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Web site launches

Nashville for All of Us has launched its web site at

Volunteers needed

There’s a lot to do between now and January 2.  Two early tasks for which volunteers are needed are (1) developing written refutations of the latest talking points at the proponents’ web site, and (2) coordinating volunteers.   If you have an interest in volunteering, please send an e-mail to 

No affiliation with Constitutional challenge

A lawsuit has been filed against the proposed English Only charter change.  This litigation, which has been covered by local media and raises Constitutional challenges against the proposed Charter amendment, is not affiliated with Nashville for All of Us.  For more Information, click here to visit the plaintiff’s attorney’s web site.

About Nashville for All of Us

A world-class city

Nashville for All of Us is a group of Nashvillians who are proud of our city’s growing reputation as a world-class city.  The proposed English charter change, also known as “English Only,” is contrary to our vision of Nashville’s future.  Join us in opposing this measure by voting against it on January 22, 2009 or by voting early as soon as January 2.

The two Charter amendments on the ballot

Amendment One: English Only

The “English Only” Charter change eliminates the use of all non-English languages by Metro government, subject to limited exceptions.  The effect has less to do with the importance of learning English and more to do with how we treat immigrants in transition.  English is already the “official and legal language” of Tennessee, so there is little benefit.  The potential damage, however, could reach Nashville’s reputation as a welcoming city, our international economy, our city budget, our safety, and our English learners.

Amendment Two: Annual Charter changes

Under this proposed amendment, Charter changes like English Only could come along once a year, as opposed to once every other year.

Mayor Karl Dean has been quoted by the Tennessean as saying, “I think amending our charter is a very serious thing. ... We don't want to be in a position where it's constantly being amended, because that would make it very difficult for us to plan and govern."

Where and when to vote:

Early voting starts January 2, 2009

For dates, times, and locations, click here to visit the web site of the Davidson County Election Commission.

Special election January 22, 2009

The Davidson County Election Commission has not yet updated its web site with details on the January 22 special election.

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