mcdonalds veggie burger calories?

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Ive just discovered McDonalds Veggie burgers since moving house and having a drive through next door -oops. Question is how bad are they? Ive tried looking on this site and googling but seems the veggie burger is a little contraversal and not the same in every country, so makes it difficult to find nutrition information. Here in Dubai its basically a bun with lettcue, slice tomatoe, mayo and a burger which is chopped vegetables in breadcrumbs which i think they grill rather than fry. Im working on the basis of 350cals, but i guess it could be a lot more, what do you think? i hope its not to bad as ive discovered i actually like it, and as long as i dont have fries or a drink i dont feel guilty

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Why not email McDonalds and ask them about their veggie burgers? I am sure they have and will provide the nutritional information on them.


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