The Shire


"Tá Fáilte Romhat Anseo"

"You are Welcome Here"


"An Irish Blessing"
May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be ever at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face, And the rain fall soft upon your fields, And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand

There be Dragons here!


Hello and welcome, there are six of us that reside in The Shire. My name is Ivy, my wife is Kim our children are Kristin, Jennifer,Ivy III. and Caitlyn. This page will grow as we grow and learn the intricacies and tricks to HTML. Therefore it is usually always under construction. I hope to bring some cool sites to visit and interesting things to do and see. Once again Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to give me feed back on our pages. I have added a guestbook so if you would drop us a line via e-mail or sign our guestbook on what you think, pros and cons, advice and or suggestions it would be much appreciated, thanx. I am starting a section on the Celtic culture, beliefs and lore etc. I have started with a calendar, blessings and dieties. I am currently trying to do some research on my family history. My family came from Ireland, the counties of Galway and Kildare. If you are of Irish or Celtic descent check out the links farther down the page. If you are of Connolly or McCarriar descent please give me some information, you can email me at


I have started a page dedicated to the Connolly clan, its origins and history. It will take some time to gather and install everything but I think it will be worth it.

The Connolly Clan


The Lie

The Famine

Celts in Battle

The Penal Laws

A little Irish history

Fionn and the Fiann

Legend of the Shamrock

The Celtic Calendar and Dieties

Irish Proclamation of Independance

The Last Statement of James Connolly

Please touch the dove and support peace in Northern Ireland


The Poetry Page  

"An Old Irish Proverb"
Drink is the Curse of the Land. It makes you fight with your neighbor. It makes you shoot at your Landlord ... and it makes you miss him.

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Here are some Irish and Celtic Links that I enjoy
Everything Celtic on the net Celtic and Irish links, resources, history and message board 
The ConnollyWeb Great place to meet other Connollys, chatroom, message boards, links and more. Steph did a great job putting this together 
Fiddlers Green One of the best Irish sites I have found 
Gathering of the Clans Online Gathering, find your clan, genealogy, clan calendar etc. Good resource site! 
Irish People Learn Irish Great site for Irish gaelic lessons, a new one each week 
Altlantic Island Another good site I have found. 
Ceolas Probably the Best site for Irish music on the Web 
Irelands Eye An online Magazine, very good site. 
Galwaynet Good all around info on the Galway area 
Celt.net An online Celtic community 
Virtual Tour of Ireland Take a Virtual Tour of Ireland 
The Celtic Music Network Another good site for Celtic music on the web 
National Archives of Ireland A great place for information and research information 
Celtic Heritage homepage Celtic Heritage online magazine, very good site 
Celtic Heart Celtic history, gods and myths, books and music. Very nice site. 


Here are my favorite links. 
Travelzoo The BEST travel fares on the net 
Boese's Place Our best friends place 
Southpark Southpark is the best animated show around! This is probably the best site around. 
Farmers Almanac The Old Farmers Almanac online, tides, weather and everything else. Good stuff. 
Bodo's Lair Lots of cool stuff. 
The Park  Electronic postcards, chat, news etc. nice site with lots of stuff. 
Library of Congress What can I say it's the largest library in the world 
Sound America The Best place on the Web for wavs, over 25,000 of them 
Earthstation 1 Another good site for wavs and media archive stuff. Very good site. 
A&E Very interesting site lots of stuff 
The History Channel Good reference site 
Comedy Central Great fun place one of my favorites !! 
Discovery Discovery channel online. Explore your World 
KISW Radio The Northwests best rock station, Bob Rivers Twisted Tunes 


May you always walk in sunshine, May you never want for more, May Irish angels rest their wings right beside your door. 

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I have gathered alot of information on my pages throughout the web and through books I have read and research I have done. If you see something on my pages that you have done or created please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due. Thank you.
Ivy Leigh Connolly II.