The perfect viewing companion to a treasured holiday classic.
“Go on location and behind-the-scenes to reveal the people and places behind the perennial holiday hit."
“Road Trip for Ralphie” is the story of two mega-fans of the classic holiday movie
A Christmas Story and their journey to discover all the film’s shooting locations.
During an adventure spanning two years and two countries, they uncover forgotten facts, discover little-known locations and recover long-lost memorabilia.
Join Tyler and Jordie as they visit more than 15 locations in Canada and Cleveland to learn amazing trivia about the movie and the people who made it.
Featuring dozens of never-before-seen behind-the-scenes photos, this is the ultimate fan film for anyone who has wished they could get MORE of the faces and places seen in their favorite Christmas classic.
Dear fellow fans,
If you're like us, you just can't get enough of Ralphie and his quest for a Red Ryder air rifle. That's why we think you're going to love the exciting DVD we've made about our trek to discover all the locations used in the filming of our favorite flick! (Did someone say Flick?)

We hope you'll join us on our quest to discover all the locations in Canada and Cleveland where the movie was shot more than 25 years ago.

Along the way, we uncover little-known facts about the movie and the people who made it. You'll love this charming road trip, because you'll feel like you're actually there with us!

As mega-fans of the movie, we searched for years for more facts, photos and trivia about the making of our favorite holiday film. But the pickings were slim.

So… we decided to do our own research!

And what a journey it was! We unearthed rare documents and interviewed people in both Cleveland and Toronto. Along the way, we met some really great people, visited some really neat places and experienced some incredibly good luck!

For instance, you won't believe how we got our hands on the actual blackboard and classroom door from Miss Shields' classroom at Ralphie's school… we just happened to inquire about the abandoned school the day before it was to be gutted! We were invited to come the next day and take whatever we wanted!

We literally had to dumpster dive in order to save some precious movie memorabilia!

Other highlights of our adventure include:
Touring the Toronto movie studio where the interior house scenes were filmed
Tracking down the antique fire truck that rescued Flick
Recreating the famous flagpole scene in the same school yard 25 years later
Uncovering the location where the Old Man haggled for a Christmas Tree
Discovering Ralphie's screen-used Red Ryder air rifle and other movie props in a local museum
Visiting the real-life street where Ralphie beat up the bully
Recovering the actual movie costumes we found buried in a Toronto warehouse
Riding one of the vintage red trolleys seen in the movie
Taking a road trip to Cleveland to see historic Higbees and the town square
Heading backstage at A Christmas Story: The Play
Being first in line on opening day of A Christmas Story House and Museum
Discovering the bridge where Ralphie says the F-dash-dash-dash word
Solving the mystery of where the Chop Suey Palace was located!

Your Whole Family Will Love Road Trip for Ralphie !

We really hope you'll join us on our incredible adventure through two countries and nearly 25 years of movie history. Our 90-minute film truly captures the thrill of visiting all these places in person.

You won't believe your eyes when you witness the demolition crew tearing apart Ralphie's school with little regard for its place in film history! Or when we finally get a tip that leads us to the forgotten location of the Chop Suey Palace!

To research this film, we visited
The Toronto Reference Library
Cleveland City Hall
The Canadian Film Reference Library
Toronto Film and Television Office

St. Catharines Museum

Plus! We tracked down the original Location Director and Vehicle Wrangler!

Here's our story behind the story!

We both grew up loving A Christmas Story. And although we didn‘t know each other as kids, we both shared the same annual anticipation of waiting for the movie to air on television. (Remember, back in those days it only aired once or twice a year, not for 24 hours straight!)

When we finally met each other, we couldn't believe it when we discovered our mutual admiration for the movie. We knew it was meant to be!

Some time later we heard that Brian Jones, the guy who sells Leg Lamps online, bought “Ralphie's house” in Cleveland and was restoring it to its movie grandeur.

We got a kick out of the fact that Brian bought the house on eBay, sight unseen!  

Then we got to thinking about how much of the movie was filmed near where we live in Canada. So we hatched a plan to visit all the locations used in the movie to see what they look like today.

The only problem was, we had no idea where to find most of them!

This DVD documents our journey.

Watch the Movie Trailer

Our DVD Makes a Unique Stocking Stuffer!

Even people who have only seen A Christmas Story once will love our film! That's because the underlying theme is about following your dreams… a pursuit everyone can identify with.

Our dream was to track down and visit all the locations used in our favorite film and we're proud to say we succeeded!


Proceeds Go To Charity!

Another great thing that came out of working on this film is that we discovered the great work done by Gillian's Place, the organization that has turned Ralphie's school into a shelter for abused women and their children. We'll be donating a portion of the proceeds from this film to this worthy cause.


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So what are you waiting for? Order our movie in time for the holidays! It makes a great viewing companion for the 24-hour marathon on TBS!

Just think, you'll get to visit all the great movie locations without have to go to time or trouble of actually driving there!

We had a lot of fun making this movie, and we know you'll have a lot of fun watching it!

Jordie & Tyler  

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