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The GM soy Debate: Creating common sense on GM soy!

The current debate on Genetically Modified (GM) soy is polarised and unsatisfactory. Without compromising on the relevance of the pro or contra discussion on GM, the GM soy Debate starts from the observation that GM soy is already a major agricultural crop. As such, it should be produced as sustainably as possible. The lack of a shared knowledge database and an open dialectic have so far stood in the way of a constructive discussion on how to achieve this.

In the GM soy Debate, we aim deliver consensus-based recommendations on the sustainability risks and benefits of GM soy and how to manage these. This can help individual companies, policy makers and multi-stakeholder initiatives in their decision-making on this complex topic.

We invite all producers, stakeholders, policy makers and scientists to participate in the GM soy debate. Become a member of the GM soy Debate Web Community today and/or join the Stakeholder Conference!

***** NEW: register for the Stakeholder Conference (December 9, 2008, Amsterdam) *********

Who can participate?
If you are a GM expert, scientist or other stakeholder willing to engage in a constructive and sensible dialogue: register to join the GM soy Debate Web Community, to participate in the online discussion and to receive the newsletter.

Why should I want to participate?
This is a unique opportunity to engage in a constructive debate on GM soy. The outcomes may be used by decision-makers around the world to make soy production more sustainable. Moreover, the debate can serve as an example to change the way we discuss genetic modification. (read more...)

How can I participate?
You can contribute to the GM Soy Debate in two ways:

  • by participating in the Stakeholder Conference on 9 December in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.