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Corn Help/FAQ
goto-> Error Messages/Codes
"Outline index not found"
"CornH has generated errors and will be closed by Windows"
goto-> General Questions/Problems
How do I quit a game?
What's that "no preview" picture for?
What's the difference between CornH and CornL?
Which multi-player games work in Corn?
What problems are there associated with v0.3?
How do I choose language for the GUI text?
How do I save my preferences?
goto-> Saving/Loading
How do I save in game X?
How do I load in game X?
How do I import a save state from another emulator or website for use in Corn?
goto-> Performance (Speed, Framerate)
Why is Corn slow on my Voodoo2?
Corn is slow on my Pentium 1, what can I do?
Corn runs too fast, what can I do?
goto-> Video (Graphics, Display)
What graphics API does Corn use?

Can I run Corn in a Window?

Can I run Corn fullscreen?
Why are some graphical effects missing?
Why is there no gouraud shading/specular highlights?
What does the "high-end video card" option do?
goto-> Audio (Sound, Music)
Why do I get no sound game X?
How do I stop the sound stuttering?
Why is the sound worse at higher resolutions?
What is the "Pre-buffer" slider for?
goto-> Input (Gamepad, Keyboard, Controller)
I set up my keys but after I quit they've gone - why?
Why are my keys switched around?
When I go back to the controller tab, why have my buttons have changed?
goto-> Game-Specific Problems
Mario64, why are there no highlights on Mario's face?
Mario Kart, why can't the 2nd player see anything?
Zelda, why does it crash when I push Start?
goto-> Non-Technical
Has Corn been discontinued?
Was v0.3 leaked? How?
What is the latest official release?
Why is the text in the about box such a nasty colour?





Error Messages/Codes

May be caused by nesting the .exe or ROMs too deep - i.e. in too many subfolders - try moving all files to C:\Corn\

If you get the error on startup, you can make Corn work by dragging a ROM onto "corn02.exe" in your Corn directory. (Thanks Firestar007 for this tip).

This is the generic Windows 2000 program crash error message, which generally indicates that you've run an unsupported game (check compatibility list) or an unsuitable version of Corn for your OS, e.g. v0.3 on Win2k.



General Questions/Problems

If you are running in a window, just click on the cross in the top right corner. If you are running fullscreen, it seems you have no choice but to press ALT+F4 to shut down the emulator. Alternatavely, you can press ESC+F10, which has the same effect. This doesn't seem to do any harm, and the GUI will still be running.

The idea is for Corn to show you a little picture of the game, or the box. To make it work, you take a 160 x 120 bitmap and you name it "{romname}.bmp" e.g. If you have a ROM called "Super Mario 64.v64" you would name the bitmap "Super Mario 64.bmp", and put it in the "Previews" folder. Now Corn puts the picture up in that little window when you click on the rom file - not needed, but a nice touch :)

CornL is optimised (i.e. faster) for 5th generation CPUs (like the Pentium - and the K6, confusingly). CornH is optimised (so faster) on 6th generation CPUs such as the P2/3 and Athlon.

[Not sure about this, I would be interested to hear from anyone who tested any 2 (or more) player games in any version of Corn].

Operating system incompatibility, issues with DirectX versions, numerous games that were partly new working in v0.3 are not fully playable, some old games no longer work.

There is a drop-down menu under the "Options" tab.

Press the button "Save Current Setting" located under the "Options" tab in the GUI.




If the game requires a mempack you can't save, because the mempack isn't emulated. Otherwise you just save inside the game like a real N64. For example, after you get a star in Mario64.

As you would in a real N64, i.e. the in-game load system.

In your Corn folder you will find a sub-folder called "EEPROM". Copy the 2kb save file into this folder and rename it to match your ROM - for example, if your Mario ROM is called "Super_Mario_64_(U)_(V1.0)_[!].v64", you should rename the save to "Super_Mario_64_(U)_(V1.0)_[!].epm". The extenstion .epm stands for EEPROM. You cannot use other types of save state with Corn (e.g. SRAM saves), they are not supported.



Performance (Speed, Framerate)

Have you checked the "Voodoo/Voodoo2" option in the graphics section? If you haven't, Corn is probably using your 2d card (!)

If your PC only just meets the general requirements, you may need to disable audio to give a big speed boost.

Enabling audio (even if you turn the sound down) will force Corn to slow down to the correct speed to synchronise video and audio. Also raising resolution, slowing your PC etc.



Video (Graphics, Display)

Direct3D. It requires Microsoft DirectX 7 or higher and a Direct3D compatible video card.

Yes, just go to the Graphics tab and uncheck "Full Screen". The resolution selection will now set the size of the game window on your desktop. Your video card must of course support 3d rendering in a window, so no Voodoo2.

Yes, just go to the Graphics tab and check "Full Screen". The resoltuion selection will now work as expected, and you may be able to use higher resolutions than you would Windowed but to better fullscreen performance of your video card.

These effects are not present in Corn, presumable this is one of the measures the author took (i.e. a corner he cut) to achieve the spectecular performance he did.

This option turns on some extra effects, like transparency, which may slow things down. It probably does other things that I haven't noticed... I suggest you keep it on, I couldn't even detect any slowdown.



Audio (Sound, Music)

Corn doesn't emulate sound in all the games it supports. Check the compatibility list.

Enable pre-buffering. If it still stutters, pull the slider to the right. If it still stutters and is annoying you, you must either upgrade your PC, drop the resolution, or as a last resort, disable audio or turn the sound down.

Because your PC isn't fast enough - the framerate is dropping, and so corn can't keep up the synchronisation between audio and video. Lower the resolution (or upgrade your PC!)

You use this to set the length of the buffer (actually a time in milliseconds, but that's hidden from you). The ideal position for you depends on the speed of your PC, but you want it to be as far to the left as possible (shortest/smallest buffer possible) without too much sound skipping, because that way you will have the shortest lag between the video and the sound effects in a game. I personally put it a couple of notches from the left, you should experiment to see what works best for you.



Input (Gamepad, Keyboard, Controller)

You probably forget to hit "save current config" in the options tab. Oops =]

Erm, you probably didn't follow the little blue lines on the screen properly!

Yes it's a wierd bug in Corn, just ignore it, your buttons are still how you set them!



Game Specific

See "Why is there no gouraud shading/specular highlights?"

This is a known issue with Corn, you can't play this game multi-player.

This is a known issue, Corn v0.3 was never finished and Zelda is not playable in Corn due to this.



Officially: No. ContraSF (the author) has gone away for a few months, he'll carry on with Corn when he gets back. Unofficially, I'm afraid it's looking likely that Corn won't be continued, because no-one has heard from the author in a long time (and it's been far longer than he said to expect).

Yes. Someone sent an email to the then owner of EmuH, bwb, claiming to be ContraSF (the author) and asking bwb to release the beta that he was testing. It soon turned out that the email source had been faked and the real author was naturally upset over this incident.


Good Q, I dont' know =]



Still Stuck?

I hope you have found the answer to your problem here. If not, sorry; try the forums, irc or ask me!