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Eurofighter Typhoon Direct Voice Input (DVI) system (United Kingdom), Aircraft control and monitoring systems

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Eurofighter Typhoon Direct Voice Input (DVI) system (United Kingdom)

Aircraft control and monitoring systems

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Jane's Avionics

Publication date
Oct 30, 2008

Aircraft system control, avionic.

The Man-Machine Interface (MMI) of the Eurofighter Typhoon is designated the Voice, Throttle and Stick (VTAS) control system, which incorporates Hands On Throttle And Stick (HOTAS), Head-Up Display (HUD), Glareshield Control Panel (GCP), MultiFunction Head Down Displays (MFHDDs) and Direct Voice Input (DVI).The Eurofighter DVI System utilises a Speech Recognition Module (SRM), developed by Smiths Aerospace and the then Computing Devices (now General Dynamics UK), which was the first production DVI system utilised in a military cockpit. DVI will provide the Eurofighter pilot with an additional natural mode of command and control over approximately 26 non-critical cockpit functions, to reduce pilot workload, improve aircraft safety and expand mission capabilities.The Eurofighter SRM is a double-sided surface mounted card which is integrated within the Communications and Audio Management Unit (CAMU). General Dynamics (UK) Hastings Ltd manufactures the CAMU in the UK. An important technological breakthrough during the development of DVI occurred in 1987 when Texas Instruments produced the TMS-320-C30 Digital Signal Processor (DSP). This greatly advanced the packaging of DVI from large complex systems to a single card module. This early advance in semiconductors provided the hardware to produce a practical and viable system. This advance enabled Smiths Aerospace and General Dynamics (UK) to develop the SRM for the Eurofighter Typhoon. The project was given the go ahead in July 1997, with DVI/SRM development and pilot assessment carried out on the Eurofighter Active Cockpit Simulator at Warton.The SRM is a speaker-dependent, connected word, voice recognition system with a maximum vocabulary of

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