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  • Last Modified: November 19, 2008
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This article documents changes in Apple TV Software Update 2.0 and later.

Products Affected

Apple TV

Refer the table below for Apple TV Software Update 2.3 features:

AirTunes Streaming from Apple TV Music can be streamed via AirTunes to Airport Express speakers or other Apple TVs in your house.
Third-party Remote Controls Apple TV can now learn other remote controls and use them in addition to the Apple Remote.
Playlists Playlists in iTunes that contain Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, and Music Videos can now be seen on Apple TV.
Music Volume Control Support for volume control in Music.

 Refer the table below for Apple TV Software Update 2.2 features:

HD TV shows Purchase the leading HD TV shows directly from the iTunes Store. (US only)
Movie browsing by actor and director Browse movies on the iTunes store by actor and director. Select “More” on the movie page and browse the actor and director list on the left to see other movies for that individual.
Chapter selection, alternate audio and subtitles While playing a movie, press and hold Play/Pause to access chapter selection, alternate audio and subtitle display. The display shows the options available for the current movie.
Movie description Press Up when playing a movie to display a description of that movie.
Genius playlists To create a Genius playlist based on the currently playing song, press and hold Play/Pause to bring up the contextual menu and select Start Genius. Note: The Genius feature must first be enabled in iTunes 8.0.1 and synced with Apple TV.
On-The-Go playlists To add the currently playing song to the On-The-Go playlist, press and hold Play/Pause to bring up the contextual menu and select Add To On-The-Go.
Music videos in playlists Make playlists in iTunes combining your favorite music videos and songs. Play them back on Apple TV and let them play continuously.
Apple TV standby mode From the main menu, press Play/Pause for about three seconds (or go to Settings > Standby).
Security fixes Details are available in this article.


Refer the table below for Apple TV Software Update 2.1 features:

Movie Wish List Select More on the movie detail page then select Add to Wish List to mark a movie for rental or purchase at a later date.
Support for Remote application Control your Apple TV playback via Remote, the free application for iPhone and iPod touch.
AirTunes receiver Stream AirTunes to Apple TV from iTunes, including synchronized whole-house audio.
Photo browser Browse your photos or photos from Flickr and MobileMe in a grid or in a full screen view.
MobileMe protected albums Access MobileMe protected albums via Apple TV.
Podcasts browsable by video and audio Podcasts on the iTunes Store are now browsable by video or audio allowing for quicker access to tens of thousands of podcasts.
Security fixes Details are available in this article.


Apple TV Software Update 2.0 features:

  • In the US, rent movies from the iTunes Store in Standard Definition and stunning High Definition with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound directly from Apple TV.
  • Buy TV Shows, music and music videos on Apple TV. These automatically sync back to your computer.
  • Browse and enjoy the iTunes Store podcast directory of over one hundred thousand video and audio podcasts.
  • View photos from .Mac and Flickr galleries.
  • Play your iTunes content on the audio system connected to your Apple TV via AirTunes.

Important: Information about products not manufactured by Apple is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute Apple’s recommendation or endorsement. Please contact the vendor for additional information.

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