. I really don't think spend, spend, spend is that answer like the left wing parties believe. And if the Automotive and Forestry Companies couldn't make a buck in the red hot market we were in a few years ago, they shouldn't recieve puplic money that just get's flushed down the toilet.

Arleigh Luckett
As a member of the 61.2% majority that voted for a platform that included proposals for sustainable solutions to the current economic and environmental crises, I whole-heartedly support the effort to form a coalition.

A coalition of the Liberals and NDP supported by the Bloc will only work if it does have the leadership and integrity to put the needs of the country ahead of scoring political points and find common ground on which to build solutions to the crises that face us.

The Fiscal Update clearly demonstrated that the current MINORITY government had no intention of working with any of the opposition parties. They chose to try to rule as if they had a majority instead of trying to find common ground that would be acceptable to a majority of the voters.

A coalition of the Liberals and NDP supported by the Bloc will only work if it does have the leadership and integrity to put the needs of the country ahead of scoring political points and find common ground on which to build solutions to the crises that face us. I would love to see them invite David Suzuki, Elizabeth May and Brian Mulroney to be on a panel of environmental advisors.

Arleigh Luckett,
Gravenhurst, ON

Melanie (Ottawa)
I think this "coalition idea" is an insult to democracy. We, the Canadian people, elected a Conservative minority government less than two months ago. We decided this is what we wanted. By trying to take the power at any cost, the other parties are undermining our choice. Not only that, in a time of economic crisis, they are creating political instability. This makes me very afraid. It only shows that they are not in the business of representing the people but of having the power at any cost.

Ken in Ottawa
This coalition will be a good thing for country in the long term. The NDP will be absorbed by the Liberals- why vote for Liberal Lite (NDP) when you can vote for the real thing (Liberal). The Liberals will be dragged to the left side of the spectrum. The result will be a healthy left and a healthy right. Everybody wins.

John in Calgary
Well maybe now everybody can see what they actually voted for. The conservatives were willing to make cuts in places that would deeply effect themselves as well and the opposition party's want nothing to do with that.

We don't need a stimulus package, we have had what 2? 3? months of a bad economy and the opposition wants to pump $30b into the economy? They have no idea where they want to pump that money, they just know they want to stop $50b in corporate tax cuts. This is what will stop the economy, corporations will not continue to expand and it's the working class that wont get raises and will have to pay for an over priced product.

The Governor General is a representative of, and speaks for the Queen so she doesn't have to be directly involved. The key word is "have to" she still can and I say if a coalition forms we flood the Queens office with letters to force another election, no matter how much we don't want to. Parlimentary governments were formed to protect the people from an unreasonable King or Queen, it's a sad day that we now have to go to them to protect us from our government.

The fact that any party is willing get into a deal with the Bloc and allow the fate of the nation to be dependant upon their input is amazing. How come we are not hearing just what the Bloc has been offered to stay in this deal? The news is all over that it is a Liberal/NDP colation but it is really a 3 way deal where the silent party will not be silent if they go ahead with this.

Ann, Toronto
If diverse interests as the Bloc the Liberals and NDP can pull together in a Coalition of the Wounded and Impatient doesn't it make sense that for the sake of Canada and confronting this economic crisis, the CCQ be inclusive and open its arms to include the Conservative Party? It's a good thing the Governor General is a Mother. Surely she can get the kids to behave and get on with their chores? The CCQ pesent its bigger-and-better-than-yours stimulus package as its true and honest motivation for defeating the Government of Canada, right?! She should pass it to the Govt to take ideas from this to incorporate into their package and I do mean their financial stimulus package. This is the groundwork for next month's Budget. How anyone can justify making a sensational change to Canada's govt at this moment seems outlandish. The Budget next month will be the honest confidence measure. The comparisons to poor old Mr. Obama. How can this gentleman ever meet expectations? Let him save the world economy introduce world peace, and a cure for Parkinson's Disease would be good too.He's not in office until the end of January.Our budget comes then too.The Americans and the world have to wait. Can't Canadians sit back and watch hockey and take responsibility for their own lives until then? Could it be that the rush for the CCQ to be in power is because it believes that the world economy (and yes that includes Canada) will turn around globally in the next 18 months due to the worldwide efforts and coordination. The CCQ wants to be the govt invited to Obama's inaugural ball. Our new Canadians from developing democracies around the world must be shaking their respective head. Under these world conditions parliamentary democracy is tested and fails

This coalition, if it comes to pass, will only ruin Canada. I trulu Believe that Mr. Ignatieff has the power to bring sense into this silliness and if he does that he will gain a lot more than what he would by joining the coalition of the "whining"
If Mr. Harper made a mistake he already has backed off so the opposition should do the same, all they are showing Canadians is how hungry they are for power and how they know that they will only be in power by force and not by choice of the peple. What a sad situation!

Don from Calgary
I don't remember Martin running in the last election. He is NOT and elected official and should have NO hand in running this country.

Scott Dick

We vote, the conservatives are in, our voices were heard, the minority is in.

That is the old reality, the new one is the NDP/Liberal/Quebec separitists are willing to destroy that.

It tells me that I as a conservative in Canada am worthless, and not taken seriously.

What was the name of that independence party in the provinces again?

Jill, Calgary, Ab
How can anybody think this is an all-star team? There is a reason the word "former" is before every one of their names. And not agenda? Are you kidding me? A group of people who feel that their time was cut short and could have gotten more done, doesn't have an agenda?

Wake Up People!!!

The Conservatives had their chance to work with the other parties, and as soon as they could they tossed that aside.

Their plan does nothing to help this strangled economy.

Let the coalition take over and get the job done.

Mario Novati
This is a very good news, that Paul Martin and others will be there to help. But, PLEASE, stop fighting between Liberal. Elect one person to be the next Prime Minister and ALL the party must agree. The coalition will work ? Yes, of couurse. Notice the governament of Silvio Berlusconi in Italy, work well and it is formed by four parties included the separatist from the North (Bossi). Nothing wrong !~
Please stop fighting and start to work for the Canadians.

Kevin in Alberta
I can't beleave that Paul Martin is going to have anything to do with this Govenment again! It is time for the west to cut off the east and let's go our seperate ways!

W.P. Sparling, CD MA
The disloyal opposition members are guilty of sedition for trying this backroom power grab. What they are doing is nothing less than subverting our political system. The Governor General should assert her constitutional power and deny them their "coalition". Let them face the electorate they betrayed.

Jody Nelson Dorchester,NB
WOW the conservatives supporters on here are worse than Montreal Canadian fans after the habs get knocked out of the playoffs (blaming everyone but their team). The Conservatives don't have a majority, they have the opposite. The MAJORITY of Canadians DID NOT vote for Harper. Harper has played the confidence vote on everything so far because he thought the Liberals couldn't do anything about it due to not having a strong enough leader to take him down and go back to the polls, however now that Harper has had his strong arm tactics called, he wants to shut down the house???? HOW IN THE HECK IS THAT BEING A GOOD LEADER??????

I understand that all of you Conservative supporters are going to feel ripped off, but instead of crapping on the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc, tell me what good things Harper has done, and is doing for OUR country. THERE IS A TIME FOR ACTION AND IT IS NOW!! if the action is having someone else step-up and deal with the problems, then lets do it.

Nancy, St Catharines, ON
This is one of the most asinine things I've heard. After their dismal showing in the election, I don't understand where the Liberal party gets its nerve. Get over it already and let's all work together on the issues facing our country.

Nancy - BC
So they are going to cut corporate tax breaks and throw a bunch of money at the economy. Translation, they are going to fund their buddies. I guess the taxpayers will be funding another golf course for Chretien.

What they fail to understand is that governments don't create job, corporate Canada does. All governments do is make the country a friendly place for companies to do business. If they don't corporations have no probems taking their jobs elsewhere.

I am absolutely sick to my stomach over this. I voted Liberal and I also condemn this coalition. I do not support it as it is wrong and in my opinion undemocratic. Nothing more than a power play.
Shame, shame, shame.


As a Liberal, I will promise to never, ever, ever, ever, vote for the Liberal Party again if this coalition goes through. The Green Party, and yes, or maybe even the Conservative Party, will definitely have my next vote. I feel betrayed by Canada's democractic system.

Catherine Raby, Peterborough
I am absolutely appalled and very angry about this power grab by the lame duck Liberals and the NDP who have never been close to winning an election. It is a power grab and I hope it backfires on the the three parties. It is against the will of the people of Canada. We voted for a Conservative government and that is what I want until we can democratically elect another government. Shame on you, Dion, Rae and Duceppe.

Pat Smith
If these people were serious about making the best choice for Canada - why not work with the Conservatives to for a "coalition" with the governing party? This would be acceptable with all Canadians and show they are truely not grabbing for the power. I think the Conservatives would be open to an agreement with other parties if they would drop their "demands" to guide the government (read Jack Layton here) - you would not have the "majority" in the coalition but you would have a significant voice. If they fail to do this - all is fair in the future and if the Liberals have a minority expect it to fail as the other three could do the same thing... play together boys and girls or you will pay at the poles! In this case the Conservatives ARE on the higher ground and will get a majority next time around.

Linda in Vancouver
Well,I've been mostly Liberal ever since the days of Trudeau rising to become their leader.
We,the voters have no say in this insanity.But if Liberals are willing to get into bed with separatists and socialists,"I shall not return".There are some levels I will not sink to in the name of power.We lost the last election because we failed to provide a policy platform that voters were willing to support.A What amounts to a political coup is not the way democracy should work.
What I find most shocking is the willingness of people like Manley and McKenna to take part in this debacle.I had hope they would lead Liberals out of the socialist morass they find themselves in.
If they succeed in this struggle for power,they will always be the party who united with the socialists and the separatists for their own political gain.
Not good enough to get my vote any time soon.

If the Liberals and NDP are going to include a coalition including separatists then they are insane. The Governor General cannot consent to a coalition including the Bloc. It defies common sense and any kind of elementary fairness to people outside Quebec ie people that actually want to be part of this country. Maybe a majority of Canadians do not trust the Conservatives to govern but they trust the Liberals and NDP even less. I'd like to point out that the Conservatives did win a majority of the seats in English Canada. I will not consent to a government that includes saparatists in any way and I don't think I'm alone.

cris perte
... and another thing that bugs me about this circus. I always thought it was the best to have a minority government because fear of losing support means they are always on seat`s edge, with the ruling of the country. They would do their best to suppost their country in this way.

.. i changed my mind.

Ronald in Ottawa
Today it's clear that the "unholy alliance" is going ahead with forming a coalition, and, as a result, the TSX is dropping like a stone - down 624 points so far this morning. The opposition is already plummeting Canada into a depression even before they finish their power grab and multi-billion dollar spending spree. How much of our tax money will line their greedy pockets this time?

Barry, Surrey, B.C.
So, the will of the Canadian voter is ignored again. Canadians rejected Dion and the Liberals, would not trust Harper with a majority, and again let Layton know the NDP will never hold power in Ottawa. But again our politicians have shown their disdain for the Canadian electorate! Rather than work together for the good of Canada they throw a hissy fit and plan a palace revolt with support from the separatists. What an embarrassment for Canadians and Canadian democracy. The time has come to demand the right to recall these people and boot them all out, including the governal general if she even hints that she will support this coup. Canadians deserve better than this. What legal right do these pretenders have to ignore the DEMOCRATIC will of Canadians? Never will we ever have better proof that politicians work for themselves, NOT the peasants who elected them.

J Cole
I have had the privilege of exercising my vote in elections in Canada for 50 years. I have voted for all of the popular parties, exclusive of the Bloc, at various times. My vote, for the most goes to where I believe it is going to be the best for Canada, although in 04 I did vote NDP, and that was a riding issue. The last 2 I voted Conservative, the first time reluctantly, but not disappointed. Although my opinion of Harper as an individual is not a good one, He did most of the things he promised,considering the minority roll of government. The last election I made my decision based partly on past performance, and the STAY ON COURSE platform. The economic climate is such that such a plan is definitely needed. You don't turn your ship broadside in a stormy sea, you'll capsize. I cannot help but agree with some, that Harper is good at pulling dirty tricks, and is unethical in some of his dealings with the opposition parties, however that has nothing to do with running the country, or steering us through this economic storm, which is a Global problem, and not something that Dion,Duceppe, or (I'm applying for the job), Jack, ( oh, you didn't get it Jack),are going to solve any better, and will probably really put our ship under. Time for the life rafts. Although, as a part of Canada, Quebec has a right, the same as the rest of Canada, to representation in parliament, the major choice of that provinces representatives are of Bloc, whose only real purpose is to separate from the rest of Canada. How this party can be a part of a viable coalition is beyond me. OUT OF SPACE

Ryan (Calgary)
The NDP & Liberal can forget my vote!

They haven't bothered to work with the Conservatives in addressing their concerns.

The Conservative have backed off, and stated they will have a budget in mid-January. Can't they wait until them, see what the Conservatives are planning?

Besides, the Liberals don't even have a creditable leader right now!

Curtis Haigh
I have never been so embarrassed to be a Canadian in my whole life.

Everybody, we have officially been stripped of our democratic rights we all expressed 6 weeks ago. Back door politics has officially won over the word of the people and we have a responsibility to be heard!

Phone your MP's, Write Letters, Flood their phone lines, Protest. Make sure every single NDP/Lib/Bloc leader knows regardless of whether or not they hold the stick, there is no single Canadian who has confidence in their ability to run the country any better than the Conservatives.

It's a sad sad day for Canada.

Alex (Toronto)
Setting aside all the spin, all the opposition parties are trying to do is what Harper tried to do (with the support of the Bloc Quebecois) in 2004 against the Liberals. Conservatives can't complain about the ethics of any tactic they've used (whether or not they succeeded).

The Canadian people did, in fact, choose compromise over any individual party. The Conservatives have chosen to campaign rather than govern, as they usually do, forcing the opposition to create an alternative government. If this had been an opposition plan, they could have voted down the throne speech. Only when the Tories released the fiscal non-update were the other parties obliged to consider their alternatives. In a minority parliament, opposition parties always have the option of forming a coalition, it's just that they can rarely find enough points of agreement to do so.

The global financial crisis has forced leaders around the world to take decisive action; the rest of the world realizes that market failures are demonstrating that the private sector is the problem and government action is the solution. Only Canada's Conservatives are sticking to their extreme anti-government ideology after that has very clearly been shown as a failed approach.

The Bloc represents the views of many Quebecois. Federalist parties can't work with them on constitutional questions, but there's no issue of federal-provincial relations today. The BQ has a lot of reasonable ideas in economic and some social issues, and as people are worried about losing jobs, homes, and retirement futures, it's reasonable to work with them and listen to them. They will not be in the coalition government, they will simply supporting the coalition in exactly the same way the BQ supported the Harper government in 2006, which Harper didn't have a problem with when he negotiated with them then.

And who do we have to blame for this fiasco? Ourselves. The lowest voter turnout ever in October. Shame on all of us for allowing this to happen. If we had gotten off our backsides during the last election, there most likely would have been a clear majority, and this would be a non issue. We are the laughing stock of all decomcratic nations. Now we have to watch as a seperatist tries to get his foot in the door and tear our country apart. Well done us.

Greg Lummis
Is this Canada or the Philippines?

I certainly didn't vote for a coalition of the losers! A vote was put to Canadians and Canadians chose the conservative party. It was cut and dry.

I'm frightened that something like this might happen to Canada. If it does and we still have a voting system next time around I don't doubt they will hear about it from Canadians!

Peter Griffiths.
Don't worry the Governor General has the power to dissolve government in these situations.The Queen (or her representative) has done this before in other Commonwealth countries when this kind of stupidity prevailed. It is however an unusual action and the Crown makes a point of telling the population of the country concerned how distasteful she finds her duty.

The highest popular vote of the 3 Liberal majorities in the last 20 years was 41.3%.
I find it remarkable how many Liberals are posting how lacking 50% of the popular vote makes the Tories some how not a legitimate governing party.
Even worse is the NDP leaning posters who think a party with 18% of the vote has an almost moral right to govern.

Joe in Toronto
The fact remains, Harper has a MINORITY government which means he cannot govern as if he has a majority. The voters didn't trust him with one (for obvious good reason). So rather than working with the opposition parties, he's playing politics rather than addressing the serious economic issues of the day. He's acting like a bully and the opposition isn't going to put up with it, which is entirely within their power to do. Maybe if he acted like a responsible Prime Minister and not a partisan bully, there would be no need to remove him from office. He created the situation, now he has to live with the consequences. (And I'm not even going to start on the flip-flopping policies between the campaign and after the election.) It's intersting to see the Conservatives and its supporters donning the air of entitlement that they so often accuse Liberals of having. Governing is a privilege, not a right. I guess the Conservatives say that, but don't really believe it.

Joseph Braithwaite
What is the matter with these people...didn't the last election (6 weeks ago) already outline how we Canadians don't want another election...none of these has beens are in office now because they were elected, plain and simple.
We need to make an adjustment to our laws to stop with 'do it my way or we will topple the government' bickering and fighting. We have managed for over 100 years to work nicely and now (in the last 10 years) all the parties aren't happy with their showing in the last election and want a re-count or something. Live with the fact that people didn't want you back, do something we Canadian truely want you to do instead of just trying different ways to do the same old thing...

Apparently a lot of people, Harper among them, don't understand how a minority works.

It is HARPERS responcibility to put forth things that he can get the other parties to support. Did he seriously believe the opposition would support him?!? If the positions were reversed, would the Conservatives have supported the NDP or Liberals in this way? Of course not...

If Harper puts stuff like this forward he should know that his government will be brought down. Thats just how it works.

And this after the Conservatives were chastising the Liberals for supporting the government the last time around. Well... this time they got bit.

At the end of the day, this is Harpers fault and no one elses. He will have to live with the consequences of his actions. He never should have put himself and his government in this position but it is out of his control now.

Anne M
Just look at how fair Canadian politics have been to the western people. UGH!!! We have NEVER had a fair and balanced representation in the parliament. Quebec and Ontario have always had more.The Liberals and NDP are a party of the EAST, and ignore the west. If these clowns are in power, I will go to jail before I pay taxes, and will encourage Alta to stop ALL transfer payments to Ottawa.Why send our monies into the pockets of robbers, and support the tax and steal parties of Libs and NDP.

B. Kelley, absolutley disgusted in Ontario
If the Liberals, NDP and Bloc wanted to form a coalition government then they should have run a joint election campaign on that platform so that Canadians knew exactly what they were voting for. If you believe that this coalition idea just popped up post-election then its time for some serious therapy. The probable election outcome was known long before the polls closed and the plans for this convenient little coup d'etat were already being engineered in the back rooms of Quebec. We have been duped and we are now seeing a direct attack on our system of democracy by a group of power hungry politicians who couldn't care less if they destroy our country in the process. This is exactly the kind of tactic that will drive western separatism. When a conspiracy of elite eastern power mongers wrestle away control of our government that the west helped to elect, then I wouldn't blame them for breaking away everything west of Thunder Bay and forming their own nation and naming it "The Real Canada". I know I'd move there in a heartbeat.

Scott McQuarrie
The idea of a coalition government formed by parties who were not elected into power is simply undemocratic. Whether or not you supported the Conservatives in the last election, Canadians voted them into power.
Canada works on a multi-party system, one in which minority governments are a possibility. As such, we as a nation must be prepared to live under the rule of a minority party. Otherwise we should switch to a bi-party system. The fact that the Conservatives did not gain a majority in the last election is irrelevent...they are the party that Canadians elected inot power. It is not up to the opposition parties to decide who rules this country. That responsibility lies solely with Canadians.
One last hought...If you and I (who are no different than the members of the opposition parties...that is, not elected into power) were to openly talk of overthrowing the currently elected government of Canada there would be only one result. We would be charged with conspiracy and/or treason.

Roger Gamble
Today is the day for all Canadians to wake up, pay attention and see through the smokescreens of those trying to form this so-called coalition. These are nothing less than power hungry, self serving political thugs.

Opposition parties -- be warned! This time you have gone too far. The majority of Canadians, at least those that can think and act logically, are about to speak.

It seems that right here in Canada we have just seen the evolution of a brand new axis of evil. A liberal leader and his hacks who were clearly defeated in a very recent election trying to make back room deals with a party that they themselves shouted loudly that their policies were no good for the country. And then, if that is not enough, they are seeking to align themselves with a party whose goals are to destroy Canada as we know it. One party the people rejected plus another party we have never elected, plus a party that is anti-Canadian to the core. This is unbelievable! Canadians, is this who you want fighting at the helm over every scrap of political power and critical details while the whole world tail spins in an economical whirlwind such as we had not seen in decades, if ever?

It is very obvious that these power hungry, self-serving parties have no real interest in Canada or in what Canadians decided during he last election. They care only for their own bruised egos and hidden agendas. Canada, will we stand back and let them say, "To hell with the people that clearly spoke in the recent election stating that we have chosen the Conservatives to govern our country"?

Come on Canadians, let's wake up and speak up. Let your voices be heard loud and clear. Let us never allow our country, our choices, or our votes to be stolen and thrown away by thugs in suits who hide the wickedness of their actions by attacking the very ones we just chose as our fairly elected leaders.

Wayne - Delta, BC
IMO, those in the PMO are generally quite wise economically, working to establish free trade agreements with the EU, Colombia and Peru, for example, even at this time of economic uncertainty. Another item was buying insured, revenue generating mortgages from Canadian banks to loosen up bank credit. The list of steps goes on.

The two inflammatory issues provided in the financial update, banning strikes in the public sector, and eliminating grants to political parties, were obviously incendiary, and IMO intended to create this effect we have all been witnessing.

Considering the horribly unwise Carbon Tax platform presented by the Liberals in the last election, which was politically opportunistic but obviously harmful Canada, I suspect that the PMO wanted to start a fire that would burn out this type of intense stupidity from our political system.

Although Harper may be a casualty of this battle, in the short term the effects will be to further taint the Liberal party by their association with the NDP (economically destructive - just ask anyone from BC) and the Bloc (separatists), as well as guaranteeing there will be another election very soon (coalition or not), further bankrupting the Liberals.

Let this fire burn so that the Liberal / NDP / Bloc stupidity can be put to rest for good. We can no longer afford their ridiculous, harmful ideas.

Douglas Brown - Newmarket, ON
Readers who are saying that the majority of Canadians voted for this 'Group' is a bit misleading. Even if you support a Liberal-NDP alliance the % is only 36.7% compared to the Conservative 46.4%. Don't forget the only reason this coalition has a majority is the 16.2% Bloc Quebecois support. When you voted, where you seriously in favor of a group including the Bloc running Canada? This is a power-grab based on a technicality that only exists due the the number of parties. The Liberals will lose votes forever if they move forward with this.

"All-Star"? Are you kidding me?
Remind me again: Which of those four individuals ran in the last election? What ridings do they represent? From whom and where have they received their mandate? Certainly not the Canadian People! And the opposition parties claim that Harper and the Tories were being undemocratic? For expecting other parties to raise funds the exact same way they've been doing for years? No party has a 'democratic right' to taxpayer cash, ESPECIALLY when that party's OWN MEMBERS won't even donate to support them!

So expecting the opposition to survive without taxpayer cash by coming up with ideas that will make people want to donate money to them is undemocratic - but ignoring the mandate the Canadian People handed the government in an election we had SIX WEEKS AGO and choosing unelected partisans to dictate economic policy to the Canadian People is not?

Cecil Palmerston
The desperation of Team Harper is palpable. Guy Giorno would be proud of many posts here - lots of Harper 'talking points' (which appeal only to Harper supporters but no matter)

Harper is no longer in control of the parliamentary agenda, no matter what happens now.

Jim Prentice would make a great leader of the CPC.

Chris in Calgary
This whole thing is absolutely crazy! We have had two elections, and whether you like Stephen Harper and the Conservatives or not, they won the election. Now let them govern! I don't get why everyone expects the Federal Gov't to spend billions of dollars to stabilize companies that can not make it on their own. Why should the big three Auto makers receive funding while every little Mom and Pop business is faced with the same financial problems? If the company can not make enough money to survive, then it should fail....not be bailed out by the Government! What kind of message does this coalition power grab send to the rest of the world and the financial markets? If The NDP and Liberals take over with this ridiculous "coalition plan", this country's economy will really go down the tubes!

Craig from NS
It's funny how people say the majority of Canadians wanted a Conservative Party to govern. Where do people come up with this? The majority of Canadians voted for the other parties that are looking to form this coalition. The Conservative Party itself had to form it's own coalition to finally take power away form the Liberals, so they shouldn't be casting stones.

The Conservatives are their own worst enemy. The Conservatives have run this country like they had a majority government. They figured they could, because the other parties wouldn't force a snap election. After several years of an reclusive and abusive government, the opposition parties are attempting to negotiate a new strategy. All of a sudden the Conservatives want to talk and their supporters accuse the opposition parties of not wanting to "work for Canadians". That's rich. Who's the arrogant ones here?

For the record, I consider myself conservatively minded. As soon as Peter McKay sold out to the Reform / Canadian Alliance Party, my support went in to the toilet.

David Morin
When will Canadians realize that we are slowing turning into a Banana Republic with all of these political parties. We need a two party system with fixed election dates...period. We also need to define exactly what a federal party is. The Bloc is NOT a federal party and has absolutely NO business being part of federal elections. When will Canadians wake up? I fear never. Classic Canadian joke: "How many Canadians does it take to change a light bulb?" - "None, they are perfectly content with the way things are."

David Morin
Winnipeg, MB

Phil from PEI
Like it or not , this is a democratic parlimentary system and the minority government serves only with the confidence of the House. They have lost that confidence and the choice for the Queens representative is election or coalition. Harper was lucky to last as long as he has. He's managed to get them all angry at him at the same time and the fault is his alone.

Cam West
This will cause more unhappiness in the West. We are the have provinces and we are being ignored, yet we are generating the wealth of the country. Alberta put in 10 Billion a year. This is the end of Canada as we know it. Even my mother believes the West should separate.

Are there really this many Canadians that never made it past grade 6? You don't vote for a party folks, or for your PM... you vote for your MP. You still have you MP correct? You still have your representation in Ottawa correct? All that's changed here is the equation... and remember Harper did the same in 2004. So two parties merge with the support of a third. Now; they have the majority and Harper and his conservative MP's become the majority. Harper could of tried the same thing as the govt but he constantly showed an unwillingness to work with anybody else.... so everybody else decided to do what he wanted and excluded him. It's all legal and now we have a govt that represents over 50% of Canadians. Thank you democracy.But I know for conservatives its tough to think of others and work together. And no Canadians will not give you another 300 million to satisfy your thirst for power. You had your chance... you blew it. Now; go sit in opposition and think about what you did ;)

Here's the realty. You cut the corporate taxes, corporations are going to lay-off people. In turn, ultimately affecting our economy as no one will have a job!

I did not vote for a coalition and where is democracy here? This is purely a political agenda and I think all the opposition parties should be cut from there job too!!

GW in SJ
It's hard not tto be angry and frustrated with the whole lot of them, but lets not forget, this all came about because the Prime Minister of this nation chose NOT to do his job. Instead of using the position and authority given to him to lead a minority government and to give confidence to Canadians of all walks of life - even those who were not members of the reform party - he chose to strategically attack his adversaries and perceived enemies of the right. I'm a bit surprised he didn't also outlaw abortion while he had the chance.

If Prime Minister Harper had offered a decent pragmatic view of the economic situation and a reasoned logical approach to put us in better position to weather it, that would have been fine. He chose to open a 'can of whoopass' on his enemies. And so we are where we are. This is a crises of his creation, no-one else's.

Alan Poytress Fort Macleod Alberta
Those that support the "Coalition" seem to suffer from political amnesia. How soon we forget the years of broken promises from the liberals (GST for one), the airy-fairy schemes to fund social programing designed to remove personal responsibility by the NDP, and the desire by the Bloc to remove as much money from the country that pays their wages and lavish pension plan. This confirms that the real issue here is pure greed and hunger for power, and not a desire to do what's best for Canada.

The real point here people is that the Conservatives (under the guise of a "financial update") tried to pull a few fast ones. They tried to take away the public sectors right to strike, drop pay equity rights, take away subsidies for political parties (PCs have millions where the other parties need the deserved monies) and do nothing in the way of a stimulus package for the people of Canada. They have now shown their "hidden agenda". Just not so hidden now and that is why the Opposition parties are outraged and so should all Canadians. When the coalition gets into power, we'll be able to see that the PCs have us already in a deficit position and have blown away all the surplus the Liberals (under Martin's financial leadership) put away for just this rainy day! Good luck to the Coalition!

Connor from Calgary
This coalition government will completely screw over Canada's economy, Especially for Albertan's because most of our revenue and economy comes from The Oil Sands, and they want to partialy shut them down?! That is especially stupid since we are currently in a financial crisis. This will be one of the worst things that has or can happen to Canada Ever!

I cannot belive that the Liberals and the NDP are being so selfish that they would make every single business in Canada suffer just so that they can get over losing the election.

I am so sickened by this situation. Canadians elected the Conservative party. It seems to me that this power grab by the opposition parties is flying directly in the face of what Canadians want. How the heck is that democracy?

I hope this plan fails and I hope that it leads to a Conservative majority government.

Shame on the Liberals and NDP.

Denis Gahan - Edmonton Alberta
What is this some access of evil plotting to overthrow the government. Where is sense and order, this all about Quebec and Ontario, who it seems cannot make without government welfare. Let this group loose and we will know what recession is about and living on nothing. Did we not have an election so we would not be subject to this kind of stupid nonsense? Heavens help Canada.

Mike B
The talk about a majority of Canadians not voting for the Conservatives is ridiculous. A majority of Canadians haven't voted for a single party in a very long time. The three Liberal majority governments in the 90's/2000, were never on the backs of a popular vote landslide, just a split on the right. So grow up people, the party with the most seats is the governing party, if you don't like it we can have another election to sort it out. I'd much rather have that, then see Canada run with the help of the Bloc.

Rodger in Calgary
Here's what seems to be happening:

1. The Liberals are scared about losing their "public" funding (read: "bailout". Coincidence? I think not.) If nobody likes your product, they aren't going to pay for it. My honest question is: why is the Liberal Party broke?

2. The NDP want to be in power so badly, they will form a coalition with anyone, in this case, the now months-old deal with the Bloc. Has Jack wondered how that will go over with his folks in SK and Toronto?

3. The basis for this "uproar" is the "lack of economic stimulus" from the Government. How about we let what is already in place work its course? The Government already bought out some mortgages and other debt from some of the banks, and the Bank of Canada is doing what it is supposed to: stimulate the economy by lowering interest rates.

4. I have not seen the exact details, but I am pretty sure based on the news reports, that the "coalition" intends to "bailout" (see point #1 above) the auto industry. Once again, if nobody likes your product, they aren't go to buy it. Why should you be eligible for TAX DOLLARS to be given to you? If you can't make it, I am sorry, but move over and let someone else try.

As a side note to this point, I think ANY and EVERY Liberal, NDP or Bloc MP who does not own a GM, Ford or Chrysler product should NOT be able to vote in favour of a bailout. Do any of the MP's constituents believe that too?

Thank you.

David in Toronto
How about we just have another election, but with only 2 parties to choose from, Conservative and this new coalition. See what the people really think of this farce.

I voted in the election on Oct. 14 and I did not vote for the Liberals to join up with the NDP!! Respect the voters choice, this is not Democracy, this only about grabbing power. I quess this is what people mean when they say why bother voting, they never listen to us anyway.

Neville Underwood Parry Sound Ont
The proposal by the Coalition is unconscionable. We finally see in the light of day their true regard for the people of Canada. To this date, I have never voted Conservative in a federal election but they will have my vote and support from now on.

Ummmmm since none of the parties has a clear majority then doesn't this naturally require some type of cooperation or partnership, aka coalition, between the parties to get things passed through parliament. The thing is that Harper doesn't want to realize this - he wants to make unilateral decisions which he did in the previous minority government - doesn't he realize that his 'approach' back then didn't work and in the present he is not in the majority either. Therefore I think that if the other parties are willing to work together - for whatever period of time they can - then this must be the better option - if Harper and his neo-cons were more willing to work with someone - anyone - other than just themselves this situation would not have happened. Good luck coalition - please make it work for our sake as it seems the neo-cons don't have the words cooperation and partnership in their vocabulary.

Jonathan from Saskatoon.
What makes any of them all-stars? Martin as minister for finance balanced the federal books by cutting funding from health, education, and infrastructure transfers to the provinces to record lows. Romanow, as premier of Saskatchewan during the same period did the same thing to municipalities. Admittedly I know little about McKenna (shows how much of an all-star he is), and Manley never distinguished himself enough at any portfolio to stay there for more than 2 years.
The liberals campaigned on 2 things; the environment and the economy. Now they're going to hand those very portfolios to Layton? It just shows that they are so desperate for that they have completely lost sight of whats important, and that for all their talk of priorities, the only thing they care about is power.

Heather in Alberta
Everyone should stop their bickering and do what is best for Canada and her people. The Conservatives won a minority government - but they WON!!! work with it not against it! Coalition is a dictatorship - Dion doens't seem to care for what is best for Canada only himself! Stop being 10 year olds. Work for our country not the almighty dollar!

Paul from Ontario
A coalition is exactly what we need now. Harper has no vision for Canada (He is really a wanna be American) Flaherty ruined Ontario with his time there. So what are we left with.

Opposition parties that sounded the alarms about the economy during the election (Conservatives would not even discuss it). Opposition parties that have alternatives. (The Cons won't even admit they had no plans) Opposition parties that can work together. (The cons will not listen or even consider anything other than those that they can benefit from). Opposition parties that respect all walks of Canadian life. (Conservative hardliners are anti everything they don't like. Unless you are a neo-conservative you don't count)

To continue with Harper would further ruin this country. A coalation with a set plan in place, a vision for the country and respect for all is exactly what we need now. If Harper had discussed with the opposition paths to follow he would not be in this trouble now. Instead he shows his arrogant self and concentrates on the elimination of effective opposition. Canadians gave him a minority government because he could not be trusted. Now we know why

Peter B
The Liberals and NDP are committing TREASON by attempting to install the BQ in a position of power by allowing the BQ to be in a coalition that would essentially rule Canada. Think about it, they are crushing the markets today and our dollar could soon plummet to levels not seen in years.

Many of my fellow commentators are ignoring the fact that 62% of the votes were cast against Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. The majority is in oppostion and if they can get along then the majority rule. Harper promised to work with the other parties in parliament. He has now broken that promise and obviously intends to continue to ignore the opinions of the majority. Stephen Harper is the creator of the coalition plan!

It is pretty obvious to me that the Liberals, NDP and Bloc are not in this for the good of the country - only the good of their party. We just had an election - the conservatives won the most seats. The conservatives had the highest % of the popular vote. The Liberals had their worst showing of all time, and now they could be forming the government. I hope the Governor General does not allow this coup to happen. We need to go back to the polls, or better yet, the oposition should come to their senses and realize that they lost the election and the conservative plan is what the country needs right now. If anyone is upset about the conservatives running a deficit, wait until the coalition start spending. Wait until the Liberals start cutting transfer payments, and the NDP bail out the big 3. The conservatives are taking the best approach. We will pay dearly for the upset. Plus, Dion, Layton, and Duceppe couldn't agree on the taste of water. How are they going to balance the power?

Sean c
What everyone fails to remember is that we elected 308 people to the house of commons. And the basis of any democracy is the old cliché, "democracy wins". If its the will of the people(being that we are represented by our MP's) meaning that more MP's chose one way or another, then that will be the way this country will be governed. If you back the other parties into a corner you are going to get bitten, and I think harper is learning that but cannot change his mind now. He bit the hand that fed him in his last government, that hand being enough opposition MP's either voting for his bills or just not voting all together, but the stakes are FAR to high this time. What is scary for me is he would have unabated control of Canada and this is the first sign. For crying out loud he believes he has a majority and he’s paying for it now. The conservative party has got what is coming to them, and to quote Charles Roberts, "They don't trade coaches".

Sharon H. from NB
This is beginning to sound like a military coup trying to over throw government. Is this really happening in Canada??!!! I "voted" for the goverment I wanted running my country. Are we still a democracy or we communist?

Marc Creel
Pathetic to see the voice of the people usurped by a bunch of opportunistic, power-hungry and selfish politicians. I am ashamed to be Canadian.

Gregory d
Hey everyone
I have a problem with the spinners saying it is still democratic because the coalition has a bigger percent of the vote. Coalitions work well in other countries and could work well here but in those other countries the voters are well aware of the possibility of a coalition and take this into account in their vote. For example I voted liberal but had I thought that they would form a coalition it could of change my vote. In my view, because it has not been an intricate part of our politics, it should go back to the people to decide. Although I don't like any politicians and the last thing I want is another election, our country is worth it. If the coalition has a valid argument that Harper's policies are so harmful to the country, and I don't disagree, then why would they not want the people to kick his butt out.
I suspect they are afraid to go to the people because they know it is not the will of the people so they are trying to grab power. I hate Harper but this is not the way. I will bet my truck that if the GG was to announce that she would error on the side of caution and let the people decide, this coalition would never over through the government. I have to ask what are they afraid of.
My opinion get rid of them all conservatives included.

This all reminds me of some things a Yugoslavian refugee told me years ago. He said it was a prospering European country, then, crooks took over the government. Factions took hold and the result was war and poverty. I learned WESTERN SEPARATISM from my mother, IT HAS BEEN AROUND FAR LONGER than the Quebec version. In the last few years I have been alarmed at the increase in this sentiment. IF THE WEST WANTS OUT; BE VERY AFRAID! They are not “have not gravy train feeders”, they will not use the Clarity Act as a leverage tool, it’s an EXIT STRATEGY. These power hungry left wingers are playing with a PRAIRIE FIRE!

Matt from Winnipeg
Mr. Harper does need to wake up a realize he is in a minority government and unfortunatly some comprimses need to be made.

Canadians still elect members of parliment in an antiquated fashion and a coalition which will consist of more than 50% of the popular vote in the previous election is more democratic than the convervatives ruling pretending they have a majority. Even if they did somehow manage to edge out a majority government the oppostion colation would still have had a larger share of canadian votes except then there is nothing that could be done about it.

This is unfathomable! While as some here have said it is “technically”allowable under our system of government (Westminster Parliamentary system) in reality, to most of the electorate, this constitutes a slap in the face. The Bloc is not a national party – they represent the interests of Quebec separatists and provincial voters who see them as a way to put Québec’s interests first vis-à-vis the REST of Canada. For those who say that Québec is part of Canada too – yes they are – but that’s not how politics is done in Quebec!

If you factor the Bloc out of this Machiavellian power grab the Rest of Canada gave the Tories a solid majority. To say otherwise is playing semantics to support a pre-existing bias against the current party in government. If you don’t like the Tories fine; however, don’t justify your bias by supporting what the Liberals and NDP are trying to do. Just say that you want a left leaning coalition that you support in power; One that lost the last election convincingly. Compared to the rest of the OECD the Country is still fiscally strong. To make willy-nilly knee-jerk spending decisions now puts us back to the Trudeau years of so called stimulus spending which got us nowhere but in substantial debt.

If they succeed in this the only course of action is a new election. While they maybe within the bounds of the constitutional framework; In the real-world, they have no Legitimacy. Just wait want the Bloc wants something for Quebec that is politically untenable for the rest of Canada.

I am so happy, words cannot describe it. The Liberal and NDP are hopefully going to make this COALITION PERMANENT.

I hope when the Liberal Party have their convention that this is mentioned and a proposal to merge both parties is accepted, welcome back NDP!


Jeannette Boisvenu, Ottawa ON
We elected conservatives, so let them do the job. What about the population, we should have a say about this. I strongly do not agree with a coalition considering who would lead us into tax tax tax....If they put Rae as leader we would get some of the same we had with him as our premier of Ontario PLEASE, don't let that happen.

SK Democracy Lover
Dion, Layton, Duceppe - the Gang of Three...thank you for screwing the TSX today...

Diana Tyssen
These guys are crazy. If I didn't vote conservative in the past I certainly will be now.

Dave Edmonton
WHAT A JOKE!!!!!! I guess that's the only way Layton can become leader! Canada didn't want Dion and now Layton wants to make Canada a joke of the western world. What about the big CEO's of the car comapnies Layton? Did you see them cutting there salies? Of course not. Wake up Layton and smell the coffee!

This is what I think the problem is. MP's cannot work outside their party lines or else they would never be in a cabinet position or be kicked out of their party. Good luck trying to win as an independent. I think the solution would be to separate the PM's office from the rest of the house thus creating an executive branch to government. This way we would probably see more non-partisan work done in the house (since the party whip would have little to no powers to taunt its own members). If you are worried about adding too much bureaucracy in Ottawa, just get rid of the senate. They don't seem to do much anyways.

Paul Alan
The $1.95 coup.

How Canadian.

Small minded politicians grabbing power for small change.

As for Harper - great arrogance brings great failure.

A catastrophe in the making.

Randy Faires
Maybe the parties should realize that it is time to stand on there own toe feet and quit askiong for payment in the way of taxes. The BLOC need not apply as they seem to have no use for the rest of Canada anyway. As far as I am concerned the leaders of NDP,LIB and the Bloc should be arrested for conspireing to overthrow the Goverment.

Arleigh Luckett
Sixty-one percent of the electorate voted for platforms that included working toward a fairer, greener, more prosperous Canada based on sustainable economic development. They did not vote to curb the right of public servant to strike, weaken pay equity legislation or gut the program for supporting political parties based on the proportion of the vote they earned. Policy is more important than partisan politics and personalties.

As one of those 61.2%, I support the coalition as the most democratic outcome of the October 14 election. If you support the coalition, one of the most convincing ways to show that support is to CONTRIBUTE NOW TO THE PARTY OF YOUR CHOICE. That will show you are serious in a way no one will be able to dispute and they are going to need resources to promote a positive view of the coalition in the face of the inevitable attack ads.

Ronald Jones
This situation is so offensive and revolting it defies the imagination. A month ago I was proud to be a Canadian - today I am totally embarrassed and disgusted. These clowns were sent to Ottawa for one reason - to run this country! Now that appears to be their last and most distant priority. It is bad enough that public funds support a party with a singular devotion to destroying the country, and now we have an opposition - decidedly rebuffed a mere 6 weeks ago - that is siezing power like a bunch of rebels in a tin pot dictatorship. I wish we could throw every one of them out into the streets and start over again. Disgusting. Shameful. Outrageous. Despicable. Nauseating.

Anne Ottawa
the thing that really p'sses me off is that those lame ducks are taking advantage of the bad economy, and blaming it on Harper. there is no magic bullet to this situation, face it. Harper has not done anything that was not helpful in this situation. throwing money at it is not going to fix it, that is just going to leave us with higher taxes, which I personally do not need. the fact that the TSX has plunged over 600 pts today says alot to me about confidence of the average person in this country in this- everyone is wary of it. these are not times for chaos like this, the economy needs a steady hand and stability. this has just created complete lack of confidence in the market and economy. good work Taliban Jack, dumb dion and defector duceppe! great on you. people are going to show it with votes next time out. us voters have LONG memories. Bob Rae does not have a chance because of that. look at these characters, they cant even agree on who would lead it. and foisting a useless twit like Dion on us is complete bs since we did not sign off on that. you guys are selfish and greedy. I am embarrassed to have the world witnessing this crap. I am not saying Harper was right to remove the tax payer funding for the parties, but what I am glad about is that alot of people did not even realize their taxes were going there, and many perks that politicians get were brought to light. awareness is good. Harper has backed down on pulling the political funding and still Taliban plunges ahead.

Pauline M.
I'm almost in shock over this political "coup". This is not a democratic move for the good of Canadians; this a power move to "appoint" whining losers (and one traitor) at a critical time in our country's history. Who wants another $30million election? How irresponsible! I'm hoping for a rising of the people to show these clowns we won't put up with this kind of nonsense...Pay attention, politicians!

Charlotte from Alberta
I am appsolutely appalled that the opposition would go through back doors to do what they couldn't do through an election. I would rather see an election than have leaders who will not negotiate and stab the Canadian voters in the back. They were not given the privilege of running the country for a reason and to do bring down a government without giving it a change, or negotiation is a betrayal of the Canadian people.

Kathy in Calgary
Talk of a Coalition Anyone with a Brain knows how stupid it would be to simply throw taxpayers money around on a stimilus package at this time. Canada is the envy of every nation right now, all because the Harper Conservatives had the foresignt to take steps prior to the crash. Why would should Canada randomly throw money around. Stay the course. Our biggest trade partner will soon have a new President and Economic team. To blindly stumble foreward without knowledge of what the Obama Presidency has under their hat, would be fool hardy indeed. WAKE UP Dion, Layton & Duceppe! This is nothing more than a sleezy power grab and you all make me sick. As for the $1.95 per vote, you never should have had it in the first place. Phase it out.

Adam From Calgary
So if three parties want to form a coalition good for them. As far as I know each MP is susposed to represent the views of the voters in their ridings. What if the conservative want to join the coalition also? they have shown by changing some of the policies in Flaherty's update that they are willing to try to make government work. The results of last election has already decided a PM and cabinet. In my opinion it is the responsability of our Governor General to say if you want to form a coalition go ahead... but you must use all parties that are in the house of commons. It's like 4 kids playing in the playground and 3 of the kids go up to mom and say "We don't want to play with him! He's a (add any hurtful comment here)." What should the mom do? force the kids to play together or let them discriminate against the one kid?

I look forward to watching the "play" unfold in Ottawa. Stephen Harper has demonstrated that he is incapable of garnering people's trust, both within parliament and across the country, only bringing in minority governments. His form of leadership does not work. Instead of looking at what is taking place across Canada and working with his parliamentary colleagues to address the concerns and real needs of Canadians as the world turns on its head, he chose to attack and harm his opponents and the concerns of Canadians be damned.

I am glad that the opposition parties have finally decided to stand up to the bullying and silencing tactics of this minority government. But as an active citizen I will watch them as well - you have my support as long as you work in the best interests of the country and its people.

Glenn W.
Welcome to the "Republic of Canada". Enough said.

Steve Daly, Mississauga
Call the election!

The rallying cry will be Anyone But Coalition and a massive Conservative majority will wipe out the Liberals, NDP and Bloc.

The only two winners will be Stephen Harper and the Green Party. Harper gets to hammer a couple of nails into the Liberal coffin and the Greens would have a very real chance of forming the Official Opposition.

Bring it on.

Mike S
I rather have a coalition for now then another election that we do not need and have a manoraty goverment. maybe this time the conservative supporters will actually see why the people did not give Harper a majoraty goverment. Harper did not win a majoraty in the last 2 elections. Maybe he needs to stop being a "bully" and actually listen to the public since we are teh one that elects them to power

debbie d.
We need more communication between all parties about all issues. Do the parties not realize that bringing down the government would cost all Canadians more money? Is that what we need at this time? Why did I take the time to go out and vote? The people voted. Don't make us do again, we may be in for a far worse situation.

Harper should resign if his minority doesn't work.
Harper was granted a minority government because Canadians do not trust him.

Pathetic to see the voice of the people usurped by a bunch of opportunistic, power-hungry and selfish politicians. I am ashamed to be Canadian.

Resign from politics, Harper.

Danielle L, Ottawa, ON
Hearing about the possibility of yet another election in the upcoming weeks was shocking. Listening to reports regarding this issue over the past few days, I am left with a need to hear the facts that justify this coalition. The Liberals are speaking of bad-decision making on the part of the Harper government regarding economic issues and though I am no expert in economy, I can't see how spending more money on elections and taking the focus away from dealing with the real issues will be of any help to Canadians. Any government in power in these trying times will have many challenges and in order to be successful, need the time, resources and help from all the parties. I am wondering just how fair it is to pronounce the Harper government incompetent so quickly without giving them the chance to come up with real solutions and of course, without any positive recommendations from the other parties? Bottom line, as a citizen what I feel throughout all of this is that the Liberal government is taking advantage of the nation's poor economic situation to take back power and heal their wounds after the last elections. Shame on them!

Liberals, NDP and Bloc - 3 gutless, power-hungry parties which can't even function as an effective opposition. Now they form a coalition government to throw our nation into a massive deficit while slapping the face of corporations during a period of global recession?

Sure, we don't need corporations. The coalition government can just hand out food stamps when half of our nation is unemployed and overtaxed trying to pay our way out of their deficit spending! I, for one, will make it clear how I feel about these tyrants with my vote. You've made my choice even stronger!

Hey all, I hate to say this but I agree with a number of people who suggest an election is best , I voted against Mr. Dion, not for Mr. Harper . The last thing I want to see is the possibility of Bloc having a say in what the Counrty does, however I am in total support of the the prov of Quebec having a say , I hope you understand the difference . This has to be the dumbest thing the NDP and Liberials have come up with.

I am going to use a phase "We the People" no I am not an American , I am a Newfoundlander and very proud one . We the people of Canada need to stand up now . We need to go back to the poles and make a decision, a resounding decision. What ever that is we need to say it loud and clear. we have to make the leaders of this courty understand what we want , we need to do it now .... I would vote tomorrow if I was asked , I would do anything at this point not to let the Liberals and NDP make decisions for me

Please Madame Governor General stop this madness ...

send us back to the poles

Johann Flores -Vancouver
IF this "coalition" was around before the election AND this coalition was voted into power THEN it could be said that they speak for the so-called majority of the Canadian people.

I guess if you can't win an election fairly, just form a coalition and seize power regardless of the Will of the People through the back door.

I wanted status quo. I voted Conservative but wanted a minority to keep things in check. All this means is that my vote never mattered in the end.

So much for doing the "right thing". Here is the corruption and eventual destruction of democracy in Canada.

DB - Winnipeg
Folks - if this coalition of the clueless comes to pass - I am really afraid that the impending recession will be much much worse in Canada now than previously. Can't wait - massive job cuts (in spite of billions and billions in bailout packages that will quickly evaporate)Canada placed in a serious deficit position, and the debasing of the Canadian currency - when the coalition 'government' directs the Bank of Canada to print more money to cover all of this. Folks - this is serious, never mind partisanship right now. Layton, Dion and Ducceppe can and will do serious damage to this country if this is allowed to continue.

Randy Murrrell
These out-voted minorities are grouping together for their own survival. We are not immune to this WORLD financial crisis, and the last thing I want representing my Canada in any way is a self-serving, idealic rebellions from Layton, or Dion for that matter. This behavior is exactly why I switched from a Liberal to a Conservative. How the Liberals overlooked Ignatieff for the Liberal leadership, for Dion I will never understand. Disrupting the peoples choice now because of this mistake, in probably the worst economical time in our lifetime is shameful.
Hopeville, On

Brent - Penticton
Isn't it wonderful how a couple of things in a pre-budget statement can galvanize our Parliament. The sense of co-operation between the Liberals, NDP, and the separatist federal party, the Bloc is absolutely overwhelming and unprecedented. This may very well lead to Mr. Duseppe being the Leader of a new merged party that would represent all of Eastern Canada. Can you imagine how Mr. Duseppe would feel about having more of Canada to separate and govern. We could even name the new countries Upper Canada and Lower Canada, with Lower Canada obviously being everything from Manitoba west.

Keep it up Messr's Chretien/Broadbent/Layton/Duseppe, and let's not forget the Liberal triumvirate of Dion, Ignatieff, and Rae, and you will see what a truly inept House of Commons we will have, or maybe one that will serve the annointed and one that will serve the people. Guess which one is which.

This only makes it more difficult for a stimulus package as how do you efficiently serve the people of Canada and the anointed as well.

Good luck Upper Canada, you will need it.

This whole concept is highly undemocratic, a power grab and quite frankly disgusting. Voters turned away the socialist, corrupt and taxing Liberals 2 months ago. Our economy is not that bad and we must wait until Jan 20th to see what Obama does with the Auto sector before Canadians potentially waste billions on car company bailouts. Canadians should be outraged and march en-masse in Ottawa if this coupe goes through. Whenever the next election is the Liberals and NDP will be crucified for this socialist coupe!

Suzanne in Toronto
The proposed coalition has clarified their modus operandi from the outset: to be self-serving above all else. The Liberals haven't been able to agree on their own leadership and have been so inwardly focused for the past few years that they have no idea what Canada needs, nor acceptance of what we just voted for. LPC, you are alienating those who have stuck with you for years: get your own house in order before you attempt to run this country. And get elected in by the people: don't you dare try a political coup!

Vickie B
The great thing about being Canadian is being able to express our opinions.

There are quite a few who wish to see this coaliton and just as many who don't.

I am wondering if all those who wish to see the coalition are not just supporting it because they would rather not support the current Prime Minister or are they really thinking they have the future of Canada in their hearts.

I do not see what is so wrong with cutting millions of dollars from the political parties of this country. They should be able to fund their own elections.

I don't have a problem saying civil servants cannot strike. They took jobs where they knew they would serve the country in support of the remainder of the population. When civil servants strike far too many things are unavailable.

I don't see why the Member's of Parliment should receive outlandish perks.

There has to be stimulus and probably a bail out, but the companies asking for handouts should have to provide proof of their own reorganization. Proof that they will improve their internal operations before they get a cent.

I agree with a lot on here the GG costs us too much.

I am concerned that the coalition will create a huge problem in the stock market, it will cause major issues with trust around the world. Look a the TSX today, down another 600 pts. Our dollar is sliding fast. You think it does not have alot to do with this?

There is a lot more at stake here than just voting ABC or whining and complaining about a few cuts in political funding.

Please think twice before you jump on this bandwagon. When the wheels fall off this wagon it is going to be a huge crash!

Doug BC
It makes no difference if you're Liberal,NDP,or a member of any other party,you are being by-passes by the thugs in Ottawa and having a government imposed on you by the eastern elitists in Parliament.
I do not like Mr.Harper or his style.But,his party and the platform they presented got more votes that the ones put forward by any other party.
While there are legal ways to circumvent the results of the last election,it must not be accepted by voters in Canada.Precedent and common sense dictate that the Conservative platform should take priority over the policies put forward,and voted for by more Canadians than any other party platform.
During the turbulence of the last Parliament,Mr.Dion often,and rightly claimed that the Liberals had a greater level of responsibility than was born by the NDP.
This is wrong people.By any measure of anyone other than those willing to say anything in the name of party loyalty.Our,and their first level of loyalty is to Canada.NOT to any party.
If this goes forward,a very divided Canada will be the result,and the bittereness will go on for decades.The next election will either see the Harper majority that a lot of Canadians have feared,or a return to the days when Ontario rules the country via the Liberal party,and their 40% majorities.
Neither,in my opinion,is good for the future of this nation.
Harper has a lot to answer for,no doubt.But those engineering this power grab should be ashamed of themselves.This takeover may be an easy path to power.But traditionally,we prefer to vote for a party that gets to work and brings forward a policy platform we can support.Not one that uses legal maneuvering to negate the results of a fair election.
I will NEVER vote Liberal or NDP again.Period.

M. Burns
I thought this was a democracy where we just had an election to determine who was to run the country. If the Canadian people had wanted what the Liberals and New Democrats were offering - we would have voted them into power. Since we didn't - the people obviously don't think their way was the right way. We have one of the strongest economies in the global meltdown that is happening now and according to report I have been reading we are doing the right thing by "holding the course". If we start throwing money around helter skelter where will that economy be? Not only that, by removing incentives for the larger corporations, they will be cutting back not creating jobs. Already the markets are reacting to the news and are on another downward slide.

Phil Galbraith
The point that seems to be lost in the story is that the majority of Canadians did vote for the Liberals and NDP combined. So it makes absolute sense for both parties to form the government. How democratic is it for party that received 37% of the popular vote to run the country like they have a majority? Why is a coalition such an undemocratic act of politics? The Europeans have been forming coalitions for years. And what better way to to represent the population of Canada than to have competing parties with differing ideologies work together to achieve political and economic stability in this country. So lets not look at it as a power grab and the bane of democracy in Canada, but as a way for Canada to get the government they voted for.

Sask Man
The Coalition is stiring the pot of Western Alienation.

The high jacking of this newly elected Conservative government, is a dangerous thing. It looks to me like the eastern big dogs are comming out of the wood work to take control of a democratically elected government. They invited our ex premier Roy to take part in this group of wisemen. Too bad as I used to respect Roy.

Liberals, Bloc and NDP need to be very careful, as this doesn't look good from out here.

Stuart, in Calgary SouthWest (Harpers riding)
Wow, PM Harper, your arrogance finally caught you. After years as PM, bullying the other parties to do what you wanted, they finally said enough, on a very important issue. You took a county, in great financial shape, reducing its debt (have we not learned one thing from this crisis, debt is really bad), and completely changed it.

In a minority government, your approach to working with the other parties has been to bully them to your way of thinking, and it worked, for a while....

It seems as though the opposiiton finally found a backbone. Look what they are doing, working together, is that not what government, and especially a minority, is all about anyway. Harper bully approach has finally been stopped.

...is there a Conservative who could also be given a cabinet post, to really make this government work effectively? Wouldn't that be the icing on the cake, mind you, I am sure Harper would kick them out of caucus anyway....

Bring on the coalition! The Conservatives have failed to lead, failed to provide help to the economy and now try to say the same plan they were hatching to oust former PM Martin is somehow undemocratic. What a load of BS.

62% of Canadians didn't vote Conservative in the last election...so, Harper and the gang should drop the whole "we have a stronger mandate" nonesense. They don't and the opposition is showing them exactly that...all within the rules of our Constitution.

Sorry Conservatives...you can't have it both ways.

If I wanted my money to support the big 3, I'd go out and buy a new SUV. But I need to decide when it is economically feasible for me to spend. As should the government.

V Morrison
We are not the only ones going thru hard times. I thought we the people voted for our leaders. The other parties are basically telling us we don't matter, our voting process is a waste of time and money. We are dealing with grown children. I didn't vote for a coalition government. The block? Dion? Rae? what the hell are they thinking and are we going to let this happen. Call or e-mail the Governor General's office that you are outraged with this. We need to take a stand. We may not be pleased with Harper but this is NOT the alternative, we should not just sit back and let these fools play with our lives because they feel threatened by the cut in funding. VM, Toronto

David Thompson Calgary
I find it very difficult to swallow the idea that 3 parties with completely different agendas can get together and offer stable govenment.

A coalition government would be one of gridlock with 3 parties all wanting to sell their agenda and don't forget the now opposition Conservatives. Of course, every day would be Christmas in Quebec.
The West would be completely ignored.

We need stable government in times of crisis, not politcal grandstanding.

Anne Cooney
Let's go to the polls...I do not want a coalition government to ruin our country, the Liberals, NDP and Bloc are all a bunch of cry babies, and spoilt rotten, they are like children in a sandbox, throwing sand at others and crying when it gets thrown back at them. As for listening in on conversations, hey, suck it up, during the last election campaign how many times did we hear about this conversation and that conversation that the conservatives had had, stop whining and let the voted in party do their job and grow up the bunch of you.

Winceton - BC
Tories insisted on having another election to the tune of $300 mil and ended up with a minority for yet a second time.
A coalition government is a legal and democratic part of the rules of our government. The majority of Canadians did not want Harper. I think it's the people commenting here that need to take a note from Obama and work together with rivals for the common good, the betterment of our country. We don't have time to wait for this current minority government to get its act together. We need decisive action both economically and environmentally now and not 2 months from now when Harper decides to get around to it.

Who cares if there is an "all-star" group heading this coalition. The reality is that there will be a group (NDP & Lib) with fundamentally different ideologies running country. What an effin joke.

Tom In Toronto
It is unbelieveable that in a first world country a duly elected government could be replaced by a coalition of 3 rival parties, of which 1 party is led by a lame duck who is being replaced by his own party because he isn't a leader; one of whom leads a party that has never been relevant in the modern political landscape; and 1 of which is dedicated to the breakup of the nation. What a total joke.

Darcy Dupas, B.A. Econ.
The Keynesian school of economic thought is dead. I was proved wrong by the fiscal conservative revolution of 1993 in Alberta, by the Klein government, and later by the Chretien Liberals. Fiscal contraction pulled us out of the malaise of the early 90's, not free spending and public sector splurges. Economic recovery of this economy will be found through the tightening of our belts, and rebuilding our real infrastructure...not through corporate welfare with an outmoded auto sector, propping up over-supplied commodity sectors like lumber, or through bureaucratic expansion. Let the global economies run their deficits. Canada should stay the course of fiscal conservatism by reducing spending and continued reductions in the corporate and individual tax rates - while simultaneously refocusing community building efforts in real infrastructure (and I would suggest we start in First Nation communities). This will provide a long-term model of solid Return on Investment for private capital, and prosperity for all.

peter tilt
I am dismayed and ashamed to observe the irresponsible and brinkmanship style of politics currently being displayed by all parties in Ottawa. I am not a US booster but I must say the bipartisan efforts of our American counterparts more properly reflect the gravity and magnitude of the issues facing all of us. We need consistency and leadership and we are getting division, rancor and dangerous gameplaying.

It is nothing but infuriating to see the Canadian Government WASTING tax payers money by calling the nonsense elections that don’t appear to make any difference to the idiots who are unfortunately running our country. There is not one party I have any comfort running our country. Every time they call another election it says to the Canadian public that they don’t really care what they want, because they still haven’t received what they want… which is power. This is a struggle for power and nothing more.

Layton, get over yourself, you will NEVER be Prime Minister. Why Duceppe is even allowed to be part of the Canadian Government is a complete shock when all he wants to do is separate the country and the Liberals don’t even have enough confidence in their own party leader that they’re all backstabbing Dion trying to figure out how they can sit in his chair!

It’s sad that the leaders are more interested in grabbing power then working together to bring this country out the impending recession.

And one last thought. PAUL MARTIN?????? REALLY? Guiding the Coalition??? Enough said!

John B. from Orillia
Although not card carrying, I am a Conservative voter/supporter. In my view, even absent the "issue" of the economic statement, the oppostion had no choice. The conservatives were not governing in good faith. The long term existence of these parties, especially when there is a majority, is dependent upon an implied contract that acknowledges that the respective parties have a right to exist. The conservatives, even in a minority position are in breach of that implied understanding. What would they have done in a majority position?

Let me start off by saying that as an Albertan I am afraid of what this coalition will do to my quality of life.

Having said that, I must say that Harper is a fool that needs to be tossed out on his ear. He felt like it was time for another election and the voters said quite clearly that we liked having a minority. Then he provides this terrible economic statement that was written as if he had a majority. Big gamble and mistake. Now he had taken away an opposition day that was scheduled for today which made me recall he wasn't to keen on that idea when he was the leader of the opposition. Here is a quote I found from April 19, 2005 "When a government starts trying to cancel dissent or avoid dissent is frankly when it's rapidly losing its moral authority to govern," Conservative Leader Stephen Harper. ...

You said it best buddy! I can't wait for my new leader to be named.

Graeme McLean
I'm glad to see Martin's name pop up in case this does happen (I doubt it will). If I could have anyone managing the economy right now, it would be him.

To all of you that say coalitions work in other countries, please provide some examples. Maybe you’re thinking of Italy with 52 governments since WW II, or Israel with elections almost every year. The list of those that work is much shorter, in fact I think the sheet might be blank. They all result in another election, so maybe we should just get on with it.

It is the responsibility of the opposition to find ways to work with the Cons to make the minority government work for CANADIANS. It's time to start thinking of their constituents and not themselves. That’s responsible representation. They're like a bunch of children fighting for the attention of their parents while the illegitimate stepchild the Bloc eggs them on.

Only in Canada could traitor’s hold the balance of power, and only a power thirsty moron like Jack Layton & the “we are superior crowd” (all of them) in the Liberal party would work make it that way.

This should make Canadians wake up, but it won't & likely not until everything is laying in pieces. I hope but am very doubtful that the Govenor General has enough sense to tell these guys to forget it.

Rollback $50 billion corporate tax cuts; this will result in more job losses and cause some companies to close the doors in Canada. Just what we need in this economic crisis.

Peter in Ottawa
The Liberals undertake a $42B flip flop (corp taxes)on their core election economic platform - in an election dominated by the economy - and somehow folks think this coalition has a legitimate mandate?

Freakin' amazing.

Keith in Brampton
Part of me thinks the Conservatives deserve this for their ham-handed attempt to use the current economic crisis as an excuse to hamstring the opposition parties - and part of me fears a coalition that needs the Bloc's cooperation to survive.

This mess is ultimately the Govenor General's fault. Back in September, when Harper decidd to break his own law and went to the GG to call an election, she should have told him then that - as there was no vote of non-confidence - it is the PM who lacks confidence in his own ability to govern and that therefore the Liberals should be given the chance to form a coalition.

Had that happened THEN, odds are the PM would have backed down, taxpayers would have been saved $300 million, and NOW we could be going to the polls with REAL issues to vote on - rather than be faced with all these politicians playing chess with the nation's fate while our jobs and retirement plans go up in flames...

Dave at Okotoks, Alta
I am outraged at the audacity of these politicians. They will divide this country should their scheme actually succeed. It is just a power struggle. I have always been proud of voting for the past 36 years. Should this scheme go through I will never bother voting again.

So we'll take $50 Billion from the successful, tax-paying corporations that are creating all the jobs and give some of it back ($30b) to the corporations that can't make it on their own, and keep the rest for our own selfish spending.

That should help.

Just what you would expect from the Liberals.

My goodness people, how quickly we forget. Was this not Stephen Harper's first bid for power in 2004 when Paul Martin was P.M.? All I can say Mr. Harper is what comes around goes around. As for forming a partnership with the Bloc, didn't Mr. Harper already do that when he was elected to his 1st minority government, something about giving them cabinet seats as I remember....People give your heads a shake, Mr. Harper was not elected to a majority government as he wanted. In fact some of the ridings he won very narrowly. We just had a election where there was one of the lowest voter turn outs on record, that should tell you something

People here pointing out that 62% of Canadians voted against Harper are putting forward a strawman argument. You are using the numbers in a way to support your own assertion. 62% did not vote against Harper, they voted for parties who supported their views. If everyone really did want to vote against Harper they would have voted to for one party to give them a majority and remove the Conservatives.

To say only 32% voted for the Conservatives is fine. But you then also have to accept only 17% supported the NDP and Jack Layton who has been engineering this coalition from the start. Only 26% supported the Liberals. And as for the Bloc, nobody outside Quebec supports them.

The facts are the we had an election that gave the Conservatives another mandate and all parties should be working with the mandate they were given; not trying to change the results of the election we just had.

Mike from Alberta
Everyone likes to say the majority voted against the Cons. I would like to say you people don't get it. The majority of people voted against taking the 50 billion tax cut for the companies, now we are going to get it. The majoity of people voted against tax increases. Now we will get it. The majority of people voted against the liberals we are going to get them too. Only a fringe voted for Jack and we will get him. I am sick of that false arguement. Canada will now be run by the separtists, (you want our vote give money to Quebec) the liberal party of Toronto (and we know they are reflective of the country), and now as we see power at all costs and no ethich Layton. Iknow the majority of the country did not vote for this!.

John Baird is absolutely correct. The other parties, particularly the Liberals, are using the 'economic crisis' as a pretext for what is essentially an overthrow of the government. From what the rules will be should the 'coalition' come to power, it appears Canada will be living under a dictatorship of four people.

M from Manitoba
A line from a popular movie comes to mind: "So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause." Except over here it will be with thunderous protests, as it should! Maybe this way the Liberals and NDP will finally realize this is not what the majority of Canadians want, and will back off and let us keep our liberty to have a say on who governs our country! They had no right to threaten it in the first place! Prime Minister Stephen Harper will get his majority.

This is totally ridiculous.

Susan Shannon
I just can't believe that I live in a country where a party that was democratically elected by the majority of its citizens, is now being "taken over" by a bunch of sore losers. I voted Liberal for years, prior to Mr. Dion's so-called leadership, but if these parties proceed with this take over, I will NEVER EVER vote Liberal again! I find this backroom, underhanded stuff disgusting and childish! Give Mr. Harper a chance to govern. So far, I don't think he's done such a bad job and the reality is, I'd much sooner see him representing Canada to the world, than any of the leftovers. You all lost for a reason -suck it up children!!

Seppo from Woodstock
This just wrong! We held an election, the winner was proclaimed. Now the losers want to force their way into power without an election; isn't this akin to treason?

Big Jim
Get out the life preservers we will go down now for sure!
Losers cannot winners be!
Canada is sunk if these idiots get their way!

K Wall
Let's stop calling this ridiculous proposition a coalition. It's a coup attempt. The government was re-elected, the people spoke, and that's it. Only 38% of the population? Liberals used to have about that much and they formed a majority, nobody complained then.

I admit that Harper DID ask for this to happen by being inflexible and I always thought he would have to contend with some sort of constitutional crisis cooked up by a combo of his own ego and an "entitled" Liberal opposition.

The Governor General would do well to see through this as a Liberal temper tantrum. Jean should Dion and Layton away from Rideau Hall, tell them where to put their coalition, and then summon Harper to Rideau Hall, give him a royal (apologies for the pun) chewing out for bringing the country to the brink of a crisis, demand he begin negotiating with the opposition and reach a consensus within 30 days and if that doesn't work, dissolve Parliament and call an election. It may be a little too much of an activist role for the Governor General to play but at this point, the onus is on Jean to be the grownup since the others stopped a long time ago. And the idea of a Governor General sacking a strong-headed, uncooperative Prime Minister isn't without precedent in the Commonwealth (Australia, 1975).

Bob Smith
If the elected government is coming down, it should be Canadians that decide who will lead the country. If this monstrosity thinks it can lead Canada, take it to the election polls or a referendum. Let the people of Canada decide.

Peter Rapsey
Linda, we have been playing with fire...for over 2 years. This Conservative Government must go at any cost. Certainly Mr. Duceppe and his party will have to cooperate, but I see Mr. Duceppe as far more honourable than Mr. Harper...who doesn't want to cooperate with anyone but Mr. Harper. Go Coalition!!

Michelle L. of Calgary
I seem to recall that successful coalitions that have been formed in other nations usually involve the one party that had the most seats plus another to give a majority and not this behind the scenes scenario. As much as I am opposed to this coalition, something needs to be done with the parties, etc. or else we will be stuck with minority after minority governments for a long time.

Last time I checked we are all Canadians whether we vote Liberal, NDP, or Conservative. Can someone please explain to me how in the hell this fighting is doing our country any good?? As far as I'm concerned this is just childish crap. Would someone in Ottawa please stand up and look out for what is best for Canada and not their political career!

Dave in Nepean
Un freakin believable what is happening. The
liberals are climbing into bed with the ndp and the bloc heads to form a gov. The voters made their decision which we have to live with but parties can't. I guess rolling back their 30 million subsidies was too much, God forbid harper tried to save some tax payers money.

The Canadian people did not give Harper a mandate to govern a majority government. He has proven that he is not willing to work with the opposition and he has not done anything to deal with this economic crisis. In fact, he is using the current crisis to his advantage in an attempt to ruin the opposition parties. That's not democracy, that’s fascism. A coalition government would have to work with other parties, just like Canadians wanted and expressed in the last election.

Canadians (with the exception of those in Calgary Southwest) did not elect Harper. He was nowhere on the ballot, and we elected individual MP's. As for the opposition parties forming a coalition, that's actually the essence of Democracy. As for the sour grapes over a BQ/NDP deal, well, Harper's government was never beneath dealing with the BQ. In 2004, Harper, Layton, and DUCEPPE wrote a letter to then-GG Clarkson suggesting much the same.

Adam from Edmonton
The comments thus far have been to quick to denounce the move on the part of the Liberals, NDP and Bloc as undemocratic. While you may have voted Concervative in the last election, Canada did not. If you take the Coalition as a whole, they recieved 54.4 percent of the popular vote as opposed to 37.6 percent to the Concervatives. While Im sure people will write comments of how this means nothing, the fact is that the Coalition government would represent a greater percentage of Canadians than the Concervatives. This move is not undemocratic, communist or any of the other off base things it has been called. In the Canadian Constituion where no one party is elected with a majority either the party with the most seats or a coalition of parites may form the government. This move by the opposition parties is entirely democratic, lawful and Canadian. Harper attempted to maintain power by bankrupting the other parties, and now it may backfire. For all those who are angry at the politics of the Liberals, NDP and Bloc you must be ingnoring the unfair and unnecessary actions of the Concervative Government. Instead of acting to govern Canada effectively, Harper made moves to hurt his opponents. Hopefully this can be settled one way or the other so that which ever Government we have can guide our country through uncertain times.

First I have to pay the costs of a separatist party and now I watch as they take control of our country, this is beyond shameful and borders on treason.

The liberals will do anything to regain power, the NDP and Bloc need this to stay afloat as Canadians won't support them financialy.

Rise up Canadians, this Coup will create civil strife and possibly lead to the break up of our country.

Our government is being overthrown by Eastern and Separatist elements, stand up for Canada now, contact every MP and everybody you know to stop this travesty.

Andrew Vizer
When faced with grim circumstances, something has to give. In this case it has and the NDP, Liberals and Bloc have adapted to a new reality. This coalition will ultimately benefit all parties, even the Conservatives in that they can get rid of Stephen Harper.

I view such such a coalition as treasonous. And in my opinion any party that would align / unite with a separtist party isn't trying to stimulate the economy but trying to destroy it. The current government deserves a hand not a knife in the back.

A coalition makes sense as it would represent a majority of Canadians. Conservatives are divisive ideologues who will ultimately tear this country apart - they appeal to fear and hate, unfortunately some have fallen for it for hate of Ontario, for lack of a strong leader or because they are religious fundamentalists. Just look what Flaherty did to Ontario.

Further to my last comment the Governor General should not allow this undemocratic coalition to transpire. We are not living in a far left wing communist country. The people spoke 8 weeks ago and if need be have an election so that Canadians can exercise their democratic rights, which are being bypassed by Dion and Layton.

The so called opposition is not giving the Tories who were elected 8 weeks ago a chance and were in fact plotting all along to seize power, the Canadian people be damned in the process.

We must wait until Obama is in office and work in conjunction with him and the G7 on any major economic stimulus package e.g Auto stimulus.

The approach by the so called coalition is cookie cutter left wing power grabbing socialism and not democratic after we just had an election 8 weeks ago.

The opposition parties have every right to bring the government down and have a new and democratic election, but not seize power by a coupe. They don't want an election because they know the electorate in a democratic fashion would soundly defeat them...again. Even if the Liberals were to win an election at least it would be by a democratic vote. Shame on Dion and Layton for trying to seize power

The governor general should call an election if presented with this coalition farce of an idea. No matter what party you support please allow our cherished and valued Democracy to rule and the people of Canada are allowed to speak on this matter!

Mariana Masic
We vote for parties. The NDP, Liberals and the Bloc have a majority. That the Tories are now in a minority is their own fault. No one can stop them from committing political suicide. I have no faith in their ability to form a consensus. And during these economic times we need a consensus. If the other parties can give us that. More power to them.

Glen Boschman
Let the dream team has beens remain in the past. They had there shot at political power and gave it up or lost it. Leave it that way instead of hijacking a legitimatly elected gov't so the defeated liberals can regain power through a political coo.

Allan Eizinas
If it indeed appears that a Liberal/NDP coalition has been formed and the Bloc is prepared to support it then I believe that Harper will not give up his power to allow a coalition to take over at this time.

Some time this week he will prorogue parliament until some time in January to keep from getting defeated. This will give him time to try to unravel the coalition. By January, the Obama stimulus package will be clearer and Harper will jump on those economic coattails.

He will do this “for the betterment of Canada and to keep the voters from having to suffer through another election”.

That too is an option under that wonderful document called the Canadian Constitution.

Canada, what a wonderful place to live!

Sean Field
If this goes through, this shows our system of voting in a government is a joke.

The fact that we have to vote for a potentially incompetant local politician to try and get the head of state elected that we want, is ridiculous.

The party in power can then put in place the Senate, which is a waste of taxpayer money, that suites their needs.

I suggest that we need to have something similar to an American system where all parts of government are elected separately, including the House, Senate and PM.

But at the end of the day, it is our fault as a society for electing a minority government again. We elected a plain faced liar in Jean Chretian, why could the country not give the Conservatives a majority, and in 4 years if you don't like them, elect another party.

V. Barr
I would urge all straight-thinking citizens to write to the Gov. General and let her know how mad you are at this coalition fiasco! Her e-mail address is on the gov. internet site -- use it as we are all paying for this service. Write to your MPs - we are paying for their internet service. The Liberals, who have perfected in-fighting, can't even agree on who should be PM. This is not democracy. Layton who is always worried about the folks around the kitchen table, is not willing to give back $30M to taxpayers. This is socialism jumping into bed with separatists - what a bad mixture!

Mike from Ottawa
This is simply a disgrace! How Dion could even accaept this after getting his butt kicked in the election is beyond me. No conscience whatsoever by any of those involved.I hope the electorate wakes up next election and gives Harper a majority.... but sadly this is Canada with too many immigrants only seeing the colour RED!!

Brent in Godfrey
So, a party that won its smallest share of the popular vote since 1867 only two months ago will take over the reins of power with a Prime Minister who is about to be replaced by his own party, whose idea of economic stewardship is to appoint four people - none of whom are currently elected to any office - to manage the whole thing. We are also told that this becomes a reality due to the support of a party whose sole purpose is the political vivisection of Canada.

To those who applaud this idea, I can only judge that you put your party affiliation before your citizenship.

Shame on you!

I am shaking my head in disbelief with that abnormal and undemocratic coalition with NO MANDATE! The coaltion makes their own mandate without the consent of Canadians. That is insane. The coalition MUST BE STOPPED AT ANY COST! I have lost my respect for Ed Broadbent whom I considered was a great man. Jack has no brains at all. Dion is nothing but weak. They are trying to hijack Canada!

This is the beginning of the end of Liberal and NDP. GOOD BYE TO THEM PLUS BLOC.

Melanie Terrace,BC
If the BLOC,NDP,and Liberals wanted to govern as a coalition,they should have had the courage to say so BEFORE the last election.
Canadians voted for a minority government led by Conservatives.While they did not trust a Harper majority they did reject the policies of every other party in the house.
Voters don't like Mr.Harper enough to give him a majority.But they do like lower debt,lower taxes,and very prudent management of tax dollars.
This is wrong at every level.And I am a Liberal supporter.Although,perhaps not for much longer.If this coalition seizes power and starts shoveling money off the back of the truck to keep the NDP and BLOC on side,we must all reject these power brokers in the next election.
I will feel compelled to cast aside my concerns about a Harper majority,and support the Conservatives.

David Capper
I think this could be disasterous for the country.
I liked the prudent fiscal approach the conservatives were taking. I undersand the NDP wanting to join up with the Liberals & their lame duck leader. It concerns me greatly that they both then have to stay in bed with the Bloc in order to govern.

My Two Cents...
As much as I dislike the idea of a two-party system, I think that a coalition would prevent vote-splitting. We all have seen that the NDP and Green Party don't have enough votes to gain a majority, and with the vote being split between them and the Liberals, it just creates havoc. The Bloc doesn't help, as it is not a national party, and simply serves to prevent any party from attaining a majority. If we don't have a coalition, I think we will be stuck with these minority governments for some time.

Scott from Thorold
So the Liberals are going to compromise and scrap the Corporate Tax cuts that they said was necessary during the election.

Well that is just what the Big 3 and other Manufacturer's need ....HIGHER TAXES !!!!

How will not lowering their Taxes keep Corporations and Business in Canada and keep our jobs in Canada ???

God help us if we are now listening to Jack Layton.

Mark (Wellington County, ON)
The Conservative Party didn't win a majority the seats in the last election. They didn't win power. They won an opportunity to govern, which Prime Minister (for the moment) Harper squandered by deliberately antagonizing the opposition parties and betraying his own commitment to cooperate with them. I wish the 3 opposition (soon to be 2 government parties and the BQ) well. If they really have their eye on the economy and helping the country weather these difficult circumstances with good policies and actions, we can only benefit as a nation from this!

Kevin M
I would seriously like to know;

What the response would be if Mr. Harper stood in camera and invited anyone across the floor; who did not feel comfortable sitting in a government which included separatists, to walk across the floor and sit with a sane majority.

Karen Williams, Belleville
I am so angry I could spit nails!!!! Stephane Dion as Prime minister????? During the most serious economic crisis our nation and our world has ever seen?? We need steady experienced LEADERSHIP. We just had an election and Dion was clearly rejected by Canadians. Last I checked we lived in a democratic nation. I guess if we end up in another costly useless election I will be staying at home. What is the point for a young person to vote??
It is clear to me that the opposition parties are just using this as an opportunity to fuel their own agendas at the expense of our country.

Wow, I know what it feels like to experience a coup d'etat! The Liberals experienced one of their worst defeats in history, yet may become the main governing party in this coalition? This will only fuel the flames of western separation, especially when we all find out what the Bloq gets out of this deal. I hope the governor-general puts an end to this nonsense so this country can move on.

GT, Blind River
Truly a sad day for Canada.
We have become a third world country where governments can be topppled at will. No sense showing up to vote I guess...that is if we have future elections.

Travis in Ottawa
After reading 100 or so of the comments left on here, I gave up. It seems a l;ot of people are upset saying that 'the canadian people have spoken', in reagards to our last election, one person even stating that the liberals and NDP together have less seats than the conservatives, therefor that this new coalition would not represent Canada effectively. These epople seem to forget that the conservatives only received about 35% of the popular vote if im not mistaken. The Liberals, the NDP and bloc had about what, 63% of the vote if i recall. Now please explain to me how this new 'coalition' would not represent canada better?

I think this coalition is a great thing, as 3 parties will be legally bound to listen to one another and create ideas to help all of Canada, unlike Mr. Harpers idea of 'do what i want and say, or else'. THe fact that they wish to bring Paul Martin back as a financial advisor also reassures me that the people working this agreement out have common sense. Under Chrétien, Martin brought our country back from a horrible economy, to one of great economic stability. You know those 'stable' banks people are talking about? Mr. Martin is the one responsible for those.

The only sour note I have with this plan is their idea to put Stéphane Dion in charge, but at least he will have some people with weight to support him through his potential few months at the helm...

Lori of Calgary
This is the most bizzare political situation we have ever been in. A man who managed to get the worst showing in the polls, a man whom Canadians clearly voted to not lead us anywhere and a Socialist and a Separist all plot to bring down the government. This is just a power grab and nothing more. It is not about Prime Minister Stephen Harper not being able to run the country. It does not matter what he presents they will reject it and try to take power. this is not new as I remember when Paul Martin lost there was a wait time in him coming on with his concession speech and that was reported that he was in talks with Jack Layton to form a coalition. So this is not new. They had all last session to pull this and didn't until their pocket book was hit. So typical! Lets go to an election and they can run as a coalition and once and for all give the Conservatives they majority they so deserve.

Mario Novati
Congratulation ! I am sure that, the new Prime Minister of Canada, Stephane Dion will do a very good work for the interest of the Canadian. The governament with the THREE opposition parties will work and will destroy the anti-Canadian Harper. Harper OUT and Dion IN.
Mario from Ottawa

This is apalling! Why didn't they form a coalition prior to the election? Because they knew nobody would vote for it. Now they can bipass democracy and sieze control. However, if the Bloc isn't officially part of this deal how can they take over with fewer seats than the Conservatives? If this goes through, I'd welcome a Western separation. Let the East fade away beating dead horses and bailing out losing companies. What an embarassing time to be Canadian.

Perhaps if we had only two political parties in this country we could actually manage to elect a majority every time, wouldn't that be nice. I am positively flabbergasted over this development. Other nations already look at Canada is somewhat weak; imagine their reaction when they see Mr Dion at the helm, yikes.

Jess D
It seems to me that the Conservatives are doing the right thing with their wait and see approach to the economy. It's funny how the opposition parties didn't mention the fact that the UK has just followed Canada's lead and reduced its sales tax as part of its stimulus measures to stave off recession. Only yesterday they were condemning the government for not following the UK’s lead.

What the opposition parties also didn't mention was that economists in the UK are very concerned that the stimulus package is going to give rise to a "massive debt mountain", which will cripple the country for a generation. This year the UK has taken on a record amount of debt.

To help pay for the stimulus Gordon Brown's regime is raising the top rate of tax by 5% - which will eventually drive the most productive people out of the country, and in 2011 will raise sales tax by 3% to 18.5%. It seems to me that the leftist old guard members of Britain's Labour Party are starting to rear their heads again.

If this is the kind of stimulus package we can expect from a Liberal NDP coalition in this country we're in big trouble.

Burt Fearon, Browns Yard NB
As a proud Canadian I am appalled at what is taking place in the HOC. The Liberal and NDP Parties will rue the day they jumped into bed with the separatists Bloc Party. To form a coalition government with 77 seats and the lowest votes in history and to think they want to lead this country. The electorate of this country are smarter than that. It is easy to see why there was a poor turn out during the last election. Harper is our Prime Minister and should remain so. If the opposition wants to go to the polls then I say bring it on. The present situation is a slap in the face by the Liberals and NDP.

Robert in Red Deer
Just like a little kid who doesn't get his way, Mr. Dion has finally gotten his way. For a leader who got his butt kicked in the federal election to come out as the prime minister after a deal with the devil. Strange bedfellows Layton and Duceppe will be. Could be an interesting trist. I would rather go back to the polls instead of having the Gov. Gen. decide the fate of Canadians.
I am just furious that Dion and Layton have the audacity to make a blatant grab for power... especially when you have Cretien, Broadbent, Manley, Martin etc. in the backroom pulling the puppet strings. Shame Shame.
Lets go to the polls and really show the Liberals and NDP that they should only be in the opposition seats with even a smaller seat count than a couple of months ago.
If this doesn't get people motivated to become active in the political process, I don't know what will.

Canadians must understand our Parliamentary democracy is working as it was intended. In a minority parliament, the "ruling" party has a duty to consult with the opposition to ensure support and confidence in its policies. The Conservatives failed to do this last Thursday and the result is they have lost the confidence of the majority of Members of Parliament in the House of Commons. This is how our system works. To suggest this is a power grab is ridiculous. The power grab now is that the Conservatives threatening to simply shut down Parliament thereby removing all this activity from the eyes of the public. How is this anything other than dictatorial? Canadians must keep the pressure on our elected Members to move forward with this coalition.

Ray in Whitby
I am NOT a one party supporter - just an ordinary Canadian that wants GOOD government within the rules of parliament. I live in Jim Flaherty's riding and voted for him and the conservatives in 2006 but not in 2008. Why?? Because I thought the conservatives would be a breath of fresh air. However they were not, they were poor government. Lies such as the income trust for example. They were no different than any of their opposition.

The PM has said that Canadians have given his party a "strong mandate" to govern. What is the evidence?? Only 143 seats whereas 155 are required for a majority. 36% of the popular vote - means 2 out of 3 Canadians DON'T want them in power!!! I say the PM and Mr. Flaherty (our illustrious finance minister)don't understand basic arithmetic - now that is scary!!!

Basic arithmetic shows the opposition parties represent more Canadian's votes than does the conservative party. If they can form a coalition within the rules of parliament then let them rule. After all they represent almost 2 out of every 3 Canadians (64%)- majority no matter which way you look at it. The conservatives only represent about 1/3 of us.A MINORITY no matter which way you look at it.
Seems fair to me to have a coalition form the government - after all they have the majority!!

Mary Pilkington
I am appalled at the possibility of a coalition government run by men who were not elected by the Canadian public. Two months ago Canadians put their trust in a Conservative government to lead our country. It is so vital for our government to work together in this time of economical slow down. I’m afraid this talk of coalition is motivated by greed instead of for the good of our country. May our Governor General step in and encourage unity during this crisis in our country.

I think the people spoke when we had the election as to who we wanted for government. Why would we want anyone else. This will break up the country and Canada as we know it will be no longer be. Truly a sad sad day.

A Guenther - Burnaby
Well done. Dion may not be the slickest or the most well spoken but he took his lumps in the last election and deserves the job as leader. This will be a time when the Liberals, the NDP, and even the Bloq have a chance to prove themselves and to change people's minds about them.
I'm all for the coalition and will finally be proud to be a Canadian.

Linda from Hamilton
Mr.Dion will serve his country well, he always has. Whatever lies ahead for Canadians, the coalition government led by Mr. Dion is change we can believe in.

Happy in Alexandria
Christmas will come early this year when the Conservatives are defeated and a coalition government is installed and the gift will be the preservation of democracy! I could not be happier to see the end of the bullying, arrogance, whining and lies. Better days are just ahead!

Ken L
What a sick joke! A PM who is one of the least popular according to most polls, not to mention least deserving. Canada should better wake up to this and vote the Liberals out. It is absurd to use a reason that actually saves taxpayers money and then go to bed with the NDP which represents ideals that cost taxpayers and the Bloc which want to break up the country.

And now Harper wants Canadians to stand up and save his government. Why would we do that? For years, we've been asking Mr. Harper to act on important issues as the environment and time after time he came back with useless, partisan solutions, that embarrassed Canada in the eyes of the world. God forbid we annoy his buddies in the oil tar sands!
So believe me, Mr. Harper, I will not be lifting a finger for you or your political career. I will sit back and watch how you and your out-of-date government go up in flames and down in the history books as a big failure and an embarrassment to Canada.

Ken - Alberta
I think this is a great thing for Canada. Finally, 62% of the population has representation…now that is democracy. As for everyone complaining at power grabbing and low blow politics take a look at the last three years!!! The best thing for the economy right now is cooperation. I can not wait to see the look on all the Cons faces when this works out.. and I get to say told you so!

Don Corsi, Ottawa
People make me laugh. If the coalition offends you, then Canada offends you. You see, it can only happen if our democratic monarchy allows it to. The coalition is a celebration of democracy.

Paul in Ontario
Let's have us the people vote on this. No drawn out 5 week campaign but a referendum on who we want to lead us through this difficult time. While we are at it lets vote on whether to continue to subsidise political parties. If the Liberals, NDP, and the Bloc had something to offer they would be able to raise money like the conservatives. This coalition will be short term gain and long term pain for the Libs and the NDP. I see short term pain and long term pain for Canada with these clowns at the wheel.

Luther Bower
This whole "coup" thing is a rude wake up call that we Canadians dont have such a perfect Democracy as weve been lead to believe.

We democractly ellected a minority government two months ago,leaving a good sized minority to keep them in check.
THATS what Canadians wanted as a whole according to the vote.
That minority now,would scrap the government and form an UN-Elected government ,OUTSIDE of a democratic vote.

We Canadians get to vote ,but if we dont vote as were "suppose" to, it doesnt count, according to the opposition parties.
We get sent back to vote again and again until we get it "right'.
"Right" according to what the minority says is "right".

Is This a power Grab? Quite obviously.

Layten's NDP's, for example, have NEVER voted in favour of ANYTHING the Conservative Government has proposed. Thus,they would have brought down the government long ago if they had enough votes. They cried that the Conservative govt should help out busness' like the AUTO sector.
But when the Govt offers busnesses' tax breaks to help in these uncertain times,The NDP STILL cry foul and vote against it.
Plainly they are not interested in whats best for this Nation ,just THEMSELVES.
The Blok says its in only IF it's good for Quebec.
No surprise there.
Again,not interested in whats best for the Nation, just THEMSELVES.
The Liberals dont even have a clear leader for their PARTY,and they want to lead this NATION?!

CANADIAND WOULD BE FOOLS if we let them turn this Nation from a Democracy into a Banana Republic of the North.

Brian Denton, Prince Rupert
This concept of a colaition government has to be the worst example of democracy that I have ever experienced. Is this the Democracy the western world is trying to force Iraq and Afganistan to adopt? It is nothing short of a revolt or a coup, except, at least to this time, it is being done without guns. What a disgusting event in Canada'a history.

Darren P
Instead of finding ways to manipulate each other these parties should be spending their time working together on our economy. that is what we pay them for. If you dont get voted in suck it up. we had so live with a |Liberal government for how long ??

Tony Vandendool
The opposition has only one way of taking power. Forcing an election will result in another conservative minorty or perhaps a majority. This leaves the opposition with only one alternative. Defy the Canadian voters and with nothing more than a naked power grab cease parliament. Any credibility they think they have is gone. When you are willing to deal with seperatists, compromise basic party values and subvert election results then the true nature of ourpoliticans and thier lust for power is exposed. Values we don't need no stinking values . We are politicans

So we as Canadians elected a minority conservative government, I believe because we wanted NO PART of Mr.Dions green SHAFT plan, now he is planning a bloodless coup...and we are going to have to accept his green shaft ideals, even though we voted NO????? Last time I checked I lived in Canada, a democratically free nation, can this really happen here?

Tim from Calgary
A complete disaster is looming for Canada if the socialist NDP gets some power in handling our economy. The TSX is already down big time today because of the coalition power grab talks. Alberta separation will become an issue if the Liberal-NDP coup happens as the main economic driving force in Canada, namely Alberta, will not be represented in a Liberal-socialist government.

Ki-Som Victoria BC
I really have to laugh at ALL these comments. If voter turn out wasn't so low maybe, just maybe, we wouldn't be going through this in the first place. I place the blame right on those that didn't bother to vote in the first place.

Jayne Avery
Way to go - bring on the coalition. I am totally amazed that folks cant see that the conservatives have no real vision for this great country and dont have any viable plans to get us through the economic crisis. Had they not frittered away the defecit they were left with, maybe there would have been some funds to help out the crippled manufacturing sector. Good luck to the coalition and good riddance to Mr. Harper and his cronies

Mike in ON
One thing seems like a pretty definite possibility to me - after the next election, whenever that may be, one or more of the parties involved in the coalition will cease to exist. Why? Because enough Canadians will be angry enough at this move to ensure the Conservatives a majority, which will result - rightly so - in the termination of public funding for their party. Since they have demonstrated that they can't get support any other way, you can bet that they'll have no choice but to fade away, bankrupt.

I can't believe this. The country already voted strongly against Dion and the Liberals. If Dion (or anyone except Harper) becomes the PM then Democracy doesn't work. WHAT CAN CITIZENS DO TO STOP THIS OR FORCE ANOTHER ELECTION?

The Liberals and NDP will pay dearly by the electorite in the next election. I am still waiting to hear from them why my vote does not count.

Bill Thorn, Regina, SK
While I do not support the move by Mr. Harper to close funding to the parties, this was a move, it would appear, against his opposing parties. What the other parties are proposing with a coalition government is a move against the people of this country as it provides for a governing entity that was not elected. Unfortunately for them, the ONLY democratic option following a non-confidence vote is an election. The elected MP's do have a mandate to decide issues of the day in the house; they do not have the mandate to decide who governs. That is the right of the voters, period.

Mike from Calgary
I have to agree with one thing. The majority of Canadians (63%) did not want Harper to be PM. That being said, an even larger majority (72%) did not want Dion as PM and a whopping 82% of Canadians wanted nothing to do with the NDP. This is nothing more than a power and money play. Lets stand up and respect the will of the people, not the agendas of the of 4 major political parties.

Chris from Fredericton, NB
I think a coalition gov't between the NPDs and the Liberals is the most absurd idea I've ever heard! This smells like a cheap and underhanded grab for power. The oposition parties are certainly not doing this for Canada's best interest and they're not listening to the majority of Canadians that are saying, "Why can't you babies work together and get something done NOW?! We already voted, AGAIN, so do your job, work together, and solve this economic crisis!" It's not like Harper is trying to impose some kind of conscription policy!

The three prairie provinces, along with most of BC will not stand for this any longer. I have always said that I wanted a united Canada. The Liberals were in power for 13 years, and we in the west said our time will come. Now we have a responsible Prime Minister who is cutting taxes, creating jobs, cutting all the fat from needless beaurocratic social programs for the special interest groups, etc. The left can't handle being on the losing end. They know best right? Now we have the three losers stamping their feet and saying , not fair. This is simply another example of "we know best" that the Liberals have used for years. Regardless if only 38% of Canadians voted for the Conservatives...they are still in the higher percentage than any other party. Those partys called each other down and said that each would be the worst for Canada. Now, simply for power and money, they are trying to overthrow the government that the highest percentage of Canadians voted for. This will break up our country. If this so called "coalition" takes place, I will be supporting the Western Separatist Party. The west has been hi-jacked too many times, and it simply does not end. Those of you supporting this "coalition" better think long and hard at what this means for all of Canada. And you better believe,I am not the only westerner that will be thinking this way. I urge all people of this great country to write or call your local MP and say "no" to this scham. It could save Canada!

Bob R
Many posts speak of who got the most votes, etc, etc. While it is true that the Conservatives did not get the most votes, the system we currently have allowed them to form a minority government. The majority of people in Canada did not vote for Harper, that may be true, but one thing is an absolute, NOT ONE OF YOU voted for a coalition formed by NDP, Liberals with the support of the Block. I am not saying Harper shouldn't be replaced but I think getting power in this fashion is not democracy in any form.

Allan Eizinas
We had a group of people elected to parliament in Ottawa who were supported by 38% of Canadians at the last election and were in power. Now we may have a coalition of people elected to parliament in Ottawa who were supported by 62% of Canadians at the last election who would take over power.

This is all legal and follows the Canadian Constitution.

What is undemocratic about that?

This is absolutely outrageous. I took time out to vote and for what? In this time of economic crisis we need to pull together and support the government, not pull some dirty, underhanded power grab. This is ridiculous, these parties care nothing for the people of Canada, just their own power grab. Is it too much to hope that they read these comments and actually listen to what Canadians think?

This will destroy the Liberal Party. The conservatives are in power because no one wanted the Liberals to run the country. Also a tax hike to the corporations will simply result in more layoffs... massive layoffs. The only way this would work is if all the corporations in canada are crown corporations.

Listen up Govenor General, I want an election. I would rather go back to the polls than have my democratic freedom taken away from me.LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE.75% say no to a coalition.

My two bits and then some
The results
Party Seats % of vote
CON 143 37.63
LIB 77 26.24
BQ 49 9.97
NDP 37 18.20
Those are facts. Now how you decide to interpret those numbers depends on your end game. I look at it that 74% of Canadians do want a Liberal government. Further more, 82% do not want NDP at the helm and last but not least over 90% do not want the BQ. Those numbers would therefore indicate that a majority of Canadians do not want any of those parties in office. The Conservatives also recieved more than twice the amount of seats than the Liberals, three times the amount of seats than the BQ and a whopping 4 times the amount of seats than the NDP!! Oh wait, I have one more point to make... How many seats did the Liberals, the NDP and the BQ get in Western Canada ???? 1 NDP seat in Alberta, NONE in Sask and 9 in BC. 1 Liberal seat in Sask, NONE in AB and 5 in BC. And did the BQ get any??? Not a one!!! How would putting these parties in power give a fair representation of all of CANADA? It wont!! It'll only help the center of the universe ONT and QB.

Marc in Van

Angela Power
I feel duped.

In the last election, rather than feel "rah rah rah" for an particular party or candidate, I felt "rah rah rah" for the symbolic importance of having a democratic right to vote. I felt proud that I cast my vote because people fought and people died so that I could do it.

So I did. It didn't matter to me as much as to who won because I voted and that was my right in our democratic society and that is what I truly felt was important.

The people spoke. It was a disappointing voter turnout; the worst in history.

Now, I truly do feel like my vote didn't matter and it wasn't because my candidate didn't get elected. It's because our opposition parties have just sent me a message that apparently our votes don't really matter after all and that the importance of it truly IS only symbolic as a right.

How in the heck are you supposed to encourage a better voter turnout if you don't honour our votes???

Thanks for making me feel naive and silly for standing for something I thought was important.

Bob NS
Unbelievable! A pure whack on the face of democracy.
No respect for the will of the Canadian People expressed with the last Federale Election.
An alliance with the Separatist Gilles Doucet and a coalition
Liberals/Democrates despite their poor standing in the Election.
Poor Canada!

Bob NS

CN in Alberta
This power grab by the coalition makes it embarassing to be a Canadian.

Dion as leader of a coalition? A leader who can best be described as "The Cream of the Crap"??? Obviously, Moe, Curly, and Larry were too busy to lead this band of losers!

The world is laughing at us.

We need to send a message to the Coalition that Canadians won't put up with their antics!

Lynn B
I am stunned by this. All our taxes should be withheld from any coalition government in protest.

Denis T.
WOW!!!! $1000.00 from every man,woman and child to stimulate what economic triggers that will actually make a difference? This is a global problem that cannot be solved by one small country and a few billion dollars. Is this democracy, or more like a coup d'etat.

Art Pollard
Only in Canada you say. If this country wanted Stephane Dion as Prime Minister we would have voted for him in the election. If this comes to pass I want out of Canada.

Scott from Edmonton
The real reason we find ourselves in this mess at this most inopportune time for our country is that we have a "federal" parliamentary system which allows an exclusively "provincial" political party to exist. This scenario plays perfectly into the BQ's hands. A majority government remains elusive, as long as Quebecers vote for their separatist party. And why wouldn't they vote this way, as they will always hold the balance of power? Provincial governments were established to lobby for the best interests of their citizens. Federal parties should be just that...running a slate of candidates in every province, with a plan to govern that includes the whole country. How an exclusively provincial federal party can hold the hammer speaks to the lunacy of this issue on a "national" basis. Should this have not been allowed to happen, we wouldn't be having to deal with this debacle.

Joan P
And we wonder why people don't go out and vote - what is the point. The Gov. General should steph in and put an end to this mess. Political Parties are supposed to win an electcian not take over power.

Here's the answer to our economic trouble, if the government we elect gets ousted.... stop paying taxes. What an idea! Sure puts money back in your pockets.

So we finally have a government with the courage to cut public funding for political parties and control spending, so that we do not go into a huge deficit that the NDP and Liberals would have no concers with doing.
And thats a bad thing? Why?
Give the new government a chance to do it's job before we hand over the leadership to a group of morons who's plan to stimulate the economy will be to give themselves all raises.

Dave Bourke
We just had an election.
This is a grab for power and nothing else. "Democracy" in Canada has become an embarrasment. The Canadian voters granted the Conservatives more seats than any other party.

The Liberals and NDP in bed with the seperatist Bloc?

Je me souviens

Karen H
This is the darkest day for democracy in Canada, we just held a general election and the people have spoken, I have NO doubt that this underhanded plan has been in the works for along time. At a time when our country needs economic stability so badly the other parties do something like this. I hope the governor general has the sense to call another election because they would surely sit with egg on their face. I do not understand how a provincial party like the Bloc can ever hold a seat in the government of the county. As long as there are 4 main parties it will be very difficult for anybody to get a majority, we are going to endure this type of stuff for years. The USA at least knows who their leader will be for 4 years. We should take an example and stop letting this leaders with minds like children lead our nation. I put this take over as akin to any policical coupe in any country. The opposition may as we be rebels trying to overthrow the government. Lets hope somebody with common sense steps up and if not that Michaelle Jean has some sense. God bless Canada....we need it right now!!

Daryl H
If th GG thinks that the 3 opposition parties can form a STABLE government that carries the mandate of th Canadian people, she might as well stay in Europe.
This country will suffer as never before in this time of uncertainty as power is seized by this cabal of opportunists and un-elected hacks.
I fear for my country.

Gary Thomas
After all of the problems we Canadians have faced over the past few years of Liberal government do they not realize we have had enough? Leave the Tories to govern and give them support and the populace will decide at the next election. The liberal party are power grabers.

Mike in Kamloops
Can all of the Conservative supporters on here please remember that their esteemed leader is the one who brought us here?

If he hadn't sucked all of the goodwill out of Parliament in the first week, none of this would be occuring. He is simply not able to accept losing (even when he wins). He is not flexible or humble enough to govern a minority. Where was the attempt to work with the opposition? Nowhere. Instead he chose to kick sand, and now he (and a lot of you) are sulking because he actually got stood up to. If you can't stand the heat....you've made you bed....you gambled, you lost, your leader and his government cannot work with the opposition after this episode so the opposition has taken it upon themselves to lead the country instead of their respective parties. By worrying more about the Conservatives than Canadians, Mr. Harper has lost the confidence of the house and Canadians.

Diane from London
I hope the appointed Governor General has enough common sense not to let this "coalition Travesty" go through and insists on an election so Canadians can teach these leaders who lost their opportunity to be leader in a democratic vote a darn good lesson and vote in a solid majority.

I can't believe the drones who consider this to be a good thing. History will show..if this goes through this coalition of LOSERS will cause the TSX to plummet, our dollar to Plummet and with higher corporate taxes a real depression will ensue. People will perceive Canada as not a place to invest in. I guess we will have to learn the hard way . When these interlopers have done all of their crony bale outs and our economy is really in the depths of dispair, who then will they blame?

Any Canadian who goes along with this is getting exactly what they deserve.

The media thinks this is exciting to report and won't admit or report the stupidity of this whole thing.

UBC Poli Sci Major
It really surprises me to read some of the comments posted for this article and makes me wonder how many Canadians actually understand our political system. Some argue that the country "voted for Harper" and that the coalition is trying to tear down government. Sorry to burst your bubble, but:
1) it is constitutionally legitimate for the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc to form a coalition government
2) a coalition government that represents a majority of voters rather than a minority (with the Conservative government) is more democratic as it represents the will of the majority of Canadians who voted for these parties
3) for those that think Harper received a strong mandate to govern, please keep in mind that the voter turnout rate was 59%, a new record low.

And as a side, Harper has shown no signs of the bipartisanship that he mentioned after the election. As usual, he was planning to unilaterally muscle his party's legislation through Parliament with his "my way or the highway" mentality. His government holds a precarious minority position and so should stop acting otherwise. So, who's cooperating in this time of economic uncertainty? If anything, it's the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc showing that they're willing to work with each other.

JM in BC
Great news. Stephane Dion is the current leader of the Liberal Party and he is therefore entitled to serve as interim PM in our new government. if it comes to pass. I hope it will. I think the coalition has presented a sound and reasonable plan, with a set end date, to govern our country with the skill and fortitude we have seen in previous Liberal governments. I support this 100%.

Steve McLaughlin
Isn't this a fine pickle! We voted in a Conservative Government and lo and behold the losers want to form a coalition to oust the party WE voted for! I say bring on another election so WE the people can vote for a sweeping majority Conservative Government whereby the losers can go lick their wounds wondering what happened!

Dunny from Gloucester
If we do continue to go down this path and common dog doesn't kick in, I hope that the GG has the sense to not allow a coalition because of the involvement of the bloc since their aim in life is to destroy Canada. Her Excellency's only option then is to call another election. It's too bad that spanking them all and telling them to play nice during a time of global economic crisis is an option.

B. Lang
Now hold on there all those that think the West are the only one's that would be getting the shaft, it wasn't your area of Canada that got Harper in, it was the number of seats he got in Ontario that got him to be PM so quit acting like the poor pathetic victom. Parts of Ontario are getting that shaft also.

The time has come for the Conservatives to .
a) Dump Harper - this was self inflicted and 100% his fault, he doesn't and has no interest in ever playing with others and will never get a Majority. Time to move on Steve
b) Fire Flaherty - see a). Harper picked him as Finance Minister and it has been nothing but a mistake.

Let them fall, get a new non Reform/Alliance leader except MacKay and than maybe that Majority just might come.

4th Generation Canadian
We Have to Many Political Parties In This Country, Which We Have to Finance Against Our Perferred Choice At The Voting Polls. We Need Fewer Parties Which Are Supported By Voters Who Agree With Each Parties Agenda. I Don't Want My Tax Dollars Given Any Party Except The One I Choice.

Canada is a broken country, it cannot be fixed. It's time for Alberta to Separate and become it's own proud nation. If we don't this coalition will suck Alberta dry of our revenue and kill any other means of economic growth we may develop. I hope Our Premier realizes this and does everything in his power to protect us From the evil three.Layton, Duceppe and Dion.For all the people that support this be prepared for higher taxes,(GREEN SHIFT) no economic growth for the west, and a permanently fractured country. If this coalition does happen I for one will go to prison before paying any taxes income or otherwise. WESTERN SEPARATION NOW!!!!

wow so easy to see who really wants this country to stay together, already albertans are shouting separation and then insult quebecers.

How lousy and shamefull, you want to separate for economical reasons, Quebecers wanted to separate for cultural and political issues that by the way Cons governement disregarded. Quebecers are as Canadian as any other province. It's like saying the natives should shut up and take it as it comes. How unCanadian.

Harper has concentrated all his energies to making the opposition weaker, he hasn't done much to help the economy, every move he does is two steps behind.

His solution, selling crown land to avoid deficit, which he said would never happen under his power!!!!
Selling Canada to foreign powers??? If only he said that before the election.

Viv - Alberta
I am so angry over the NDP, Liberals & Bloc taking over. The Bloc should not even be in our Federal Government in the first place but we would be better off if everyone would let Quebec separate. They are bleeding our country to death and Alberta will be the proorist province after those three parties have their way.

What a bunch of ignorant comments. Your beloved REFORM party only received a minority endorsement... a minority government. Which means the opposition does have elected right to represent the rest of the citizens. And they can bring down a minority if that minority tries to govern like they have full support of all Canadians. The reform does not have that kind of support. Harper had a chance to Govern amicably with the opposition but he just can't do it. And I'm sorry if it hurts your feelings but He blew it and is going to suffer the consequences. What is happening is not an illegal over through ... it's the way our Parliamentary System was designed to protect all citizens and their rights.

Do the Math
Dion + Leyton + Duceppe = End of Canada.

December 1st, 2008. The day the Bloc Quebecois has been waiting for. All the thanks goes to Coalition Termination.

Stephane Dion constantly ranked low in public polls regarding who would make the best Prime Minister. He's been discredited already. Stephane Dion is not highly respected by many Canadians. Even members of his own Liberal Party dislike and disapprove of him. A lot of Canadians see him as being unfit to take office.

As interim Prime Minister, Stephane Dion is likely going to temporarily maintain the position until the Liberals can find a way to replace him with Michael Ignatiaff.

Michael Ignatieff is the person the Liberals most want to appoint, without an election, as the Prime Minister of Canada.

To Jeanie:
Many more Canadians did want Stephen Harper to lead the country than Stephane Dion.

Canada's economy is the best performing in the world at the moment. The Conservatives have operated in a fiscally responsible manner and not just thrown money around for the sake of doing it. The Americans have poured over a trillion dollars into their bailout packages, with very little result. Do we want that kind of stimulus? The Conservatives have been putting money into areas where it is needed and have stated that they will add more money as it is needed. The Opposition Parties did not even bother to wait for the budget to see what stimulus the Conservatives would offer. Both the Liberals and NDP are bitter over the election results and can not wait to take power no matter what. Apparently they are able to throw together a stimulus package in 3 days, although they provided no viable suggestions up to that point. We saw on the stock market today what financial experts think of the Opposition's plan.

Deanna - St Thomas, Ontario
... Politicians should be kept in check, and I applaud the Liberals for finally standing up to the bully that Stephen Harper is. Does he not see people losing thier jobs day after day? Seniors are losing the very savings that they banked on using to live happily in thier retirement. Pensions threatened by possible bankrupt companies? Because of thier arrogance the economy may sink even deeper due to the upheaval of the house by this ensuing political storm.
These things need to be stoped now to save our economy from sinking deeper and deeper into a recession.
These are the things that Stephen Harper doesn't get and he and his arrogant cronies need to be stopped NOW as well.

A coalition will break up the Country. Lol, give me a break. A coalition is the only reasonable answer. A minority government acting like dictators......your bluff has been called Harper. I'm happy to say your political career is over Harper.

Dave in Winnipeg
I trust Harper more than any other PM that has come before him. He pulled a stupid on the vote monies but he did back off it. I think he would have been better off to table that as something to phase in inside years. As for all the oppositions getting together to form a government... go ahead and you shall all be decimated next election.

Pat the Conservative
This is Horses**t

david in calgary
While technically legal , the three parties in coaltion will pay a very heavy price the next time they need to face Canadians who didn't vote them into power.

Enjoy your very brief time at Sussex Drive Mr Dion. You didn't earn it.

PM - Toronto ON
This amounts to nothing more than a bloodless coup by the Liberals who believe it's their divine right to govern, the Socialist/Union NDP and a party funded by taxpayers bent on separatiing the country.
Canadians should be outraged...and afraid.

Matthew in Calgary

OK people, this argument about 60% of Canadians voting against Harper is getting pretty old. Out of 40 Canadian federal elections, only 6 times has a candidate won more than 50% of the vote (Laurier, 1900; Laurier, 1904; Borden, 1917; Mackenzie King, 1940; Diefenbaker, 1958; and Mulroney, 1984). Canadians are used to this injustice, and this is only a left-wing, east-coast excuse to try and reclaim power from the Conservatives and the west.

Harper is our prime minister, and Canadians decisively voted against Stephane Dion and Jack Layton. Put it this way: 60% voted against Harper, while 70% voted against Dion, and 80% voted against Layton.

RIP Canada, 1867-2008

Zoe Morrow
I am thrilled at the thought that a coalition government could be formed. Harper has dropped the ball here and has disappointed us enormously. Most Canadians did NOT vote for the Conservatives anyway. A coalition is the best solution and I hope it is a great success.

Dwight Schoffer, Moose Jaw, Sk.
This is the most "CHILD LIKE' thing I have ever seen in my 79 years !!!!!!!!!
It is making Canada look "STUPID" to the reast of the "WORLD".
Mr. Harper's ideas were well received at the last World Confrence re the World Economy.
All the other counties attending said that Canada was going in the right direction re looking after the contry in these very hard times.
One more thing.
How can the so called coilition governmebt be led by a guy who is going to step down as the Liberal Leader at there next convention ?
The liberals don't want him to lead the party anymore, yet if this goes through, & I hope for our countries sake that it doesn't, be the leader of Canada ???????
The other three parties should be asamed of themselves for even thinnkig about doing such a 'STUPID THING".
I am not a P.C person by any means, but think the Mr. Harper has done more than an adacuate job in running Canada in these very hard times.
There is no way that the Bolc, Liberals, & N.P.D, will ever get along well enough to run anything, let alone a "GREAT COUNTRY".

I didn't vote for this. Did anybody else?


What a stupid comment.

Are you saying that the Libs, NDP and Bloq have the same platforms? If so why don't they merge and become 1 party?

Are you saying that because a party doesn't have 50% oif the popular vote that the results don't count?

Why is this minority government less legimate than the Liberal majorities under Mr. Chretian that received only 38% of the popular vote.

I wil tell you why because you DON"T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!

Todd Hagar
The scene is set for another election. No coalition can rule - merely force an election. If they now want to from a 2 party system than that's fine. Now were on the same track as the Americans. No more Bloc heads, no more tree hugging greens and no more NDP. it's now US and Them. Now back to the polls.

Ralph Z
I cannot believe what kind of a mess our Government is leading us into. We elected a new government so let them do their job. Work together ! We need a strong Government and not a group of people that will form this coalition. How long do they feel they will last ? They cannot get along between themselves. They will be there just long enough to give out all of OUR money, without knowing in advance what our neighbour to the south will do. At least he is taking the time to figure our the right move. Has anyone looked at the stock market today to see exactly what this group of clouns are doing to our financial situation, Wakeup soon!

To Terri:

Ahem! If they do this, bring down the government in a vote of no confidence, then I want a GD election!

I want my choice, which this time will be solidly Conservative as I am now totally disgusted with the Liberals and NDP who are willing to allow TRAITORS to our country to be part of the government (the only way they would support this is if some of their agenda is supported as well) in order to get into power.

I don't give a flying fig what the rules of parliament say. I do not want my choice taken away from me like this.


John from Campbell River
In the eyes of the world Canada will look like some third world banana republic if the Liberal/NDP/Bloc coupe is allowed to steal the government of this country. The stock market and dollar is already reacting negatively. I'm so angry at all of these clowns in Ottawa that I can hardly type so lets have another election and settle this once and for all!

Jason From Calgary
Everyone, Welcome PM Dion as the Newest PM in Canadian History!!!! I couldn't be happier to see that Harper is standing on his last legs!! Adios Harper, Welcome to Retiement, Enjoy your Pension!!

What a Glorious Day for Canada!!

It should be illegal in Canada for one party to spy on another party. Does the C stand for conservative or for communist

Ryan Hovey
The formation of a government in any situation be it after an election or as a result of the government falling from a non-confidence motion is part of our political process and the law of the land.

Don't like it? Work for political reform.

This message is for the math and statistically challenged out there who like to proclaim that this coalition represents a greater than 50% majority of Canadians.


You cannot count the number of votes combined by two or three people per riding to say it is indicative of the voting public of those ridings. You can only count the votes tallied by the representatives actually sitting in the house. A riding does not get two representatives! They only get one!

So as assinine as it is to proclaim that you are entitled to add all of the votes combined from the representatives that ran in parties forming this coalition but couldn't even muster enough votes, single-handidly to win their riding you also get to portray that ignorance in a public forum. How embarrassing!

Oh, and the argument about this representing the will of Canadians: Take a look at the voting demographics of all of Canada and you will see, exactly, that Canada is a disparate country and not any one voice represents Canadians.

I hope the governor general tells this coalition to go pound sand and makes us head to the polls again and this time the coalition can only run one person (not 2 or 3) and then we'll know, exactly, if this is the will of the people!

Greg Ramsay
While I'm not crazy about the idea of Stéphane Dion as Prime Minister, I think it beats the idea of dealing with this Harper character for the next seveal years. He has clearly shown that he is not up to the job of Prime Minister. Let's give Dion a chance. And for those who are concerned about the Bloc supporting the Liberals, who do you think has been supporting the CONSERVATIVES during much of the last Parliament when the Liberals and NDP were against the Conservatives' plans? It's one of the reasons the Conservatives lasted in their minority as long as they did. I don't think the end of Canada is in sight and those who think otherwise are being a bit hysterical. The reality is that the Conservatives do not have a majority in Parliament and like it or not, the Bloc members were democratically elected just like everyone else.

I think people who are calling the coalition a power grab need to realize that what Harper is doing is entirely underhanded and manipulative, and is the true power grab. He knew that there would be no way the center-left parties would be able to get behind the policies he proposed, forcing another election a mere few weeks after Canadians were at the polls. I don't like Harper, but I can admit he's a shrewd and smart political player.

Additionally, the conservative government is preparing to implement economic policy that would slash social spending and hand out corporate tax cuts. While the latter may be a realistic goal, the example has been shown in other countries (Japan is a fantastic example) that an increase in social spending is a good way to stimulate the economy and job growth. The old adage applies: "You have to spend money to make money". Conversely, history has also shown that reducing government spending in times of economic crisis has exceptionally negative repercussions, as seen in Tanzania, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, et al.

While the idea of a coalition does not sit entirely well with me, a return to the polls for politically apathetic (as shown by voter turn-out in October) Canadians is just as unsettling. No one has the money to run another campaign, and Canadians are tired of the political mess they are constantly barraged with. Harper should stop being a bully and sit tight with his minority government. After all, that is truly what the Canadian voting public decided.

It may be important to consider, also, that a PM with the audactiy to force another election in this time of economic crisis shows a complete lack of being 'in tune' or concerned about the well-being of the Canadian public.

I didn't vote for the Tories but that being said if the Governor General allows this to happen she should be replaced along with everybody who is presently a member of the House of Commons. This is nothing but a power grab by politicians who were not supported by the people and should not be placed into power. Now at age 58 I have never missed voting in an election, but if this coalition takes power I will never vote again.

Rod Falkland B.C.
As A 60 year old 3rd generation Canadian I am now officially "EMBARASSED" to be a Canadian !!! There isnt one politician that has the right to make me or anybody else feel that way !!

Never in my wildest imagination did I envision a coalition government with a separatist party. These are truly dark days for democracy and the future of Canada. I can't imagine the fiscal mess that will be left when all the promises that were made to create the coalition are paid for. Welcome to Canada. The worlds next banana republic.

Last time I checked nobody voted for any parties, we all voted for MPs. This is Canada, not the US. Everyone whom was elected will still be in the house of commons. The government will now actually reflect 67% of Canadians will, not the 1/3 who voted conservative.

Paul in Mississauga
The executive must be able to command the confidence of the House of Commons. The Tories forgot this and Dion, it would appear, can get it.

It all works quite nicely.

Saverio Prato, Toronto
How often did the Liberal majority goverenments of the recent past have a majority in the popular vote? NEVER, so to argue that a majority of the people (that voted) did not support the Harper government is not valid. I do not know of anyone that voted 6 weeks ago to be governed by the NDP, Bloc and Fiberals. What a political disaster when we need these freeloaders to mind the shop. Let's have another damn election and elect a Conservative majority and move forward!!!

KJ in Kingston Ontario
Two things are for certain if this coalition is permitted: this will polarize the politics of Canada more than anything since conscription and the flight to safety of investment capital will be unimaginable and could take a generation to undo.

Hate to tell you this but we all understand that. What your allowed to do and what you should do are two different things.

Brian in Calgary
This is worth repeating.

UBC Poli Sci Major wrote above:

It really surprises me to read some of the comments posted for this article and makes me wonder how many Canadians actually understand our political system. Some argue that the country "voted for Harper" and that the coalition is trying to tear down government. Sorry to burst your bubble, but:
1) it is constitutionally legitimate for the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc to form a coalition government
2) a coalition government that represents a majority of voters rather than a minority (with the Conservative government) is more democratic as it represents the will of the majority of Canadians who voted for these parties
3) for those that think Harper received a strong mandate to govern, please keep in mind that the voter turnout rate was 59%, a new record low.

And as a side, Harper has shown no signs of the bipartisanship that he mentioned after the election. As usual, he was planning to unilaterally muscle his party's legislation through Parliament with his "my way or the highway" mentality. His government holds a precarious minority position and so should stop acting otherwise. So, who's cooperating in this time of economic uncertainty? If anything, it's the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc showing that they're willing to work with each other.

How can this happen. When economic times are so unstable we decide throw out our government. Or should I say a group of men that didn't get there way in the last election. If the Canadian public wanted any these people to run our country we would have voted them in. How on earth can this be possible. This is not democratic.This is a bunch of bully's.

The Liberals and NDP don't have enough
The Bloc has already stated that they will not join the Liberal/NDP coalition but support from the outside.
In order to have a coalition government, the Bloc must be a full part (included in) the coalition or else this is not a coalition.

Governor General, if you do read this, ask the Bloc if they are joining the Coalition government or just cheerleading from the sidelines? If they tell you what they been telling everybody else then there can't be a coalition because the Liberals/NDP don't have enough votes

Hooray for the 3 Stooges

A vote for the Libs is a vote for the Bloq. Or how about this a vote for the NDP is a vote for the Libs.

Maybe they should all join together become one happy party.

Anyhow it will make choice easier. ABTTS - Anything but the Three Stooges!!!

Prof. Pye Chartt
Dear CTV Editor:

I'm actually feeling somewhat proud to be Canadian today. Unlike over the past few days when it seemed that the majority posting here thought this whole Coalition crap was exciting, it finally appears that countless of my fellow Canucks are outraged and given to questioning the bogus notion that this is all wondrously democratic and beneficial.

I no longer feel like I'm out ahead of the pack, ranting about how awful and destructive this unquestionably is. People have caught up. Nice to see. (This "blog" is usually clogged with pinheads who love researching silly factoids, in order to make some clever, yet worthless, point that avoids the big picture.)

Now, if only people would stop studying the trees enough to see the forest, we'd be discussing how this parliamentary nonsense is going to send our economy into the toilet and embarrass our nation on the world stage. This is the big story...and, as usual, people (including CTV) are just starting to catch up to me (and some intelligent others).

P.S. Sorry that my 4-5 unselected posts failed to rise to your standard today; despite the success of 325 other people. I don't take it personally. I know I make your sphincter tighten up; but that says everything about you and nothing about me...as I'm the reader being offered the chance to comment.


Dion says he has the support to be the Prime Minister. What an arrogant ass. He only has the support of the bigger ass layton and the commie separtist duceppe (for now). He certainly doesnt have the support of over 75 percent of Canadians. While the cons didnt get a majority government they did get a mandate to form a minority government. Now the three stooges are telling the people of Canada to take a hike and they will decide who will run this country. This whole situation is disgusting. It is truly a low mark in Canadian politics.

Mike in ON
Many here would like to believe that this coalition represents the majority of Canadians. I disagree with this: rather than adding all the parties' support together, it would be more accurate to calculate an average of the three. I think you'd definitely find that few polls would show that 60+ percent of Canadians favour this!

I'm pretty sure this man got the lowest vote share for his party in history. Not exactly a ringing endorsement to be PM, now is it?

The Republic of Westren Canada. It has sorta nice ring to it.

I support Quebec separatism and this is a brilliant move on behalf of the Bloc and indicates both the NDP and Liberals accept a sovereign Quebec.

Now they must accept a sovereign Northern Cree Nation.

A move in the right direction.

The economic fallout from the Bloc/NDP coalition is just starting - TSX DOWN 600 POINTS. More people will be hurt by this than helped by the handouts promised by the left. Dion will do anything and sell out anyone to be PM - Jack sold his support for millions when Martin was in government and is now ready to sell his support to the Separtists for the sake of a cabinet seat. DOWN 600 points, folks - get used to this - a mild recession is heading towards depression thanks to Jack and Gilles.

Louis from Ottawa
Secret agenda, hmmm, now who had the secret agenda,Jack Layton, Stephane Dion, and Gilles Duceppe. It looks like delusions of grander, Prime Mister Dion, Finace Minister Layton. Yell, scream, write them an e-mail
Voice your concern we do live in a democracy and I treasure my right to whom I vote for.

John Kingston
If this goes forward I will have lost faith in our parliamentary system, why did the country vote again? When did this coalition get the approval of the Canadian voting public, who voted for a coalition? I want no part of these power hungry fools, their affect is already apparent in the markets, and we thought the house was in bad shape before, my god, stop this insanity!

I think this minority Conservative government are pushing it - they think they can pull something like this to cripple the other parties so soon after an election because they believe no one will want to take them to the polls. The PIPSC fiasco is just absolutely unnecessary! Shame on you Stephen Harper.

Penelope from Ontario
Honestly, people from the West, did you not know Ontario and Quebec gave you billions over the years to set you up in such nice cities, thriving with your oil, that you enjoy today?

Did you not know that when the country is in great debt, any gov't has no choice but to get the money from our social programs, or the army - it has to come from somewhere?

The GG has no choice but to grant a coalition, as Harper has lost the Confidence of our House, completely and permanently. Harper's doing!

Bye the way, I am shocked to read so much hate from the Conservatives. Harper's doing again!

I am a Canadian who has lived from Nfld. to Victoria and come from QC - we are taught to get along, agree to disagree, respect our elders & their experience. Martin took us out of terrible Conservative debt into surplus - that's experience we can all trust!

Bye the way, the GG happens to be a French Canadian. She knows these Canadian values, as she is married to a Separatist, but remains totally different on this from her husband, yet they are a happily married couple. You can all learn from this how "getting into bed with the opposition" can actually work out very well.

Maybe you can all start with a good dose of good will, try to see the positives of this coalition. These parties will work together on what they agree on, and minimize their differences.

Guess what - that is what makes Canada great - we are a multicultural nation who work together - this will finally be reflected in our own very Government! Great!

Mr. Dion has convinced 138 countries to work together, he's not just a leader, but a great world leader!

Ian in NS
I pray the Governor-General dissolves Parliament and calls another election. Canadians MUST have their democratic say in who is to form government! This 3-headed monstrosity, led by a man who Canadians REJECTED in the last election (a mere six weeks ago!), completely dependent on the support of SEPARATISTS, CANNOT be allowed to govern without the people's consent!

Mike in Ottawa
Is anyone really shocked by this? The liberals have serious entitlement issues. They couldn't win in a legitimate election, so they try to steal power by any means necessary. The Canadian people said they didn’t want Dion, now we may end up stuck with him.

Sickened in the GTA
Well, he might have their support, but not mine!

The liberals lost the last election justifiably. They ran a horrible campaign.

The Bloc will now be the king makers? You couldn't ask for a better indication that some of the things they say are wrong are actually wrong. Not that I agree with their direction, but clearly something is wrong.

So much for accountability, working with each other, etc. etc. etc.

Anyone want a new party that actually cares about what the people want as opposed to what the greedy egomaniacs want?

Paul G
Its truly amazing to see so many spoiled children comments.....we won so suck it up, shots at layton, dion, etc....last time i looked coalition was not a dirty word [unless your party is going down] Please keep in mind that Stephen Harper is the product of 2 parties that got tired of not winning......AND all political parties will/would do anything to gain power. Did not Brian court the bloc years back....Someone tell me which is the more unholy alliance....

Upset voter from Sudbury
Can someone please send these responses to the "Sore Losers" who lost 2 runs to defeat the Conservatives. I voted Liberal the past 2 times but I assure you that my next vote will be to keep Mr. Harper voted in and I hope he gets the majority government we all need in order for Canada to quit spending foolish money on these stupid childish games these people are playing. Grow up and let Mr. Harper do his job....if he fails, people won't vote him in again.....I can't believe the amount of time being spent on "secret meetings". Is this what Canadians are paying for? Stop playing with Fire...You will get BURNT.

Sue Calgary
If Mr. Dion says he has enough support, then why isn't he Prime Minister? All Canadians should be outraged by this ridiculous effort to take over the duly elected government by a bunch of worn out has beens.

Natalia Eyolfson
I really hope the Governor General tells the MPs who want this coalition government to go back to parliament and play nice or call another election. The people had already spoken in the last election - they wanted more of the same with PM Harper. I myself would prefer they play nice, but if need be, let's have another election just to hammer our point home to Mr. Layton, Mr. Dion and Mr. Duceppe. I did not vote for a coalition government and would be sorely disappointed if one were to be allowed to form. Again, I hope the Governor General has a level head and tells these back-door burglars to play nice or face the consequences of another election.

Dick Varley
It is a sad, sad, day. Hopefully the Governor General will see the instability of a three party coalition in the Canadian context; one of these parties avowing separation. Please call an election or heaven help us!

Tammy in Alberta
Wow, so what is the point in voting!

Very concerned Canadian
I am totally disgusted that the Liberals, NDP and Bloc would go ahead and change what the people voted for. Another election for the Canadians to pay for??? What happened to the Liberals and NDP speach that they would work together with the Conservatives to get this country going. Have you seen the stock market since this announcement. Liberals will never get a vote from me again and I hope if there is an election the Conservatives have a majority

Ryan in Burlington
No wonder Canadians don't vote...what's the point??? WE THE PEOPLE elected these morons, and this is what they do??? These people are a waste of our hard earned tax dollars.

What this looks like is 3 of the 4 kids in the playground not wanting to play by the rules, so they are banning together to beat on the kid that actually wants to play fair. It's a power and money struggle.

This is such a joke and every Canadian should be writing and phoning these "elected" bunch of crybabies and tell them that this stinks. Call and write the Govenor General and tell her this sucks too!

C'mon Canadians, lets take our country back from these twits. This kind of crap has to stop! Lets tell them to get back to the business of governing, not power struggles and hard losses!

THEY DON'T CARE! They don't care about os or this country, only themselves!

This coalition is a total outrage. I'm speaking with a majority of other voting Canadians on this issue. Coalitionists, "Be prepared to pay for this in a big way".

JTH in Ed
Sad to see some people react from a gut instinct and not bother doing the homework.

1) Harper did the same thing back when he was in opposition and Martin had the minority. He's choked that the same plan may work now. Maybe HE shoulda made a deal with the seperatists to stay in power. Not like he has not courted them before.

2) your 'party in power' broke a law by taping a conversation to which they were not an active party nor during which were all parties privy to the act. How many of you would support a gov't that taped your calls without your knowledge? Want to stick around with Harper's clowns to find out?

3) we moved darn close to a one-party country the other day. The idea to remove the subsidies was a much bigger power grab than the one that the 3 minority parties are taking now.

4) Many of you make it sound like it will become a dictatorship. It has been doen before in Canada. If you did not want this loophole, you should have petitioned your MP to introduce a motion to close it.

And yes, they do this sort of thing in other countries. It is usually done with great bloodshed and military force. The common name is coup d'état. That is not what is happening here. I actually applaud the move. Uncertain times call for swift and decisive measures. Mr. Dithers, you say? You have two of them right now: one is otherwise called Flaherty and his buddy is Harper.

And no, not a fan of any of the parties... just a guy who wants the cards to fall where they may....

Gregory D
wow y'all talk about the arrogance of Harper and I don't disagree but what about the arrogance of the NDP and the Liberals thinking they can not win the election but take power anyway. The worst of it is this will probably end up giving the Conservatives a huge majority in the end and then they can do what they want. I think the coalition thinks if they throw 30 billion out there it will make Canadians forget what they did but they are mistaken. They should no that we are fed up with politicians trying to buy their way into power at our expense. Just think 30 billion debt for us to service for years to come. The service cost at 5% will amount to approx 3 billion a year. That is 3 billion less for future budgets. The sad thing is I am a liberal and this will destroy what is left of my party.

Marky Mark
After Dion clobbers the daylights out of high real estate prices, Generation X'ers like me will be looking forward to buying homes at 1992 prices - EXCELLENT!!
I love it - Dion, a babyboomer PM, destroying babyboomer wealth. Finally.

Paul from Toronto
I am absolutely disgusted with what is going on in Ottawa.

The voters returned the Conservatives with a larger plurality, and returned the Liberals with fewer seats because they rejected Stéphane Dion as Prime Minister. Harper should be given the chance to govern and implement his mandate.

If the tables were turned, where the Liberals won the election, and the Conservatives tried to unseat them, there would be pandemonium and rage amongst the Liberal caucus. Why is it that when it is to their advantage, Liberals are comfortable with shirking the democratic will of Canadians?

Jeff in Winnipeg
So we may (depending on the GG) have a coalition government in place by the end of next week. They will enact inane policies and then wait for the economy to recover ON ITS OWN as it will do anyway and then claim credit for it. We will then go to the polls with liberals hoping they win a majority, becuase of course in the meantine they will have a leadership convention because they don't want Dion as their leader, but he's OK as Prime Minister in the mean time ... Any way you slice it we are headed to the poles in less that a year! And while the Liberals may profit from this unholy trinity the NDP will get what they deserve - oblivion as happens to most King makers.

I say lets go to the polls now!


How is a coalition in the best interest of Canada? We just elected a new Government and it will be brought down by a bunch of people who want power and not the best interest of the country. It is going to make us look like fools.

As for it representing the majority of Canada? Take the Bloc out who only represent Quebec and it would not even come close to representing the majority of Canadians.

Right now none of these parties are working in the best interest of the Canadian People. We are already the laughing stock of nations and this will not help.

If they can band together to make things work then why can they not work with the current Government?

Sherry Katrina in Ottawa
The Libs, NDP and Bloc all show that the people of Canada mean nothing to them -their power in government is what they care about(actually that doesn't surprise me). Dion doesn't want to go out a failed party leadership so this is his only chance in history - Layton knows he'll never be voted in and the Bloc - well,they hope at some kind of power they can't get from most of Canada. Thanks for making Canada a laughing stock. To all those who believe these three traitorous parties, I have a gopher farm to sell you on Peel and Ste Catherine in downtown Montreal! You people did not give the Conservatives a chance with the way the economy is now - NOT the fault of the Conservatives. God - many Canadians are just so gullible!

Big Jim
Well hopefully the Governor General is reading this and everyone's comments and takes into consideration how everyone here feels about the issue!

These are exciting times .
Democracy is working.

It's official, a vote for the Liberals is a vote for the separatists and NDP. The Liberals have lost their identity entirely.

Only with the Conservatives do we truly know where we stand. "Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't know..." Who was it who said that?

Bruce McMahon
TSX is down almost 10% today. My "thanks" to Jack, Gilles, and Stephane for putting it to my retirement fund today. Everyone that sold shares on the TSX exchange has now said that with the "3 Stooges" running the country, they expect higher taxes and mismanagement to be the order of the day.

Now what makes it really scary is that previously, Duceppe was a member of the communist party. And Layton and Dion want to have this guy on their team.

SD in AB
Seriously?? We are only but JUST keeping our head above water, and they want another election? For what? Should we not be working together instead of fighting amongst each other during such an economic mess? Will this not only make the economy worse? Plus...if hardly anybody voted in the last election...what's two months going to change? Even less people are going to vote cause apparantly it means nothing!

This coalition plan should have come earlier than now.

Enough with conservatives wasting Canadians money and resources.

Go Coalition Go.

Go Dion Go.

The history will evaluate Mr. Dion as a man skilled in self-serving deal-making:
- he became Liberal leader only after a deal with Mr. Kennedy,
- he won his seat only after a non-competition agreement with Ms. May,
- after a botched election he made a deal with his fellows MPs to remain until a new leader is elected,
- he may become PM (God help us if he does) after making a deal with Mr. Layton.

Interesting. Paul Martin saving the country from deficit. How about paying taxes to this country. That might help. Some nerve asking other Canadians to pay thier share and he refuses.


Good Afternoon, Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada:

It has come to light that the three (3) opposition parties, the Liberal Party of Canada, the NDP and the separatist opposition party the Bloc Quebecois are currently in secret negotiations to form a coalition government.

As this idea comes to fruition in front of parliament and to all Canadians of this great country, I want to express my deepest concerns by noting that I do not wish to see these three (3) opposition parties elect themselves to form the new government.

As you have observed since the last election only a few weeks ago, the Canadian public have given the Conservatives an even greater minority government than before, and has in turn expressed its deep distaste of the Liberal Party of Canada by electing less Liberal MP's to parliament.

Please, when the opposition parties discuss their intentions to form a coalition government to control this great nation of ours, do not grant their wish and let the Conservative Party of Canada govern this country. Until, the opposition parties decide to vote a "no" confidence in this 40th Parliament, then the Canadian public will decide for themselves who they want to govern this country.

travis in winnipeg
All I can say is "only in Canada".

I hope the Canadian public is outraged with this whole thing.


In my point of view everything that happened between the N.D.P and the Liberal is non-constitutional because there was an election, Canada voted and they did not vote for the N.D.P. or the Liberal but for the CONSERVATIVE. If something happened and they were not happy with it, they should've brought it before the house and then deal openly about it not by being hypocrites and saying that they are acting in the best interest of Canadians. the Mcguinty guy or whatever is name is was saying on the news today that Canadian were disappointed with the Harper Government, who does he think he is? He is not speaking for me!!! I am not disappointed with my government. I do not and will not recognize Dion as my leader.

Jack in BC
I never thought I would feel embarassed to be a Canadian.

How dare the 'Coalition Parties' ignore my right to vote? They are saying it truly doesn't matter who I voted for in the last election. They can be sure that none of those parties will ever get my vote as long as I live & I am 27 so I have a lot of elections (do we still have a right to those?) to go.

I really want to cry that they would destroy Canada like this. How can people want to support this idea? It is an afront to our democracy. All I can hope is that the GG will say no and call an election immediately.

Nevermind that the root reason that they did this isn't anything they've said - it is because the Liberals were shocked they didn't get back power and Jack Layton knows he never will. And they've made a pack with the Bloc, who hate Canada and want to leave us, in order to do this. Don't you think this works great for the Bloc to add to their case to leave confederation?

Everyone please email your MPs and tell them that if they do this, you won't forget when the envitable election hits in the coming months as soon as the 'coalition' has its first tiff.

Too bad that it'll be too late...billons of dollars thrown at the unions and failing auto sectors that won't help the economy. What happened to all the posters on here that said they didn't believe in bailouts? It'll take Canada a decade to come back from this afront to our democracy.

Sad Days
The only thing left is to bring in the army!
Well - isn't that what they do in a governemnt takeover? They say that Canadians are TOO nice .... I'm not too sure if people should or will stand for a goverment takeover .... if it comes to that point there should be another election.

As much as people would like to complain about the immorality of this, government's laws exist in this fashion for a reason. The Conservatives called an election because 'parliament did not function'. It continues to not function because our government will not work with the rest of the parties.

Accuse the Liberals, NDP and the Bloc all you like, but you're forgetting the main culprit here folks. If the Conservatives would actually work with the rest of the parties in the proscribed fashion as law dictates, this wouldn't be necessary.

If Harper and his Conservatives were really looking out for the rest of Canada, wouldn't it stand to reason that any one of the parties would support them and push through this mini-budget? Yet none will.

Remember everyone, the Liberals are devils, they're playing with fire, and they're horribly wrong. ... Or maybe they're the only ones who are capable of forcing the Conservatives to stand up and do what they should under parliamentary law.

.. Just putting that out there.

Note to all the arrogant "pretend I am a political science" major: Harper may not have the majority, but he has the most votes and the most seats.
It is absurd to expect any party to have the majority when we have a provincial party running in a federal election. Having over 140 seats is the closest any leader will get to a majority.

Dan W
You should make some attempt at understanding where the taxpayer subsidies to the political parties came from and why the conservatives supported it at the time. The Harper move had nothing to do with fiscal responsibility. It was a political stunt to get a response. Much to Harpers surprise it got an unpalatable reaction. One which he was ok with in the past but that he hypocritically calls foul on now.

As for the negative comments about the bloc, they have been apart of our elected government for years and start to respect it people. They are no different than the Westerners that continuously cry separatism when they don’t get their way.

We in eastern Canada accept the cries of frustrated Westerners but don’t say get rid of them or that they don’t have a rite to be heard.

Until mister Harper understands that we in Canada don’t want a dictator, not even if he had a majority we will continue to be a more polarized nation. I suggest he will never understand the meaning of consultation and we should get used to the polarizing of Canada until we get a party that will truly listen to Canadians. Let the government fall a get on with the failure of the next one.

When we the people get tired of the partisan politics, polarizing leaders and frustrating and seemingly unnecessary elections we will continue down this road. That’s true democracy.

Dan Williams

Waterloo On.

V. Vendetta
This so called coalition government will be in power for 3 years with no opportunity to have a say in the way our country falls apart, and it will. The Bloc will see to that. Canadians will be under a coup de tas for 3 years, just like so many bananna republics. We will be the laughing stock of the free world, a joke and a people under the rule of tyrants. I just hope enough of you out there have the courage to fight this any way you can. I will defend my rights with my blood if need be. I will not give my country over to this bastardized excuse for democracy.

This is a done deal. There will be nail marks across the floor of the house as Harper leaves on Monday. Now the Conservatives have to regroup. No doubt Harper and his Chief of staff have to go. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Also the Conservative party have to go back to their Progressive Conservative roots, this right wing Alliance/Reform and Ontario Harris influence has got to be cut off. That means Clement, Baird, Flaherty and Van Loan have to be relegated to the back benches, if not they will continue to exspouse the Harris philosphy of right -wing take no prisoners mentality. Though I'm sure Mr. Harper was predisposed to such leaning he might have had a chance to survive had he learned to compromise, but they had his ear too much and coupled with his COS he had no real chance. Yes, Conservatives have to get back to their Progressive side or they will be on the outside for years to come. Good luck in the coming day, if Conservatives survive this week and continue governing I still thing the guys mentioned above must go. PC forever!

Adam Honiton
This is the most ridiculous things I have ever heard......if there was an inkling of a coalition (which there may have been given the speed that this thing took off - don't kid me this was not planned ages ago. Canadians should have bee allowed to vote on this pretext....The GG should force an election - Cons v Coalition, including the Bloq....that's fair; who wins, wins.

This is good reason to question the Parliamentary system and the role of the GG - we the people apparently have no say as to who is PM, this is not right.

Dion a world Leader?? That is funny, as he and the Liberals had their lowest showing since confederation and his own party wants him out big time. If The Liberals hold a convention the winner cannot even sit in the house as prime minister. The Liberals and NDP are BOTH far left socialists and this is an undemocratic power grab plain and simple. The GG must reject this and call an election and then we will see what Canadians think of this coalition. The Liberals and NDP are hijacking Canadian democracy.

The current financial crisis is caused by US, the greedy people and corporates. Canada is well positioned right now in the world crisis.

What $30bil for? to bail out US auto companies?

Lib. and NDP sink Canada

Davey boy
It seems the pirates in Somalia have got nothing on Canada's oppositions parties. Our opposition parties are about about to hi-jack a whole friggin Country. I pray there is divine intervention. Some people need to be humbled.

The Harper government reeks of the George W Bush and Nixon administrations combined. We have a first past the post electoral system. Harper was first with approx 37% support. To those who question the other 60% this coalition will represent need to redo their math.
This is real people. The members of the economic advisory panels are well seasoned and basically retired politicians. They are not in a struggle for power but have the best interest of the nation at heart. Not the best interest of 144 Conservative misguided politicians.

Layton in NB
Well its about time Dion and the Liberals grew a set. You see, this whole thing scares the bejesus outta a lot of people because, it's different, and Stephen Harper says its undemocratic, and he's an authority on democracy you know. Stephen Harper will lead us straight to hell in a bucket if we let him and I for one am glad as hell that Dion, Layton, and Duceppe, will NOT let him. The Reform plan is to cut taxes until the government cannot sustain services, then they can privatize those nasty expensive things like education, health care and the prison system. All the while the unwashed masses who are so distracted by Dancing With the Stars and NASCAR can cheer about all the money they are saving...pennies a cheque. Meanwhile back at the treasury, corporate interests see their taxes SLASHED. Any one listening out there? This is no conspiracy theory its what Stephen Harper, chief policy wonk of the Reform Party, has wanted for a long time.

An absolute disgrace! The Bloc is the equivalent of political terrorists, their goal is the destruction of Canada, this must be a dream scenario for them. The Liberals and NDP are facilitating the Bloc in their blind push for (temporary) power. The Cionservatives will form a large majority out of this. At least its short term pain for long term gain - I hope.

Brent in Calgary, the real West
Any coalition will be short-lived and result in a Conservative majority due to the shortsightedness, inepetitude and incompetence of the NDP, Libs and Bloc. Bring it on.

Paul Carr
Chances are the coalition will be more united and more atuned to Canadians needs.

64% of Canadians voted against harper who is only interested in destroying the other parties and ruling like a right wing dictator.

take a walk Stephen. democracy will only be the better for it.

Justin from ALBERTA
This is complete bull. Im sitting here, outside the country, reading this report. This news does not make me want to come back to Canada. If the Stupid THREE get together and try to lead, who knows whats going to happen. Canadian will be a laughing stock on earth.

One of the worst showings by the Liberal Party ever and now potentially providing the leadership to the Canadian government.

Tactically brilliant but ethically disgraceful.

We vote the Conservatives in with a stronger minority government - how is it the other parties feel they are entitled to govern? A coalition government achieved in this manner would not represent Canadians.

Its a sad day in Canadian politics where the government we vote for is not the government in power.

I get a laugh over the people whining about the taping of the conversation. It is the same people who were gloating over the secret taping of Misister Ritz and then filed away until it could be released during the election. It is the same group that, when packed boxes were mistakenly not moved from a Conservative members office by Hill staff, the Liberals had a field day openinng them, reading private, personal files and then passing them around.

Reporting on this issue indicated the NDP invited this person to participate in the conference - they may have done so inadvertently but they did so and so he was free to join. Notice how the fact that Jack and his Separtist friends were conspiring to overturn the voters selection well before the economic update isn't that big of an issue with them. The NDP/Bloc coalition will control the weak, spineless Dion and put this country in severe debt. Canadians will suffer but that isn't a concern of the left - power is.

Ryan, your open letter was touching, noting that you don't want the opposition in power. The rest of Canada? Well, more Canadians voted for them than the Conservatives. And since the budget offered nothing for Canadians these people are doing what is right for the country. It may not be popular but it is necessary.
This is the best news to come since Harper and his incompetent bunch won their minority government (twice). Obviously they don't have a mandate to govern like they whish.

Everyone against this so called coalition, go here: rallyforcanada.ca

Curtis C
The reason that I have a problem with this coalition is that a Liberal/NDP/Bloc option was not on my ballot during the last election. In fact a Bloc option period was not a choice since they do not run candidates outside of Quebec. To say that the conservatives did not receive a majority of the votes is true. However they did receive more than any other party. To assume that people that voted NDP or Liberal or Bloc (if they had that choice) would have voted for an NDP-Liberal-Bloc party is a leap. At the very least you are guessing at why people voted they way they did. The government - majority or minority - should be decided by the people of Canada who voted, not by a few lawyers and politicians.

Alan Reece/Victoria
Canada is enveloped in the global financial crisis and the opposition parties are trying to do a backdoor manuever to oust our duly elected government and gain control. Unbelieveable !!
The conservatives made an error in trying to eliminate public party funding. The Conservative government approach to our crisis is correct, as acting in isolation to our largest trading partner would not be helpful but would most likely increase our national debt with no benifit to the present situation.
Let us ALL work together in overcoming this challenge.

I think it's time for the West to start to think very seriously about packing our bags. B.C, Alberta, Sask, Manitoba, Yukon and maybe part or the N.W.T. We could easily survive and be very prosperous. Create our own and debt free monitary system use the old gold stardard. If these 3 un-elected parties take power there would be NO way that the Cons. would ever be able to defeat them in any election in the East. The East will always vote to the left and we might as well get use to it. And we all know in the West it doesn't matter what we say, it comes down to Ontario and Quebec So let them have there eutopia of Libs, Ndp, and Bloc. Well meet back at the border in 10 years and see how things are going. But I bet one will be bringing a tin cup.
On another note this is exactly what the seperation parties in the West have been waiting for. This could be the fuel to start the fire. And there is a lot of people with matches. All they need is the right person.

Hey people if you don't' agree with this coalition, email the GG and tell her. Also email the parties and tell them what it will cost them and be nasty. They may listen but if nothing else it will make you feel better. There is nothing more exhilarating than crapping on a politician. No matter what party affiliation.

Tim from Calgary
Dion is betraying Canadians for dealing with the Bloc. Dion claimed to have always have fought the separatists in Quebec and now he is to become their lapdog by giving the Bloc veto power over any legislation that the "Coup-scam" coalition will want to pass. So much for Dion's own political ideals and morals, eh?

As for Layton, he is ready to deal with the Taliban, so dealing with the separatists WELL BEFORE last week's economic update by the government shows how much he will do to grab some power.

Alex Roberts (Halifax)
It looks like Stephen Harper misread his favourite book: "The Prince" by Niccolò Machiavelli.

"...no prince is ever benefited by making himself hated." Book III, Chapter XIX

mike hansquine
This is sure to back fire.. the NDP will pay the price dearly. Thanks Jack for selling out the NDP party! The people don't want a liberal government and certainly don't want Mr. Dion leading this government or else they would have voted for him last election. I don't want a loser in power.

Jocelyn Stobbart
And people wonder why nobody votes? What's the point if the leaders we don't want take over any way.
Worried about a recession? You better be if the Liberals and NDP take over.

Tim F
It is very clear that this is the ultimate power grab by the liberals and NDP that had no hope of winning the past election. The NDP and Liberals like to rant on and on about "the right-wing conspiracy". Judging from their approaches to the Bloc BEFORE the economic update reveals what their intentions were all along. I suggest the liberals and NDP back off and let the government work. I don't like another election at this time, but I would rather see that than have this kind of conniving cowardly opposition take control of the country.

angry manitoban
I wonder how Jack Layton can support Stephane Dion after everything he said about him during the election. Does he expect everyone to just ingnore all that? Just like they ignore the fact that Canadians elected a Conservative minority government just a few weeks ago. Does the House not have confidence in the government or do they not have confidence in Canadians to elect who they wish to parliment.

Rob - wondering why I spent time in the military??
Louise From Ottawa,

Thank you for taking timne to post those e-mail addresses, but save your time, those clowns are not returning e-mail at this point to us lowly voters they hold in so much disdain. While Stephan may hold enough support in the house I dont see that the generally poulace is in support of this notion.

Please to the Governor General, if there is a successful motion of non-confidence, please send us back to the polls. And at that point if the left wants to run as a coalition party, let them, at least then we will have the right and opportunity to examine and accept or reject their platform, not have it unceremoniously crammed down our throats.

Lastly to those claiming that a Majority of canadians did not vote right and that defaults that we as canadians wanted a left leaning government by default, please check your logic again as there are distinct differences in the left leaning parties and it also complete those that voted "stratigically" to avoid a conservative majority. that seams to have possible back fired as well.

Wow are the conservative supporters are in a panic.
The reason this is happening is the Government cannot effectively govern the country. Canadians don't want to waste money on another election that shouldn't have been called in the first place.
It's admirable that the other 3 parties are willing to put all there differences aside to form an effective government.

This is absolutely unacceptable. In other countries they call this a Coup. The coalition should be prepared for an enormous backlash of citizens.

Now is not a time to be seen as a country in turmoil. We need everyone working together on this. Funny how this appeared as soon as it was announced Federal funding would not be provided to the parties. GOOD! Maybe we could get back to three main parties so we have a chance to form a majority Government. I would be willing to hold back taxes or move from here to make a point to the "Coalition". What a joke.

Put them all in jail.
The suggestion that the Liberals or NDP are willing to work with the Prime Minister is a BLATANT lie.

Jack Layton was shooting his 2c off before Parliament started.

This is a political coup with the help of the treasonous Bloc.

Afghan Vet
I did not go to war to defend this type of democracy...but I would gladly march on to the Hill to defend Canada from this Coup.
Shame on the opposition...I'm disgusted. GG should speak aganist this now...every second is hurting our Country...

I wonder how many hits are on the western separation websites as of late.

I know I have perused them.

The libs, ndp and bloc are disgusting in their thirst for power.

Those of you saying that you can't believe that the Liberals and NDP will form a coalition with the bloc are really very naive. At this very moment, I can bet my last loonie that the CONS are doing exactly the same thing trying to get the support of the bloc to prevent them losing power. Its all politics!! Let's see who has the higher bid!!

So if Dion does become the PM, Does this mean he will bring in the greenshaft tax and really destroy canada?

Kathy SW Ontario
Okay children, this is what you should be doing:
1. You will receive political funding based on the percentage of votes you receive based on the total number of people of voting age and not the number of people who vote (maybe this way more people will vote).
2. Corporate tax breaks will be based on the number of jobs and wages that are in Canada (not for those with the most political influence).
3. Infrasture funding is a great way to create jobs in Canada during hard economic times (only for projects that benefit everyone like roads, etc).
4. Remember everyone needs to compromise and share.
5. Remember there can only be one leader at a time and a coalition was not what we voted for. I do not care if it works in Europe, this is Canada. By the way, they are in worse shape then us. Not a good example.

For the Coalition
Actually, the people saying this is not democratic should go brush up on their knowledge of how the political system works.

I hope they go through with it, the Conservatives are a cancer to Canada

Brian (Edmonton)
The only winner here is the Bloc as they will ultimately take all the seats in Quebec in the next election.....way to go Liberals and New Democrats!!!

To the Liberals and New Democrats....desperate times call for desperate measures, and boy are you ever desperate, enjoy your short lived 'coalition' as the Bloc will take it down when its to their convenience.

Frances Smith
I am astounded by the Conservative leader, Stephen Harper's willingness to create this "crisis" by drawing a line in the sand and forcing the opposition parties to respond with trying to form a coalition government. I would be far more impressed if he had brought the various parties together to develop strategies to help Canadians and companies who are losing their jobs and closing as a result of the current world economic problems.
These latest shenanigans on the part of Harper and the Conservative party reinforces my belief of his arrogance. He governs a minority parliament at the will of parliament and it behooves him to remember this.

This is all part of the prophecy. With the US in such deep financial trouble, they need Canada West's natural resources to bolster their strength.
This supposed power grab will do exactly what it's supposed to: break up Canada, give the West to the U.S. within 2 years, followed by the East a few years later.

so very sad....one week they pledge cooperation ....the next week they try to undo not only the election but also the country when the man with the power will be the leader of a treasonous separatist party that is funded from public dollars (does this make any sense?) whose sole agenda is the destruction of Canada....oh wait, isnt that the Liberal agenda too?!

Ryan in Kingston.
This has to be a joke.

For the Liberals, the party of Trudeau, to hop into bed with the separatists is simply stunning. They have really done it this time.

All of this for $7m in political funding. The Liberals and NDP are lusting for power.

Canada is now a banana republic.

V. Vendetta said,
"This so called coalition government will be in power for 3 years...Canadians will be under a coup de tas for 3 years, just like so many bananna republics. We will be the laughing stock of the free world, a joke and a people under the rule of tyrants...I will defend my rights with my blood if need be. I will not give my country over to this bastardized excuse for democracy."

Sorry to break it to you buddy, but this is democracy in action. If the conservative government could actually work with another party, like they're supposed to, rather than trying to undermine their rivals with political posturing in a time of economic crisis, they wouldn't be in this situation. Coalition governments are common all over the world, particularly in Europe.

EG in NL
I don't like this any more than the rest. But, last time I checked we had a Parliamentary democracy. The idea this is a coup or somehow makes us a banana republic, begs the question: why didn't you speak up against our system of government before? We send MPs (conservatives too) to parliament with 35% of the vote and no one bats an eye. This recent move is constitutional and democratic within our system. Harper was not chosen to determine policy alone, as in a majority. He failed to win a majority, and now in a minority government, he was chosen to take "the lead" in developing policy WITH other parties. He has failed to do so.
I would suggest rather than us complaining about a non-existant "coup", we contemplate improving our electoral system to make it more representative. Why can't we hold run-offs for the top two vote-getters? How about a separate vote for P.M. and for MP? These are real ways to address this situation, which was only a matter of time in coming.
I voted liberal BTW, yet I hope this coalition doesn't happen. The ball is now in Harper's court to show some humility and cooperative spirit.

Well, we should at least be thankful that it looks like a bloodless coup. I never dreamed I would see this happening in Canada. Good luck to this "coalition" if they think they can do anything about the economic situation. Why not eliminate all future elections and just draw straws among incumbent politicians, we'd save a bundle.

Let's see I went and voted but it doesn't seem to matter. My question is does this mean that all the promises that were made during the election campaign be implemented and where is the money going to come from.. Oh right me the taxpayer!!! DO the wise 3 really think that by taxing corporations that it won't be passed to the consumer. If so they are delusional. You can sure bet if I ran that company and my taxes were raised I would need to increase the prices to cover the them.. and who will have to pay that price? Oh right me the consumer..

I'm disgusted. Canadians went to the polls and elected Stephen Harper as PM. Now, Dion's taking over and has the gall to say this is what Canadians want? This undermines democracy and embarrasses our entire country.

If this is allowed to happen, why did we even bother voting?

Elaine in BC
I am very upset. This is definitely a coup. What does the Bloc get? What were they promised? With only the Conservatives in Opposition in this takeover, there will be absolutely no chance to ever dethrone the new dictators - they do not have enough votes, so we are stuck with this situation until the coup decides to let us have another chance for democracy. Three generations of women in our family all agree that it is time to separate. Even if we can't, it has worked so well for Quebec all these years, maybe we can get something for ourselves for a change and not just keep sending all our money to Ottawa and getting the finger back. Bye the bye, the attempt to bring down the Martin government by coalition with the Bloc by the Conservatives does not in any way relate to what is happening now. They wanted to go to an election - these guys just want to take over and not give the Canadian people a say. This is a travesty!!!!

Colleen A. of Sask.
To the Liberals, Seperatists and the NDP:

When you you play by the sword be prepared to die by the sword. The Canadian people will not take this sitting down. We are going chomping at the bit to take you ALL out in the next election and it will be you in the lines of the EI offices. Start drafting your resumes boys!

obviously voting was a waste of time

I just love the way some on here rationalize support for a coalition by playing the numbers game - 60% non-conservative voters - when the real point should be that the 60% is a combination of liberal votes, socialist votes and separatists votes. Some comparison. Some similarity. Like comparing apples to oranges to bananas.

Steve - The Republic of Alberta
"The panel of "wise men" would help the new government navigate the current global economic turbulence" are you kidding me? Paul Martin as an economic advisor? We would be better off letting preschoolers decide our economic fate!!! As for the single most useless party leader in history - Stephane Dion as our Prime Minister? The world is laughing - that is if any of them even care.

The West HAS to use this as this generations REASON to seperate! Why do we continue to let the Feds decide our fate as they continue to hand out OUR money and resources to the union run industries in the (communist) East?

I'd say that I was surprised, but I'm really not. This simply reiterates the unsuitability of our politicians in this country; all of them. Three times in the past two years, we have had elections. Each time, the decision of the Canadian voters has simply not been good enough for our elected officials. The only thing surprising me is that it's taken our elected officials this long to try some sort of power grab without getting those pesky voters involved.

The bottom line here is that we need a new government in every sense of the word. The party system is broken beyond repair and any elected official who refuses to work for the betterment of our country is guilty of treason so far as I am concerned.

Some of our greatest ideas and innovations as a nation have come from minority governments. Our politicians' refusal to put aside their petty club memberships and work together spits in the face of Canadians today and those which have gone before us.

Exactly why I stopped voting Liberal!
I'm calling it the "Coalition of the Losers" and I think it is a sad day for all of Canada when we allow this kind of guerilla politics to take over the country that is actually fairing the best in this economy.
Dion couldn't win the Fair and Democratic way so he will cheat to get his butt in the chair any way he can.

What did I vote for? How can we call ourselves a democratic society when the people of Canada voted Conservatives into power, and that vote is not being respected.
The Liberals, NDP, and Bloc should stop stamping their feet and whining, and get behind the government that was chosen less than two months ago.

If all of you whining baby Conservatives, (as you all liked to call those liberal and NDP supporters in the last month), don't want a coalition government....then get rid of our multi-party system.

But I will point out to you, that it was our multi-party system that allowed that rednecked Harper to sneak in the backdoor and take the election with 39% of the vote.

That's right, 61% of voters voted against the conservatives. But they're voice was fragmented allowing Harper to steal Sussex.

So...i'll put it to all you screaming seperation today, as all babies do when they don't get there way, 61% voted for a coalition and now we've got it.

I live and work outside of Canada however, I have investments in Canada, have always maintained my Canadian residence status and have always paid both income and property taxes in Canada at a level that, for income tax amount is typically six times the amount an average Canadian household would pay. I get no benefit from Canada other than the Canadian passport (which I would have right to as a born and raised Canadian citizen anyway) and the knowledge that I am supporting a stable, relatively honest system of government and social/security/personal welfare system that my wife and I can return to in retirement.
Now, when Canada at last has a relatively strong political leadership in Mr. Stephen Harper these second and third rate political, also-rans want to gang up and play havoc with Canada’s political system as well as our world-wide reputation. IMO - Canada has been on a slippery slope through-out the last Liberal decade and we need to progress from that state.
Some may see Mr. Harper as unreasonable – I see him as what we need, a leader. Mr. Dion et al will have us following the pack, throwing good money after bad as we follow the economic bunglers of the world like lap-dogs.
“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”
--George Bernard Shaw.

Are you kidding me???? We has an election and because of Dion's leadership, the Liberals LOST seats...now Stephane thinks he can be the next PM. Give me a break...If this does happen, the Liberals and NDP better be careful..if I had to vote again, I would change my vote and give it to Stephen Harper....

Mark Ditta, Mississauga Ont.
What is the matter with these people? Possibly emboldened by the liberal element just elected south of the border, Dion/Iggy/Rae along with Layton and that separatist hope to wrestle power away from our duly elected government. What an unholy collection of power-mad maniacs. Let's not let a little thing like democracy get in the way of a power grab. Please stop acting like children and give Mr. Harper a chance to implement his plan. I happen to believe he's the only person with any credibility, and is best suited to lead us through the storm.

Disgusted Voter - Canada
All opposition are fraudulent players. The liberals & ndp were not elected by the people & this is an act of revenge by pirating the gov't. We did not spend $300 million on an election so the sore losers could hijack our gov't.

Govenor General - the people DID NOT elect the liberals or ndp into power. The ndp were sneaking around behind the voters back's planning an overthrow of the gov't for some time now.

Govenor General - please listen to the people of Canada - do not agree to a coalition - even if we have to have another election.

Sanitylost in Montreal
Her Excellency
the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D.
Governor General of Canada

Your Excellency,
Please listen to the people. We did not vote for this and should be required enter an election if the minority government falls. The coalition partners (Lib/NDP) still have less seats than the conservatives.


I would NOT support an illegal government which has not been democratically decided upon by voters to lead this country.

IF, and I do mean IF this is allowed to go happen, then the government in Canada will have lost all legitimacy and moral authority to govern. The last time I checked, we are NOT in the Congo. The CPC was elected as the government of Canada and if this is allowed to stand then I will not recognise the government of Canada as a legal entity.

Curt in Western Canada
Wow! This was probably in the works during the election. It seems to me that the Liberals and NDP would do anything to gain power. THey are sleeping with the Bloc, who want to destroy our country. I am ashamed to have voted liberal and will now never vote for them again. Shame on the Liberal party and the NDP and we can now see our paychecks being taken away from us.

I'll be very happy when Harper is gone! People on here are saying that this is bad...that Harper was elected leader and we should let him do his job. From what I remember of the election, the majority of voters voted for ANYBODY BUT HARPER!

I think the coalition will do a better job then the conservatives...the coalition will do what's representative of what the majority of Canadians want.

The Americans got their election right, now lets fix ours.

I don't recall anyone in Canada voting and having the results being PM Dion. Lets get to the real world guys. Lets see what happens when another election is called now. I think we would see a majority as well as the best voting turn out ever in the country.

John from Saskatoon
Truly outrageous! How dare these 3 parties circumvent the choice of the people for their own benefit. They will be slaughtered in the next election.

Joe Sunstrum
You have to look at all of this on the brightside, which is what I am doing.

Power was seized from the elctorate without a shot being fire, without tribal or ethnic cleansing, and no riots in the streets or buning of gass guzzling SUV's at the hands of anarchists.

Since none of that occured, and democracy can so easily be usurped by a man who lead his party down the path to destruction and who will end up as leader, it must be Canada.

If the Governor General has any (hmm, tricky here)um, ah, nerve, she will dissolve parliament and force an election. Maybe Harper will be replaced,Dion will not get to be Prime Minister (that thought makes me frightened), and we have an election without the Bloc being involved...sorry, that was my Christmas wish.

Good luck Canada. We will need it.

Oh my God. Listening to Layton and Dion made me laugh. Oh yes they have so many better ideas than what were put forward by the Conservatives. Hmm give money for infrastructure, give money to sectors that need it, and oh yes, not do anything to the proposed tax cuts to business. Yes indeed that sounds a whole lot different. Layton can wax on about how many great things the NDP has done yada yada yada, but if this thing goes through, he'll need more than hyperbole to help him explain to the seniors and "working families" who will lose their life savings when the stock market crashes. I say bring on another election but not this train wreck of a coalition.

I think it is time for Western Canada to speak, call a referendum and see what Western Canada thinks about continuing to Support Quebec and Socialist ideas.

Janette G
I find the comments that the Canadian people did not give Harper a majority interesting. The Canadian people did not give ANY party a majority. How many Canadians outside of Quebec, would give unlimited powers to a party which has 1/3 of its members only representing a provincial party. Did all those Canadians who voted Liberal and NDP really want their vote to go the Bloc?

John Webster, Toronto
Good job Mr. Harper. You have done what the voters had not been able to do in the last election – bring down your own government.

Democracy is being hijacked dont stand for it
The Governor General had better not agree to this deal which was began in deception before the start of this 40th session of Parliament.

Canadians are furious at this wicked scheme.

70% of Canadians rejected Dion.

80% of Canadians rejected Layton.


Jason P.
This is a disgusting and vile arrangement that makes my stomach turn. I can't believe this is happening in this country.

The people just handed the Liberals a resounding rebuke and their leader has already quit.

Go to the polls, you cowards, if you don't like this government. Don't cut deals with a party who want to destroy our country just because you all want your free $2 a vote.

I'm so angry right now.

michael, Saint John NB
A very sad day for Canada and Canadians if this occurs. Now the Bloc with their agenda are in control. The best we can hope for is that the coalition is defeated and the the Liberals and NDP will be punished- as they should be - Farewell to both of you

We are a nation at war in another part of the world, we are part of the largest world wide recession and these 3 stooges think they can inspire the people of one of the worlds great democracies. NOT!

I want a vote in this! Bring on an election!

Mike Piper - Calgary
Can we from our own Provincial Party and have it recognized as the Bloc is in Quebec?
This will turn into another election - half a billion dollars for the same result - the one exception will be that Jack Layton Mr. Dion will have successfully ruined there political parties.
Speak up fellow citizens - WE are the Government. I am tired of the population out west being undervalued (execpt when equilization payments are required for the have not's)because of a provincial party that we are forced to recognize nationally - We will not have any successful government in this country until we get rid of "rep. by pop" and all of these fragmented political parties.

We voted - we decided no to the Liberal's, NDP and Greens' - your temper tantrums will not win you an election or any favors with the young voters. Your egos' will be your parties' eventual demise.

Stephanie M.
I took my kids with me when I voted in October - actually becoming emotional as I explained to them the importance of voting in this glorious, free Canada. That seems like a distant memory.

Today, my heart sank as I listened to the live broadcast of the offical "signing" between Layton, Dion, and Duceppe. It seems unfathomable to me that these leaders can play silly, power games in Ottawa while the economy worsens. Just weeks ago, the Liberals were set to dump Dion and now he could be PM?

I am an average Canadian who is SO angry - and feels comletely powerless. These men should be ashamed of themselves - and I will do ANYTHING in my power to show them how I feel when we make it to the next election.

I'm calling my MP.

Somebody poke me because I just woke up from my sleep and someone told me that Dion is going to be my PM on Monday.

Message to the West from an Ontarian in Markham
I am just as angry as you. Why did I bother and vote?Please don't take your anger out on Ontario. The Conservatives won the majority of votes in this province and the most seats. The thought of this coalition makes me nauseous. Harper is far from perfect but the others pale in comparison.

I have no idea how this will shake out but I am truly embarrassed to be a Canadian at this time. If the coalition goes through we will be just a step above a banana republic. Then again, they would never "appoint" someone who would break up the country to be part of the scenario to grab power they couldn't get democratically.

Since Confederation, Ontario and Alberta have poured hundreds of billions into Quebec, the Atlantic Provinces and Newfoundland. I haven't heard too many thank yous.

I certainly hope this ongoing farce doesn't fuel Western separation but if it does, how could I blame them?


Ken Lawson
Down with the supporters of this Coalition, the Liberals and NDP will lose seats in BC over this. The Governor General position must be elminated or fired and replaced with one that says go back to Canadians Vote again and keep Voting until you get a majority or a stronger minority. We do not want a fool like Dion as Prime Minister, he is not smart enough compared to Harper. Down with Liberals and NDP.

Pat, Victoria, BC
Anything but Harper! He has lost faith. He assaults Canadian values and our very safety. There are those who are real threat to Canada's government & democracy. They do not care if it's the Liberals or the Conservatives or the Democrats or the Republicans. They jump like fleas! A coalition has a chance to represent the majority of Canadian voters, strange as that might sound and be more resistant to outside meddling! A coalition is not one party. A coalition would be REAL innovation and will be hard work & a breath of fresh air! I hope.

Niagara George
It was Harper's responsibility to do exactly what the Liberals, NDP and Bloc have done this weekend... Sit down with the other parties and sort out an agreed upon plan. Dion and Layton have done it in ONE WEEKEND. Harper has had years of minority power and has continued to bully and mock the others... as though he had a large majority.

Hopefully, the people of Canada will appreciate the desparate situation parliament and our democracy was in and they will understand the nicessity of these difficult decisions.

We all know that Harper tried to work a deal with the Bloc, when the Liberals were in power, so the Cons have no substance to their 'deal with the devil' arguments.

Perhaps this will be an initial step in a permanent coaltion of the Left.

Steve - Calgary
Leaving aside the question of Conservative competence for another discussion, I believe the current political turmoil has more to do with the belief the Liberal party has in its 'natural' right to govern Canada...no others need apply. Add to this Jack Layton's desire to have a seat at the table regardless of the cost involved.
What is not being given sufficient discussion is what the cost will be to Canada for the proposed coalition to have the support of the BQ.
The Liberals and the NDP may have great plans on what they would do to govern the country but the coaltion makes the BQ into the Godfather of Parliament. That the BQ has no formal role is meaningless. They will do none of the heavy lifting, rather, they will sit back and approve, or not, anything produced by the proposed coaltion...with some extra perks of their own added in.
Will Canadians ever find out what this proposed coaltion has to give to the BQ in order to govern or will that information be pushed into the shadows?
The Liberals and NDP may get their coaltion but I think they are also getting an S&M type relationship with the BQ. How long will the honeymoon last before the whips come out?

Jim from Barrie
This is a clear travesty of democratic agenda. We didn't vote for a coalition, a gangster group, or group. We voted for a Conservative government leader who would best represent the best interests of the Canadian people. We are all going to suffer further decline in our investments, pensions, economy, job losses. I suggest the people of Canada inform this coalition party that they are personally responsible for losses and mismanagement of public funds, and will be found responsible by the courts of law. We Canadians need to rise up to this and launch a class action law suite against this revolution party and recover all and any sums of money they pilfer from the coffers of tax payers of Canada.

Read a book about Canada's constitutional history
A coalition such as is being discussed is standard parliamentary procedure.

Too many of you people watch too much US television.

I have really noticed that since the election the Mr. Harper kept talking about working with others and working on an stimulus pkg etc. that he has not kept to one thing he said.
He and his party knew what kind of reaction they would get from the opposition with their proposals and now they want us all to beleive that this is all the oppositions problem.
Mr. Harper is once again acting like they have a majority and that he is Dad and everyone should do what he says.
I remember another Conservative like that. He Killed the party.

True, a majority of Canadians did not vote for Harper, but no one had a majority. Dion had less of a majority than Harper, Layton less than Dion, Duceppe less than all of them. So why do these less than majority leaders get to qualify to lead? Since when does a vote for the Bloc Quebecois in Quebec and a vote for Jack Layton in Toronto translate into a vote for Stephan Dion in Ottawa? That is vote stealing if you ask me.

Richard D
This is a total disgrace in my opinion. I trusted my northern ontario NDP vote to represent us no matter if Mr. Layton was elected PM or not. Of course we knew this wouldn't happen, but the area need some volume in the same representation. The conservative won the election fair and square, and the NDP, Liberals and other should work on the oposition honorably.
So now my trust for NDP and the Liberals is forever gone, I hope Northern Ontario will read this and vote against traitors. There no solid reason to bring down the PC goverment, the other parties are using lame excuses to justify a coup take over. Obvisously this was planned way back. I would understand if an issue like a major war, or the country would be expose to a peril situation, but this is world wide recession. We will ride it through just like we did before. I can't blame Harper to wait for USA plan to be layed out, that makes business sense. We can't rescue the US, we have to wait till end of January. Now the 3 amigo's will put the plow before the bull. If they don't understand this expression, then try to push on a rope, that doesn't work well either. NDP & Liberals finito in Northern Ontario.

"seams(sic) to me corporate tax cuts get passed on to the shareholders [you & me]..."

Wow, I wish I was rich like you conservative supporters so that I could invest some money in huge corperations. No need I guess, the conservative government will just tax me instead of them, at least they still get their money.

Jan Montreal
What we need now is leadership. If Harper was a real leader, he would have proposed an economic package to the other leaders and brought them on board first (see Lincoln and Obama), all of them (!) to show he can put the country first, but instead, he played little political games and tried to put decisions off and make things look rosy. We are not stupid, Steven. We can see that things are tough. Let's all get together and do something about it.

Kevin Lawson
Democracy [di-mok-ruh-see]
–noun, plural -cies. 1. government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

I recall an election several weeks ago, and people all over the country elected Conservative Members of Parliament, significantly more so than for any other individual party. I know, I saw the results on TV as the votes where counted. The Conservatives increased their number of seats by 16 while the Liberals dropped 18 seats and the NDP dropped 6. While not getting a majority, the Conservatives won almost double the number of seats than the Liberals and almost four times that of the NDP. The results are obvious that the majority of Canadians did NOT want a Liberal government and did NOT want an NDP government and NOBODY outside of Quebec wants a Bloc government. I have trouble believing that anyone would support a group of parties together that they didn’t support individually.

The Liberal and NDP parties are attempting to violate the wishes of the Canadian electorate, and taking away the voice of those who take their right to vote seriously and did so in the last election - one of our most basic rights is being violated. Stephane Dion and Jack Layton should be embarrassed for themselves and their parties. The bottom line is we had an election and guess what Stephane and Jack? You guys LOST. Get over it and show some dignity. Get to work helping the government be strong and effective and you may just win back some of the supporters who want to believe in the Liberals and NDP but not enough to vote you into power.

I think this is a good opportunity for Canadians to start thinking about different ways of electing governments and positions, rather than whining about the 10 minutes it took to vote and calling that your political participation!

During these times when the world economy is in an crisis. We should be showing the world on how we as Canadians work together in times of uncertainity and how we can work together as partners instead of one against the other.(almost like cat and mouse). I find it disturbing to think that the "Coalition" believes it's the way to go. What message are we sending to the World and to ourselves as Canadians. We live in a wonderful country and as Canadians we should be proud of who we are. Please work together as a team as it was elected.

Once again, a deal that undermines the Western Canadian provinces! I am disgusted and embarrassed to be Canadian. I guess democracy really doesn't exist in our country. They apparently believe that Canadians are not intelligent enough to decide for themselves who should run the country. This move could just be the driving force for Western Canada to finally separate from the rest of the country! I for one would be in full support!

Disgusted in Ontario
I want my gov't to be elected also, not hijacked by sneaky bad losers.

Does anyone know how to startup an online petition to be sent to the G.G.

In the event that this anti-democratic coalition actually takes place I hope Dion and Layton remember that they achieved their goal of PM/power through backroom sell-out deals and above all without the elected mandate/respect of the Canadian citizens. Congratulations hope it feels good to know how you got to this point should it happen.

David in Vancouver
Separatists having a formal say in the governance of our country? A pox forever on the NDP and Liberals. Clearly a power grab that has nothing to do with the economy.

"The libs, ndp and bloc are disgusting in their thirst for power."

Not to mention the conservatives who, using our economic troubles as an excuse, introduce legislation that will bankrupt all their opposition. If that's not a power grab then I don't know what is.

S. M. W.
So just out of curiousity... How long will it take before the deficit that accompanies this economic stimulus spending is pinned back on the Conservatives 2% GST cut and not on the actions of this Coalition government?

Seemingly we now live in a "Banana Republic" where governments can be stolen. Hopefully this won't be forgotten - to covet power so badly to usurp democracy is disgraceful. I know I didn't vote for 3 of the 4 parties that are in the house of commons - yet 3 out of 4 of them will form the government. I can only shake my head at the concept of the NDP & Bloc having any say in our future...

I think the Coalition is a good thing, especially with the senior statesmen coming in to advise. These experienced politicians did not want to run again or make a long term committment. With the new arrangements, we get their collective skills and wisdom to shore up the exisiting politicians, some of whom are running for the Liberal Party leadership.
The economic crisis needs many heads; Harper would only have talked to himself.

Tim Lloyd
I am truly unhappy with the continuation of childplay within the house. I would really like to see canadian politics reformed so that this "power grab" would be unlawful, regardless of bias to any party. What has been demonstrated today is no better than a coup within our current system of "democratic dictatorship". The 3 coalition parties have never been able to work together in the past but I guess now they do share a common goal, a common hatred for an elected government and equal disrespect for the voting public. God help us all.

Dale - Alberta
I hope we can count on the military in Western Canada to support our new Western Canadian Separation Federation. The barricades go up on the Saskatchewan / Manitoba border the moment this coup takes effect. We await the rise of a new leader from the West who will lead us to victory over those who would trample our human rights.

Kevin Barrow
GG - CALL A ELECTION. Do not allow these (opinion omitted) hi-jack my country. We did not vote for them and they have no right to come through the back door like this.
And for those of you who say that a another election would be no good for the country... it can't be any worse then being govern by these morons.

Let's hope the Governor General refuses this ridiculous "alternative" government. I think most Canadians would rather have another election than have Stephane Dion as Prime Minister in a coalition with the socialists and separtists.

Robert Tucker
"I'm pleased to announce we are ready to form a government," said Dion. The rest of Canada sure didn’t feel that way 6 weeks ago. Sadly you chose not to resign with dignity after your defeat. Canadians have no confidence in you, Mr Dion, as evidenced by you poor showing at the polls, and this latest escapade merely shows the level to which politics in Canada has sunk. I would love to say we live in a democracy; sadly should the GG allow this travesty to occur I think democracy also lost at the polls

Drew in NS
Here comes the Ontario/Quebec show again. As an East Coaster I'm sad to say good bye to the West, I don't blame you. NS, NB and PEI should look to seperate, on their own accord. Nfld go your own way your egotistical Premier is partly responsible for this.

Why in some countries they call it a coup, but here in Canada it’s a coalition takeover?

John Lowther
We had our election, the Canadian people have decided, so what the hell is happening? We told Harper to govern and now the cry-babies who didn't win, will take it by whatever means possible.
This coalition, we can call it the Association of Seperatist and Socialist of Canada, the ASS party of Canada; with Dionne as their leader. What next?

Ray McNulty
Edmonton Alberta
Dale - Edmonton
4 wise men huh? Oh my. Manley is the only one of the group that has any credibility.

Roy Romanow has plenty of credibility since he balanced the Budget in Saskatchewan before Klein of Alberta.
Even without the huge oil dollars at the time.

EW in Winnipeg
Reading this blog, the very strong majority are saying they are against this, it is un-democratic, ignorant, etc, etc, etc. Now that you feel this way, what do you intend to do? Sit back and let them do what the majority of Canadians have clearly stated is unacceptable? Watch the news tonite and complain? Whine about how injust this is? You have to get out and let your MP's know that this is not acceptable. Sitting back, complaining but doing nothing is just as bad as not voting then complaining about what has or has not happened! JUST DON'T SIT AND COMPLAIN - DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING!

A coalition with the BLOC? the liberal parties of this country have lost my vote forever. Conservatives won the minority, let them govern.

Wow. Stupid move that is just going to end up screwing us the tax payers. Sad truths are if the American economy is down ours is as well no political party is going to fix that.

Long live the Republic of Western Canada
This Coup d'etat is going to punish Western Canada.
The first thing Dion is going to do is the Carbon Tax, second; Wacko Jacko is going to nationalize our resources (Western Canadian), Ralph Goodale will support the arrest of Western Canadian farmers trying to sell their wheat outside the Central Canadian run Canadian Wheat Board. The BC lumber industry will be forgotten because the money for forestry will go to Ontario and Quebec

My fellow Western Canadians, it is time for us to stand up and show the Rest of Canada and the world that we have very strong democratic principles and do not tolerate coup d'etat's or undemocratic behavior. It is time for us Western Canadians to contact our MLA's and Premiers to start the independence process.

Long live the Republic of Western Canada

Zoltan Horvath
I cannot believe the gall of the opposition here. Dion is not only incompetent but a great liar. He clearly said during the election that there would be no coalition with the NDP and now he proceeds to do it. He should have run on that mandate instead of claiming some flimsy constitutional right to do so now. That is an affront to all Canadians. Stand for election as a coalition or stand alone.

Now he wants to form a government beholden to the separatists and he thinks this is a workable coalition. The GG should tell these childish opportunists to work together or face the Canadian public for election as they have no mandate to do this.

Adriana from Harriston
What an affront to democracy! It's all about power and greed, folks! No wonder the Canadian public is so cynical they hardly bother to go out and vote. It seems to me the electorate who voted definitely did NOT want Dion to be PM. And guess what we are getting? What a farce!!!!

Ian Shields
Gilles Duceppe couldn't say O Canada once. Enough said.

I love how some people here are describing the Coalition as a possible coup. Perhaps they don't know what exactly a coup is--please check a dictionary, you live in a Parliamentary democracy. In a minority government, you have to at least TRY to work with opposition parties. Harper did not, and now he may well pay the price.

I'm not saying this Coalition move is the best for Canada or that the Libs/NDP/Bloc are doing this because they're truly concerned about the economy--let's remember this is politics, people. But toppling a government is NOT undemocratic--Harper tried to do the same a few years back. If the Tories fall, Dion will be a lame-duck-unelected PM--not a desirable position, and its doubtful anyone can "rescue" our economy with a magical quick fix--it may well be the Coalition will fail. But the issue here is compromise--Harper was a bully one too many times, and now may suffer the consequences.

Oh, and to the so-called 'western seperatists': Get a reality check.I hate to break it to you, but you're not going anywhere.

Just my 2cents

Maybe Harper will resign now and McKay will step in. He'd be much more popular likable PM.

Donald MacDonald
We now have the a two party system with a Quebec independence party that shouldn't be a part of the federal government in the first instance. If this comes down as outlined next time we vote we can vote for either/or not some of this or some that with a little bit of the other.

Angry Canadian
This is truly a sad day for Canada. I thought we lived in a free country with a democratic system. If this "coalition" is allowed to take power, we will become the laughing stock of the world. It is disgraceful, shameful, sad and embarrassing. These parties haven't made any attempt to try to cooperate with the Conservative government, like they said they were going to. The Conservatives have made many amendments to their financial update to try to appease the opposition, and they won't even listen. It's quite disgusting. None of them deserve to be the leaders of anything, never mind the country. All they are is three terribly power hungry individuals who are trying to put their own political success ahead of what's best for the country. If the Governor General goes along with this, she is no better. Hopefully sanity will be with her and she will not allow this communist ploy to go through. The people did not vote for this. I don't want to live in a country where we don't get to vote for our political leaders. That is truly scary.

I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore
If it costs $300 million to have an election it means about $10 for all of us, I am willing to pay my share to have an election between the consevatives and this alliance, did anyone else see the TSX had one of its worst days of all time

Tom in Calgary
The website for the governor general is gg.ca
There is information on how to WRITE her.
If there was ever a time to get involved in the future of our country, this is it.
Please take the time to write her. This may be our only chance.

Robert St. Lambert Quebec
Who knew? Canadian Politics just got interesting!

The people of Canada should have the say, not the parties. We did vote the Conservatives in did we not? This is wrong.

I Hope this goes to an election. The conservatives could put anyone at the helm and beat any of the parties now. I have to say one thing CANADA WAKE UP we are all to blame for this as we gave ourselves a minority GOVT. Now lets do the right thing and fight back I say If this goes to an election Dont give the liberals block or NDP a single vote. It is time to say enough is enough. It is pretty sad when we are the laughing stock of the international world could you imagine what we will look like with that WIMP DION AS PM. His speaches will make Bush Look like a rocket scientist. Oh ya dion you only get one take when you are infront of the Public live

My understanding of the purpose of voting is you get to chose the party you feel best suited to run and represent this country. During the last election neither the Liberals, NDP, Bloc, or Green accomplished the task of selling Canadians on the idea they were best suited for the job. Stephen Harper did. And well it might be a minority, mostly due to the number of parties running, he and the Conservatives still "earned" more votes. The Liberals, NDP, and Bloc are about to "steal" what they couldn't earn and last I checked stealing was illegal.

Great, now Layton can finally turn us into a welfare nation. Roll back corportate tax cuts, lose big business and lose All jobs for Canadians. Way to go.

I am so sick and tired of those that whine that Harper was elected and that this is a Coup. If Harper had the majority he wanted, and that Canadians refused to give him, then a coalition - which has more popular support than the Conservatives - would never have been able to send him packing.

He rolled the dice, thinking that the Opposition could never unite to stop him, but he was wrong. I guess the Liberals aren't the only ones that will have a Leadership review next year...

My only hope is that the Liberals have not succumbed to the unrealistic demand from the NDP to pull the troops out before 2011. I can't support that, but I can support everything else.

RM. Morinville
This Crisis proves to me why elections are so important! "Shame on you!", to those who did not vote in the last election.Your voice may have prevented this atrocity. Please think about this next time when you have the ability to speak up!!

I am absolutely disgusted with this 'coalition' government idea. So much for democracy! I guarantee that if we had an election between the Conservatives against the 'coalition' the Conservatives would likely have a landslide majority! This is crazy that the parties who could not win in the last election are now acting like spoiled children because they couldn't get their way. Grow up! We need a real leader for Canada right now, not someone trying to fill boots that are way too big for them!

Antoni Zola
Mindless peasants! The Puppet Masters are caught by surprise. Not only do they have their strings attached to Harper, they will have a harder time attaching then to a coalition. This will be the best thing for Canada in a long time. Politicians working for Canadians not the Banks (world bank included), Big Business and our New World Order. It is natural that you have fear, for you have been conditioned to whine and complain because you can not admit your ignorance having been fed fake news for many years.. Good luck fellow peasants!

William Spenceley.
The 3 party leaders are an absolute disgrace. How could they possibly even dream of co-operating with the Quebec separatists? Jack Layton has the gall to call on the police to investigate the phone check which revealed him to be in co-operation with Duceppe LONG before the whole mess began. Shame Jack, shame Bob, shame Stephan!!!

S Hurn
I hope that School Boards all across Canada are paying attention because the lack of understanding of our Canadian Parliamentary system is dismal. In the American system the people elect the President. In Canada we elect members of parliament. Parliament only functions if it has the confidence of the House. Harper has lost the confidence of the house. That is how our democratic system has worked since Canada was formed. All this talk of coups etc shows the need for education. School Boards, are you paying attention?

francis gerard, halifax
I am in favour of a Liberal/NDP + BQ-supported coalition versus a Conservative minority that is beholding to the self-serving interests of western Canada/Alberta - with a totalitarian-style 'leader' at the helm, ruling over the rest of us as though he were handed a majority mandate. Harper doesn't know how to play nice, nor does he respect the wishes of Canadians to work cooperatively with with the other parties.

imo, a united coalition of the opposition parties is a much better alternative to sole Conservative rule, and more able to represent the diverse needs/interests of ALL Canadians. If coalition governments can work well in other parts of the world, then i see no reason why the same can't be true for Canada.

but you know what really sucks... the Libs don't have a viable leader (yet).
Rae or Ignatieff? pffft, gimme a break. no thank you!
I'll take Layton (and his kitchen table) over either of those two any day.

Personally, I like Dion; judging from his record, he's a decent, honourable man with intelligence & vision and isn't timid about leading Canada into a ecologically responsible/sustainable future. I think we missed a great opportunity by rejecting Dion as our PM... but many Canadians don't 'see' him as a leader. I disagree, but the people have spoken, so who am I to argue.

cont... see next submission

Jason P.
Ok, I just sent an email to the GG demanding that if the government fall she call an election so that the citizens of the country can, again, decide who should be in power, not a provincial party from Quebec that is hellbent on tearing the country apart (which this little deal goes a nice way to accomplishing).

Someone needs to set up one of those online petitions for the GG to call an election. I don;t care how much one costs, we can't put a price tag on our democracy.

Never, never do we want another Liberal Prime Minister, especially from Quebec. Prime Minister Harper was (is) a real breath of fresh air after the amazingly crooked Liberals who seem to think they have some God given right to govern...and now with this devious plan. How can we stop this from happening. Rally on the hill, refuse to pay the GST, or income tax. Canadians need to do NOW whatever it takes to stop this farce.

francis gerard, halifax
Even if a coalition isn't able to oust the Conservatives from power, Stephen Harper has to GO! And that it actually came to the debacle we're in right now, really says something about how many (most?) Canadians feel about the Conservatives; we just don't like 'em, and instinctually, we do not trust them.

Evidently, Harper's Cons are more interested in playing political games, in a sustained effort to weaken, divide & conquer their opponents and seize absolute (majority) power, which as everyone knows by now... corrupts absolutely. Their cynical ploys and mean-spirited behaviour toward the other parties is disgusting and certainly no way to run OUR government... which is now all but dysfunctional and not serving the best interests of Canadians. As i see it, the Conservatives have blown it, they've forfeited their chance to govern responsibly and fairly.

Chris S from T.O.
I just saw Dion (answering) or not answering a question about when his coalition's fiscal stimulus will kick in and how much will it cost. He didn't know the answer to either question, but promised that they would "do" a better fiscal stimulus than Harper. Well we haven't seen the Conservatives' stimulus yet. It's due at the end of January and they are ousting the government before it has had a chance to speak.

I'm looking forward immensely to the next democratically elected government, a Conservative majority.

Let's talk democracy for a moment. Have these bozos who are plotting to highjack parliament considered for an instance whether or not the majority of Canadians support this coalition nonsense? Where is democracy in all of this?

Victoria in SK
To those of you as infuriated as myself,

Please take the time to write Michaelle Jean as well as your local MP. Join the facebook group Canadians Against a Liberal/NDP Coalition Government.

Keep yourselves informed as to protests happening in your area.

Clearly greed motivates this coalition!

Unions are destroying this country! Government workers high wages and huge pension plans are destroying this country! Are the people of Canada getting good value for their money these days?

So our economy is at a critical time in our history and we have to listen to these jokers think themselves as professionals guiding us all. Noah’s Ark was built by amateurs – and the Titanic was built by Professionals. Please coalition people – please don’t think yourselves as being professionals. Your coalition is all smoke and mirrors for what really is behind all this…….greed.

Perhaps this is a good time to abolish the unions for good? – perhaps the Gravy Train is coming to an end for these folks? Perhaps the Government Pension plans need to be trimmed back considerably & salaries not capped but be reduced entirely by 50%? Perhaps the fear of this is the prime motivator for these people to want to form a coalition and protect a good thing they have going financially for themselves………..which a large majority of Canadians do not enjoy or will never know that experience.

Definition - GRAVY TRAIN = easy money - Income obtained with a minimum of effort.

Coalition People - Please don’t tell us you have a new & clear vision for this country - your wasting our time & our money ! Don’t worry as Canadians will certainly love you for dragging us through another election at our expense !

Have a good day

Jeremy from Ontario
I do not agree with what Dion is doing. Anyone who can't see that this is a power grab and nothing more is clearly blind. They just can't stand losing and are willing to do anything no matter how underhanded it is just to get into power. This is not be for the benefit of Canada but for the benefit of those political parties involved. The goveror general should just say no to dissolving parliament and allowing this to happen since constitutionally she has the right to.

No, Canadians are not furious.
Some Canadians are furious.

But they seem to be people who have an inadequate understanding of how the Canadian Parliamentary system operates.

No, Canadians did not elect a Conservative government. Canadians elected a Parliament. A minority government falling from power and being replaced by a coalition government is one of the strengths of the Parliament system.

We're going to have to make some sort of civics courses mandatory in this country, especially west of the Ontario/Manitoba border.

Peter McCartney
To the people saying that this is anti-democratic, this is the EXACT way a democracy is supposed to work. Harper is the one that is undemocratic, since he tries to bully the other parties as if he had a majority government with the threat that they will have another election.

alistair metcalf
This is a COUP there are no guns and tanks or planes but the ligitimate government has been or soon will be overturned. The concervatives were elected to govern. Minority, yes, but the majority of one party. I Joe public did not elect a coalition government. Those of us who voted elected the minority government. Love them or hate them they are the government.During the press release this afternoon Dion stated he had no fiscal plan. Layton has no plan either. This is not about the nation's economy or lack thereof. It is all about a power grab. The young people of today will now know that their vote really does not matter at all. So much for democracy. I guess its now time for WESTERN separatism to give it another try and this time succeed. If The liberals will go to this length to govern then they can have Ontario. The west does not need political opertunists like the Liberals and the NDP. My vote really did not count for squate.

Laura in Calgary
I'm pretty sure that when I voted in October, the "Coalition Party" was not on the ballot. I'm moving to Mexico.

Kim - Stouffville
Canada voted Harper in,so let him run the country. Do I really want this coalition running the country?? NO!. Do I want another election? NO? We cannot afford another election. This coalition created an economic crisis today.

In addition, could someone explain why the Bloc does not have to run a candidate in every riding as a national party? Is there not an election policy which states this?

I would support the Coalition. The Conservatives did not seem aware that there were economic problems - during the election. And their economic update since the election was not only an about-face, but negative and cynical. We need a plan and an economic stimulus, and I'm glad a coalition will work together to do that for Canadians.

Shannon Richardson
It is so misleading for people to make comments about the opposition parties needing to "learn to get along" with the ruling, minority Conservatives! You have it totally backward, people!

A minority government has to lead the charge (since they are the leading party, after all) in implementing strategies and policies that they believe will get majority support. They should have KNOWN the opposition (especially the Bloc and DNP) would be against ending public funding to the parties as well as anything remotely anti-union (which is technically undemocratic!), not to mention a lack of economic intervention.

Harper and the Conservatives are so arrogant, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Fox and weasel attack chickens
What other tricks do these conspiratorialists have up their sleeves?

Rick Armstrong
Something tells me Frank McKenna is waiting, is an honest Canadian at heart but won't commit to this obvious self serving Jack Layton "all for one and that's for me" attitude.

Dion couldn't pull his party together, the Bloc has another agenda not worth mentioning and unfortunately Harper didn't see this coming.

It says alot.

Right now I'm worried about my children's University education which we have said is not an option. I'm worried about our pension savings. I'm worried about my marriage.

Jack and Duceppe can't wait to get their names in the gossip colums. Where's Olivia? Fanning the flames no doubt in her own self styled power grid. These are not average Canadians working for average Canadians.

Thanks for nothing, for not working for other's stability only your own Jack.

Rick Armstrong Toronto Candda

Mike Poitras
Hopefully finally something will get done the right way with 3 parties in agreement and doing away with the lying conservative leader who has not been keeping his promises and breaking his own rule about elections. Things can only get better for the economy with a coalition.

Greg W
Well the CPC have had their bloggers out swarming this board. Surprise, surprise.

2/3rds of Canadians didn't want Stephen Harper in power. This is much more representative of Canadians views. If you want to talk about political games try delaying the Opposition Day, then prorogue Parliament so he can rule for a month.

However, if he does get the boot Stephen Harper will leave as one of the greatest politicians in Canada: he will have united not only the right but also the left.

Jessica Laura
Am I surprised, not a bit. Am I happy, not at all. It hasn't been the first time that the liberals go amuck. The Conservatives got through the last election on top. Last time I checked, it was the Liberal party who made the mess of Canada last time, and without an election they are able to be in power jointly with the other parties. This is absolutely pathetic.

Jeff S
This is a bloodless coup! It is no different than what we see in other countries when the military or a rebel faction takes power from the ruling Government.

Vince - Waterloo
I think most of us can agree - if we are honest - that all parties have not handled this well. Our PM poked the opposition in the eye and expected to get away with it but the opposition is now acting out of opportunism and not in good governance. All 4 parties should be sitting down to find compromise rather than 3 seeking to vote the elected government out, that us for us the voters to do.

When will the Canadian Voters see what the "Coalition Agreement" Contains including all the hidden pieces. We all know that the Bloc will only support what is good for Quebec and the NDP Labour. Where will the $30 Billion in stimulus go and will we need a forensic accountant to find it.

They claim this is for the betterment of Canada but Canada chose and they should not now tell us we were wrong.

Regardless of how I have voted in the past I will certainly not vote Liberal or NDP at any point in the future including in the election the Governor General should call should the oposition insist on this path. The Governor General must turn this back to the voters - the only time a coalition was allowed was at a time of war - while difficult this is not war time.

B.C. taxpayer of Williams Lake
What a shame......the Canadians need to storm these guys and show them where the bear dumped in the buckwheat! This is the party the taxpayers wanted in because the other parties were just wasting time and money. Look what happened in the U.S. the citizens spoke their displeasure.

Gordon in Calgary
It is a testament to the strength of Canadian democracy that we can entertain the current discussion with regard to the formation of a coalition government without it being a threat to our democracy.

Indeed in this case the actions of the opposition may be the only way to ensure that the majority's views are respected by the governing minority. It is a testament to the hubris of Mr. Harper that we are having this discussion at all. Had Mr. Harper sought to govern in a fashion that honoured democracy by respecting the minority government he was given the opposition parties would not have had to respond with a coalition. Instead of trying to find real solutions for our problems Mr. Harper was clearly playing the politics of brinksmanship and this time he may have gone too close to the edge.

If one wants to blame anyone look no further than Mr. Harper who flouted democractic ideals and now may be burned by that. It would behoove the Conservatives to find a leader who understands his democratic obligations more and who respects the need to work with the opposition particularly when leading a minority government that requires the participation of the opposition.

It also wouldn't hurt democracy if Mr. Harper would allow his ministers and MP's to govern instead of just the PMO.

What interesting times we live in, I have no doubt our Canadian democracy will be the stronger for this healthy challenge to a minority that seeks to impose its will on a majority who disagree.
Perhaps this will also spur the electoral reform we so badly need.

Sounds pretty good to me, this coalition government idea. With McKenna on the panel as one of the "wise men", you can rest assured that the economic dealings and requirements will be strongly pursued with conviction and Canadians best interest at heart.

The Conservatives blew it, face it. The coalition is constitutionally allowed and maybe just what we need to have real government in place!

John - Toronto
WE THE PEOPLE made a decision and elected the conservatives to lead the country.

WE THE PEOPLE did NOT VOTE FOR Dion,Layton,or Duceppe...

WHY is the FUTURE OF OUR NATION being decided in a back room?

WE THE PEOPLE did not ELECT Dion,Layton or Duceppe...

Cant be elected, lets just backroom deal and STEAL POWER



Do we smell a "COUP" ... wow... has Canada stooped so low ?




Ed Pawelko
Now that we are going to have a Canadian Government put together by the "Three Amigios" (for now) it is going to very interesting how they are going to put their plans into effect without raising the GST and probably our other taxes and take away all of the other ones that the present government had put in place. Right now they are probably ringing their hands and thinking how they are going to put it to us in Western Canada. I think it is time that they should be told that if they try some tricks, the talk of Western separation will be a lot more serious. They seem to forget that we were the ones that held the economy together for the last while and if they ruin it this will just add more fuel to the fire. It is about time that we as Western Canadian stand up and look at what options are open to us and consider them seriously and rapidly

Laurel Tye
Regarding a Coalition Government: If this actually happens, then no one ever again need wonder why voter turn out is so low.

Intead of parties joining forces to create a government of chaos, how much more productive it would be to join forces to alleviate the economic stresses so many Canadians are suffereing, and at a time of year when want is most keenly felt.

Many of us are desperately disappointed in the choice of focus of the parties involved in the coalition thrust which has done nothing but make them appear like amalgamated bullies.

Margo Duncan
It seems to me that the people of Canada voted for a Conservative government NOT a coalition. I think these egomaniacs should let the people decide who will run this country. Mr. Layton is on a real ego trip and needs to be cut down to size. What was the point in all of us voting? And do we really need another election, with the cost of it all, at the present time, when the economy is going down the tubes!

Billy Tuttle, Toronto
Some of the best decisions in Canadian history have been made by coalition governments. This is very exciting.

Nino Pagliccia
A coalition makes perfect sense! The Conservative Party got less than 30% of the votes in the last federal election. The majority did not want Harper. So this is a coalition of the majority!
Vancouver, BC

Keith from VanIsle
Let's set aside party politics for a moment to figure this one out. The stimulus package is designed to help companies stay afloat in tough economic times. So the proposal is to take $50B from them and return some of $30B (some goes to gov't as GST, PST; some goes into savings accounts; etc.). So where exactly is the "stimulus" in this "stimulus package?"

A second point is that tax cuts to corporations are long term measures that will help keep companies in Canada, rather than moving elsewhere or outsourcing. And these tax measures might even attract a few more here.

What a horrible introduction to what is called the "blood sport" of politics.
Conservatives elected not NDP or Liberal or Bloc.
If these parties wanted to run the couintry so badly - then why weren't their members out on election day. Remember that only 59% of the country voted.
Rather, they just want to grab the power that no one would give them - any of them. I'm ashamed to live in this country today

Tamara Mazerall
Go for it. I would have liked to see the opposition parties align pre-election but a coalition government is a fine solution. A coalition government is actually a good way of governing during a crisis--and I do believe we have one. It also favours the inclination of more Canadians than the current state of affairs. A balanced coalition is better than a bullying majority any day. I hope these are the winds of change.

It isn't the oppositions not wanting to work with the Conservatives. It is a case of Harper decided he no longer needed the fuzzy warm sweater of the campaign and be the old bully that he truly is. Let's face it he'll go down in history as the prime minister who united the right and left, an accomplishment no other can claim.

Dan in NB
I didn't vote for a coalition government with seperatists! But, it appears that the wishes of Canadian voters mean nothing to the Lib - NDB - Bloc. I have been Liberal red all my life...until today! They will never get my vote again!

Chris in Oakville
Wow talk about sour grapes on a national level. This coalition should be ashamed of themselves. Although The Tories do not have a majority government, the majority of Canadians voted them into power. Wasn't that the whole point of a very costly election. To have a government voted in by the people. I think it's time Canadians spoke up and told this coaltion just where to go. For the Liberals to get into bed with a party that really only cares about Quebec is insulting to us all.

Anthony from Lacombe
As his followers once said "Mr. Dion is a proud man"; apparently so proud that he will never admit defeat. Who really believes that the NDP and Bloc will be good for the Canadian economy? Unbelievable that Dion would join these socialist leaders just to have power. Their goal is not for the good of Canada, but revenge against Stephen Harper.

Glenn Ottawa
We elected a minority government which means that the government needs to compromise. The conservatives have been acting as if they don't need to. The Opposition is exercising a perfectly sound and constitutional legal option.

If it fails, the conservatives will probably get their majority next time around.

Whether you are on the right or the left, this could be a good thing.

Gloria Vickerage Drumheller Alberta
Wow such sadness to hear that the people are no longer a factor in the minds of the the "three".
Such sadness that the leaders don't seem to understand that to negate a vote of the people is to negate the people.
How could a man such as Dion be given so much power by politicians when the people refused to acknowledge his power.
Why vote why pretend?

Jesse Erickson
If I vote Conservative I support their policies. If I vote Liberal I support their policies. If I vote NDP I support their policies. If I vote Bloc I support their policies. I don't vote for three parties I vote for one, I support only one and what the opposition parties are doing is not what the majority of Canadians want.

All of the opposition parties have made deals and tradeoffs to make this coalition work, and therefore are changing their policies which is NOT what the Canadian people voted for. The opposition parties lost the election fair and square. This coalition is not only unethical it should be in my eyes illegal. Nobody gave any mandate for those parties to govern this country as a coalition. It just goes to show that the parties not in power are more worried about who is in power and not the issues at hand. The Conservatives don't "jump the gun" and offer immediate stimulus packages, and theres nothing wrong with that. Look at options, do a little research and then make an educated decision that will provide long term results.

Roger P. Uxb ridge
I am outraged that the self serving opposition politicians are inflicting their ambitions on the Canadian public. This is not what the bulk of the population want.

Mark Pooley
This is a complete outrage, it is an attempt by the liberals and the NDP to steal power. Has anybody asked the Canadian public what they want? Oh wait, the public was asked and we chos Stephen Harper. Liberals don't even like Dion let alone the rest of us.

The part I love about this is, for the first time Quebec has no say in Parliment they are just puppets, for the Liberal and the NDP. Ha Ha !!

Fred Forth
This move by the opposition parties is tantamount to an overthrow of the elected Government of Canada. Irrespective of the spin put on the move, they cannot say they collectively represent more of the voters than the elected government. To add their collective votes together to claim such is an abomination. Their votes were for them, not a coalition. They do not have the moral right to make this move. Their actions only hightlight their complete and utter contempt for the Canadian Tax payers.

I've written a letter to my MP, the Prime Minister and Her Excellency the Governor General of Canada to voice my utter contempt for their moves. Quite frankly if the GG has no other choice then fine, I'd rather spend another $300 million and have another election than give away $30 Billion in the biggest give away since the Liberals were last in power. Seems that is all they know how to do thing!

Barb in Port Perry
Has everyone forgotten Dion and his Carbon Tax ? Do we want him to end up as " leader" after he was voted against". NDP and Liberals beware, this may come back and bite you. Voters will not forget this down the line.

Jim in Ontario
I was Liberal, but this has sickened me. This means the Libs have already made consessions to the Bloc! The very party that wants to tear the country apart! I'll never vote liberal again untill they get some of the idiotic MPs out of there.


E. Hamilton
I am very disappointed in our country’s opposition parties attempt to oust our newly elected government with their Coalition Plan. I beg the Governor General to not allow their manipulative attempt to gain power by this back-door method to pay off for them. I did not vote conservative myself, but Canadians made this them the party of their choice, and gave a clear message to the Liberals. To think Dion could now be the Prime Minister of Canada and the Liberals the leaders of this country for the next 2 ½ years is mind-boggling to me, and I am sure to many other Canadians.

This kind of change of power should lay in the hands of the people not the politicians - this just flies in the face of democracy. I can only hope that this coalition coo is not allowed to happen and such a precedent is not set in this country. Based on the absurdity of these parties thinking this is a good move for our country at this time, and not just a chance for them to gain undeserved power, I myself will have no hesitation in voting Conservative next time around, in hopes of sending the opposition parties a clear message of what I think of their methods. I simply cannot believe their arrogance!

Terry Hamel
This is not something Canadians need right now, we need a united house. It paints a pretty dismal future if something of this nature is allowed to happen (legal or not) - what happened to the democratic voice of Canadians who voted for the Conservatives?

Jack from the country of Alberta
Western Canada screwed again. Time for western separation. Enough is enough. I am no longer a Canadian I am an Albertan

Ian from Ottawa
This is not what we voted for. Dion is like a wet noodle and I for one do not want him representing Canada. What are we showing the rest of the world at this time of financial crisis ? The oposition party leader's ego are bigger than what is good for the people. Get real and stop this nonsense.

Antonio in Montreal
I for one will remember this in 18 months. I am a long time liberal and this is no way to take power. Getting in bed with the seperatist. I almost think that Dion is a closet seperatist. 18 months and then I with a coalition of millions will take my shot at destroying the liberals. Seems the only person true to their beliefs is Gilles. PS: I live in Montreal and the liberals here just lost my vote.

Paul, Halifax
The three stooges destroying this country we call home we call Canada and for what? This is not what people voted and it is true no matter what party you voted for during the elections. for this is a dirty deal they cooked up without asking me asking you asking us. They have to be stopped for the good of this country we call Canada. Back door deals and dirty tricks is not how Canada should be run. My fellow Canadians I ask you please resist this coalition and ask for a fair way to decide who is going to lead us and demand your voice to be heard. this is the ultimate betrayal of the Canadian people. We already spoke one way or another lets concentrate and focus on getting through these trying times.

M from Montreal
Although completely against seperatism, I believe that having the Liberals, the Bloc and the NDP working together instead of against each other might do some great good for our country. It will also make for very interesting times. This, along with what is going on in the U.S. is bound to shake things up a bit, maybe even fix a thing or two, make things better.
We shall see...

I can't believe all those westerners saying how un-democratic this is. It's in the constitution that if the GG does not want to call an election she can request the opposition to form a coalition and make gov't work. Remember, Canada consists of 10 provinces and the Yukon,NWT, and Nunavut and not just Alberta. Harper is a power hungry man who refuses to listen to his own people and he deserves whats coming to him!

Kirk from Northern Ont
As with most posters here, I find it absolutely unbelievable that Dion may become PM after being so badly trounsed in the recent election. To make matters worse to accept support from what I consider to be a traitor (Duceppe) to weasel his way in is a slap in the face to those who gave PM Harper his enlarged mandate during the last election.

Clive Hickson
What happened to "The Will of The People?" The Conservatives were elected in a fair and democratic vote. Now these Opposition weasels want to grab power by deceit and subterfuge. Dion has shown himself to be unable to even rule his own Liberals,Layton would destroy the country by socialist grab from the workers and give to the lazy programmes, and the treasonous idiot from Quebec (whose name I do not even wish to type) would break Canada apart at any time he could do so. I am sick at heart at the dishonesty of these people. Meantime, we The People don't matter a toot to their personal ambitions. Meanwhile our economy worsens as they conspire behind the scenes and the Conservatives under a good Leader are hamstrung.
And guess who these weasels will blame?

Lee in Calgary
For me the greatest irony here is that Mr. Dion's greatest legacy was to be his determined and aggressive fight against the separatists and now here he is about to become the Prime Minister of Canada thanks to the support of the Bloc.

I guess this proves again that the lure of power is too much to control, even if it's just for a few months and a deal with the devil is a more rewarding option.

I truly hope the Liberals pay dearly for this deception and deceit in years to come.

Jason Daniel Baker, Toronto
Didn't see this advisory panel of Martin, McKenna, Romanow and Manley coming with this coalition deal but it will hardly inspire confidence.

Lets just take a long, deep breath now shall we?

If you are Stephen Harper you still have some options.

He can prorogue parliament and that is what he should do. He should do that for as long as he possibly can. Stay in power using whatever is within his legal power to do.

In the time he gets from doing that he can fill the vacant senate seats (so that the coalition can't and you can bet they have some ideas as to whom they'll appoint if Harper leaves the seats vacant).

He can then offer the Bloc a separate deal and try to play them against the others as Trudeau did when he played Levesque against the gang of eight.

OR Harper can hand the government over to this three-headed monster I like to call "Cerberus" and let them fumble.

Lets not get emotional here. Play it smart, avoid hyperbole and stay on message.

James, Saskatoon
What's wrong with commenters here. Do guys even know what Democracy is all about? Coalitions happen all over the world when one party can't rule other parties get together and form a government.

There are no Co's or whatever you guys are calling here. It's simple democratic rights of the elected officials. I always wondered why this never happens in Canada, now hopefully I will see it. I myself am an independent voter and this would actually will bring more meaningful government then the one Conservatives will have as Mr. Harper will never listen to no one but himself.

Good luck to the new coalition and I am sure they will fix things and work a lot better then the consv. government will do.

Mary Clarke
email the GG @
Canadians need to let the Governor General know our thoughts on this matter.
It is the right of the voters to have a say.
Take one minute of your time and do it!

Lori Hillis
I think its time that someone did something about the Conservatives in Ottawa. In my humble opinion the Conservatives are being fiscally irresponsible at the moment and larger infastructure payments and more money to seniors is not going to get the economy rolling again. What needs to be done is being done. Kudo's to the NDP's, Liberals and the Bloc for finally putting aside party differences for the good the Canadian people!

The Governor General does not have the right...

The GG does not have the right nor permission of Canadians to be an instrument that could lead to the destruction of this country. She should be seen as not having anything to do with this cabal of politicians who want to usurp the will of the people and allow a separatist government to form a part of the government.

If these fools are going to ignore what Canadian people decided 6 weeks ago , have the courage to let US say what we think of this idea. If you are determined to blow canadian tax payers money , then do it the right way. Call a new election but don`t count on my vote ever again . Conservative from here on in.

If you are appalled by the Libs and the NDP getting into bed with the Bloc, email, call or write your MP and express your outrage. We can't let them give power to the party that wants to destroy our country. And if you think that isn't what is happening, I'd advise you to do the math. The NDP and Libs can't hold power unless they have the cooperation of the Bloc, which means the will be doing what the Bloc says.

Roberta Bremner
We recently had an election -- Canada voted, and the Conservatives were chosen.
The majority of Canadians DO NOT want to see a mob of parties take over the very government the citizens of Canada recently elected! I would really like to know what they plan to accomplish -- besides infuriating many.
I truly find it hard to imagine those 3 opposing parties working together in harmony.

Alex J.
If the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc Quebecois want to form the government, then earn it. Earn it by way of an election. This is how our governments are formed in this country, not by some bloodless coup, that is an embarrassment to our country and makes us look like some backwards banana republic, instead of the first class nation that we are. This notion of a coalition government is shameful, and embarrassing. Stephane Dion is not my Prime Minister, nor will he ever be. You had your shot Stephane and you blew it. Canadians don't want you, or the Liberals (and certainly not the NDP or Bloc) running our country.

Tommy Hills
This coalition is ridiculous. We voted for individual parties. I don't need to spend millions again for another voting.

This is a economic crisis but spending billions isn't the way out. American friends down south certainly didn't have the positive impact they'd expect that the bailout plan is approved. I think the Conservatives are doing an excellent job in comparison with the rest of the world.

The Liberal "entitlement to power" obsession has reared its ugly head again. You go to bed with a prostitute and you pay the consequences. The leaders of the liberal and NDP parties have no scruples whatsoever and Duseppe always has been a Bloc-head". I question his sanity sometimes. The other two are just Parlia-trash.

Mr. Ed
Coalition government? Giving people an alternative? I don't think so - seems to me to be being rammed down our throats. Why didn't they run on the platform of a new coalition party? Would have been different if we had the choice to vote this new super coalition party into power, with almost a 1/3rd of it's members being separatists, mandated to break up the country. What a joke! You'd think 3 heads should be better than 1-NOT! unfortunately in this case.

Brian, Calgary, Republic of Alberta
I can't believe the nerve and stupidity of those defending this move and claiming it is democratic. Harper never had the confidence of the other parties because they had no intention of ever giving it to him. But he did have an increased "mandate" from voters and the Liberals suffered a huge drop in the *recent* election. Why have elections if the losers are going to resort to the fine print in some outdated, foreign political system?

For those claiming westerners need a civic lesson, after we separate Quebecers and Ontarians can learn to live without our approxmiately $15 billion/year in transfer payments. It's long past time the West leaves this joke of a so-called nation.

Jon G
Jon - Alberta

I love Canada, but from what I've seen today this is not the country I love.

We've kissed the sepratist backside for too long when all along it's been a bluff. Time to call.

Truth is Alberta is the only province that can actually make it on it's own. We've known it all along but knew that Canada is better as a whole. I can't say that anymore. Time for the west to pack up it's toys and go home. I think Sask will come now that they have oil ... Manitoba can choose on which side of their province the line is drawn.

What will Toronto and Quebec do with out Alberta transfer payments and oil?

I say .. "ALL IN"

glen in edmonton
As canadians, do we not have a right to get up against this?
Can someone please set up a internet poll and vote on that then bring it to the GG? At least online poll is free.
Lets not be pushovers as voters. It is not a democratic country anymore. I am sad to be canadian today.

What happened to a democratic majority vote by the Canadian people. It is now obvious that it does not matter what Canadians vote for as politicians can do what they want anyway.
It looks like Canada is going the dictatorial way. Who cares what the people vote for.
Why should anyone waste their time going to vote when the politicians we do not vote for and still get paid with our taxes waste millions and do whatever they want.
I don't think this is called democracy, its more like dictatorship.
Thanks a lot

Robert from Saskatoon.
This Liberal and NDB coup d'etat is a smack to the face of the Canadian electorate, and a ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars. If Jack Layton and Stephan Dion want to run this country, call an election. Oh wait - we already did that. They lost.

A Sad Nursery Rhyme
Jack and Gilles went up the hill
To fetch a coalition
Dion came down, took the crown,
And Canadians tumble forever.

Thanks Mary Clarke
I've emailed the GG and told her of my support for the coalition government.

Harper did this exact same thing back in 2004 when he was opposition leader. Where were all you bleeding hearts then.

What a shame!

Fernie Ottawa
We RE-elected Prime Minister Harper on the basis of one thing and that is LEADERSHIP. I am confident as a Canadian that he our PM elect can lead our country even with the current economic situation unlike the 3 others. Just remember , the coalition comes in and its tax tax tax nothing but tax. PLEASE let The Right Honourable Prime Minister Steven Harper do what he was re-elected to do by you the Canadian people and that is LEAD us for a better future. If Dion come in there goes your taxes and most of all your country. We as Canadian should have a say in this coalition crap and I strongly say NO to it. Don’t let them do this to us. As one person said “Dion, Layton, Duceppe - the Gang of Three...thank you for screwing the TSX today... “ Imagine what else they can do.

D. Vollbrecht
I find it amazing how the Liberals and New Democrats totally ignore the results of the election, ignore the turmoil the world is in, and will stop at nothing in their quest for power. I can’t understand how my once proud Liberals can sink to a level whereby they actually form an alliance with the Separatists.

The kind of compromises that (the very unpopular with the voters) Dion will have to make to cling to power with the support of the other two parties has to be about the worst thing that can happen to Canada at this time. Meanwhile the Party that was the choice of Canadians will not have any say in the running of the Country whatsoever. With the NDP and the Liberals we’ll have company bail outs everywhere, and money thrown at everyone that asks for it while Canada’s infrastructure goes to 3rd world status. Party Quebec, as always, will have their own agenda and will know how to squeeze for far more concessions by threatening withdrawal of support for the dynamic duo. All at taxpayers’ expense, and to be paid back by Generations to come. Hopefully the end result will be that traditional Liberals like myself will never vote Liberal again and I can only assume that NDPers will feel the same way.

Stephen Dion became a compromise Leader when the party couldn’t get united behind one of the front runners. He was soundly rejected across the Nation and now the Liberals are finding loopholes in our Constitution to move their soundly defeated compromise Liberal Leader into the office of the Prime Minister.

This Country would be much better off with any majority Government of ANY color rather than a compromise Government where everyone has to compromise without any strategic direction for the Nation in these hard times.

In their relentless quest for power the Liberals and New Democrats are giving the finger to Canadians.
In any other democratic Country citizens would be chartering buses to the Capital for massive protests. Canadians however are so darn complaisant that such is unlikely to happen. Liberals are counting on it and therefore we deserve no better.

Canada's darkest day

Unite Canadians to end this take over.

For all our freedom. World wide.

Aileen Turner ottawa
This makes me very angry. Dion was rejected, Harper was elected. I cannot believe that the people of Canada would want this situation where 3 of the weakest parties would hold the balance of power, and acquire it by such an underhanded move. In my view they do not care about Canadians it is typical of politicians who cannot stand to lose power and will attempt to gain it by any methods.

Curtis Furlong
Here’s a word....Treason! As defined by the dictionary as "the offense of acting to overthrow one's government". Yes the opposition is allowed to overthrow the government by a vote of none confidence. However, they should be made to go to the polls, to get the opinions of the Canadian people! What these parties are doing is treason, it’s against what the country of Canada voted for which is a conservative majority, with Stephen Harper as PM. What this coalition party is doing should not be allowed, as it is not the democratic way, its treason! The citizens of Canada must speak up and have their voices heard! I will not have a PM who has the English speaking ability of a 4 year old. I will not stand for a PM who has not been elected by the people of Canada. And I will not stand by a coalition government that will ruin Canada in a time in economic stability when we must have a strong and sound leadership. I am not a conservative or a liberal, I voted Conservative in the last federal election and liberal in my last provincial election....so I have no loyalty to anyone. I am simply speaking up for something that is truly wrong and should not be tolerated by the Canadian people.

To John - Toronto: Relax my conservative friend!. The vast majority of Canadians, including myself, actually said actually "NO" to Mr. Harper but the votes got split. This is a 100% legal political coup according to the rules of the game. I will be throwing a special party to celebrate the ousting of Mr. Bush-wanna-be's government. You are cordially invited!.

Ron Williams Lake BC
When our troops are spread around the world protecting countries and people against Governments from being toppled it is hard to fathom that as we speak this is happening in our country we call Canada ?
How do you now trust a government let alone a coalition government who only a short time ago agreed and stood before us to support the Conservative government that was Voted into power by us the voters

Lori in Saskatchewan
I have been reading all of the comments. Number one...when we all went to the polling stations on October 14th , none of us had the leader of any party on our ballot except those constituents that the leaders were running in. We did not vote for the PM. We did vote for the person we thought would help our constituency out the most. The Canadian people did not elect the Conservative government. People, do you not remember in social studies classes how the Parlimentary system works? As far as these western Canadians that are trying to opt out of Canada, you are just as foolish as the separatists in Quebec! No matter what happens in Ottawa, we are still a country.

I would rather have a coalition government in place, than what we have now. Someone who has let the power go to his head, and is ready and willing to follow the path of George Bush and look what is happening in the United States right now! Our economy is going in the tubes. And who is going to pull it out? Us hardworking Canadian men and women! With our hard earned dollars. So before anymore things are said without education, do your research people. Google the Parlimentary system and learn more about how our government works!

Nicole F.
To Jeanie, Our democracy works in the manner that each person gets one vote. It's not the total sum of one ideology that gets to rule. It's the party voted in with the most votes. It's called a democracy.

What's transpiring is nothing more than sour grapes and the Liberals trying to rewrite history.

This coalition is nothing more than a sham.

Volks Lad
This is insanity. If this coalition is so sure what they are doing is supported by Canadians, then let's have an election.

A government that includes separatists, and Dion, the worst Liberal leader in history? This is nuts.

I would just like you to know that I am a LONG TIME liberal supporter with my vote. This recent c o u p by the Liberal party puts a leader into power who first was not elected by the people, and second is not even wanted by his own party. This politics is mirroring Israel and other 3rd world politics!! Sad!

Want to be the Government, change your party and go back to the people for their blessing!!

STOP the c o u p? Do what is right, and follow what the people have told you to do!

I am ashamed of our country today!!

Samuel Preston
Cayuga, Ontario

Cal from Ontario
Hey a coalition is a good idea because it reflects the public. Harper received less than a majority of seats which is why this happens. Maybe they should invite Harper to be part of the coalition. I bet he will not because he speaks only for business to hell with the rest of us who have to work hard making the money for big biz. No matter what ya call it, it is still reform at heat and their insistance on using the west is just a separatist as using Quebec. Flaraty's assumption that the block is the devil is like saying Quebecers are the devil. Shame on him. No wonder they are falling. About time.

Regulus de Leo
A Triumvirate government of corrupt Liberals, irresponsible socialists and Canada-hating separatists. Never again should this country ever trust the Liberals. The care only about their own. They will do anything for power.

Inasmuch as most people evidently fail to correctly understand the British Parliamentary System, it seems time for a brief, objective and dispassionate summary of the facts.

In this country we do not elect a Prime Minister. In fact neither the office of Prime Minister or the existence of political parties is even mentioned or recognised in our Constitution.

We elect individual Members of Parliament, all of whom are equal. Ideally, they join together on issues as they see fit, when votes are held, following whichever leader they themselves choose.

In our system, Governments are formed by whomever can retain the confidence of a majority of the Members of the House, and last as long as that support can be maintained.

The proposed Coalition will come closest to representing the wishes and will of the voters of Canada as expressed in the recent election.

The Right Wing lost the election dismally, with barely a third of the electorate. The truth is that nearly a two-thirds majority voted for one or other of the Parties of the Left.

In other words, the Tories were not elected to govern. They assumed office by default. In actual point of fact, the people, as usual, voted overwhelmingly for a Left Wing Government.

If those Parties, who together received a clear majority of the House, can now form an agreement of co-operation, they Constitutionally have every right to govern in the name of the majority of the people of Canada.

Far from being "undemocratic", this then is true democracy in action!

Joel Mongoose
Stephan Dion does not have the support from the people. He lost the election badly. Any
"coalition" needs to have the support of the federalist parties. Having a separatist party with a coalition does not make sense, unless the goals of the coalition are to break up Canada. The idea of having 3 liberals and 1 NDP member on an economic panel of "wise men" is foolish. They are NOT elected. The Liberals definitely do not have a mandate to run the country.

I have emailed the GG offices asking her to call another election if necessary and NOT to approve this coalition. I also stated emphatically my tax dollars are not to be used for an autoworkers bailout. I urge you all to do the same before the 3 stooges bankrupt the country!

Janice Gibson
JN, Alberta
I am pleased to see that Canadians all across Canada are horrified at this power grab and blatant denial of the last election results by the socialists & separatists in our midst. Enough of this idle chatter, what action can we take, as voters in what we have always been told is a democracy?

A separatist party with partial control of federal policy? Shame on the Liberals and New Democrats for aligning themselves with a party that is only for the interests of one province and the breakup of canada. I am hopeful although not optimistic, that Canadians specifically in 416 Toronto, will realize what the Liberals and NDP truly represent and remember this. Shameful. Just what our economy needs in a time of such uncertainty, Left spending sponsored by a separatist party. Wake up Toronto! Stop listening to the Left scare tactics regarding harper. You are smarter than that right? Show us.

The Governer General should call for a new election. Even though it will cost taxpayers money, the country will unite and show the power hungry coalition, that our votes mean something.Canada is not a banana republic!

Finally Prime Minister Bully and his gang of Harris Gvt thugs are getting what they deserve. Bye bye Steve.

Gene in Saskatchewan
During the Leadership debate before the election Mr Layton was EXTREMELY CRITICAL Of Mr Dion and HIS ABILITY to run this country.Now Mr Layton is going to serve under Mr Dion!
This has to be one of the biggest Political flip flops of all time.How long before this "Rainbow Coalition" turns on itself and we find ourselves having another election?

David Burnett
It is beyond belief that in a time of economic crisis, Canada may be governed by a lame-duck party leader and a power-hungry failure who will allow their efforts to be supported by the whim of a party dedicated to Canada's destruction. Are there no honest Liberal MPs -- or is it "power at any price"?

Rick Valii in Ottawa
I hated Dion didn't vote for the guy but anything yes anything is preferable than this parody of a government that claims they care for Canada while the only thing they want to do is transform our country in a carbon copy of the good ol' USA. Sorry I am not buying. Yes for the coalition till Dion is replaced by Ignatieff and true pround Canadians seized power not a gov. made up of castrated puppets of the USA

Ron Jamieson
What an (INSULT) to my hard work as a taxpayer, and (AS A CANADIAN)! No matter what party you may have voted for!For those of you who believe that coalition governments work in Europe....Where the heck have you been getting your information?! Please by all means..bring on another election so I can put my opinion in the ballot box (ONCE AGAIN), and maybe shorten the list of freeloaders worrying about their padded future. Now c'mon Stephen...grow some minerals and do what you've been (ELECTED) to do.

Gary H
This could not have happened at a worse time in our history, Harper should have known better to be so arrogant with a Minority, He could easily have worked with the opposition and stayed in power, now we are saddled with a Lame Liberal leader, a socialist and a Separtist party who are bent on destroying Canada.
I think it is disastrous to aid Auto Sector until we know what the Americans are going to do first.

Marg in Calgary
I am with Laura in Calgary - Elections Canada wonders why there was such low voter turn out - go figure!! See if they ANYONE at the polls now. It's obvious our votes don't count anyway. And why the Bloc get any say? They don't even want to be part of Canada, so they should stay out of the lime light.

'Nuf said.

Hermance Mississauga
Canada choose the Conservatives to lead the country through the most difficult time in years. The Liberals were defeated and the NDP not choosen. The Block is a Quebec separatist party who's main aim is to destroy the country.The combination of these three parties will create great difficulties for our future. This back room deal should not be allowed. Canada should speak up and if neccesary vote again.

Chris NB
Remember you voted for an MP to represent you. Some of the PC MP’s are voting against Mr. Harper. IF this coalition were to form it is still very democratic. This would represent a greater percent of the votes. When we combine the votes of that of the Liberals, NDP, and the bloc the representation is greater. You people never voted FOR mr.harper you voted for an MP. In times of economic uncertainty it is always better to have Liberals in office. When we have a war the conservatives do a better job. SUCK IT UP!

Charles, Burlington. On
This is the best early Christmas present I ever could have hoped for. Harper has to go and take Flaherty with him.

Enough already, I WANT AN ELECTION. maybe not a majority voted for Harper, but definitely no one who voted for the Liberals or NDP voted for the Bloc to represent the government. Let us go to the ballot box again. If the NDP and the Liberals get a majority between the two of them, then have at it.


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