Empower Ministry Conference to Host Jon Dybdahl & Jon Paulien

Empower Ministry Group’s 5th National Leadership Conference will take place this year on the Labor Day weekend, August 31-September 2, at La Sierra University Alumni Center, featuring Jon Dybdahl and Jon Paulien as seminar speakers. Established in 2002 as a non-profit organization by a group of Korean-American youth and young adult pastors, Empower is a ministry-support organization for next-generation Asian-American Adventist leaders. In the past, Empower has drawn 300-400 attendees from across North America in their mid-teens to 50s. However, this year, we’re limiting the number to 50, and receiving ages 21 and up only. We have chosen to be more deliberate about training and networking and have decided to steer the conference toward a smaller and more mature demographic. Although our primary target is Korean- and other Asian-American Adventist young adults, the conference is open to all who register and have attracted a good number of non-Asian attendees.

There will be two foci to this year’s Empower Conference: (1) Spiritual Formation and (2) the Book of Revelation. The conference will commence in the evening of Friday, August 31, with the opening worship. On Sabbath, Jon Dybdahl (former president of Walla Walla University and professor of mission at Andrews Seminary) will lead the conference through a full-day “retreat” focusing on personal spiritual formation. Those who attended the Seminary in the 1990s will recall the powerful impact that Dybdahl’s Spiritual Formation class had on their lives. Many will also remember the daylong retreat that was part of that course. On the Sabbath of the weekend, Dybdahl will guide us through that special experience and teach us how to lead such a retreat.

On Sunday, Jon Paulien (dean of Loma Linda University School of Religion and former professor of New Testament at Andrews Seminary) will give a daylong Revelation Seminar based on his new Simply Revelation DVD series and his book, The Deep Things of God. I consider Paulien the Adventist church’s foremost authority on Revelation and appreciate his “meta-historicist” (my term) approach to the book. My understanding is that he is in the process of developing a new Revelation seminar series that will be an alternative to the traditional seminars that would be more relevant and friendly to the postmodern audience. So, this daylong Revelation seminar promises to be an excellent introduction and overview of a “new” approach to the Bible’s most controversial book.

The conference will close Sunday evening with a worship featuring Hyveth Williams, senior pastor of the Campus Hill Church in Loma Linda, California, as the speaker.

To take a look at the schedule and overview of the conference, go to Empower’s 2007 conference page.

Registration can be done online at Empower site’s registration page. The fee is $50 per person, which includes lunch and dinner on Sabbath and transportation between Ontario airport and La Sierra campus. Lodging arrangement is to be made individually.

For inquiries, email Chin Kim at jeicenter@hotmail.com, Robin Park at saechunsa@yahoo.com, Jonathan Park at skypastor@yahoo.com, or Julius Nam at jjnam@llu.edu.

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