(Excerpted from Kooks: A Guide to the Outer Limits of Human Belief)

ACMTC is an updated, ferocious version of the Salvation Army, bringing Captain Jesus to demon-possessed heathen all over the globe, with missions in India, the Philippines, Nepal, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Malawi. The founders, Brigadier General Lila Green and husband Brigadier General Jim Green both served in Miami's Salvation Army in 1978, and credit them for ACMTC's military structure. Like the Salvation Army, ACMTC's emphasis is on spiritual warfare against Satan and his demonic slaves. But while the Salvation Army ministered to the drunk and vagrant of yesteryear, ACMTC ministers to modern teens, possessed by drugs, rock 'n' roll, occultism, Dungeons & Dragons, Video Games and sex, as well as to heathens, possessed by their native deities.

ACMTC battles against Satan on all fronts, with just a handful of recruits. Though they could probably spend all their time saving drug-crazed teens, they also target smaller groups such as Native Americans. But most of ACMTC's printed matter is directed to troubled teenagers and young adults, in the form of offset printed booklets boldly illustrated with clip art; they also publish comics, drawn by Jim Green. On first glance these publications look like they might be punk rock or heavy metal fanzines, but the text accompanying pictures of "satanic" symbols, Twisted Sister and Sid Vicious give them away:

The end of the age has come, and the devil's disciples are hard at work. They are mean, they are ugly, surly, and perverted. They sing a message of destruction, decay, and debauchery. They glorify death, drug addiction and sexual perversion. Their message is one that is aimed at taking as many to hell as possible, for the end has come and the devil has commissioned his disciples!!!!

The master magician, satan, continues with his cheap tricks, and unsuspecting listeners become caught in his spell. Soon, their bodies become the vehicles for demons, and they are saying and doing the thoughts of demons. They become part of the demonic scheme, while they think that they are having fun, they are actually selling their souls to the devil.

Sensory bombardments, is the medium of rock music, for it is sounded everywhere and everyone is rocking. While the world is yielding itself to the rock, the devil continues to mock, thinking smugly of all those he has persuaded to follow him to hell. Through the blasting of the continual degradation, people are taught to behave as animals, to act as vampires, and to eat the flesh of others. All the acts of paganism are glorified and personified as desirable, and the actions of men and women become more VILE than words can express and the workings of EVIL are allowed to manifest through their lives and satan is delighted because he desires to reduce man who was made into the image of God into a state of utter depravity. The repetition of his brainwashing tactics is evident as morality and decency continue to erode and youth are swept away to the sea of death. More and more youth are dying of Aids having fallen to the trap of homosexuality, brainwashed by rock.

Human sacrifice will be the next step taken by these demons incarnate. With all of the glorification of satanic ritual, the offering of children is the next in the sequence of events. The land is already being polluted with blood.

Teenagers who listen to Rock Music aren't merely influenced by it, they are controlled, via the music, by Satan's agents:
With the sounds being produced today, there is quite commonly a coven of witches who place a spell on everyone who listens to the recording. Satan is very serious about his work for the witches hold a special mass, invoking the spirits of evil to come through the recording. The music of Satan is sensual, arousing the sensual side of man. Often times, people say, "I love the music, it turns me on." But, what does it turn on? It turns on the demons who have found domain in the heretofore innocent listener who thinks that it is him or her that the "music is turning on." But, the truth of the matter is that from experience in working in deliverance, I have found many, many demons in people that came in through Rock Music.
The Greens themselves were once themselves possessed of demons; in fact, each of them, in their own way, had gone off the deep end as flower children in the sixties and seventies. Former ACMTC member Maura Schmierer, who later sued the group for maltreatment, says that she met Lila in 1970, after which they became quick friends, joined the hippies, and tried to "find God through nature." The two women met Jim Green when they joined a "radical, back-to-nature" group in Montana called the "Bear Tribe." Jim, then known as "Buffalo Sun," was experimenting with "blood ceremonies" where he found "pleasure inside of pain." "We used to run around the mountains and live in teepees," Schmierer says. "Jim used to run around in a loin cloth and howl at the moon."

The Greens don't deny their past, and, like many a preacher, use their own history of spiritual confusion to gain the trust of young people, and as an object lesson in demon possession.

Long before he donned a loin cloth, Jim Green had left his good Christian home in Kentucky, to seek worldly pleasures in California. When he arrived, he was "as green as the Kentucky countryside," but it wasn't long before he was spending hours wired on Crank, throwing his hunting knife and screaming, "KILL, KILL, KILL." He confesses, "the blaring HARD ROCK MUSIC provided inspiration to my insane frenzy."

Though Lila was introduced to Rock Music at an early age, her descent into Hell was no less dramatic. As a young fan, first of Elvis Presley and then the Beatles, Lila confesses that "the seeds of ROCK MUSIC were planted deep within me. Little did I realize that as the years passed and the ROCK MUSIC got rockier, that my life would follow the trend and as the music which was to lead a generation into rebellion, drugs, illicit sex, and bondage to sin, that I too would become one of many caught in the web of mesmerizing sounds. ... I seemed to flourish on wild, wanton music."

Lila and her generation weren't simply having a good time as rebellious teenagers, they were becoming tools of Satan, who caused Lila to attempt suicide no less th