New cover for Sorcerer's Stone paperback edition
New cover for Sorcerer's Stone paperback edition Thanks to Beth, Elizabeth and E.G. for sending in word of a new cover for the United States paperback edition of Sorcerer's Stone. Elizabeth sent us a scan that she found in the Scholastic Book Club. Illustrated by Mary GrandPre, it depicts Harry, Ollivander, and Hagrid in Ollivander's Wand Shop.

If/when anyone sees this hitting store shelves, please let us know!

UPDATE: Thanks to David for pointing out that the top of the cover reads: "Exclusive Scholastic School Market Edition". So for now, only people ordering it through the special catalog will be able to get it. Of course, copies are likely to show up on sites like eBay.
Posted by Andrew on Sep 29th | 39 Comments


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