Fan-Powered Q&A Part 3

Ever wanted to ask the FINAL FANTASY IV DS development team a question? Members had a chance to do just that and several questions were answered by Executive Producer & Director Takashi Tokita.

—Xilph asks: Hey guys, did you feel a little bit nostalgic while you were developing the game? I mean, this is a Super Nintendo classic, and I'm sure you guys did play to the original game when you were younger!

Tokita: [Tomoya] Asano, the producer, and the MATRIX development team all played the original FINAL FANTASY IV when they were elementary school students. It was an enriching experience to work with creators who had once been players of FINAL FANTASY IV.


—Mree asks: Did you expect FINAL FANTASY IV to receive such a huge response from the Japanese and American community?

Tokita: I am truly overwhelmed! It makes all of our efforts on the development of the original worth it.

It seems commonplace to have such epic storylines in RPGs now, but this was the first RPG to feature such deep characters and plot, so I'm truly happy.

—Master asks: Do you ever worry about what overseas audiences will think?

Tokita: Yes, it's a recurring concern of mine. [Laughs] After all, there are no boundaries in entertainment.

—Axersia asks: Cake or pie?

Tokita: I think that most of the staff prefers cake, but I personally like pies. I especially like apple pie with cinnamon. [Laughs]

—Andres asks: The 3D Engine used for the remake of FINAL FANTASY IV is really outstanding. Remakes are nice, but was there ever talk about trying to create an original FINAL FANTASY for the DS using the 3D Engine FINAL FANTASY IV uses?

Tokita: Great question! I can't reveal information on what shape a project may take, but look forward to more information in the future.

—samcai asks: Do you guys have any more plans to remake FINAL FANTASY IV in the future? A full blown remake of FINAL FANTASY IV for a more powerful console, such as the Sony PlayStation 3, would be epic!

Tokita: We just remade it, so it's a bit of a stretch... [Laughs] Currently the sequel, FINAL FANTASY IV the After: Tsuki no Kikan [tentative title], is available for mobile phones in Japan. We'll do our best to make this game available for our overseas audiences as well!

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