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Born 27 September 1975 in Sydney, New South Wales, Tim Campbell joined Home and Away as Dan Baker who comes to the Bay when he discovers his brother Peter (Nicholas Bishop) is in a coma.

Tim could easily be called a born performer: always making sure he was involved in every school musical as well as playing in his school band.

He also performed in the sports arena: representing his school at State level in swimming and athletics.

In Year 11 he was part of The Sydney Schools Drama Ensemble, where 15 students chosen from all around NSW toured the regional areas of the State.

He landed his first TV role while still at school – which happened to be a 50-word contest on Home and Away: Brad the Yabbie Creek soccer player.

After school he moved to Melbourne for a year and attended the Victorian College of the Arts. The following year he returned to Sydney to conduct business studies.

He then performed as lead singer in a cover band called the Squid Munchies, making appearances all around Sydney. At the same time he did what he vaguely calls some odd TV jobs.

At 20 years of age, Tim auditioned for the role of singer/dancer at Sydney's former amusement park, Australia's Wonderland. After landing the job, he performed there for a year and considers it a turning point in his career path.

He says, "I always loved performing but didn't know if I could make a living out of it. When I discovered I could be paid to do these other styles of performing full-time, I thought, 'How brilliant is this?' and I made a commitment to acting as a career; but I'm not really a 'suffer for your art' kind of actor!"

At the same time Tim worked at a theatre restaurant, so he was performing for kids during the day, and singing at night!

Tim then left both Australia's Wonderland and the theatre restaurant for his role in the TV series Big Sky. This was his first on-going television role where he played the character of Blake Wallace, ex-RAAF pilot.

Then came various guest roles in programs such as Wildside, White Collar Blue, Always Greener and in the American series Beastmaster and The Lost World. He then won a role in the American film The Great Raid shot on the Gold Coast, Queensland with Benjamin Bratt and Joseph Fiennes.

For the next couple of years Tim had various roles: he played the role of Constable Stubbs in Snobs alongside fellow Home and Away star Indiana Evans and then was involved in the American telemovie, Dynasty Behind the Scenes, for the American Broadcast Company Network. While finishing up on this telemovie, Tim auditioned for Home and Away and has been with the series ever since.

"As much as I enjoyed working on American productions, I was really looking forward to doing an Australian drama again, and I love the pace of Home and Away", Tim says.

Tim describes his character Dan as a 'no nonsense' kind of guy.

"He has a few issues in his life to resolve, but doesn't let it effect his lifestyle. I think he is a likeable and fun guy, and when faced with conflict, Dan is good in finding a quick resolve between himself and other people", he says.

In his spare time Tim loves socialising, going out for dinner and enjoys partaking in a good bottle of wine. He also loves going to the movies, swimming and running with his border collie cross dog, 'Reggie'.

He also loves dabbling in video production and editing, and has co- written and directed some musical review shows over the last few years.

As a way of getting his singing and comedy fix for the year, Tim has appeared in a pantomime each year for the past four years.

Tim was born under the zodiac sign of Libra, the Scales.

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